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Brooks & David Guetta - Lynx ft.Sia ( Kayoz Remix )

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https://soundcloud.com/user-895438059 Titanium by david guetta remix / brooks remake not the full song credit to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC94IKgdvTjCqoKqSlbj2bVA
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Text Comments (8)
Elleiram (2 months ago)
WangleLine (5 months ago)
Those basses sound absolutely lovely :D
BadGirl (8 months ago)
ptn c toi qui a fait sa c bo
Adrian Stutzbarth (10 months ago)
Just keep working!!
Octobell (10 months ago)
Bass is too much and also the singing isn’t in time with the song near the start
Josh Martin (10 months ago)
Y Dorni (11 months ago)
Brooks remake? Thats originally a Mashup of Titanium and Lynx
Musicbykes (11 months ago)

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