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10 Hilarious Blind Date Hookup Stories

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Top 10 unfortunate blind date and online dating stories ever posted on the Internet. Subscribe to our channel: http://goo.gl/9CwQhg For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] Other Videos You Might Like: 10 Facts About ORGASMS To Blow Your Mind https://youtu.be/XF5zWDaaxT4 The Cringiest Selfies Posted On The Internet https://youtu.be/xVn5Kcmm8go Description: In the age of the Internet, there’s no telling who we’re talking to online these days. In fact, until you are face to face with that person, you’ll never know exactly who they are and if they’re really telling the truth in the first place. Even with the advancements of social media, unless you have an endorsement with a personal friend, you won’t know who you’re dealing with. One of the most common trends happening in online dating is a phenomenon called “catfishing” where someone uses a completely different persona to communicate with people online. Blind dates these days are essentially happening more often than ever. Before the age of the internet, you were put on blind dates by friends who knew someone who “would be good for you.” Or, if not through a friend, then personal ads were all the rage in order to find a date. Then, with websites like Craigslist and other dating sites, every planned date is a risk in the fact that you will never know who you’re meeting exactly until you’re face-to-face. That is, if you even get to meet at all. There have been several online interactions that haven’t gone any further than a hello and an exchange of phone numbers. Here are some of the most hilarious blind date hookups as well as the most disastrous cat fish stories that have been shared to the public. Some of these stories may make you cringe as well as thank your lucky stars that you didn’t have to endure the experience. Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheRichest.org Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRichest_Com Instagram: http://instagram.com/therichest For more videos and articles visit: http://www.therichest.com/
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Text Comments (1614)
Jay Jay (1 month ago)
I that that was Jabadahut
Rebecca Lopez (2 months ago)
He took me to an Amway meeting. No dinner not even a cup of coffee.
Pixie Dust (4 months ago)
I'd be fine with going to KFC on a date :)
JOHN E BOB (4 months ago)
Don't waste your time with this one
IsabelleMourning (4 months ago)
I met my husband on Facebook. Our first date was the first time we ever met in real life. It lasted 8 days.
moosefactory133 (5 months ago)
Stealing one's mash potatoes, that's mighty low
Dim Val's Games (5 months ago)
"Her date ate her mashed potatoes"..! Christ that is so funny hilarious and crazy too what a story..! lol hahahaha Thanks for the laugh TR. :>)
James Wiggins (5 months ago)
These seem made up.
Evernessa Nevermore (5 months ago)
Man all I want is love. Lmao.. :/
Wildwolfsid Hearter (6 months ago)
1:23 Le wrecked
Met my hubby on myspace..got married 5 month after first meet each other..11 years later still going strong🙌
Rafael Silva Daniel (6 months ago)
greedy bitches and liers, they deserve each other
tictaczak (6 months ago)
why do people catfish
Serena M. (7 months ago)
The 1st one confusing
paul barnett (7 months ago)
So what!
Emma Starks (7 months ago)
Follow me on musically @animallover08075
William Hamilton (7 months ago)
A rotted tooth can be fixed in a couple of days.
Jason Larson (7 months ago)
reminds me why I will never online date
krazye (7 months ago)
So i need to get really hot or i'm not finding any hookups that isnt my left hand.
PREPFORIT (7 months ago)
Good stories but WOW people are shallow!
CoffeePugs (7 months ago)
Ok but one thing "She had to..PAY FOR HER OWN FOOD" As you should lmao thats no drama
aspince laframboise (8 months ago)
This junk channel is from that tel aviv kosher shit hole eh.... Ö
blackhawk bnd (8 months ago)
Hi Read more
I hate those online dates, why don't you just go outside and meet someone?
Astral Worm (8 months ago)
Damn woman slow down!! You make me out of breath speaking that fast!!
Paul Mahoney (8 months ago)
Worst video youv ever posted, so disappointing!
Nicki minja (8 months ago)
KFC are you kidding me
BANDO CRAIG (8 months ago)
some of this shit is funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂 lady gaga- bad Romance
Harley Kelevra (8 months ago)
the eye ball one is kinda shitty. just ask him to wear a patch
Maryann Gonteski (8 months ago)
CRAZY SERB (8 months ago)
Aaaaaand ladies and gentlemen... this is why I don’t date. 😂😂😂
Marci Samms (8 months ago)
yes talked gooo fast ..... buy not to set her up w a prude hahaha should have not eaten her mashed potato maybe
Weezie (9 months ago)
Hilarious? NOOOO!!! Do you think you can talk faster???
Marie Martin (9 months ago)
When I was 12 I got stood up by my date at my middle school dance . I bought his ticket and spent a good 30 or more bucks to find a nice outfit . When he did show up I called him out in front of everyone there had to be at least over a hundred people there
v ttd (9 months ago)
Hilarious, really?
sn00pPenguin (9 months ago)
| | | V 𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞
RBD4 DLL (9 months ago)
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on a blind date
RBD4 DLL (9 months ago)
And they're so cute together they got married to
slh950 (9 months ago)
'ended up talking for a while'? whoa thats massive
Malissa Mcgregor (10 months ago)
Met a guy talked and text for awhile he came to meet me from. Chicago stole my truck cash and phone while I was sleep
Tanya Brown (10 months ago)
I had an online relationship.. but the photos shown to me I think would of been at least 10 years old.
Alquerian (10 months ago)
I would totally eat the mashed potatoes... KFC is bomb!
47why (9 months ago)
Alquerian KFC Macaroni > KFC Mashed Potatoes 😂
Katie Dorton (10 months ago)
Oh wow x who gets on Facebook looking for a man! And the ones who actually met up with the real person , that's awesome lol.
T.L. B.H.༻ (11 months ago)
I think I may KNOW who the denture carrying guy is... Holy hell. LOL
Kevin Gilchrest (11 months ago)
I would totally date Kacey my real name is my YouTube and my facebook incase Kacey sees this and is interested
Mr. Rojo (11 months ago)
Dead tooth!
Sir Savage the 21'st (11 months ago)
The second one is investigative thottery
Brielle O'hara (11 months ago)
These are not hilarious
Serartic K (11 months ago)
the neighbor said not to match him up with a prude? what?
Dana Louise (11 months ago)
again, I accidentally clicked on The Richest. crap
Emma (1 year ago)
zEN60 (1 year ago)
I've alwAys had good blind date but every so often have been a bad blind date.
Margret Smith (1 year ago)
It's funny Wayne is checking out this sight !! But not surprising for me ....being he's married ...
Tony Knockel (1 year ago)
It's so terrible that these women had to pay for their own food.
Tess S (1 year ago)
Guys, if you're going to make your date pay for her own meal, it's never OK to eat her food. This has happened to me before, which makes me wonder if it's a common practice. Also, on a casual meet up, I understand why you wouldn't want to foot the bill. But if you're serious about pursuing her, you should definitely pick up the check on the next date. Ladies don't expect you to break the bank, but if you're unwilling to invest any money at all on a date, we think you're just not that interested and keep looking. Hey, a home packed picnic in the park won't set you back too much and it's incredibly romantic.
Tray Cee Valen (1 year ago)
To the people whining the narrator spoke too quickly and you couldn't keep up: sorry her speech doesn't move as slowly as your brain.
Angela Hatchett (1 year ago)
Gregg Fridline (1 year ago)
Couldn't the guy with the bad eye have just worn a patch, instead of freaking his blind date out. I would think a patch would be pretty cheap and not look so bad
samuel smith (1 year ago)
number 1: catfished by a catfish. miss smith was going on a blind date when she realized her partner had catfished her, literally. she went on a date with a catfish.
Alissa Cook (1 year ago)
A new friend from worked tried to set me up with her boyfriend’s friend. Turned out it was an ex of mine from about a decade earlier.
White Horse (1 year ago)
the eye socket one is fucking heartless tbh
modelingbritt (1 year ago)
Some are just mean...
monique atkinson (1 year ago)
I met up with a lad I met on the Internet. Went on a few dates. Unfortunately his mam died. He took a selfie with him and his dead mam and sent it to me.
Taino PR (1 year ago)
Everyone deserves to be happy 😁I guess. Lol
Demmy Darkness (1 year ago)
Back when I was single (Thank GOD I'm not anymore because dating SUCKS!) lol, I met this guy online with this SUPER hot picture! He wanted me to meet him at Applebees, long story short I showed up, he didn't. I had no money so I drank 2 glasses of water and apologized and left feeling depressed, rejected and embarrassed. I looked at the guy's pic one last time only to notice he tried to photoshop out the magazine article right next to his face LOL!
Gaming Sentinel (1 year ago)
Happy☁⛅ emoji
Bash-A-Billion (1 year ago)
No mashed tatters no nooky
Phoenix Keck (1 year ago)
Lol on catfish revenge I wonder if that woman who got laid said f### you to the catfisher
Rodney j meece (1 year ago)
Ahhhh kfc damm i only do that to thots lol
Rodney j meece (1 year ago)
Not the lost tooth lol oh god dont remind me lol
www.pegginglovers.com (1 year ago)
Forget tinder, www.hookupmob.com is much better
Diamondwonder (1 year ago)
Come on, girls. Always carry extra money just in case, alot of these girls sound either spoiled or just naive. Use your head for more then just giving it to others, ok?
Ellers Drawz (1 year ago)
I would rather kfc than a nice restaurant tbh but I you eat my mashed potatoes I’ll leave then and there.
Eric Panissidi (1 year ago)
"beauty is in the eye of the beholder" I know, fugly
sammy (1 year ago)
the picture at 1:01 is a snapchat sticker i have :)
j d (1 year ago)
snaggle tooth lmao.
R.N V.H (1 year ago)
NEXT! id rather watch catfish lol #whack
Popplestarch (1 year ago)
*Tries to kiss girl, gets rejected* "HILARIOUS blind date HOOKUP stories!!!! MUST WATCH!!!!!"
Sandy Tibs (1 year ago)
I live in northern Maine and years ago the local paper had a personals section and I went out on my first blind date when I was 19. I managed to meet a Star Trek junkee who I'm unsure realized he wasn't a cast member. I never went on another date from the personal section again.
0 5 (1 year ago)
"...and she got laid." Nice.
Telma Sofie C (1 year ago)
The Richest-  "and 10 years older than her" Me- my dad's 16 years older than my mom    ;-;
Kyle Trautman (1 year ago)
You would think that these women who make these videos what are you offended with these background pictures because of betraying women is sexual animals
munzter (1 year ago)
When u go to a date it doesn't mean ur a couple
Johnny Lopez (1 year ago)
My cousin set me up with a girl I was with for 6 years she dumped me on my birthday
Sponge Boi (1 year ago)
Eat cock
Best executer (1 year ago)
"She thought that they would get a nice dinner but ended up getting kfc instead" I thought fried chicken is the best thing known to humanity😋😋
hlengiwe Zungu (1 year ago)
omg hilarious
Luke Pengelly (1 year ago)
Brandon Roberts (1 year ago)
I had a date I met online.she wasn't my type but I didn't want to b rude.she sent me pictures and she was very unattractive.still I said fuck it I'm not that shallow.we meet up and I'm waiting for her.then some girl just sits down at my table.I said I'm waiting for someone she exposes it's her.and she was gorgeous.she said see what not being shallow gets you.
Mary M (1 year ago)
You speak way too fast
Jess Secrest (1 year ago)
I was set up with a guy who insisted we eat at burger king. Turned out it was bc he had a expired coupon that they wouldn't take. He then asked if i would cash a check for him so he could buy dinner. Lol. I actually bought his and I ate nothing and left. During dinner he asked if i could drop him off at a methadone clinic. Lol.
PhuckHue2 (1 year ago)
lol jabba the slut
Alice Toso (1 year ago)
I cannot stand cheap men. I have no problem paying for myself but if he invited me out I would expect him to pay. I may politely offer to pay my part but if he accepts my money I probably wont see him again cuz hes a tight ass. Very unappealing.
I am A Mouse (1 year ago)
I once had a blind date with a blind mice
nickle mikels (1 year ago)
yeah my best online dating story he turned out to be a cheater and a liar thief and lazy and straight up just f'in nasty didn't pay for nothing didn't clean nothing the ordeal was a long drawn out painful thing so badly... after my mental and emotional break down and loosing literaly every thing I owned because of this looser and being homeless for a few months... ill never date again EVER that was years ago still single no dating no hook ups devoted to god <3 and super happy
Isaac Zelinski (1 year ago)
sugey gonzalez (1 year ago)
When the stories in the comment section are more interesting than the video
Rory Bond (1 year ago)
The title includes the word Hilarious?
David Dong (1 year ago)
I am not blind! My eyesight is absolutely amazing!
Nichole scott (1 year ago)
this is why I don't do blind dates, shit doesn't look fun lol

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