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We Went To Paris And Asked 13 Women Their Beauty Secrets | BAZAAR x Paris

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Haven't you always wondered what beauty secrets from other parts of the world are like? Here we ask women around Paris what their best beauty secrets are and how to get their look. Subscribe to Harper's Bazaar: http://bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEtoBAZAAR https://www.facebook.com/HarpersBazaar https://twitter.com/harpersbazaarus https://www.instagram.com/harpersbazaarus/ https://www.pinterest.com/harpersbazaar/?auto_follow=1
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Jessica Acosta (27 days ago)
Please do Italian women next. Then Spaniard women.
Jessica Acosta (27 days ago)
Love this! Less is more 💛
Daniela Heim (1 month ago)
when i went to america women would go so glamed up to random places, even to the shop or to the cinema and i thought why would you wear that much makeup, just to be on a dark room watching a movie. why
masakasama (1 month ago)
You are crazy if you think a French woman is going to be honest about her beauty secrets to a stranger with a video camera.
January Colnick (4 months ago)
Beauty secret: live in a country with clean air.
dapdap kpop (1 month ago)
Certainly not Paris then 😂😂😂(I know Paris isn't a country) Beauty secret : Do not stress and don't be a student
123 (5 months ago)
Fabulous Rainbow Unicorn (6 months ago)
Why do Americans love this so much? I live in the Netherlands and here all the girls/women do the same thing. Just mascara. Most do nothing at all for makeup. It's really not that special. I'm seriously asking, do Americans like it because it contrasts their beauty routines or is there something else to it? Cause where I live no one really cares or finds themselves chic. It's not a stylistic choice either. Just being quick in the morning.
luckyDancer100 (6 months ago)
I love french beauty. Less is more
Lady Bohemia (7 months ago)
Thanks to chemical peels every 6 weeks, I can skip foundation too!😍
Albanery Maria (7 months ago)
According to this video, the secret, or a key component among them is simplicity. I've read some comments regarding the beauty of these women, their perfect skin, their glow, their natural beauty, etc., and when comparing eastern vs western diets a lot of what we put in our bodies comes right out through our skin. What we eat in the states (or maybe what's considered the norm) is not nearly as healthy as what they eat out there. Even the school meals are significantly healthier (do your research). I also think the fact that they DO put less is a reason the skin is well maintained. Skin is usually sensitive and make-up products have harsh chemicals. A very small percentage of people actually read the ingredients and look up what they're all about. For the most part, people will go and buy whatever is the hype at the moment circulating YouTube, blogs, magazines. This is not to discount those with genetic material that results in troublesome skin or hormonal issues. Still, I do believe the lifestyle differences among the cultures play a significant role. The glow and texture of my skin is significantly enhanced when I eat clean (lots of greens), lay off meat for little bit at a time, and drink loads of water. It also helps me maintain a healthy weight. So much of this has to do with lifestyle and adjustment... and not to get too deep, but the air as well. The air is polluted as hell. That affects us. So does constant sun exposure without protection. Wear SPF!!! xoxo
Nathan Johansen (8 months ago)
@1:00 - Girl on the left... Hello nurse!!
Ioana Fartadi-Scurtu (8 months ago)
Very European, I would say. For me the most important part is the day cream and of course sun screen. Never leave the house without sun screen on your face. You'll thank yourself when you're old.
Mary Dolman (8 months ago)
Well I don't wear much makeup either so I must be French or a wannabe :) but why is it that every American made youtube video on natural or minimal makeup is actually about applying 20 products with a spatula, layers of eyeshadow, heavy black eyeliner and false eyelasthes? Maybe it's because I'm older I remember when natural actually meant hardly any makeup, so it's good to know that is still in fashion somewhere.
Eddie Q (8 months ago)
Too simple for me!
Parizankah (8 months ago)
Parisian born here: we do put makeup if we are going to gala parties and stuff. For the everyday stuff, ugh... Who has the time to put a primer, foundation, baking, concealer, bla bla bla? Maskara, khol, tinted moisturiser, eventually blush and you're ready to go. For the skincare: it's micellar water, exfoliating sometimes, a mask once a week and moisturiser. That's it.
TEDDY BEAR (16 days ago)
I am trying a French skincare routine and makeup routine and i hope see change in my skin. I don’t really trust the the American ways though I am American. So thank you for writing this it is very helpful
Luna sea (1 month ago)
dapdap kpop (1 month ago)
+GH TM no we don't, only when we go in an other country where it hot or when we go out to get tanned and the sun is really really hitting hard. I think only people who have whitest skin among all or/and are afraid to get burned put sunscreen .
GH TM (2 months ago)
but you don't use sunscreen ?
Dane Ashley (2 months ago)
Parizankah no kidding. American women cake on their makeup then they wonder why men run away when they take it all off
Charlotte carlos (8 months ago)
They don't look any better, they just sound better. French is a beautiful language.😘
Jordan Loomis (8 months ago)
Their secret is eating small potions, and a lot of veggies.
Grace R (9 months ago)
Americans (I can say this, I am one) use so many products and put so much stress of flawlessness that they aren't even approachable. When I see another woman who enhances her beauty instead of covering it with another face, I want to talk to her. Ladies, lets stop this passive-aggressive competition thing. Makeup should be fun, and if you have fun doing winged eyeliner and heavy couture, that's great, but you should try a little of everything. Simplicity is the greatest way to feel beautiful.
Hestia Sinclair (9 months ago)
It's in their genes to be naturally good-looking
Emilie Renee (9 months ago)
The woman at 0:06 looks like a female Steven Tyler
shanaya nr (9 months ago)
i love france
frog (9 months ago)
I'm French and heres a secret from my nana she makes her own creams and oils especially with lavender and eats green beans with pretty much everything (rarely eats chocolate) and the people think she is no older than 50 when she is 73
CoffeenGlam (9 months ago)
What a great idea! Please do more interviews with french women, we still have so much to learn from them. I love these simple looks, and they look really confident to me, like they accept who they are and are being really authentic. I write blog posts about issues like these, authenticity is really important to me https://coffeenglam.com/2018/03/14/move-towards-goals/ hope you like it!
Mariam Ebralidze (9 months ago)
Joana Carvalhas (9 months ago)
what's the music? grappelli?
Nguyên Nguyễn (9 months ago)
I need these women's skincare routine 😍
red drib (9 months ago)
someone please show British women this video
Réka Makó (8 months ago)
red drib haha so true😀
Sakura Christine Ito (10 months ago)
French women always look so elegant for me...like they look fashionable, independent but also sweet at the same time..they have this je ne sais quio attitude all over them which i find really sexy
Coffee Time (10 months ago)
yes! simplicity
G Venchy (11 months ago)
Face oil is the best on no makeup days it makes you look go glowy + healthy. And it’s amazing for your skin
Marco Zappala (11 months ago)
simplicity is key.
Seram Yühus (11 months ago)
They try to hard to do not try to hard.
Aadila (1 year ago)
Less is definitely more. Natural is beautiful😍x
Lexie R (1 year ago)
French women have the most radiant complexions ever!
Faith F (1 year ago)
Who’s the woman at 0:07????? She’s so gorgeous!!
MCLLMC (1 year ago)
I would love to not have to heat style my hair every day but...how?! If I don't style it, I look like a long lost band member of Led Zeppelin.
Mary Dolman (8 months ago)
Lol me to. If I'm lazy or I don't have time I just put a hat on. My hair is actually improved by hat hair.
Réka Makó (8 months ago)
MCLLMC anyway I know because i have the same issue with my hair
Réka Makó (8 months ago)
MCLLMC that sounds so funny😀
Réka Makó (8 months ago)
beami beep (1 year ago)
Are they saying french is much nicer/prettier than Americans???I think French makeup are boring😄makeup shd. be playful😉 a woman shd. make an effort to be prettier by any means possible coz you only have 1 life make it fun and more beautiful why wud u want a person who look natural all year round???
Yazzy Raka (1 year ago)
ok but like one woman sayed about how she view the hair routine of american womans (even it's not true for everyone) and you still say "they" , plus it's their choice to be basic when doing make up so you are doing a bit like her when you say that and why should a woman make an effort to be prettier?? like isn't she already? and putting makeup isn't always beautiful you know but then every country has it beliefs and of course you shouldn't generalize
Asalis Zabollone (1 year ago)
It's all about the clothes really, french girls will take 10mins for hair and make up but you'll never see them going out in yoga pants. That's what makes them classy and elegant
Your Local Redhead (9 months ago)
lol i read this now and i do the complete opposite
mikida 396066 (1 year ago)
For you traduction, when she said rouge-à-lèvre, that doesn't translate to red lipstick, it just means lipstick (confusing I know)
Happy Onion (1 year ago)
All these women look hideous and unkept. "Beauty secrets" my ass..
mikida 396066 (1 year ago)
Your name's George Bush so I'm not surprised.
Jihye K (1 year ago)
lucky these french women are all beautiful...i wish I can put on a face cream and leave the house. unfortunately i didn't win the genetic flawless skin lottery =(
Céline Tenenbaum (1 year ago)
Guys you need to understand that it's not because frenchies are romantized that we think other people from other country are too much or fake.. don' t get so upset. I agree, there is a myth about us, french women, but it's not always like this
Esin Dirik (1 year ago)
Stop saying "skin care is everything". I take care of my skin and I'm very knowledgeable about this issue since years, but I don't have a skin like "French women". Discoloration, acne, face hair, redness, purple under-eye area and all these stuff just don't go away, because it also has to do with genetics. I get it French beauty secret is natural beauty. Mine is not and I'm sorry about this after doing everything I need to do about skin care.
Tortue DeRien (3 months ago)
I can advice you to use a bit of lavender oil with water for your acne, no make up on it or it will not cicatrise efficiently. Always keep it clean and don't touch it or you will infect it, it's strictly discipline, I'm sure you already knew it. For discoloration, if it's red you can play around it : use a bit of concealer on it, maybe a bit of green concealer to get a pinker shade of your skin tone, and a pink blush (or lipstick) on the cheeks, discretely to recreate your blushy tone. For face hair, i know that people care about it and judge women as masculin if they don't remove it so anything you are gonna do with it will be a statement : agree or disagree. If you are ready to remove it, use a cream to hydrate skin, maybe a concealer to break shades. Or keep it. We generally remove lip hair and define eyebrows quickly. For redness, if that means your have red areas on your skin it's because blood vessels have dilated under the pressure so release it, hydrate with your lavender and then, just get able to see it like it will really be : skin is a whole, see it like a clear wall with its nice unique stuff. Purple under eye usually means that you are not having enough sleep. Drink water, sleep a little more, maybe wake up 30 min later with time freed by less makeup routine, concealer and that's it. Nothing will really go away as you will always remember it but it will be your face you will proudly show. And the more you'll see it, the more you will appropriate your image and you won't have to really think about it. You always can find ways that work better for you, oil prodigieuse, a specific cream... But you will ultimately feel like beauty comes from the inside and people are only gonna care about that. You will look effortless but you will be appreciated for your confidence and humility. Makeup is all about the way you look at yourself.
Fawzat Trabilsy (11 months ago)
Yes and also genetics. Science and our biological makeup are stronger than anything we ingest or any medication we can take for our skin. There is only so much we can change. I know people who workout 24/7 and eat all organic and non-dairy diets with cystic acne. Hormones and genetic as well. Please do research before you write "facts".
Fawzat Trabilsy (1 year ago)
People don't understand the concept of "genetics". People with naturally nicer skin will put their two cents in about skincare but in reality, people with acne know a lot more. "just do this and this and you'll have beautiful skin". Everyone is different and should have their own skincare regime. One thing they forgot to mention is the difference in stress levels and diets around the world. That's their secret.
Love, Tori ♥ (1 year ago)
i have so much adoration !
- (1 year ago)
I live in Paris and my beauty secret is to not wear makeup
Avery C.S (9 months ago)
I live in America and I don’t wear makeup either, it gives me acne
tita tita (10 months ago)
I live in paris too and my beauty secret is to wear makeup😉
ohhiale :3 (1 year ago)
Me too but I live in the US I occasionally wear lipstick though
Just another (1 year ago)
Alice me too
Natalia Baage-Lord (1 year ago)
They're all beautiful. I miss living in Belgium - same beauty culture. ☺
Rajesh Kumar (1 year ago)
They are so beautiful
Natalia Soto (1 year ago)
this is a cool look if u really like it but ????? where's the fun in not trying? i love being dressed up! from my makeup to my outfit, i like having people know that everything is a conscious decision, and that i didn't just wake up, throw something on, and then leave. i guess that's what makes me an american girl through and through
Choi Moon (9 months ago)
Also our culture is not the same as the US, we still prefer simple things (even our popular brands like Chanel use it as their first argument)
T de Lioncourt (1 year ago)
I think it's because in france we like to pretend we are doing things effortlessly but it's all calculated ^^ (hum I put on heavy makeup so I shouldn't do my hair today) because we prefer to keep a "natural" touch but in the end it's as controlled as american girls way of dressing up/doing makeup, it's just a difference of what being on point is in both countries =)
MsLittlestar85 (1 year ago)
The secret is in a lifestyle. Good and healthy food and not owereating, great skincare products, walking around a lot etc. Then all you need is a little make up. And that's it!
Eda Ö (1 year ago)
Lol then there's me cakin bakin my face, lashes all day everyday. Applying makeup is just way too much fun for me to stop doing it.
orangewedges (4 months ago)
If you love the way you look with more makeup on, then do it!!! You're free to express yourself in whatever way you want!
Conor O'Brien (8 months ago)
Keep it up! I find it so refreshing to see so many different styles of makeup around the place i.e. simple, artistic, beauty, glamour etc - it's so nice that everybody chooses for themselves what style they have. x
Kuwait Fahaheel (1 year ago)
Naureen Anwar (1 year ago)
I bought a body wash, made in France. I told my Man about it and his response " why? The french are known for not taking showers". We are j/k. But yea...I was just thinking the same re: brand romance about that stupid oi yogurt commercial. Give me a US brunnett/ hot blonde anyday! #USMade
dapdap kpop (1 month ago)
Only 2 stereotypes is true about french(if I do not forget any other) : We eat bread everyday We do complain a lot but it is not true at 100% cause it may actually seems like complaining to others countries but in fact we just say what bother us and do not keep it inside but some country don't do that so they might find it weird and think we are overly complaining. And the stereotype about french not washing is a 17th century thing, we do wash everyday, woman shave too, we don't not smell like cheese lol we do have cheese with strong smell but not everyone likes it and not everyone like to eats snail or frog.
Bianca Raquelle (1 year ago)
Naureen Anwar the saying is that they don't wear deodorant or underpants..not that they don't take showers
Céline Tenenbaum (1 year ago)
Don't worry I shower everyday, my family and my friends too. And we have amazing baths in our Haussmannian's flat . Bises
Vienna Rowlings (1 year ago)
Ahahahaha, not to defend the French, but as a European what you said about showers is ridiculous! You don't even have bidets and you just clean your asses with toilet paper, leavin' all poop bacterias right where they are. How can you think of being even remotely close to clean? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH LOL
J (1 year ago)
#USMade #ProudToBeIgnorant #RedneckAndStupid #MakingDefamingStereotypesAboutTheRestOfThePlanetIsAllWeCanDo
MsAepfelchen (1 year ago)
Such natural beauties! I can't only go with a few things I need quite a lot of product to make myself presentable 😂
m dee (1 year ago)
They try so hard to not look like they didn't try bahahahaha 😂😂😂
Alice Maria (9 months ago)
You just can't accept the fact that some girls doesn't have to " try so hard to not look like they didn't try "
Choi Moon (9 months ago)
why are you so bitter lmfao
Alice Maria (1 year ago)
Because they don't even have to " try " hard .
Asalis Zabollone (1 year ago)
Because they don't try, I'm french and I take 10minutes for hair and make up in the mornings and honey I look sassy af
Lissy London (1 year ago)
They do look like they don't try. They look like they don't even wash their face or brush their hair.
the supernova (1 year ago)
yo those are not beauty secrets : "i put mascara" "i put daycream" "i put blush" ??? i'm really mad for no reason "beauty rituals" would have been a better title cz those are NOT SECRETS
orangewedges (4 months ago)
That's the whole point...the "secret" is there really is no secret. Just work with what you have is basically what these women do.
MAY7317 (9 months ago)
The secret here is to be simple.. don't wear so much makeup..
mikida 396066 (1 year ago)
because it is a secret. Our secret is the art of simplicity.
Cami Camila (1 year ago)
They will never tell you the real secret
Chris Chris (4 months ago)
There is no secret lol for me its just a day cream , light foundation , mascara , lipstick and sometimes when I go out eye shadow and eye crayon , In summer my hair is dryed natural but in winter i blow dry it because its cold outside and I dont want to go out with wet hair and get sick. Drink water , tea its good for the skin and reduce processed and sugar foods they are not good
josephine caroline (8 months ago)
idk kinda just seems like they take care of themselves...it’s not magic
Chris Chris (1 year ago)
We have no secrets
L. Sa (1 year ago)
Va leur expliquer qu'on va pas se lever à 4h30 du mat pour aller à la salle et ensuite se faire un brushing
The noob youtuber (1 year ago)
Clementine O t'es drôle ; c'est rare de trouver
Stephany Ezenwa (1 year ago)
does anybody know the name of the song?
Bertha Lovejoy (1 year ago)
im so over the romanticization of french women lol not everyone in america does drag makeup ...my daily look is literally just lipstick (and sometimes mascara) because i take care of my skin
ansh0133 (9 months ago)
Drag makeup 😊
고서연 (11 months ago)
I’m American and I barely put on day cream...sunscreen most of the time but other than that, literally nothing else on my face 😂
Joshima M (1 year ago)
mfstarr1 live in America for a year and you'll see the difference. All this basic white girls walking around with caked on makeup cause they don't seem to realize the importance of moisturizer. Makeup industry has been big in the states since early 20s
mfstarr1 (1 year ago)
Joshima M make up industry in Australia is huge too just saying
Cassandra Rivera (1 year ago)
Joshima M chill out lol all she is saying is that they making it seem like French women are very natural whereas American women cake their face with makeup when it isn't even like that lmao
Azra' Ai (1 year ago)
Women are all beautiful at any age, height, race, color and size.
What (1 year ago)
everyone is beautiful. stop asking around for a specific thing. stop showing what is beautiful and what is not
limtubb (8 months ago)
I agree with you, but there is more than one aspect to this: everyone has their own opinion, but that doesn''t neccesarily make it an universal law. If you know that, the world and the social media can say anything they want. :)
kathleen cook (8 months ago)
S. Y. (1 year ago)
I like their belief about simplicity and less is more. That is usually one of the aspects of elegance. Not trying too hard.
hailey rae (1 year ago)
like Chanel said simplicity is the key to elegance
R. A. DeGagné (1 year ago)
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
S. Y. (1 year ago)
most of what they said I thought was pretty basic and what most women everywhere already do (a little face cream, lip balm, etc.) wasn't anything exotic they said lol but anyway
TEDDY BEAR (16 days ago)
Well not in America and trust me u know I live there
Taco Farmer (10 months ago)
Rainbow Cake most places in America most women don’t wear that much makeup on the average day
Rainbow Cake (11 months ago)
S. Y. It depends where you live for me this was "exotic" because in the U.K women (old and young) love heavy fake tan, dark brows, lots of eyelashes etc. I heard it's similar in America nowadays.
Rini Kh (1 year ago)
S. Y. Dats d whole point..they don use a lot of make up
St. Barts (1 year ago)
Paris women always embody the best style reminiscent of women from the 40s and the 50s: Classic, simple, elegant and classy.
Ana Christina (1 year ago)
Do another one of these I really like hearing the beauty secrets of other cultures especially Paris
Lex F (1 year ago)
A series with other cities would be cool
Harper's BAZAAR (1 year ago)
We've got a few more videos from Paris like this queued up! Make sure you're subscribed :)
natalskii (1 year ago)
Less is more. ALWAYS. :)
Esin Dirik (1 year ago)
nope it's not 'always'.

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