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Vaibhav Kumar (1 hour ago)
Hi! November 2018!!!!! anyone...
Kelsy Smith (2 days ago)
1:52 omg it does
K A R V O (7 days ago)
1:51 no I lands on a Wednesday
FeaturedDirect (9 days ago)
The sad thing is 2/2/22 falls on a Wednesday
Sydney Hunter (9 days ago)
OMG 2/22/22 is a Tuesday
Rhea Remedios (10 days ago)
Your question: Do twins ever realize that one of them was unplanned? My answer: Yes... I was planned while my twin brother wasn't... But that's okay because having a twin brother is awesome 👍
Werewolf Lover (14 days ago)
Anton Svenlin (15 days ago)
Last One...
Unknown Mystery (15 days ago)
Too bad 2/2/22 is wednesday but 2/22/22 is tuesday therefore 2's day is still possible :)
Richard Concept (16 days ago)
sadly 2/2/22 is gonna be a wednsday
Caaat Bruh (19 days ago)
I looked it up and 2/2/22 IS a Tuesday lol
Andrew-WWE (20 days ago)
22/2/22 is on a tuesday
RoLeh (21 days ago)
2/2/22 is wednesday but 22/2/22 is tuesday
Nai'a Kāhealani (23 days ago)
The brain named itself. If you water an apple tree with apple juice, is that forced cannibalism?
//Gacha Nikki\\ (28 days ago)
0:28 That happened to me😂
Moon Town (30 days ago)
"ha", "hee", "hen"
Alexis D'Ambly (1 month ago)
I googled it. 2/22/22 is a wednesday
The Goodest Shobe (1 month ago)
Omg 2/2/22 is a Wednesday r u fr right now?
Berkay Ak (1 month ago)
You started to repost these days
Gamig Master (1 month ago)
3/3/33 falls on a friday it can also be called thri-day of thrice for short
Gamig Master (1 month ago)
if 1/1/1 falls on a wendsday its could be 1's Day
Litittyboi (1 month ago)
that there then
Jip Schaafsma (1 month ago)
Every human being travelling to space is an alien since they are not on earth anymore, they are alien life from the human species. Hope it still makes sense to you!
Enchanted Ocelot (1 month ago)
1:48 it’s on a Wednesday. Sorry.
Philip Hamilton (1 month ago)
aaaah, the beginning of a hit
Petrol Key Planet (1 month ago)
1:52, Wednesday, what a suprise
Equine.sophie (1 month ago)
The one about being rich because you have horses is all wrong! I have two horses and I can tell you now I am very poor 😩😂
Jordan Lew (1 month ago)
2/2/22 will actually be a Wednesday 😞 But 2/22/22 will be a Tuesday! 😎
Myth9001 (1 month ago)
0:06 it's actually sw!ms
Myth9001 (1 month ago)
also 2's day is actually on 22/2/22 (dd/m/yy)
The Engineer Guy (1 month ago)
2/22/22 will actually fall on a Tuesday
Gaming With Noah (1 month ago)
A legend was born...
Silver_ Fox (1 month ago)
Dammit 2/2/22 is on a Wednesday... SO CLOSE 2/22/22, however, is on a Tuesday
Supercheme BFDI (1 month ago)
1:49 I looked at the calendar, and it falls on a Wednesday…
d.ronzo17 (1 month ago)
2/2/22 doesnt fall on a tuesday. but 2/22/22 does
Dr3aM (1 month ago)
2/2/22 IS a Tuesday WTF
escotg GAMING (1 month ago)
The gaming girls ! (1 month ago)
The swims one is wrong it’s only the same if it’s also backwards if it’s upside down then it’s smiws
Letty T The Gamer (1 month ago)
2/2/22 isn’t on a Tuesday but 2/22/22 is can that be 2’s day?
Kate Kift (1 month ago)
This is blowing my mind
Creepernick01 (2 months ago)
2/2/22 falls on a WEDNESDAY UGHHHH Edit: oh wait 22/2/22 falls on a Tuesday :)
LunarToothpaste (2 months ago)
2/2/22 is on a Wednesday, imsad now :(
Swunday Cramer (2 months ago)
2/2/22 is on a Wednesday, we can all die now 1:49
Mx1air (2 months ago)
the first one damn
Leila Lovely (2 months ago)
The 2/2/22 falls on a wednesday... Yes, I looked it up.
Jeejean Lim (2 months ago)
So our future selfs are watching us through memories!?!?!?! Btw hello future me! Wait...INFINITE PARADOX
Magnesium - 24 (2 months ago)
2/2/22 is a Wednesday :( 2/22/22 is a Tuesday though. And that's even better
Monster Studioz (2 months ago)
2/2/22 falls on a Wednesday
Josh Griffin (2 months ago)
I wish that McDonald's is as enthusiastic about making their burgers as sponge bob is with making crabby patties
That One Random Guy (2 months ago)
Who else got super mad when they found out 2/2/22 was on a Wednesday I almost cried
Luna Eclipsx (3 months ago)
1:32 it is not as effective ( from personal experience)
A-leighleigh (3 months ago)
Sadly 2/2/22 falls on a Wednesday. But it is Groundhog Day and it is about two months away from when I will graduate high school...
Falafel Waffle (3 months ago)
Sadly, 2/2/22 will be a wednesday
parsakaali (3 months ago)
22/2/2222 is a friday
Lauren Martin (3 months ago)
As a response by a twin to "do twins ever realize one of them was unplanned" Yes,I realized it when I was 12.recently,I found out both of us where unplanned
Shavesh Loutan (3 months ago)
Max Won't Chill (3 months ago)
its faster to say world wide web then www
Piper H (3 months ago)
2/2/22 falls on friday
EdgyPotato (3 months ago)
oh my god... IT'S TRUE!
Beatriz Haddad Ordones (3 months ago)
2/2/22 is on a wednesday. sad.
Familien Jakobsen (3 months ago)
The last one: Sadly it’s a wednessday
Helen Blatsky (3 months ago)
0:08 actually would be sw!ms but ok also yes i know this video was 2 years ago
KevinZeGreat (3 months ago)
2/2/22 Is a Wednesday :( 1:48
KevinZeGreat (3 months ago)
And a Saturday 2/2/2222
Nikoleta Kouts (3 months ago)
Oh my god.. #Brainwashed
TheNintendoNerd (3 months ago)
Well, 22/2/22 is on a Tuesday, which is even better!
1:30 it would be less poisonous, so your death would be slower and more painful
TLB (3 months ago)
2/22/22 is a Wednesday I'm not even kidding lol
bob johnson (4 months ago)
2/2/22 falls on a wednesday
Galaxy Sushi (4 months ago)
Shower Thought: You were once the youngest person in the world
Dat one Caleb (4 months ago)
0:07 no, it’s ‘sw!ms’
aboutme 5 (4 months ago)
if theres infininte numbers, than there has to be a number called penis.
2/2/22 falls on a Wednesday noooooo
PRGME7 (4 months ago)
1:18 that's exactly the case
blackandwhite1450 MSP (4 months ago)
1:48 It's on a Wednesday... ugh
Sniper Jake88 (4 months ago)
For anyone wondering 2-2-22 lands on a Wednesday not Tuesday. If you don't believe me look at a calendar
Lexi Balara (4 months ago)
0:59 welp he’s dead now too... sorry
Raven’s Father (5 months ago)
I just looked it up, and 2/22/22 indeed does fall on a Tuesday. (If we are talking about 2022 and not 2122 etc.)
*Shower Thots*
Prisha Prateek (5 months ago)
Swims is same upside down? It should be backwards
Rayan Mbadiwe (5 months ago)
Ashly Menard (5 months ago)
1:02 R.I.P, Stephen Hawking.
Burton Crain (5 months ago)
AHAH help!!! i smashed a scorpion and try to pick it up with toilet paper but it just ran off AAAHHH!!!!!
Slayden Heddy (5 months ago)
0:52 holy fuck oof
Sadie Edelman (5 months ago)
swims upside down is sw!ms but capitalized its SWIMS :)
Marcel de Vries (5 months ago)
2/22/22 is a Tuesday! Victory!
Geralt the Gamer (6 months ago)
Coming after the 75th episode
Keith (6 months ago)
(Just finished watching Gravity Falls) My latest shower though was : "What am i going to watch now?" *nothing* "My life is going down quickly... last year i still had like almost all 1's, now i have avrage C" "Wow, after watching this show i realized how my life is boring" "I think when ill acually turn 18 i think im going to move outta city to some small town" "I should do something about my life if i dont want to be homeless" "I just wish Gravity Falls came back cuz now i think every other show is really dumb" "What am i even doing with my life? Why cant i just get myself to acually start learning? Why is puberty ruining my life?" Yeah I have a horrible life and i wish i could get myself to try
dizzydean1000 (6 months ago)
JJ Jameson is just trying to do on a larger scale what everyone tries to do,,,, Destroy a spider with a newspaper.
Siobhan Freeman (6 months ago)
Sad feb second lands on a tuesday
Ashay Dwivedi (6 months ago)
FUCK LIFE! IDIOTS! 2/2/22 falls on a Wednesday!
zZzNightMarezZz (6 months ago)
it SHOULD be known as 2's day
Charles Vesely (6 months ago)
Hawking is dead now.
Marc Harder (6 months ago)
1:48 No, but 2/22/22 does WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cody McInnis (6 months ago)
wait im hihg how does pur future self watch us with memorys. (jesus chirst that took sooooooooo long to type.)
JazzyAnime Gam (6 months ago)
1:49 CLOSE! It's actually on a Wednesday.... ;-;
SSDARKPIT (3 months ago)
But 2/22/22 is on a Tuesday.
Flyin Dutchman (6 months ago)
I'm a twin and yeah, I we were unplanned
ozzyjames87 (6 months ago)
Well, Stephen hawking is now also dead.
steven trollface (6 months ago)
I just checked- 2/2/22 doesn't fall on Tuesday, but 2/22/22 does!
Who else is watching all of these
Shadow Sweetheart (7 months ago)
Watching this long after Stephen Hawking’s death.
JT B (7 months ago)
Where is pronounced like there, but what isn't pronounced like that.

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