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The Top 10 Legal Free Streaming Movie Websites For 2015 - Best Movies Sites List

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**PLEASE CLICK THE LIKE BUTTON ABOVE** This video gives you a list of the top 10 legal free streaming movie websites for 2015. If you're looking for completely free full movies to watch online, but don't want to visit illegal movie sites that are riddled with viruses and spyware, then these free movie watching sites are perfect for you. The only catch is that you have to watch a few advertisements before, during and after each movie plays which really isn't a big deal since you get to watch the movies for free and they're usually in high definition or HD. Many of the films available on these sites are older classic films and newer low-budget ones, but that doesn't mean that they're not worth watching. Some of the films are actually newer ones with big name actors that came out a few years ago, and you might find some of your favorite movies from the 80's and 90's that you completely forgot about. These sites are updated all the time with new content so make sure to check them on a regular basis for endless entertainment. If you have a Roku or some other streaming device, you might also be able to watch these free flicks on your television with their free apps which is a huge convenience. Since you're in control, you can watch them wherever you want and whenever you want unlike traditional television or cable tv where each movie plays during its scheduled time and can't be replayed unless you use a recording device. Crackle Review Crackle.com Review OV Guide Review OVGuide.com Review Yidio Review Yidio.com Review Hoopla Review Hoopla.com Review Snag Films Review SnagFilms.com Review Tubi TV Review TubiTV.com Review Popcorn Flix Review PopcornFlix.com Review Viewster Review Viewster.com Review FilmRise Review FilmRise.com Review Watch Free Flix Review WatchFreeFlix.com Review
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Text Comments (120)
Milia Partison (6 days ago)
Jesus loves you, read John 3:16 and Romans 10:9
Aries shaikh (3 months ago)
do you have information on Indian movies ?
Unknown ? (4 months ago)
Is streamlord legal?
Hokus Pokus (5 months ago)
The best website for free movies online is Chillnflix. No it's not legal, but if you low on cash, or having a bad month.. I would recommend you to try it out. They got a few pop ups, but when you get pass that, its really good
Top Swagger (5 months ago)
same lol haha
trapdmusic (5 months ago)
I just googled it, ty.. was looking for this
Fallfar Music (5 months ago)
This is a combination of fmovies and 123movies, thanks!
Backo Plays Mobile Games (5 months ago)
Yes please
INTERPOL (6 months ago)
Legal my ass
Fire Works (7 months ago)
Viewster is fuckin shit.
Elora Strobos (7 months ago)
join the legal group!
Mabawa Vocal (8 months ago)
of all lincs tubi tv worked without any complications now in whatching sleeping beauty mwaa,thnks fr th video,i actually downloaded alot of apps which ddnt work well
horze (8 months ago)
Mabawa Vocal TubiTV is cool
Tech Grilled (8 months ago)
https://goo.gl/Spo3cb You can check this rundown...free and awesome websites are mentioned
thank for good list movie, also add hdvix.com to your list. hdvix.com is website watch HD movie no ads, without sign up and 100% free
Daniel (1 year ago)
Any of em not get xfinity warnings?
Prony (1 year ago)
Bullshit sites none of them work or is free!
Alex (1 year ago)
couldnt he just do links in the description?
CrazyCircassianHacker (11 months ago)
yea right !
Kristi G (1 year ago)
http://tinyium.com/1O7X this link have all serials and movies pls chek it out!
Sasha Mills (1 year ago)
Cor the sound is so annoying... Sort it out..
Nihal (1 year ago)
kieth itreal (1 year ago)
SMB contact# 1 (770)568-7021 this is the best! 4k 16 gig, no subscriptions or hidden fees! Wireless installs and addons, no need to send out the box!
RESHAN SHAWISH (1 year ago)
does anyone know if FMOVIES.TO legal ??
Joshi (1 month ago)
No it’s illegal
Reshan Shawisch don't worry it's legal
izor mata (1 year ago)
I like my life so far
horze (8 months ago)
izor mata Me too
PLUS R. (2 years ago)
Tazz Major (2 years ago)
you have to sign up ?
Victor Lazkani (2 years ago)
the sound of the keyboard is so satisfying
mpreyesmr (11 months ago)
Go here if you want the best movie streaming website online: HootMovies.info
Binary Reviews (1 year ago)
If you want the best place to watch movies online then go here now: HootMovies. info
GamingTV (1 year ago)
aaahhhhh like it's still 2007
Joshua Shields (2 years ago)
cheapthrillpandas asmr
fabiola_lala (2 years ago)
TheQuinn (2 years ago)
do you have tonsign up for any
LilyGoesRawr_ (2 years ago)
Hi!  I've been searching for soo long for a certain movie and it's on none of these sites.  Does anyone know where I can find Pinocchio, the one from 2008 (I think.)  The one with Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Robbie Kay in it? Thanks in advance to anyone who answers.
Kristin Wood (2 years ago)
Oh yeah, never fall for that. But, unfortunately almost any site you go to you can run into that, especially FB.
Larry Singleton (2 years ago)
+Kristin Wood Thanks for that. The link I gave you for Putlocker doesn't ask you for anything. It's not as good as the last Putlocker but about the same. Putlocker has many many movies. I have an old phone. Not one of those hi-falootin' ones that connect to the Internet. I don't know what to say. Again; thanks for trying to help. But these new things are just beyond me. Especially if they have to do with the phones people are using because I've never had one. Oh yeah: The "babes" are these "Friend" requests I get all the time. And so does everybody else I know. Phony friend requests that I think are for "phishing"? Something like that. I'm not sure. But they're some kind of scam. Look at the "friends" list and you'll see picture of the dumb-ass middle age guys who fell for it.
Kristin Wood (2 years ago)
Larry Singleton, I don't know about the hot babes, they don't show up on my laptop or phone. And it's not hard to understand, a lot of people have it. And the Putlocker site that I used asked for a credit card and a sign up and the movies weren't even new. As long as you have an antivirus, you shouldn't have a problem. Sorry, I was just trying to help it's not a scam.
Larry Singleton (2 years ago)
+Kristin Wood I have no idea what you're talking about. There's no "sign up" for Putlocker. The link I gave is a Putlocker that's sorta back on track. Also; I have no clue what these "Showbox" and other stuff is. It says "app download". I guess you're into the "phone" stuff that kids are more familiar with than I am. Same with "Showbox APK". This is a "download". I'm not going to "download" anything. Just like I'm not going to "friend" these hot babes that send me friend requests with little or no information about themselves. I'm not going to involve myself with any of these "app" things. If I can't understand it, I'm not going to bother with it. And that's the thing; If I have to work to "understand" it or download something that might have a virus......no offense but all this "app" and "download" stuff looks like a sham.
Kristin Wood (2 years ago)
Larry Singleton not at all, and I've had it for about 3 years go to Google Chrome and type in videomix APK and you'll find the link, same with Showbox SoDo Showbox APK, no sign up no money, for real. I'm worried I'm going to get in trouble for putting this on YouTube.
Henri (2 years ago)
GUYS GO TO POPCORNTIME download and watch movies free example:Star Wars 7
lolol hotgirl (1 year ago)
Don't Forget to use a vpn
kevin MCcreadie (2 years ago)
Tayyab Saleem (2 years ago)
RENO WEED (2 years ago)
FOOLZ_TV (2 years ago)
+Snarkel none of these sites are legal the not gonna send the FBI on u
MysticFlutist (2 years ago)
I found nothing that was free and had the movies I liked on them >:(
MysticFlutist (2 years ago)
Never mind I have to pay for it ;(
MysticFlutist (2 years ago)
MysticFlutist (2 years ago)
I can't even find The reef on any of these
Milia Partison (6 days ago)
Jesus loves you, read John 3:16 and Romans 10:9
R C (2 years ago)
the websites suck
LiLDuMPliN (2 years ago)
so can i upload these movies on youtube without getting into trouble?
Butch Hinkle (2 years ago)
Thank you!
Richard A. Gilbert (2 years ago)
why can't you tube have a list of movies free on the weekends, to watch while waiting for new ones?
KySwa Vn (2 years ago)
hey can you reply?? why you click and its have a sound plus when you type is have a sound? can you show me???
S B (2 years ago)
I really enjoy the typing. Ignore all the hate comments, i really like the videos! It's great.
markpritchard09 (2 years ago)
simple things for simple minds.
KySwa Vn (2 years ago)
ikr its sound so cool
Popcornflix (2 years ago)
Best movie app. Great Movies and it's free
Tagnen Josephs (11 months ago)
mpreyesmr hi there is this a legal site and not stealing(would like to know please,because i want to watch episodes)
mpreyesmr (11 months ago)
Go here if you want the best movie streaming website online: HootMovies.info
Tagnen Josephs (1 year ago)
Popcornflix whats the best app?
Splashme (2 years ago)
do they give you virisus
Wayne Hare (2 years ago)
A waste of my time...
Mārtiņš Bušs (2 years ago)
wow. wow. just...wow. all of these links really suck.
Clip That Shoot! (1 year ago)
you should try watchfullmovie.co
fire ghost (2 years ago)
best websites are. .... swefilmer. putlocker. x movies 8. movie sub.
GameMania 120 (2 years ago)
Abdul Rahman Auf (2 years ago)
Mikah C (2 years ago)
This did not help at all! These sites lead nowheare and didnt even work! :(
Night Bot (2 years ago)
Night Bot (2 years ago)
Does watch free flux work?
claire bear (2 years ago)
do you have to sign up for any of them??
Lewis Craddock (2 years ago)
+Jay Wicked its been taken down
Jay Wicked (2 years ago)
try solar movies it's free and my best one
Isyaboiskinnypen15 (2 years ago)
Thanks for making me waste 10 minutes of going to your stupid shit bullshitting links that lead no where you dumb ass
Kristin Wood (2 years ago)
Nikolas C try video mix apk and showbox apk
Mārtiņš Bušs (2 years ago)
+Nikolas C ikr -_-
Angry_Potato (2 years ago)
this is dumb, why do you buy i microphone just so you can record typing sounds, what a dumbass
mpreyesmr (11 months ago)
Go here if you want the best movie streaming website online: HootMovies.info
Henry Rojas (11 months ago)
Angry_Potato I like the sound it's satisfying to my ears
Fear (1 year ago)
shut the fuck up
Narutofgfgsf (1 year ago)
It was almost 4am.
jacob me (1 year ago)
Learn to read then dumb asss
Andrew (2 years ago)
Wtf. We can hear you typing, Fucking say something. Jeez.
Topi Heimola (3 years ago)
lolol crackle the only thing there is ''comedians in cars get coffee'' or something XDD
Kewl Beans (2 years ago)
+Topi Heimola supermansion is pretty hilarious. they got a few good movies too but they NEVER update their catalog. xD
xXTKO Turt1eXx (3 years ago)
all these suck dick
Mikyah Cothron (1 year ago)
Chris Richards (1 year ago)
Here is a great movie streaming website: HootMovies. info
Dijaun Dijy (2 years ago)
+daniel zamora thats true
Laura Mohan (3 years ago)
you should of put the links but thanks anyway
nathan's channel (3 years ago)
Just what I needed man thanks
nathan's channel (2 years ago)
+Branmuffinies it's what it dose?
Branmuffinies (2 years ago)
A virus!

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