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அழகை அள்ளிதரும் கேரள பெண்களின் ரகசியம் இது தான்!!!!! Beauty secrets of Kerala girls in Tamil.

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Text Comments (27)
Acb Axb (3 months ago)
90% kerala people migration people that's white people orginal kerala people black
Mubu Ali (2 months ago)
Malayali= tamilan+portuguese
Athulya Chippy (3 months ago)
neenka sollrath romba thapp. makeup tips not trueee..kerala.evanka natural beauties
Girija Girija (4 months ago)
vari butefull tiep & tq sistar
Shaikh Jaseema (4 months ago)
very beautiful tips
sb sb (7 months ago)
alahugrathu muhathula illa nalla manasu ulla yella pengalum aluhuthun
sanam re (7 months ago)
Color ah irundha alaga... adhellem illa avangalala Tamil ponnunga oram kooda vara mudiyaathu
sangeetha mohan (7 months ago)
mainly they intake fish more so their skin shines awesome.
• 100 years ago (3 months ago)
sangeetha mohan I am a pure vegeterian and a mallu, my complexion is fair, so what's the reason now ? Tell me Water ? Climate ?? Its because of genes and not the food or climate . Educate yourself first.
Raja Raja (6 months ago)
sangeetha mohan callme
Sarabesh Waran (7 months ago)
Naya num kerela
Rizwana J (7 months ago)
கேரள பெண்கள் mokka mokka ,
Raja Raja (6 months ago)
Rizwana J corricta sonninga pl callme
Sugan Desingh (7 months ago)
Correct pa
Manoj Kumar (7 months ago)
Super mam make more video upload frequently all your methods are working fine 👍👍
saranya sunil (7 months ago)
it's real I'm also near kerala
Ajith Augustine (14 days ago)
Enth nari aada nee
Raja Raja (6 months ago)
saranya sunil callme
akila thanks u sir (7 months ago)
super mam💞
Raja Raja (6 months ago)
akila thanks u sir callme
Srvijai Sarathi (7 months ago)
Herbal? Try.
Savithiri Ravichandran (7 months ago)
Srvijai Sarathi enadi soldra
Fathima Ishka (7 months ago)
Tnx Dr. for your tips
Raja Raja (6 months ago)
Fathima Ishka callme
Savithiri Ravichandran (7 months ago)
Fathima Ishka thanks la venam
Seena Prakash (7 months ago)
it is true
Savithiri Ravichandran (7 months ago)
Seena Prakash true thanpq

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