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♡ I N S T A G R A M: @Lisette ♡ T W I T T E R: @Luhhsetty In today's video, I am getting my hair colored! I am getting my roots touched up and also adding a few lowlights to make my blonde have a little more dimension. Check below for products used! -------------------------------------------------------- P R O D U C T S U S E D: Colorist: https://www.instagram.com/lorrigoddard_ Moroccanoil Color Care Collection: https://www.moroccanoil.com/us_en/color-care-collection?utm_source=social&utm_medium=bloggers&utm_campaign=081918lisettevideo1 Moroccanoil Color Continue Shampoo: https://www.moroccanoil.com/us_en/hair-care-color-continue-shampoo-us?utm_source=social&utm_medium=bloggers&utm_campaign=081918lisettevideo2 Moroccanoil Color Continue Conditioner: https://www.moroccanoil.com/us_en/hair-care-color-continue-conditioner-us?utm_source=social&utm_medium=bloggers&utm_campaign=081918lisettevideo3 Moroccanoil Protect & Prevent Spray: https://www.moroccanoil.com/us_en/hair-care-protect-prevent-spray-us?utm_source=social&utm_medium=bloggers&utm_campaign=081918lisettevideo4 All Hair: https://www.moroccanoil.com/us_en/hair-care/all-hair? -------------------------------------------------------- F A Q: Name- Lisette Race- Black & White Height- 5'3 Location- LA Age- 22 -------------------------------------------------------- Thank you Moroccanoil for partnering with me! -------------------------------------------------------- -xo
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Text Comments (675)
Kaila Nicollette (3 months ago)
the color really does suit you! 😍
Tameshia Perry (3 months ago)
Sorry luhhsetty but your hair looks the same it aslo looks abit damage im not impressed not trying to hate i love your channel
Bryana Renee (5 months ago)
I wish I had long and healthy hair period to dye it. I would either go honey blonde or a dark red
Unsweetened Black Tea (6 months ago)
If you are going to a professional, why would they not know how to color curly hair in its natural state?
Brooke B (6 months ago)
it looks so good!!
Armani Young (6 months ago)
MAYA’S LIFE STYLE (7 months ago)
1 more sub then 2mill 😍
Anais K (7 months ago)
I ain't gon lie. Your hair looks fried. Esp after that blow out. I really wouldn't agree with some people who said going to a black salon makes a diff. I have been going to an indian hairdresser most of my teenage yrs and my hair experienced the most growth. I tried some black hairdressers too but they fried my hair under the dryer and always put too much products making it extremely heavy & greasy. I think its all about a light hand and experience. Black, white, blue, yellow.
Bella (7 months ago)
I was cringing when she was straightening ur hair lol like noooooooo don’t disrupt the curlzzzz 😂 but it’s gorgeous regardless!!!
Ashli Ann (7 months ago)
Omg your hair is gorgeous curly
Diana Meuwissen (7 months ago)
sometimes u look like Liza Koshy
Ella Holley (7 months ago)
What’s your hair straightening routine
Alexandra Ana (7 months ago)
What’s the song at the beginning????
Hailey Voda (8 months ago)
I love when you strighten your hair 😁
Jane doe (8 months ago)
Can you please post a vid of how you originally transitioned bc my first experience was horrible going blonde
Alex Al (8 months ago)
What music is playing inside of your video???
Bloobly (8 months ago)
Very nice color but white people just cant straighten black hair well
April Harmony (8 months ago)
Luh, your color looks so much brighter💖💖💖 It GORGEOUS just like this💗
Lula LeGoddessOfLight (8 months ago)
Looks soooooooo good
equine breyers (8 months ago)
Omg your almost at 2 million ahhh Your the best
Little You and Me TV (8 months ago)
How do you handle shrinkage with ur curls? Your hair acts like mine really long straight but short curled.
Leila Chammas (8 months ago)
It's soooo pretty curly 😍
kayla durr (8 months ago)
Samella Kamara (8 months ago)
You look so pretty💛☺️
Iam Taliah (8 months ago)
misshonesty (8 months ago)
Loved this video lisette...
Sammy Puckett (8 months ago)
Hi Lisette in your “shower routine” video you were saying how you wanted something more abrasive to use instead of a loofah and I think I can help. You could try a African sponge it’s abrasive but not too abrasive to the point that it damages you skin. Personally I think it does it’s job, but try it out.
SpiritedLove (8 months ago)
God i love her hair
idalmis bermudez (8 months ago)
Bruh you need to post more like I’ve been subscribed since you Did the big chop 😭❤️‼️Literally subscribed on all my accounts and my mom account😂and I feel like unsubscribing you don’t even post frequently anymore
Shifa Qureshi (8 months ago)
Girl ur slaying the new look ❤️❤️🔥🔥
ramonita xoxo (8 months ago)
i really want curly hair.. i have like wavy hair and it’ll sometimes be poofy, the only thing i love abt my hair is that if it gets tangly or whatever it still would be easy to brush it out. 🤷‍♀️
Katelin kaka (8 months ago)
Can to you do a "Back to school morning routine 2018" Please
MJafro (8 months ago)
shakirah shakiraaaaa!!! xD haha
Kiara Ortiz (8 months ago)
AMAIYA GANG (8 months ago)
I dyed my hair red this year and it’s already fading and I want to change it naturally my color how do I do it with out damaged
Kurnique Jones (8 months ago)
You should do a draw my life
Xrysoula Manda (8 months ago)
So beautiful!!! 💘
Medhu Magar (8 months ago)
How do i get my curly hire back wan I've had het damage 💇
ɐ ʇop (8 months ago)
I like but I also don’t
CamCam Litty (8 months ago)
Maya Ventura (8 months ago)
your hair wasn’t even completely straight after they flat ironed it. it was really frizzy. you need to go to a black stylist & get a silk press. they’ll get you right
Arianna M (8 months ago)
she didn't want it really straight, it was just to see the color
nadia saleh (8 months ago)
You are very beautiful I am one of your fans from Saudi Arabia♥️♥️♥️✨
Brianna Bombshell (8 months ago)
You need a better flat iron... try the babyliss pro and squeeze harder but don’t pull the hair... or use keratin shampoo and conditioner to give your hair it’s protein back. I could get your hair straighter and silkier
Kunta Boy (8 months ago)
Why haven’t you been uploading are you busy or something is something going on
Nia Janell (8 months ago)
Love 💥
Hephzibah Maduka (8 months ago)
Luhsetty quit the whole people stealing your ideas thing cause that thumbnail is very common. You’re not the first that did it and you won’t be the last. Love you still.
Isla Velasquez (8 months ago)
Does anybody know where she made her profile picture for YouTube?
Raya Xoxoxoxo (8 months ago)
I love you luhhsetty ur my fave YouTubed EVER!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️😘✨
Olivia Polus (8 months ago)
Damn ur hair is gorgeous
Anisa (8 months ago)
Your hair looks extremely damaged/dry. At this point I wouldn't even think to dye/bleach it again! Gurl you need to treat those poor locks
Tameshia Perry (3 months ago)
+Khaila Joi she just staying facts
Khaila Joi (8 months ago)
Anisa show us what your natural looks like or stfu . her hair looked beautiful and healthy at the end of this clip and clearly still curled from root to tip
Dolores Zhane Dawson (8 months ago)
You cute or whateva! Just kidding. You are BOMB! ❤️❤️✨
Kaitlyn Shive (8 months ago)
What camera do you use for your vlogs and regular youtube videos???/ Does anyone know the best camera to buy for creating youtube videos that also takes great pictures?
Love Rey (8 months ago)
I wanna rock with somebody I wanna take shots with somebody (I love the song at the begging)
Lynn Oliver (9 months ago)
I love your channel your colour looks great
Jennie Smythe (9 months ago)
The color isn’t bad the I feel like the styling after the color wasn’t so great.
Jennie Smythe (9 months ago)
Wish you went to a minority hair stylist. Colorist.
Savanah Santos (9 months ago)
Stunning 😍🤤
Misty• (9 months ago)
Her hair looks great, but honestly her eyebrows always look AMAZING😍
Aesthetic Pig (9 months ago)
I love it😍
Kimberly Reyes (9 months ago)
Where’d you get your sandals ? They are so cute!
Paulina Orozco (9 months ago)
cutie 😍
Olivia Lewis (9 months ago)
Ur hair looks so pretty straight u should wear it like that more I ♥️ u so much
Olivia Lewis (8 months ago)
Unicorn Ari ok
Arianna M (8 months ago)
it can still cause damage
Olivia Lewis (8 months ago)
Unicorn Ari I know but u can get heat protector stuff
Arianna M (8 months ago)
she doesn't want damage
Shahi Benalla (9 months ago)
Middle School Lisette comin back lmao nice content tho ;)
Steph Powell (9 months ago)
You straightened it.....Then coloured it?.....
becca santos (9 months ago)
It looks way better😍
Crystal L. Glenn (9 months ago)
I love your hair 😍😍😍
Afroo__ (9 months ago)
I think that i like you better with your natural hair<3You look gorgeous<3
charity ojiaku (9 months ago)
You look so healthy,nice it just inspires me to do better
verawhispers (9 months ago)
Lol she must not have liked the finished straighten cause we only saw it for like a second 😂
Rylin Marie (9 months ago)
So they didn’t trim your hair too ? Oh wow
Queen Miki (9 months ago)
Beautiful 😍
Queen Miki (9 months ago)
Almost 2 mill omg yassss
kenya Shannon (9 months ago)
She just made it more darker
Brianna Webb-Harris (9 months ago)
Let me borrow some of your beauty for a weekend miss 😩💛
Neurada (9 months ago)
You would not catch me at a white stylist tryna flat iron my hair. 😂
Heather Orahood (9 months ago)
Oml I love you so much
-Jojo - (9 months ago)
I think I'm going to take inspiration from your hair! I have a full pintura but I think it's time to add some low lights for fall. Btw love the hair color and your absolutely gorgeous!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
I-really-don’t No (9 months ago)
It look the same to me...............
Ashley Da’Nea (9 months ago)
The color looks so good on you! I’m too scared to color my curly hair 😭😭
Daquasia Dawson (9 months ago)
It look sooooo good!!!
Joan Nivet (9 months ago)
Your curls are so boom😍😍... Love the color makes me want to color my hair Btw what's instrumental music you use in your videos?
Caycee Ricketts (9 months ago)
love it
Rebecca Harmon (9 months ago)
I am so proud of you almost 2 million .
Yasmeen Asia-Lee (9 months ago)
How do go about coloring your hair and have nooooo damage lol. I dyed my hair blonde and my curls are definitely looser than before omg and I went to a natural hair salon. BTW your hair looks great!
Deanna Dial (9 months ago)
Loving the hair boo ❤️
Janaiysha Johnson (9 months ago)
Your new intro is bomb✨😍. Love it. Like if you agree✨😍♥️
Gracie Turner (9 months ago)
Your hair looks so good❤❤
Mariah Campbell (9 months ago)
She’s the same way I am when I’m ironing my hair I always gotta hold my ears 💀
Pauline Albrey (9 months ago)
Do you dye your hair with olaplex ?
Wortroll (9 months ago)
Lexi Victoria (9 months ago)
Sarah Kirsten Rose (9 months ago)
Love the color!
Queen Mariah Mbaye (9 months ago)
Love Your Videos💜💙💜💙💜💙
Cassandra Chattergoon (9 months ago)
Hey u does not get damages
caprice sanchez (9 months ago)
Lisette love you & your channel but can you start making longer videos. A lot of your videos are super short, not even 10 minutes
Mackenzie C (9 months ago)
You look like the result of Danielle Cohn and jazz Jennings had a baby tbh
Erica Olim (9 months ago)
What is your hair type?
Sarah Crasta (9 months ago)
love ur hair
Not Telling Not Telling (9 months ago)
Cool u almost have million subscribers
Shaniel Samuels (9 months ago)
The lady did a terrible job at straighten your hair looked very trashy and dry looked like a blow out.
Dallas Cullen (8 months ago)
It's dose. ..
KID VIRAL VLOGS (8 months ago)
Shaniel Cohen I just followed your channel can you please follow mine 🙏🏾

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