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Text Comments (1037)
Depressed existence (1 day ago)
But on the real this fucked me up hard
Jennifer W (4 days ago)
1:53 its on a wednesday i checked
Eugenius (9 days ago)
1:53 it’s on a Wednesday
The 2.22.22 is really on Tuesday
Citty_ Sushii (14 days ago)
2/2/22 will not be a Tuesday
Dynamite Style (15 days ago)
1:48 I checked... 2/2/22 is a Wednesday, but 2/22/22 IS a Tuesday...
bowman hath (16 days ago)
1:32 I think the Simpsons see Itchy and Scrathy as cartoon
Carlito Lopez (17 days ago)
1:49 it is a Wednesday
HR Shota (17 days ago)
Well the 2/2/22 is on a Wednesday. So close
Deppresso (21 days ago)
1:49 I think its on a friday
positive unicorn (22 days ago)
The identical twins one is what I always think about
Alexander the Greater (23 days ago)
Shower thought: the first shower thought in this series started with "the first"
Linda (23 days ago)
2/2/2022 falls on a Wednesday but 2/22/2022 falls on a tuesday so we still havin’ 2’s day
The gaming girls ! (29 days ago)
The word swims is not still swims upsidown but if it’s upsidown and backwards then it is still swims
Matthew W. (29 days ago)
Unfortunately, 2/2/22 falls on a Wednesday. But fortunately, 2/22/22 falls on a Tuesday, which can also be known as 2’s Day. Can’t wait!
Bluze (1 month ago)
By the way, no hard feelings, my English teacher taught me this a week ago. It isn't 2's day. It would be 2s day. Never add an apostrophe to make something plural. Like if you want to say "I'm going with the McAdams to the movies." Keep in mind that the original last name was McAdam that I made up. I just added a lowercase S to it. There. Now I've learned SOMETHING in school. Don't correct my mistakes pleaz
Sean Regalado (1 month ago)
2/2/22 is on a Wednesday if ur curious
ShawnCarter1114 (1 month ago)
2/2/22 lands on a wensday NOOOO
Cade Valentine (1 month ago)
wayne bragg (1 month ago)
He wasn't when this was posted
Hayina Thgirw (1 month ago)
1:53 it falls on a Wednesday
Oktalon Szórádi (1 month ago)
Unfortunately, 2/2/22 falls on a Wednesday.
appreciate kim seokjin (1 month ago)
As a twin the answer is yes we do know :)
Ilari Bezzubikoff (1 month ago)
1:41 one question, what the fuck
Chris Pryke (1 month ago)
0:07 sw!ms
EDGY_VEGGIE Animations (2 months ago)
Haha I'm a twin and I always think about how I'm a mistake and I was never planned and that I'm just a useless waste of space.
Andres E. Gomez M. (2 months ago)
2/2/22 falls on a Wednesday sorry
The IGN Sparrow (2 months ago)
1:51 it will fall on a Wednesday
meemo (2 months ago)
1:48, I checked, it falls on a Wednesday
Rthro Man20 (2 months ago)
1:48 what upsets me is that it's on a wednesday
Random person on youtube (2 months ago)
Hi! November 2018!!!!! anyone...
Kelsy Smith (2 months ago)
1:52 omg it does
K A R V O (2 months ago)
1:51 no I lands on a Wednesday
FeaturedDirect (2 months ago)
The sad thing is 2/2/22 falls on a Wednesday
Sydney Hunter (2 months ago)
OMG 2/22/22 is a Tuesday
Rhea Remedios (2 months ago)
Your question: Do twins ever realize that one of them was unplanned? My answer: Yes... I was planned while my twin brother wasn't... But that's okay because having a twin brother is awesome 👍
Werewolf Lover (2 months ago)
Anton Svenlin (2 months ago)
Last One...
Unknown Mystery (2 months ago)
Too bad 2/2/22 is wednesday but 2/22/22 is tuesday therefore 2's day is still possible :)
Richard Concept (2 months ago)
sadly 2/2/22 is gonna be a wednsday
Caat Bruh (2 months ago)
I looked it up and 2/2/22 IS a Tuesday lol
Andrew-WWE (2 months ago)
22/2/22 is on a tuesday
RoLeh (2 months ago)
2/2/22 is wednesday but 22/2/22 is tuesday
Nai'a Kāhealani (2 months ago)
The brain named itself. If you water an apple tree with apple juice, is that forced cannibalism?
//Gacha Nikki\\ (3 months ago)
0:28 That happened to me😂
Moon Town (3 months ago)
"ha", "hee", "hen"
Alexis D'Ambly (3 months ago)
I googled it. 2/22/22 is a wednesday
Theo b 20 (3 months ago)
Omg 2/2/22 is a Wednesday r u fr right now?
Berkay Ak (3 months ago)
You started to repost these days
Gamig Master (3 months ago)
3/3/33 falls on a friday it can also be called thri-day of thrice for short
Gamig Master (3 months ago)
if 1/1/1 falls on a wendsday its could be 1's Day
Litittyboi (3 months ago)
that there then
Jip Schaafsma (3 months ago)
Every human being travelling to space is an alien since they are not on earth anymore, they are alien life from the human species. Hope it still makes sense to you!
Enchanted Ocelot (3 months ago)
1:48 it’s on a Wednesday. Sorry.
Philip Hamilton (3 months ago)
aaaah, the beginning of a hit
Petrol Key Planet (3 months ago)
1:52, Wednesday, what a suprise
Equine.sophie (3 months ago)
The one about being rich because you have horses is all wrong! I have two horses and I can tell you now I am very poor 😩😂
Jordan Lew (3 months ago)
2/2/22 will actually be a Wednesday 😞 But 2/22/22 will be a Tuesday! 😎
Myth9001 (3 months ago)
0:06 it's actually sw!ms
Myth9001 (3 months ago)
also 2's day is actually on 22/2/22 (dd/m/yy)
The Engineer Guy (3 months ago)
2/22/22 will actually fall on a Tuesday
Gaming With Noah (3 months ago)
A legend was born...
Silver_ Fox (3 months ago)
Dammit 2/2/22 is on a Wednesday... SO CLOSE 2/22/22, however, is on a Tuesday
Supercheme BFDI (3 months ago)
1:49 I looked at the calendar, and it falls on a Wednesday…
d.ronzo17 (3 months ago)
2/2/22 doesnt fall on a tuesday. but 2/22/22 does
Dr3aM (3 months ago)
2/2/22 IS a Tuesday WTF
escotg GAMING (3 months ago)
The gaming girls ! (3 months ago)
The swims one is wrong it’s only the same if it’s also backwards if it’s upside down then it’s smiws
2/2/22 isn’t on a Tuesday but 2/22/22 is can that be 2’s day?
Kate Kift (4 months ago)
This is blowing my mind
Creepernick01 (4 months ago)
2/2/22 falls on a WEDNESDAY UGHHHH Edit: oh wait 22/2/22 falls on a Tuesday :)
LunarToothpaste (4 months ago)
2/2/22 is on a Wednesday, imsad now :(
Swunday Cramer (4 months ago)
2/2/22 is on a Wednesday, we can all die now 1:49
Mx1air (4 months ago)
the first one damn
Leila Lovely (4 months ago)
The 2/2/22 falls on a wednesday... Yes, I looked it up.
Jeejean Lim (4 months ago)
So our future selfs are watching us through memories!?!?!?! Btw hello future me! Wait...INFINITE PARADOX
Magnesium - 24 (4 months ago)
2/2/22 is a Wednesday :( 2/22/22 is a Tuesday though. And that's even better
Monster Studioz (4 months ago)
2/2/22 falls on a Wednesday
Josh Griffin (4 months ago)
I wish that McDonald's is as enthusiastic about making their burgers as sponge bob is with making crabby patties
That One Random Guy (4 months ago)
Who else got super mad when they found out 2/2/22 was on a Wednesday I almost cried
Luna Eclipsx (5 months ago)
1:32 it is not as effective ( from personal experience)
A-leighleigh (5 months ago)
Sadly 2/2/22 falls on a Wednesday. But it is Groundhog Day and it is about two months away from when I will graduate high school...
wafflesquad419 (5 months ago)
Sadly, 2/2/22 will be a wednesday
parsakaali (5 months ago)
22/2/2222 is a friday
Lauren Martin (5 months ago)
As a response by a twin to "do twins ever realize one of them was unplanned" Yes,I realized it when I was 12.recently,I found out both of us where unplanned
Shavesh Loutan (5 months ago)
Max Won't Chill (5 months ago)
its faster to say world wide web then www
Piper H (5 months ago)
2/2/22 falls on friday
EdgyPotato (5 months ago)
oh my god... IT'S TRUE!
Beatriz Haddad Ordones (5 months ago)
2/2/22 is on a wednesday. sad.
Familien Jakobsen (5 months ago)
The last one: Sadly it’s a wednessday
Helen Blatsky (5 months ago)
0:08 actually would be sw!ms but ok also yes i know this video was 2 years ago
KevinZeGreat (5 months ago)
2/2/22 Is a Wednesday :( 1:48
KevinZeGreat (5 months ago)
And a Saturday 2/2/2222
Nikoleta Kouts (5 months ago)
Oh my god.. #Brainwashed
TheNintendoNerd (5 months ago)
Well, 22/2/22 is on a Tuesday, which is even better!
tow mow (5 months ago)
1:30 it would be less poisonous, so your death would be slower and more painful
TLB (6 months ago)
2/22/22 is a Wednesday I'm not even kidding lol
bob johnson (6 months ago)
2/2/22 falls on a wednesday
Ralseiバルーン (6 months ago)
Shower Thought: You were once the youngest person in the world
Dat one Caleb (6 months ago)
0:07 no, it’s ‘sw!ms’
aboutme 5 (6 months ago)
if theres infininte numbers, than there has to be a number called penis.
2/2/22 falls on a Wednesday noooooo

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