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What Men Want: Top 4 Things We Love In Our Dream Woman (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

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►► Get the 5 Compliments that get men addicted to you... Download here → http://www.SayThisToHim.com ▼ Don’t Miss Out! Subscribe to my YouTube channel now. I post new dating advice for women every Sunday. ▼ You wouldn’t believe how often people ask: “What kind of woman would Matthew Hussey date?” Well... there’s a long answer and a short answer. The short answer is silly, but it’s one of my MOST ESSENTIAL NEEDS in a relationship. In fact, you’ll probably think it sounds dumb if I say it out loud. (What do men REALLY want? I’ll tell you in this short clip…) Ok, ready? I need a girlfriend who loves to cuddle. Yep. I’m a cuddler. Maybe my mum was too doting on me as a child. Maybe I love physical attention. Maybe I just like the smell of women’s perfume when my face is buried in her hair. That’s just me though. Not every man is as big on cuddles as I am. However, there are certain qualities in a woman that ALL men are attracted to. And that’s what I want to talk about in this week’s video. I’m going to reveal what the top 4 irresistible traits in a woman are so that you know exactly how to get any guy addicted (regardless of his views on cuddling)... ►► FREE download: “9 Texts to Get Any Man” → http://www.9texts.com ►► FREE download: “5 Compliments to Get Him Addicted to You” → http://www.SayThisToHim.com ▼ Get My Latest Dating Tips and Connect With Me… ▼ Blog → http://www.gettheguy.co.uk/blog/ Facebook → https://facebook.com/CoachMatthewHussey Twitter → https://twitter.com/matthewhussey
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Text Comments (1405)
Voo (5 days ago)
You hit everything right on the head!!! If all men were like you, Matthew, all ladies would be in love with them
BioHazardGround0 (18 days ago)
Welp. I got that goofy part down.
Dy Yyy (22 days ago)
God plz send me a matthew hussey
Afreen Jamal (22 days ago)
You're good looking. Now go ahead and tell me if that was the right thing to do.
QuinneBEAR Mangum (24 days ago)
2 bad this is only a fantasy for men
Seraphina Nouveau (26 days ago)
When I watch these videos it reminds me why i lost my ex the father of my two baby girls
Katie Powell (28 days ago)
I would be so anxious and intimidated to do or say the first 3 things omg
Xx xX (29 days ago)
Men: Be independent.. but not too independent .. but I’m going to rely on you because I have mummy issues and I need you to treat me like the baby I am.. but I can’t have a woman who is a baby, you have to be a rock.. basically a replication of my mother who will let me do whatever I want.
Janine Canilang (30 days ago)
Are these what you saw in Camila? *wink wink*
Settling Isnt Anoption (1 month ago)
Your advice is on point..I had a nice first date and did your tips..thank you for giving up the secrets
Rosanna Ruiz-Stubbs (1 month ago)
Stop it ....can’t handle ...thank you
Christian Vujasić (1 month ago)
I’m starting to like this guy
Yo Uniqca (1 month ago)
Oh my god so cute ( when you don’t kiss me I’ll die) lol I watched that shot again
Flaskie Flames (1 month ago)
Balance of independence and dependence
Diana Cameron McQueen (1 month ago)
#1 right away. This is bullshit. Finding a MAN who actually wants to PLAY and be kind and play would be GREAT. Don't tell women to do this. Tell me to not be assholes and stop the BS and just be honest and play. All of these traits are constantly being exploited by unhealthy people.
Fasiya Abubakar (1 month ago)
Your video really grow me into the person I’m today.i wish to hug you one day
deangelo taylor (1 month ago)
real men want MGTOW.
inner strength (1 month ago)
Can I just own u @MatthewHussey (love) :D
Minodora T. (1 month ago)
PLease stop over gesticulating with those small man hands. Creeps me out. BTW, what is this man's JOB?
peachie05 (2 months ago)
"Nurturing" is a slippery slope. Take it to far or offer that to the wrong dude and then he expects his woman to be his mommy. No fucking thank you. Men are too much work.
Alida Green (2 months ago)
Wow I actually am very playful, have been told I'm sexy (when I want to be) am very nurturing, and am more independent than is good for me. I have to work on having a more positive attitude though. I'm a dont get my hopes up and think the worst is going to happen so if it does happen I'm prepared and if it doesnt I'm pleasantly surprised type.
Ana Porretta (2 months ago)
I love watching you my honey found his unicorn LOL:-) :-) :-) tee hee hee... now all I need to do is overcome my fear of abandonment thank you
Chareta Canady (2 months ago)
Great advice, I really needed to know this.
ritu parna mitra (2 months ago)
if my beloved was really tired I would say baby why don't you lay down for a bit and place his head gently on my lap and stroke his hair.
thisisamomentTV (2 months ago)
this man is adorable omg
Anaahat Consultora (2 months ago)
May Knott (2 months ago)
I have all four of these qualities(even if I say so myself)
Hayley Rose Winters (2 months ago)
Well said.
Alfonso Flores (2 months ago)
what a man what's , to be wealthy, healthy, God fearing, free spirit, helping others, joyful good energy, being single
Ellen Bartlett (2 months ago)
Why am I squealing with how nice and sweet these traits and affectionate vibes are when I'm sitting on my own watching this hahahaha
Cecilia Falk (2 months ago)
Just realized that I am doing all of this, or at least showing all of this, to the man I have something going on with, and I'm doing this naturally 😂😂
Mystic eyes (2 months ago)
I'm all the four of them 😋
Virgo Ash (3 months ago)
Men dont really want independent women. They want them to appear independent but not actually be independent. The more independent a woman really is, the more qualities come with it that dont go along with "kiss me or I'm gonna die". There's a lot to being able to take care of yourself that is more like the qualities that men have than women.
Kenza mo (3 months ago)
I am all these four things and my future husband is going to be very lucky !!!
brknlv (3 months ago)
sabaa alm (3 months ago)
i was wondering if these videos actually work for guys in their teen years like between 16-18
tanya mullen (3 months ago)
Want all that 2!
Daisy Chain Cosplay (3 months ago)
The nurturing one is why I'm single 🤣 I'm really nurturing && men take advantage. I'm very independent && I think men like that in the beginning, but later on it pisses em off. I'm also playful && sexy. But men don't know how to act round me, so I wear earbuds && hoodie in public.
Lya Pini (3 months ago)
I hope I'll be able to find a guy like him, the only type of guy I would really have a serious relationship with: confident, empathetic, funny, handsome, cute, intuitive, intelligent...he has everything I admire in a person
Wahu Starlet (3 months ago)
This man is dangerous 😅😅danmmm
164795 (3 months ago)
Nurturing and independence are really important... two things I really look in a woman. I really believe in equality and kind of harmonious cooperation or so. I don’t wanna be the one who’s always doing-planning everything all the time. Being equally responsible partners requires both parities being independent. Nurturing in a way is showing appreciation for the efforts. It has also a connection to understanding and positivity in a sense that life simply consists of ups and downs, so let’s accept it, focus on the goal and be grateful for the moment. Non nurturing women tend to be rather strict and kind of negative or so... Who wouldn’t want a hug and kiss on a forehead after long long day work both in a workplace and home... These few thoughts are just a tip of an iceberg, better not to make strong judgment based on one sentence. Don’t have time to write an whole essay, but hopefully it gives something to think or discuss about...
Ryan Germain (3 months ago)
where I come from I just fucking dame wish a women understand me and stop treating me like a wierdo or a sex offender there that is all the end
Sarah Beau (3 months ago)
Where are these men you speak of.?.??Frm my experience men love abuse they love bitches...
Michelle Sithole (3 months ago)
Why do men suck?
Manu Rai (3 months ago)
My boyfriend left me bcz i was confused about career , and had no job, sad now I have everything,but he had no faith in me
Elley Henderson (3 months ago)
No one's ever wanted to date me why am I watching this
kiut83 (3 months ago)
Are you talking about me?hahahahhaa
Christine Karamagi (3 months ago)
I watched this with a mask on for my eyes and I kept laughing and peeling it off.
Teresa Scheepers (4 months ago)
Can't stop watchin your YouTube vids
Rachel Laura (4 months ago)
Really appreciate how you word it all, bite size, relevant advice. Thank you so much!
Jacquelyn Langhein (4 months ago)
Thanks very informative.
Tahseen Hamza (4 months ago)
He is totally wrong advisor. If i want to have sex with your sister.Then leave her.will u allow me?
Mia May (4 months ago)
You are so cringy! How can you be a relationship coach?
One time i had a date with a guy and we had eye contacts throughout the conversation, i looked at him in his eyes and tried to be seductive with my eyes without touching him. I guess he really thought id go home with him then when we called it a night i called uber and he insisted me to go somewhere with me for drinks but i refused politely and said i need to go back early i have work tomorrow. He messaged me non stop asked for another dates. And the second date happened without me going back to his apartment. Now i think its easy to get a guy if you know the rule; be confident, have self love, be sexy, dont play with your phone when you are on date, show that you are a happy person and call it a night when you really need to go back home. Dont be afraid to say NO. Many women go home and have sex with men eventho they are not interested for having sex in first date because they are scared to reject men. Ladies, if you want something say yes but if you dont it is okay to say no.
scott sanger (4 months ago)
He panders to his audience well. IF you are FAT or overweight, MEN dont care about anything else. MEN want to know how you look without clothes on
Suzana Padovano (4 months ago)
dolphinrose21 (4 months ago)
thats why its dream woman..lol...
Jungleman savetheforest (4 months ago)
my top 4 1. funny or playfulness 2. respect 3.submission 4.self worth
TK Angel (4 months ago)
I want him kiss me now,or I'm gonna die! ( yes..you Matthew')
Lisa M (4 months ago)
GM...ok...you know what's funny? After years of reflecting what I'm looking fir and what he is looking for...I did all this! And guess what? Cheater! Narcissist. I learned no matter how much you try, it really doesn't matter... whether your perfect or imperfect..if they don't want to be with u or vice versa...it just won't work. My last relationship was all this .we even got engaged. I thought I met the perfect one...finally someone who loved all my qualities..and guess what he cheater. At 52 years old! U would think they would be more settled. I just don't know what to think anymore...so I'm just focusing on me. Ty for this video..oh and I forgot I was submissive... something that supposedly men or spanish men want. 😑
Giulia Mauri (5 months ago)
Excellent as always x thank you
Jessica Whittingham (5 months ago)
I 100 percent agree with you!
rony menon (5 months ago)
Independent call boy
Nycbeat B (5 months ago)
I found your video on Covert Attractor Audit - there are plenty more good videos there that will help you
Lisa ODierno (5 months ago)
I am all these things to my boyfriend. And he is The Man.😊
Ifeoluwa Emmanuel (5 months ago)
Mars_ _29 (5 months ago)
Wise words 🙋🏼‍♀️👏
Katherine Breckenridge (5 months ago)
Brilliant...and adorable! ;)
Mani Patel (5 months ago)
He as all this advice and wisdom to give you and you all still treating him like a sex object... You're all just as bad as the creepy men you despise.
syafiatul khusnah (5 months ago)
Who's single here? Hahaha
Chemie (5 months ago)
If we have to be all of those things. Why do we need a guy? Girls we are powerful. U make great videos just wondering why men still being so dependent of women but some of then don’t treat women as we deserve. I think it is our own fault.. we don’t have to accept together less then we can give.
scott sanger (4 months ago)
WAIT till your are 30, single, tired of working, no children and can no longer compete with the 22 yr olds.............women cant stand to be alone, and being alone for 40 years is a LONG time.
adity pandoh (5 months ago)
I want a guy like u, I'm falling in love with you..
Sniper girl 2294 (5 months ago)
I’m not silly just serious
H9 Marley (5 months ago)
I like that sweater😊
swati tripathi (5 months ago)
If u dont stop being cute m gonna die
Ona aa (5 months ago)
I'm all 4 😉😉😉
Chiara Bolzon (5 months ago)
If I find a beautiful and intelligent men with these 4 things, he would be the perfect men
Medi Cina (5 months ago)
You are divine Matthew !
Eunice Seah (5 months ago)
i enjoyed this up till point four. . . . . . . no wonder its "dream" woman. . . . only in your dreams.... . . . .. better to stay dreaming.... z z z zz zz z z z z
Anna Taglialatela (5 months ago)
I'll nestle under your arm ;)
Nancy wooder (5 months ago)
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czu dahal (5 months ago)
I am in love with you 😍😍😍
cunho kim (5 months ago)
ten thumbs up for this
Daisy Daisy (5 months ago)
What men want pretty face, and sexybody.
scott sanger (4 months ago)
sexy vivacious overrules pretty face
Mo Ana (5 months ago)
Who cares ..????? They want pussy .. if they aren’t Gay dudes ... or botched penis jobs ..!!! Lesbians now .!! Lmfao! Guys here on utube .... if there really is any ( nope) not real ones anyways or lesbians or gays ... lmfao ..!!! There’s no such thing ..!!! Why would anyone be attracted to their same sex as themselves .,???? Unless u were a guy with a botched dick and now forced o be a girl lesbian ... I would understand that Mike Lund ..!!!!! Hehehehehehaaaaaaaa
I am creativity (5 months ago)
Your im gonna die , so cute😘
Old Cat Lady (5 months ago)
I fell in love with you again my dear Matthew 😢❤
MiRiAm (6 months ago)
You. Are. A. Genius.
Patty Patty (6 months ago)
Matthew, you’re a love genius!!
Kim12822 (6 months ago)
So funny, Jennifer. That was perfect. :)
Charina Wheelock Vlogs (6 months ago)
I'm all of this where is he? hehe
o tejas o (6 months ago)
My "perfect" soulmate : Past , Present , FOREVER . . . . 5'8'' , raven black hair , emerald green eyes , 38 x 24 x 38 , 3'' diameter dark brown areolas , 1/2'' diameter x 3/4'' long nipples with a hint of pink , DNA mix of Comanche/Cherokee - Korean/Japanese/Thailand - Spain - Italy - Peru & Caribbean . Likes all of my qualities but has just the right amount of her qualities that makes me a better person , lover , friend , and Father. This woman "LOVES" me , "WANTS" to bare me children and "WANTS" to raise a Family with "ME" ! My Love for such a woman would go on "Forever" , not even the end of time would stop my love for her . . . . but alas : ( she only exists in my mind
lomomusician (6 months ago)
Very good words.
Joanna Lavarias (6 months ago)
😂😂if you gonna kiss me I'm gonna die... Hahaha that's duplicated hah
Hera Victrix (6 months ago)
Me be like: Oh! I got all of this! (damn! but he's still not into you~lol!)
Johnny Tramain (6 months ago)
Youth, beauty, fertility and femininity, it's called biology and men are hardwired that way. Biology used to be taught in school I guess it's been replaced by Feminist Theory. If you don't like it blame mother nature.
phaustine auma (7 months ago)
matthew dont talk to me like that....not here....
Akshay mule (7 months ago)
Make a video how to pickup girls for one night stand
Natasha Sheldon Crawage (7 months ago)
You're are lovely.. I can you right above me..
Belle Lysenko (7 months ago)
What men want? Young, pretty, slim, submissive, horny, next to zero sex partners

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