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Dave Chappelle - Women Send Confusing Messages To Men

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Dave Chappelle explains his views on how women dress that send men the "wrong" message.
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Mr Nice Guy (6 days ago)
I hope all the feminists that are trying to dissect a piece of comedy get raped.
starlight miach (17 days ago)
Damian Zepeda (1 month ago)
God damn this is sexist
a detrick (1 month ago)
I live in Washington DC... I grew up with whores up and down 14th Street, Logan Circle, etc...never saw a single turtleneck...ijs, if wearing a turtleneck is ho gear, we all in trouble 😂
PermanentHigh (1 month ago)
Chappelle is the greatest comedian to have ever done it.
Gary Washington (1 month ago)
News Flash: everything we wear sends an unspoken message. If I sag my pants, wear an oversized t-shirt and have a gold chain I look like I’m from the hood. It’s like a hood uniform It’s naive to think you’re Appearance won’t affect the way people perceive you. that’s the point of Dave’s joke
Antonio Gallagher (1 month ago)
Modesty is dead in the modem world.
KLJF (1 month ago)
if it's on display then it's on sale .
HWildenvey (2 months ago)
I guess just watching this counts as a #metoo experience for women in 2018.
Yannic Wehner (3 months ago)
This is pure gold 😂
Bulhakas (7 months ago)
Women started getting out of line when men stopped hitting them. Now, I'm not saying that men should be going around hitting women (or other men, for that matter; why does everyone go into hissy fits whenever a man hits a woman, but no one hardly cares when a man hits another man?), but it is true that all of this nonsense was kept at bay before and now it isn't, and you can't even point it out anymore because we've reached the point that disagreeing with the party line of women in general, and feminists in particular, is tantamount to aggression (wtf?) - sadly, that's also true for the LGBTQIA etc etc people: disagreeing with what they say, whether in whole or in part, apparently makes one a homophobe, a transphobe or an etcphobe. These are cancerous times.
Karl Williams (8 months ago)
As long as feminist don't come for beach volleyball i'm fine.
adam sevani (8 months ago)
yeah that was smart , women use you're fucking brain
Django Unchained (9 months ago)
Dave I love you but you are wrong. Men dress like women in Hollywood bc we all came from a woman like the symbol of The Artist (Prince). You need to read the Bible more. Thank you in advance.
JP Sillick (10 months ago)
Buta Man (10 months ago)
i would rather be safe than wear whatever i wanted. that kind of mentality puts me in danger. it definitely wont stop the bad men from doing bad things to women.
C H (1 year ago)
Hahaha this is awesome. So true
Javier Bautista (1 year ago)
Margaret Gaby (1 year ago)
haha this exactly what I've trying to tell other women. They get mad when I say it's an inappropriate outfit. They will wear these clothes to weddings, work, when it's hot out - with the excuse it's hot out. Other women give me all kind of excuses - I don't want to be frumpy, I want to look nice. I'm not looking for sex and I dress for myself not men. I'm like nope -- you're brainwashed to think that butt out boobs out (anything out) is what is attractive.
mauia888 (8 months ago)
Xibalba Barca (1 year ago)
Women get dressed up with makeup, tight skirt, hair done up, leggings, all this crap to make themselves look better... but then get upset when they are objectified.
楊銘浩 (1 year ago)
Аre yоu mаking thеsе mistаааakеs with уour maan? https://twitter.com/2be9b0f063ef5ed01/status/804693412402241537 Dаvе Chарреlle Wоmеn Sеnd Cоnfusing Меssаages То Мen
give it seas (2 years ago)
84 people disliked this because it don't show the whole stand up
Chie Satonaka (2 years ago)
I think appearances matter whether some us choose to believe it or not. There was literally a woman who wore a lingerie and a lace shirt to the library around where I live. Sorry if I offend anyone but people should be a little mindful of what they wear outside. And yes, some people are going to get hit on anyways but still.
Chie Satonaka (1 year ago)
+BC In Englewood. Lol
Brandon Espinosa (1 year ago)
Women know what they are doing. They ask why is he staring at me knowing hours before they arrived at the club that she was trying on different outfits and choosing the sexiest one. She probably looked at herself in the mirror and said damn I look good!!! Time to go out to the club! Meanwhile 94% of the guys staring at them and hitting on them are creeps or perverts to her.
Papa Smurf (1 year ago)
he's not talking about women that get hit on in general. he's talking about women that get offended by looks or comments because of what they wear. if their shirt is super skimpy then of course men are going to look at them. It's just natural. Basically if you dress like that you better know the consequences because youre asking for trouble
BC (2 years ago)
Chie Satonaka where is this library you speak of
mrwarmind (2 years ago)
I walk around waving a stack of money almost everyday, but hate it when people assume i am an arrogant rich man who is showing off, and hate it even more when beggers ask me for money, and i feel its totaly not my fault in any way if a robber pointed a gun or a knife at me after he saw me shaking that money stack and decided to steal it
ASTV (2 years ago)
HF sent me here
awesome!! love it! lol
ifabulocitygirl (2 years ago)
I dont mind Dave's views, but his comparison of women dressing 'provocatively' to men wearing faux police suits is backwards and dangerously misleading. Wearing a uniform that applies to your job description is NOT the same thing as a woman wearing store brand clothes to express her style and identity. B/C his analogy would imply that women who dress a certain way must automatically be prostitutes, or looking to serve the sexual needs of men. At the end of the day, a short miniskirt or tank top or suit is all that it is: a piece of fabric. They dont hold fixed meanings, but are rather shaped by our ideas about them. So I dont have a problem with men who associate women wearing certain clothes as sexy (it may even be anticipated on the women's part, but this should NEVER be taken as fact) . What I have a problem with is guys who find these women sexy, then talk down or disrespect these women, because they think they're entitled to their bodies. And this directly plays into the false notion that promiscuous women don't carry themselves with the same "class" as "regular girls", so their respect isn't merited. Which fuels rape culture. Appearance doesnt always correlate to the intentions of a person, as Dave humorously put. But sadly, the rest of society (and the comment section) fails to think this way.
PermanentHigh (1 month ago)
They wear the same type of clothes as whores from the red light districts. Tell what thw difference is. If street clothes are just street clothes. Then what do prostitutes wear to advertize their bodies?
Vision821 (2 months ago)
He said just because they dress a certain way doesn't mean they are. Get back to the fucking kitchen woman, you wrote a paragraph and missed the whole entire point of the video. In addition comics are comics, there's truth to what they say, but it's not meant to be literal, that's the funny part, making the connections. Idiot. Kitchen. Sandwich. Now.
Mark Flattery (2 months ago)
Ax B (4 months ago)
ifabulocitygirl your style is slutty, clothes are clothes and you're only drawing a line because it suits your argument. You're just too mentally handicapped that your "sense of style " stems from your psyche and if you tend to show more in most cases it's either to flaunt or compensate I. E. Insecure or narcissist. If guys walked around in thongs what would you say?
Longinus69 (8 months ago)
Most of all this is a joke, so lighten the fuck up and stop taking everything so seriously.
Silky smooth2000 (2 years ago)
Women like the attention, as long as it's the right attention. It's all respect. Acknowledge their beauty without coming across all pervy....thats all.
Mustafa M (9 months ago)
They dress like whores for attention Huh
Raidls (1 year ago)
H Az ik this is late but😂😂😂
H Az (1 year ago)
No simp shit here.
MrIlleism (2 years ago)
Dress how you want to be adressed… Just like, don't dress up for the job you got, dress up for the job you want…
Marcus Turner (2 years ago)
here's the thing. i dont believe that you dress that way to get my attention mostly cause i know im not the center of the universe but it's the same thing with the mona lisa it wasn't painted just for me to stare at it but her i am loooking in in the eyes. why, cause i can
ReptoidHumidian (2 years ago)
"Her titties are all mashed together popping out the top of her TURTLENECK" LOLOL
Thirtiesguy (2 years ago)
It's adorable how hypocritical women can be and yet they some of them think the world revolves around them.
Maximo Manabat (2 years ago)
+The Mysterious Stranger 99.99999999999999%
Jeriah Israel (2 years ago)
I would have to disagree with Dave here. If she dresses like a howe she is a howe. End story.
jojoyy (2 years ago)
Shit, I don't even want to give an opinion on this matter cuz people are all bent on siding with just one side. A side that agrees that what a person, mostly women, wears defines them and a side that say that people, mostly women, should wear whatever they want without being harassed or called out. I think it all just boils down to respect. Whatever you do to another person should have respect and I think people should be mature enough to know if they are respectful or not, no matter the circumstance that comes with it. Of course, if people see and you know that you aren't respectful then you're an asshole, doesn't matter if the person was wearing something that is somehow inappropriate; but thats just me. But Dave be one of the funniest stand up comedians ever.
Repairedcomic64 (2 years ago)
"might wanna go try to talk to her and it don't come out right..it's like "DAMN LOOK AT DEM TITTIES" XDDD FUCKING FUNNY AS HELL
Watch This (2 years ago)
These are Jokes people! Take that SJW BS somewhere else!
Thirtiesguy (2 years ago)
+Goon Industries Social Justards have no sense of humor. It's why they always angry at nothing.
Peace Calm (3 years ago)
"Which is true, gentlemen that is true, just because a lady dresses a certain way doesn't mean they act a certain way. But ladies you must understand that is fucking confusing."
Dawud Baseem (3 years ago)
yo I agree WORD FOR WORD
liran gil (3 years ago)
LAVAROCK100 (3 years ago)
if a chick walks around with her titties  half showing and her skirt so high all you see is cheak meat ..there is something going on in that head of hers that aint right. but you see that all the time at clubs now if a guy was to walk around with his nuts hanging out his shorts  he would be arrested on the spot and be called a pervert ........jus saying
bobbyw223 (3 years ago)
never gets old
youtoober2013 (3 years ago)
As women have stated they dress for themselves. Therefore, this is a known fact, your clothes are a self-expression of who one is. Being comfortable in your sexuality, you automatically will assume attraction over the opposite gender. Men grow up around other men and co-operate intellectually, but always contest physically. Again as women have stated, this is why circumstances with men might be intimidating or become scary. It is a HUGE aspect of male phycology and as the dominant sex unfortunately men have conditioned women physically. So much so that women now detrimentally compete physically, while working against each other mentally. Women need to be realize their own strengths, that they are not weak and that pressuring a man physically is futile. Why most men come fast and most women don't come at all :( so sad. Now, while it's true, most men don't have an awareness of this because of the struggle with their own sexuality. On one hand they see a female exuding her own sexuality and automatically assume she is appeasing our desires. Face it, if she is confident, she is appeasing, men just don't recognize that female attraction depends on much more. Men don't really think when it comes to sex because the more the merrier for us, but females know better. This is where frustration kicks in and in an effort to overcome a challenge men resort to physicality, well not real men. A real woman in turn would work on all aspects of her whole for herself and be just as astute as she is sexy. Females should be smarter than to attract unwanted attention, unfortunately, desire doesn't depend on firm minds. I, of the minority, would like to point out, that I am a sapiosexual, look it up. I desire a girl who's not only personally endearing, but also who is shrewd enough to keep coy with her sexual prowess. Male is dominant, female is submissive, male desires sex, female sexually attracts, male turns hedonistic, female turns nihilistic... I reassure you there is hope, if you only take honour in maintaining innocence for who you trust. When a real woman meets a real man... that's real love. Don't settle for anything less... anyone.
sebaknight1 (3 years ago)
o3o)- Moral of the story, if you don't want us pervert to stare at you, don't dress like you want to be stared at. :v/ If I wanted to be stared at, I would wear assless chaps and a cowboy, but unfortunately us guys just can't dress all sexy without causing trouble. WHY CAN'T WE HAVE SEXY CLOTHES GENDER EQUALITY GOSH DARN IT DOUBLE STANDARDS! GOSH DARN YOU TO HECK!
SONOFABITCH (1 year ago)
It's not "assless chaps", it's just chaps. Chaps with the ass in 'em are called 'pants'.
John Paul (1 year ago)
PinkGoLady true, but that's a different subject.
sebaknight1 (2 years ago)
+Givo M Still originally before everyone was arguing about feminism, we just simply talking about the odd relationship with genders and society, and basically making fun of what's acceptable and what's not. So again, I was not 100% serious. If you did not find my odd thoughts funny, then sorry man. I don't too many things seriously. None of this was meant to be serious but more or less poke fun at how society works. Personally the feminism going on here is all kinds of messed up, and I just flabbergasted I have to defend some pretty obvious silliness. Am I saying we should wear assless chaps? No. It's a silly thing to do. Should we have the choice to wear what we feel comfortable? Yes. If girls and guys wanna dress in each other clothes, let them. Assless chaps? Sure! I'm just saying we should restrict ourselves to what's society deems appropriate to our genders.
Jay Fires (3 years ago)
OtisMusicCTL (3 years ago)
LOL...at all you bitches trying to avoid the truth! #Preach Dave! They need to hear it!
Tom Roach (3 years ago)
I'll put this a different way some women wear push up bras to accentuate their boobs the same way a male may wear a muscle shirt to show off their muscles. I would just presume a women may want their boobs to be noticed in the same way the guy wants his muscles to be noticed.
Ale Zuvic (1 year ago)
Well... about 90% of men who want to show off their muscles do it so for a reason wink wink. If a guy in a muscle shirt tells you otherwise he's lying.
Henry Levinson (4 years ago)
a woman could be wearing a shirt that literally says "RAPE ME" but that is still not a fucking excuse for rape. no woman is ever at fault for confusing men and this bit is promoting rape culture by blaming women for the actions of men. 
lamarion3 (3 years ago)
+Biohazard Ahead bruhhh I was thinks the same thing lol I was about to say it's like going in a salmon suit in a cave full of bears.
Biohazard Ahead (3 years ago)
+muna clear I know you comment is old but it is like covering yourself in gazelle meat and going up to a lion pride, probably not the best idea.
Alfreda Calbert (4 years ago)
I am already grown. I was saying why do men in general say women are sending them sexual messages? Breasts are for feeding your babies and most men say they hate when new styles such as showing your breasts and boody are popular because of al the "ugly" breasts and boody they will have to look at. That was my opinion, why do men think women are dressing to get them to look at them. Men and women dress in what is comfortable to them and makes them feel that they look good.  Maybe if society remembers that sex is to procreate and breasts are to feed your babies, we will not have kooks shooting and stabbing people because no one will have casual sex with them.
PermanentHigh (1 month ago)
Nobody wears heels and tight jeans because they're "comfortable". Fuck off.
Mark (4 years ago)
Rowenna Williams (4 years ago)
Wow, what a suprise, a man that thinks like a neanderthal!
Amanda Sutton (4 years ago)
Although Dave approaches this with humor, as comedians do, I don't understand how what someone wears gives one the impression that she must be 'asking' for any kind of harassment. Making judgments based on what someone wears becomes a slippery slope. Leave people alone. Be respectful, give them space. Treat them like, ... I don't .. People.
PermanentHigh (1 month ago)
If I'm not gang affiliated and I devide to wear known gang colors to a knwon rival gang territory, woukd your argument still hold? Would I not be at fault for wearing the gang colors signaling my affiliation? Would I not just be setting myself up to get murdered? If I out on all my flashy jewelry and expensive clothes, and go take a walk in a really rough and dangerous neighborhood. When they gut me for my possessions, who's at fault? Are u gonna tell me that I should be able to wear whatever I want whenever I want wherever I want? And not be made a victim? Thats called personal responsibility. Whores are the ones who wear ass cheek revealing shorts, low cut dresses famn near showing their vaginas, really tight pants showing off their asses, crop tops etc. That is what they have ALWAYS worn to signal sexual availability. Thats their uniform by trade. Wearing similar clothing just to do your day to day, doesn't change the meaning of what you're wearing. You are still sending out signals. You are revealing your form and revealing your assets. You incite natural arousal and curiosity in men. You will get approached and people will make comments. Be responsible for yourself. The world isnt gonna protect you. Youre not living in a Eutopia or some perfect reality. Do your part. Be responsible for your own damn self. If I cover myself in blood in take a plunge in the ocean, I'm basically just begging to get wrecked by sharks.
Ax B (4 months ago)
Only a sad excuse of a woman like you would miss the point. You dress "super cute" you're not the only one to think it, Just like you judge which man you like along with what he's wearing. "leave everyone alone " sounds like you can't handle the real world, probably because you're more concerned with appearance than substance. Also, lay off the beef, those American growth hormones be showing up in your porkish jawline.
Elricson (4 months ago)
I think you misunderstood what he was trying to convey. He never said anything about asking for it. What I think he is trying to say is, that people make assumptions about others based on how they look no matter they want to or not and no matter if it's right or not. It has a completely natural effect on people. It's understandable to make certain assumptions and sometimes act on those within reason. I usually don't act on it myself too much, but I have them regardless. If you see 2 guys on a train. 1 has a beard, long hair, backpack, shorts, t-shirt and a tattoo on his arm. The other is clean shaven, short hair, has suit with a tie and a suitcase. Now who would be more relaxed and who more professional? What kind of music are they more likely to enjoy. Where are they both going? What kind of job might they have? Who makes more money at that job? I would definitely have some different suspicions and assumptions about them.
Bulhakas (6 months ago)
Amanda Sutton must be one of those feminazis who think that a man approaching a woman he finds attractive to try and discern whether she's into him constitutes sexual harassment. The women of today are waging a war on the current generation of men, who, for the most part treat them with respect. Past generations of men didn't and they got away with it; but ours does and what do we get in return? A bitter, sexist war against us. Well, it seems that crime does pay, doesn't it? The saddest part about this is that men aren't fighting back, because most men are weak-willed children who fear losing access to vaginas, so they validate this bullshit coming out of the feminazi field these days. Grow a pair and fight back against the feminazi campaign, men. Sexist pigs, whether they be men or women, should be sought out and destroyed with extreme violence.
Mustafa M (9 months ago)
Respectful? I don't respect women who dress like whores, I avoid them and keep kids away from them.
datacat (4 years ago)
Are you nuts?  These women wear provocative outfits to get attention, then bellyache when a male reacts.  Come on, give us males a break. 
shortymackinem (4 years ago)
If I walk around wearing a gang color with gang clothing what makes me think gang members are not going to attack me? Everything revolves in what you wear simple as 1,2,3
DDDRRRCCC (11 months ago)
shortymackinem perfect example
dieSYNERGY (4 years ago)
simply, he is saying dont dress as though your ready for the bedroom unless you want to have guys thinking u ARE ready for the bedroom.
Goorru (4 years ago)
What a total load of horse shit some of these women are spewing, they do want the attention or they do want to be hit on BUT it's usually not by the guys who do it.
Lassassin0 (4 years ago)
Sean Anomie (4 years ago)
When I see a woman dressed sexy as hell (and I live in San Francisco, so that's about 100 times a day), I assume she's sending a message to some lucky person, but I don't assume it's me.
Oliva Gina (6 days ago)
Top cuck
Señor Unibrows (26 days ago)
Spoken like a man who doesn't get action.
MIKE MIKELSON (9 months ago)
Did u just assume, shes sending a message??
Karl Joseph Ashanti (11 months ago)
Sean Anomie And who is supposed to assume that the message is for him...or her?
TheTwiggyDance (4 years ago)
EY. Men run around shirtless all the time, their titties bouncing around all over the place. 
PermanentHigh (1 month ago)
Yeah, but say the hormones in your body had you view 65% of men as if they were Chris Hemsworth or Ryan Reynolds. How would u react seeing them shirtless all sweaty and stuff?
ubergama30 (4 years ago)
and im sure if you approached these men with a sexual advance most of them would accept 
FINKMOULDOON7 (4 years ago)
shortymackinem (4 years ago)
She looks exactly like the hookers down my street, you just want to play the victim to your own stupidity of choices that most women make by wearing these revealing clothes how about take ownership to your own mistakes if i walk around wearing a gang color dressed like a thug am pretty sure you would be quick to hide your purse and get as far away from me as possible no difference here you women get looked whores and we men get looked as thugs same harassment different views
11matty59 (4 years ago)
A lot of butthurt feminists on here. (and the one racist lady who pulled out the N word out from the blue)
Alfreda Calbert (4 years ago)
First why do men think that a woman is sending a message to them? And who the heck do they think they are that because a woman is dressed a certain way, they have the right to fondle them? Dave is saying that he thinks women are property of men,any man. I see men with no shirts on, pants hanging and no woman goes over and fondles them. These people with this attitude should get locked up, prosecuted and have to register as a sex offender.
PermanentHigh (1 month ago)
Where did he say that it gives people the right to fondle them?
Dalts 93 (3 years ago)
+Alfreda Calbert your American slang is simply not raw enough to even mildly offend me you fukn ganga scrub
Dalts 93 (3 years ago)
+Alfreda Calbert Screw your fuckin head on properly then pick up your keyboard bitch
Paul Fritz (3 years ago)
+Alfreda Calbert No one said being fondled is right. Well maybe some idiot said that. But Dave Chappelle certainly didn't. This is more about how others will see you and act around you.
Jax (3 years ago)
Thea Weaver (4 years ago)
I think the problem here is that women are pressured to look the way that most women do in magazines and other media, and then are told that it is not appropriate. I personally dress modestly because I try not to buy into pop media messages and I want to make it easier for men to focus on the words I say rather than the way I look. Men should strive to do that anyway, but its ok to help each other out, right?
PermanentHigh (1 month ago)
+Siyovaxsh En-sipad-zid-ana Thats just silly tho. Nobody wait for marriage to have sex. All the girls are fucking by the time they're 17. You'll just get played. Women lie about their virginities all the time. Especially Muslim chicks
PermanentHigh (1 month ago)
Nobody is pressured to do anything. Women just believe in groupthink. They only do whatever is trendy
Jack Jase (1 month ago)
Anyone over the age of 18 that even remotely thinks this way is naive af and shouldn'tbe clubbing.
Do Not Remove This Seal True, I get called virgin all the time because I’m religious and won’t bang women. If the whole world is telling me one thing, that doesn’t mean I do it. That is a sign of a weak person. Most women are just weak with no self identity.
MateyJerryBoy (9 months ago)
" It's not us... it's THEM!"
Mellie Mesfin (4 years ago)
The point of a cop outfit is to show that you are a cop and ready to perform the duties of a cop. Dressing provocatively doesn't mean you're asking to be hit on or harassed, that's not a job that comes with the outfit. Most girls don't dress a certain way to be yelled at crudely on the streets.
PermanentHigh (1 month ago)
+anna0207 So a guy hit on you, and you think its a big deal? He liked the way you looked, so he took his shot. Its really that simple. Youre only disgusted becaude you didn't find him attractive. If Chris Hemsworth had done the same to you, you would go back to his hotel. Shut the fuck up.
PermanentHigh (1 month ago)
+Mellie Mesfin Being overweight is not something u can take off or change overnight. But you CAN change your clothes
PermanentHigh (1 month ago)
Arent u fucking stupid. Whires dress provocatively. That is a whore's uniform. The dresses and clothes u girls wear everyday are the clothe women wear at the red light districts. Explain to me thw logic behind always having to show your legs, or wearing shorts so short that people can see the bottom of your ass cheeks.
Joseph Smith (10 months ago)
Well it doesn't help you to not get yelled at #dumbshit
Ahmad Kromah (1 year ago)
I mean women can complain and moan about this all day but its never going to change. If you want to dress slutty, do you n dress slutty and not care about what people think. If you can't manage that then change your wardrobe. Men will never respect provocatively dressed or promiscuous women so its better that you just ignore people as best as you can n live your life. Yes, women are harassed even when not wearing provocative clothing, but as a dude I can definitely say that seeing ass and tities hanging out would exacerbate the issue. People seem to like to forget that humans are animals, alot of our mating practices/behaviors seem not all that different from other mammals. Men are biologically programmed to seek out as many women as they can to impregnate before we modernized ourselves and monogamy became the norm. There's a reason sperm can impregnate more than one at a time. Its in mens nature to seek things like that out, like which female is the best/easiest lay...and im really not trying to excuse the bad behavior some men display towards women if it seems like I am but just saying that men doing this to women will never stop. It sucks for women that men are the more physically powerful sex and pose a possible hazard to your safety if they let their desire get the better of them, but...idk life....we all got screwed in different ways.
C3P0-is-bae (4 years ago)
isnt it illegal to impersonate a cop? i dont think its illegal to dress provocatively if you want to last i checked. just saying.
PermanentHigh (1 month ago)
You missed the whole fucking point. Congratualtions u fucking moron.
Hey there (3 years ago)
sumballaboi (4 years ago)
+Susanna Gomez You got it exactly right...
Duy Nguyen (4 years ago)
+Susanna Gomez  THANK YOU! the only being, on this forum, also a woman who is demonstrating critical thinking and is diplomatic. Your message was very thought out compared to the responses of the women who clearly misunderstood Chappelles message with an automatic answer and obviously overpersonalized the this answer they came up with. As a boy raised by women, I have the utmost respect for women and people. But when a person(a woman in this particular case) clearly lacks critical thinking and congruous statements it just mmmm.. GRINDS MY GEARS.. if you get that reference.. hehe
Jackie Hughes (4 years ago)
+Susanna Gomez A dico? what is this 1970?  
Rainbow Banditt (4 years ago)
this is fucking trash.
WrongTime (11 months ago)
humor may be subjective, but what he's saying is objective
Ahmad Kromah (1 year ago)
Have absolute shit taste in comedy if you think Chapelle is trash lol
anon ymous (1 year ago)
HAHA triggered
H Az (1 year ago)
This is the best.
Becky Urbansky (4 years ago)
Wow!  The filth that this man had coming out of his mouth from his heart!  "...vexed with the filthy conversation of the wicked:"  2 Peter 2:7.
Sora (11 months ago)
I know this a 3 year old post but don't quote the bible if you're against misogyny.
Becky Urbansky (4 years ago)
+Daniel Murray Agreed!  Now just get the women to understand how important dress really is.
he is making a clever social observation, it's true, and he is not saying you should say things like that... he is talking about being responsible for yourself, be aware of the messages your clothing sends.
Azan Isa (4 years ago)
hail satan
Sean Anomie (4 years ago)
Wow, calling a black comedian filthy and following up with racism. That takes me back...ahh the 70s.  You and my grandmother would get along great, If she hadn't died a long time ago.
ItsameAlex (4 years ago)
yep, Chris Rock is definitely better
PermanentHigh (1 month ago)
Chris Rock is a goofy ass Biggs that sounds like retard with no balls
Scott Adler (4 years ago)
Perfect retort to the "slut-walk" morons.
AfroDollBabe (5 years ago)
Regardless of what you like, it isnt the same
AfroDollBabe (5 years ago)
Let me explain this since you dont get it, certain clothes just make you feel pretty/beautiful/ect those clothes are always modest and thats okay, but what i feel pretty in, has not shit to do with you and your hormones, dressing for men is when you will wear whatever shows the most regard
Keith Kieth (5 years ago)
12 people believe in a double standard
JT Saiyan (5 years ago)
rixelenwulf (5 years ago)
Hey look, a respectful audience
Billie4Mozzarella (5 years ago)
A sexual being and a sex object are two different things. Being called sexy is different from "nice tits!" For men, would being called "hot" be the same as "ohhh nice cock" in the middle of the public place? That's the issue, not the admiration, but the way it's done.
Billie4Mozzarella (5 years ago)
I dunno, do you dress up fancy and make all the effort to doll up in your own house, or do you do it outside?
Lebron James (5 years ago)
No actually that's not his point. His point is women can't get defensive and feel abused because a man comments on her body when she's exposing it for everyone to see.
flipp3d (5 years ago)
Please shut the fuck up.
Curiousnessify (9 months ago)
Mr.Anonymous (5 years ago)
Lol females are insufferable. Nothing interesting to say, just all stupid whiny bullshit. They're lucky they can make themselves look so damn fine...
DanteBrian (5 years ago)
What's really confusing are feminists who say women should be able to be just as sexual as men (open with their sexuality, etc.) but then complain that men treat women like sex objects. Does that confuse anyone else or is it just me? Ladies, I'm all ears for opinions on this.
MrNoobophile (5 years ago)
well it's good to see more and more people taking a stand against this BS. A few years ago my comment might have gotten a bunch of thumbs up
FunnyRumel2 (5 years ago)
Amen! And I'm a man.
mrvegas56 (5 years ago)
Rodent (5 years ago)
If a woman has a man that she's dressing that way for, it for damn well should be in their own damn house and NOT at a bar.
chill579 (5 years ago)
What the fuck is 'Rape Culture'... Sounds like another piece of 'White Guilt' shit.
Tony (5 years ago)
Are you really spamming the comment section of this video trying to condemn the way guys look at women? That's classic. Are you also one of those people who believes that you're the only one entitled to an opinion? And so everyone has to bow down to you? Well pardon us, Queen Bitch.
rehanbbbl (5 years ago)
Then she can make him happy at home? if you go out with attention seeking clothes don't be surprised when you get attention
Kat Barahona (5 years ago)
Lol true true
Billie4Mozzarella (5 years ago)
"Feeling hot" and "seeking attention" are two different things. Girls dress in fancy lingerie to feel hot but they don't flash their underwear in public. A guy could dress in a thin shirt because he thinks it looks good but he wouldn't want anyone to comment on his nipples.
Sarah Beth Combs (5 years ago)
Damn straight.
John Kest (5 years ago)
It's because they bitch about it!
mrlionheart357 green (5 years ago)
Lmfaoo a lot of u just dont seem to realize its just a joke .....like calm tf down....well u are entitled to ur own opinion but caaaalm tf down
RealityPranks (5 years ago)
that's what a typical feminist would say. Get the fuck off
TheMetallicaMonster (5 years ago)
@Beatriz Novais do men have boobs?
Beatriz Novais (5 years ago)
Topless man = Acceptable/ok/normal Topless woman = shamefull/slut/bad Society is awesome :D
Ax B (4 months ago)
Divorce: man loses all money he's earned, woman gets freebies... Your argument is poorly built, then again women don't build things typically, they just bug the shit out of the men who made something of the human race in the first place. That's right, you are far from lionesses.
Matrix (7 months ago)
yeah i wish i coudl walk outside with my fuckign tits hanging otu without getting raped fuck this rape culture bullshit i hate earth
christian luna (5 years ago)
noobguitar117 (5 years ago)
And I love you right now
10 1001 1010 (5 years ago)
Tyler Tremblay (5 years ago)
and why do you feel hot? because a bunch of guys are staring at you
shaynethegmann (5 years ago)
ummmmm...... that isnt hot the way my girlfriend dresses is hot but that doesnt involve wearing a shirt so tight and tiny her boobs are popping out and shorts so tiny you can see it ride up her ass no she dresses respectably with a modicum of self respect the way most girls dress make them look like a ten cent hooker
TheMetallicaMonster (5 years ago)
@DavKellar preach! And I'm a woman!!!
Chloe Coleman (5 years ago)
Sometimes, we dress like that just to feel hot, sorry it aint all about you, poor baby, get over yourselves, and im not going to walk around in a burqua and veil so that you dont get your poor wittle feelings hurt when i reject you.....

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