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28 OKCupid Openers That Work ► http://premiumlife.tv/okcupid-openers Online Dating Program ► http://premiumlife.tv/365-dates 9 OKCUPID TIPS AND TRICKS FOR MEN TO GET MORE DATES ON OKCUPID In this video we going to give you 9 OKCupid tips and tricks how to get a OKCupid date almost everyay. Please be aware that these are OKCupid tips for men and not for women. Sorry ladies ;-). Here are our 9 OKCupid tips for men: OKCupid how to #1: Take care about your OKCupid profile. You'll get some tips for OKcupid about great OKCupid photos. OKCupid tips #2: Be mysterious on OKCupid . Less is more. Don't write a bad self-description in your OKCupid bio or OKCupid profile. OKCupid advice #3: You as a men need to text the girls first. Open your OKCupid girls you find in the search. OKCupid advice #4: This OKCupid trick is about your OKCupid conversation which goes beyond your first OKCupid message. OKCupid tips #5: This is a OKCupid trick how probably did not heard about in any other youtube video before. It's about the right timing. When is the best time to text your OKCupid girl on? OKCupid tips #6: Get her whats app number in 4 OKCupid messages. OKCupid tips #7: If a OKCupid (OKC) girl text you first it's a great indicator of interest. She is highly interested in you. OKCupid how to #8: Avoid the penpal! Don't write hours and hours, days and days, week for weeks on OKCupid or Whats App. Arrange a OKCupid Date at the same day. OKCupid advice #9: Most important is your OKCupid opener or OKCupid line. Don't do one of the mistake in your first OKCupid messages listed in this video. You gotta be different on OKCupid and you can't sound like everybody else in the OKCupid inbox of a girl. Don’t send dull openers to your OKCupid and make sure that you don't fall within your first OKCupid message in the generic compliment section. My recommendations for other OKCupid videos and OKCupid tips are: - 9 Simple Tips For Free Online Dating Sites by Stephan Erdman - Authentic Game - 7 Women You Meet on OK Cupid by jasonhorton - What *Not* To Do On OkCupid! By New York Magazine - OKCupid Review: Tips for Success by Simone Smith - Dude Goes On A Date With His Worst Enemy • Single AF by BuzzFeedVideo - HE ASKED ME *WHAT* ON THE FIRST DATE?! By The Gabbie Show - HOW WE MET ON OKCUPID - OUR SUCCESS STORY FROM ONLINE DATING by Myka Stauffer - Reading My Most Ridiculous OKCupid Messages by JessiSmiles - Reading My Most Ridiculous OkCupid Messages (Part 2) by JessiSmiles - 7 Guys You Meet on OK Cupid by jasonhorton - Inside OKCupid: The math of online dating - Christian Rudder by TED-Ed For more great dating and sex tips, lifestyle news, fashion, grooming and men’s style to become a better man take a look at these YouTube channels: AskMen, Real Men Real Style, Dating And Confidence Coach Stephan Erdman | Authentic Game, Ministry of Attraction - Men's Dating Advice, SquattinCassanova, Charisma on Command, RSD Sam, He Spoke Style, Sexy Confidence, Coach Corey Wayne, RSD Luke, Art of Manliness, RSD Madison, Adam Lyons, SimpleSexyStupid, Dating & Relationship Advice For Men - David DeAngelo, i am alpha m., Michael Valmont, Pickup Uncut, SchoolOfAttraction, Findsocialflow, Daygame.com, The Natural Lifestyles, Valentino Kohen, Daniel Blake, WayneDatingLifestyle - hidden cam pickup, JulienHimself, TrippAdvice.com, jlaix from Real Social Dynamics, Tom Torero, Johnny Berba Coaching, Street Attraction, Sasha Daygame , Kezia noble, Richard LaRuina, Julien Free Tour, rsdfreetour, Simple Pickup, Honest Signalz, Wayne Dating, RSDTyler, willy beck, Simple Pickup, RSDMax, RSDBrad, Julien Blanc alpha m. More about us: Premium Life - Dating & Lifestyle http://www.premiumlife.tv/
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Premium Life (6 months ago)
28 OKCupid Openers That Work ► http://premiumlife.tv/okcupid-openers
Christopher Westen (30 days ago)
Don't say hi or say yeah that only works if you aren't good looking. If you're really good looking you don't have to come up with openers just say hi or hey and you'll get a response with numbers within 6 messages plus dates. Not about your profile it's about how you look.
HealthWars (1 month ago)
I’m convinced that there are not enough women online. If there was then it obviously would not be insanely competitive. In the real world women are not getting hit on by 100 guys a day. Online dating sites are a sausage fest.
Mr Explorer (28 days ago)
Bunch of trannies on there anyway.
FightedMeAlready (2 months ago)
I just hate how it takes 3 days for a page to reset
Awesome Things (2 months ago)
If you got money. Your golden
Awesome Things (2 months ago)
I like how the first few pics are cute and the last ones aren't :)
Zachary (3 months ago)
This is wrong. How are you? works VERY well. Too many profiles out there where the woman's profile says 'ask me' or ' ill do this later' or nothing at all. There is nothing to go on. So how are you works fine.
Laura Brooks (4 months ago)
So many of these guys are all talk and no action. Thanks for recommending WhatsApp. Let's get this party started
Kemi Ogunleye (4 months ago)
Did I have to subscribe before seeing anybody on okcupid since have joined I can’t see anybody nobody sees me and nobody message me what happened
Amy Cavas (5 months ago)
If you re using the free app ( I mean not paying membership ) it doesn’t work
Kemi Ogunleye (4 months ago)
Amy Cavas how can I pay and how much
Antonio Mura (6 months ago)
This social convention of writing the perfect original first message is pure B.S there is no such thing as one message that will show you your whole identity. I don't see why women can't make the decision to message someone on their profile and looks.. as long as the first message isn't rude! Out and about "hello" is no indication of being weak, weird or boring.
Apk Darter (6 months ago)
sharperguy (7 months ago)
i just message the girls random comments and questions about their profile. but i think my profile is missing something. probably pics.
sharperguy (7 months ago)
Premium Life yeah but apparently i'm incapable of smiling in them so i guess i'm just fucked
Premium Life (7 months ago)
Pics are the most important part in Online Dating. Regards, Sebastian
Kenneth Lucas (1 year ago)
Women are self centered bitches if you are not good looking and tall with a hot body they will not want you they love those kind of guys so they get cheated on and then look for pity and attention from more good looking guys that will do the same thing to them over and over they are dumb...haha
You Tube (1 year ago)
Whatsapp 0021658955138 i am man look for women
desertrose21359 (1 year ago)
wish all the guy really watch this channel,
Kemi Ogunleye (4 months ago)
desertrose21359 pls how doesn’t it work can’t find anybody
Leith Saad (4 months ago)
We did
collwatt (1 year ago)
good try
ClayMation (1 year ago)
Nobody sees your profile anymore unless you like them and THEY like you after these gay fucktards removed the visitor feature. And the removal of this feature makes it completely impossible. I tested this with a friend to confirm that yes, the removal of the visitor feature has rendered any non-paying members invisible to pretty much ALL users, EVEN IF YOU LIKE THEM! They don't even see your messages till they like you back! And how can they like you back if they don't see your profile or don't know if you're interested to begin with? This basically makes people back away from one another. OKCUPID is run by a bunch of gay pussies who can't get dates in real life so they wanna take it out on other people with these stupid social experiments.
Elvyn Mariano (1 year ago)
The question is if you are a foreigner and you like is from the other country how can you date them.
BetterBest1 (5 months ago)
Elvyn Mariano True.
Travis (1 year ago)
This video lacked focus.
Dragunity69 (1 year ago)
Hmm. i avoid sounding like everybody else but the girls still don't reply. The dating site thing is brutally competitive
Unterhosen Jack (1 year ago)
nice tips
mrnewton86 (1 year ago)
meh...All the girls on okcupid have amazing lives/perfect jobs and it's far too difficult to reach to them without analysing sent messages trying to establish what I'm actually doing wrong...So good luck, besides they could just buy themselves a boyfriend
Stephanie Davenport (5 months ago)
This shit is so........damn true! OMG, some these men or a lot these men on OKC/Tinder/POF need to grow some balls. LEVEL UP!

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