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Penis Enlargement Tips - 7 BEST Methods to Get a BIGGER, HARDER Penis Naturally Like #JohnnySins

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⬇️ Check out the Best Penis Pump HYDROMAX here ⬇️: 👉 https://reviewsfox.com/hydromax-review/ ⬇️ Read How MaleExtra can turn you into 🔥 #JohnnySins ⬇️ : 👉 https://reviewsfox.com/maleextra-review/ 👉Check Out SizeGenetics Penis Extender here: https://reviewsfox.com/sizegenetics-review/ ✅ Watch our Latest Video on 👉 How to Increase Testosterone Naturally: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=av61CKN1DOk If you want to spice up your sex life and satisfy your partner then a Bigger Penis is a Must. So, in this video we are giving 7 Penis Enlargement Tips. These tips will show you how to grow a bigger and harder Penis Naturally. ✅ Tip #1 – Penis Enlargement Exercises Exercises to grow the penis are very effective. As by these exercises penis becomes erect by absorbing blood into its spongy chambers. Thankfully, these chambers can grow and become bigger and harder. There are around 50 exercises that can increase penis size but the Most effective is Jelqing exercise. The video shows how to perform the Jelqing exercise properly. ✅ Tip #2 – Use a Penis Pump Using penis pumps is a great way to increase your size! By pumping, you will create a suction that will increase the blood flow to the tip of your penis, causing a very strong and big erection to form! ⬇️ Check out the Best Penis Pump Hydromax here ⬇️: 👉 https://reviewsfox.com/hydromax-review/ There are many penis enlargement pumps available in the market from some of work and some of didn’t but this hydro based suction pump is totally different from all. It’s totally works in different and effective way, as, this is a high-quality product that have a water chamber allowing for a very comfortable experience! Over time, your dick will stretch both in length and width permanently, you can feel the result right just after using it. ✅ Tip #3 – Use a Penis Extender Many people think penis extender and penis pumps are same but the fact is it’s totally different from each other, Penis extenders are devices that will gently and gradually stretch your shaft. This is much like the stretching exercises that were mentioned earlier. It’s very powerful and effective tool, by using it you can get results within in one or two months. For all of you, I highly recommend you to choose from these 3 brands Size Genetics, Male Edge, Jes Extender, Pro Extender. This is the best extender on the market these days. 👉Check Out SizeGenetics Penis Extender here: https://reviewsfox.com/sizegenetics/ 👉Check Out Jes Extender here: https://reviewsfox.com/jes-extender/ 👉Check Out Male Edge Penis Extender here: https://reviewsfox.com/male-edge/ ✅ Tip #4 – Use Lubricants with Nutritional Support for Penis Growth Natural oils work best and often include botanical, vitamin and antioxidant components. I recommend you to choose these, Olive oil, Almond oil, Lavender oil. Just massage these topically into your shaft, and they will enter through your skin into deeper tissues. ✅ Tip #5 – Use Male Extra Male Enhancement Pills Male Extra is the most trusted penis enlargement supplement trusted by many and gives you the results you want. Male Extra is one of the most promising enhancement pills on the market that even offers a money-back guarantee. This brand claims to enhance your sex life by: Improving your libido and stamina! Forcing harder and more intense erections! Permanent growth of your size! The results aren’t seen overnight, but you will see growth in 3 to 6 months. ⬇️ Read our In-Depth Male Extra Review Here ⬇️: 👉 https://reviewsfox.com/maleextra-review/ ✅ Tip #6 – Trim That Excess Pubic Hair Yes, its sounds ugly but it’s true Pubic hair can get in the way of your natural length. It will visually hide part of your penis! A trick that many porn stars use is to shave off either all of their pubic hair or just the excess parts. BONUS TIP ✅ Tip #7 – Stop Masturbating When you don’t masturbate or have intercourse for some time, you’ll often cum faster and have a very hard erection. It’s like not masturbating allows more blood to flow into your penis. I am not saying to stop masturbate permanently, just try to avoid jerking off for days before having intercourse. Just be warned – you may ejaculate faster as a result! -------------------------------------------------------------- ➡️➡️➡️ Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoFUyPIOFe3FllbvpN2G6sg?sub_confirmation=1 -------------------------------------------------------------- ➡️➡️➡️ Watch Our Previous Videos: Top 6 Male Enhancement Pills of 2018 | No Side Effects: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WV2jOwdVSzs&t=1s 7+ Foods to Get Harder Erections: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VD2sq8mxp9o
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Renaissance X.O. (4 months ago)
Excellent Video. Guys I Am In No Way Affiliated With This Channel. But I Can Attest From, (ahem) "1st Hand" Experience, That Most of These Tips Really Do Work. However It's Not A Quick Fix or Overnight Thing. You Have To Be Willing To Dedicate Yourself To Achieving Your Desired Results. Your Penis is A Muscle just like any other in Your Body. It's No Different than if You Were Trying To Get Bigger Bi-Ceps or 6-Pack Abs - The Same Applies, U Gotta Be Dedicated. I started Excercising my Little Man about 2 Years Ago with Jelquing Technique & started seeing noticeable Results. Then I bought my 1st "Tantus Ring" for Girth. Now my Girlfriend lately has been screaming that I'm stretching Her Out, lol! For Guys just starting out, and You Don't have the money for these Tools yet, I Recommend simply going to Your local Dollar Store & buy a Bag of Rubber Bands + some Olive Oil & start practicing Jelquing. Get Yourself "Semi-Erect" & Make sure Your entire Shaft & Balls are thoroughly lubed before Applying the Bands - DO NOT APPLY DRY!!! IT WILL HURT LIKE HELL!!! Wrap One Band Around The Base of Your Shaft BEHIND Your Balls and One On The Other Side In Front of Your Balls. If You Like, You Can Wrap One In The Middle of Your Shaft or Towards the Head. You May Have To Wrap The Bands Over Twice To Get The Perfect Fit. BUT DO NOT WRAP TOO TIGHT AS YOU WILL CUT OFF CIRCULATION. To Remove The Bands, They May Be Too Tight To Roll Off. Use A Fingernail Clipper To Cut One Strand, and it Will Fall Off. Be Careful Not To Clip Any Skin. Try Not To Masterbate Too Often. Once or Twice a Week Is Fine, But Try To Cut Back To Allow Those Cells To Regenerate. This Will Get U Started, But To Achieve "Bigger" Results, I Recommend Saving Up Your Money & Investing In Some of the Tools Mentioned Here. The BATHMATE HYDRO PUMP is a BEAST!!! I Made My Girlfriend Buy Me One For My Birthday & That Shit Took My Pipe Game To The Next Level - In Length and Girth. So To The Guys Complaining About The Money Costs, Just Look At it As An Investment - It's A One Time Expense That Will Last For Life! Try Out These Different Methods, Everybody Is Different So Just Experiment Until You Find What Works For You. I Promise You'll Be Glad You Did... And So Will Your Partner.😊😉😋🍆💦 - Good Luck!
Teal'c Herman (20 hours ago)
What a load of CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!
Muhammad Waseem (2 days ago)
Ajmir Khan (6 days ago)
Reviews Fox I would like tp watching this video but this is age registered
Jolina Oxiano (23 days ago)
How to big penis w/o medicine
shadowman shadow (5 hours ago)
Now for the 1bilion dollar question Does any of those work?
Teal'c Herman (20 hours ago)
WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ollie Crouch (1 day ago)
The guys a bot
Fettuccine (1 day ago)
Will coconut oil work as well
Nortius Maximus (3 days ago)
2:05 White supremacy penis enlargement technique revealed
Karl Gilliatt (3 days ago)
Nowt worse than having a fast ejaculator in your bed. Quality over Quantity.
KHAN JEE (3 days ago)
just massage oil to enlarge
Chris Warren (4 days ago)
Johnny Sinns has a 7 inch penis. So his penis isn't really that big.
aloha from kenya (4 days ago)
Dosia Green (4 days ago)
So in 6'5 and already at 9 inches plus so what would happen if i do this ?
shadowman shadow (1 day ago)
Kiram N (4 days ago)
My girlfriend gifted me pack of lace panties after seeing my tiny... 😍
Blackeyedgirl 888 (4 days ago)
I like a long one that goes in my colon.
Lipton (3 days ago)
Shoant Mysic (4 days ago)
Awesome 👍
Markos Greek (5 days ago)
Don't listen to this idiot guys porn stars use a lot of supplements pulling ur penis u are going to eventually hurt urself and who ever said it works is nothing but a liar
Tim Travasos (5 days ago)
Horrible, unintelligible foreign- language narration.
Dakota Valdes (6 days ago)
Who wrote the script for this robot
The Logic less (6 days ago)
Surgery is the only way to do this no pills or oil will work
The bonus part is true. Do not masturbate OFTEN. In my personal experience too, i easily get harder erections when i abstain from masturbating. Im 27, 66pounds and 5’6” currently taking Luxxe White Enhanced Glutathione supplements (can increase sperm count and increase libido, cleanses your internal organs too), i also use bathmate. :)
NEW STAR VIDEOS XXX (7 days ago)
Deon Joseph Menezes (8 days ago)
Don't give fake information
kemoy tyrell (10 days ago)
How good is the male extra
Rahul Verma (10 days ago)
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shivani balram (10 days ago)
shivani balram (10 days ago)
BloodAxe _Gaming (13 days ago)
Is titan gell legit?
Jerrell912 (10 days ago)
I think that the only guaranteed way to make penis bigger is to get a full penis enlargement guide such as *4PenisEnlargement. Com* . I heard from many experts that it's highly effective when it comes to penis enlargement safely and fast. Thank you anyway?
T. H. (13 days ago)
Lift 20 pound weights with your penis
Cynthia Blue (15 days ago)
Muhammad Bugos (16 days ago)
bob bull (16 days ago)
https://youtu.be/ObA4aiOIX60 read the description
Matt van den Ham (16 days ago)
you had me up until the stop masturbating part...pretty sure porn stars are constantly cumming and having sex and they have huge dicks
Savage Sonic (18 days ago)
Does Male extra make your dick have permanent growth please reply fast
SI BOCIL FREE FIRE (18 days ago)
John cena
Liquid Force Giraffe (19 days ago)
唯一 (20 days ago)
Thanks man! It's very helpful to a small asian guy of me☺
shevana sy (22 days ago)
Very nice
Mohd Salman (22 days ago)
Sir can i use blade shaving machine....
Aleksandr Striker (22 days ago)
Stop that bullshit with No fap. Bold guy from brazers said that masturbation is good for u. U can find this video and listen to what he said. And I think his word are trustworthy.
Chandru Naik (26 days ago)
Wher i can get male extra pills
Reviews Fox (25 days ago)
You can visit https://reviewsfox.com/maleextra-review/ to get more information on how to buy Male Extra.
Click Mintaka (27 days ago)
I have 7.4 inch long due to hand pump. As I am 35 years old and unmarried. How do you think about me. Can I become a porn star?
divya saxena (26 days ago)
I have 13.5 inch
divya saxena (26 days ago)
No because your penis is so small
Nkosinathi Vilakazi (27 days ago)
How to get de pills 💊?
P BR BRAI (4 days ago)
HANDSOME PUMP USE- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APNOn67EVik&t=33s
Reviews Fox (26 days ago)
Visit https://reviewsfox.com to know more...
Shankar Kumar Bhuia (27 days ago)
Is the Hammer of Thor right pills 💊 Please reply fast....
Reviews Fox (20 days ago)
Till now we don't have real information about that pill. But, instead of that, you can use MaleExtra: https://reviewsfox.com/maleextra-review/
Ed Jones (27 days ago)
Penis enlargement tips from a man that sounds like Mr. Roboto??? Yes, please.
Reviews Fox (20 days ago)
Because you won't like the accent either. =D 😂
Eddie Ridings (29 days ago)
Virgi dengan lapadde
Virgi lintang Lapadde
Ranjith Kumar (12 days ago)
+Ranjith Kumar wasasup
Ranjith Kumar (23 days ago)
Ranjith Kumar (23 days ago)
Entertainment gallery (29 days ago)
Jone beautiful day
Jasen Barry (29 days ago)
What wud u like your man to do to enlarge yours
Owobusobozi Bisaka is a real Gog
david francis (1 month ago)
I need one pcs
Elusive Anomaly (1 month ago)
Actually most woman prefer girth over length.Length isn’t really necessary because the location of the clit.The g spot is even near the clit so having an extra long penis would be pointless.
Reviews Fox (1 month ago)
These methods do not only increase the length but also the girth of the penis.
Ravirajveer Bharti (1 month ago)
Very Nice
Afdhan Haritsyah (1 month ago)
Ohhh oohhh oohhh lagi dong 👍🙋🙆‍♂
Özgür Arslan (1 month ago)
Yes she cum in me
Nsc Buggi (1 month ago)
Indian price you are products
Reviews Fox (1 month ago)
MaleExtra costs Rs. 4500.
Nsc Buggi (1 month ago)
9" you are products use after 3-4 mouth please help me very very medicine use but no benefit. My whattapp no 9041284778 you are products need sir
parlino mahari (1 month ago)
Gargi Pal (1 month ago)
sundar jk (1 month ago)
I have very small penis
Reviews Fox (1 month ago)
Work on, this can be enlarged. Watch our videos and Subscribe to our channel.
Henry Brahma (1 month ago)
Jordan Vallejo (1 month ago)
I hate robotic voices. I just want to ram my big cock down the robots throat, lol
Reviews Fox (1 month ago)
Lol 🤣
Reviews Fox (1 month ago)
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puspita sari (1 month ago)
Try my deviL🍌
MD INTHIAZ (1 month ago)
Nice but too costly
Too Hard (29 days ago)
But effective and 100%working if not there is a moneyback guarantee 😉
Avaya Giri (1 month ago)
My main problem mastervation
TRF Eazy Breezy (1 month ago)
I wish it was a dick in my butt please
Starscream628 (1 month ago)
Where do you get the oils at?
Shanai Bosel (1 month ago)
I wanna kiss somone at my scool
Brandon Burks (1 month ago)
Go to Miami and get surgery if you have a small member you can finance this. Women buy their bodies these days why can’t you
IGot Stylez (1 month ago)
Aye I do jelqing 4 times per week so I rest 3 days I do them for 15 minutes that's good✌
Navasan TnT (1 month ago)
Do not masturbate i masturbate every day =)))
Ugur Kulacoglu (1 month ago)
05322609978 bayanlar bekliyorum özele açık
Lav Krit (1 month ago)
5:21 did he said indian sanda oil loll
Dil Chor (10 days ago)
Use ssoil bro
صوفي سيزار (1 month ago)
Lav KritGooooooo
Miller Carole (1 month ago)
well i knew exercise could do that
eraj eraj (1 month ago)
Guys having a small dick is a(1) problem But having a oversize like me is multiple problems
Akbar Khan (1 month ago)
NT TM (1 month ago)
5:26 please do that to me
NT TM (1 month ago)
Will masturbating work out!?
Nicolas Mossu (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who's here because e wanted to find a meme called : want some some penis ellargisement pills ? XD
Man will be man (1 month ago)
my pannis 7 inch
trinityjustone (1 month ago)
waste of time .
Ex Ex (1 month ago)
Nikita Seth (1 month ago)
This vids for men but after that girls will enjoy that result ,me 2 also
Jasen Barry (23 days ago)
+Nikita Seth love u
Jasen Barry (25 days ago)
+Nikita Seth and you would only say that now
Jasen Barry (25 days ago)
+Nikita Seth but honey u need to have good dick for your satisfaction don't b scared
Nikita Seth (25 days ago)
+Jasen Barry what?? U mean we get marry b coz of ur p-n-s size? Mans nature and understanding imp for me in hubby
Jasen Barry (26 days ago)
+Nikita Seth what's app
Puran Mehra (1 month ago)
Male extra tablet and pump, price Pleace tel me.
Reviews Fox (1 month ago)
Check here: https://reviewsfox.com/maleextra-review/
Edwin Calderon (1 month ago)
Does anyone knows what movie is playing in minute 1:11
Sandip Creations World (1 month ago)
I'm from India and now I'm 19+ and my height is 5'10" and my penis 17.78cm that's why can I use malextra please reply me
christopher decastro (1 month ago)
My meat extender
How can i get it
Reviews Fox (1 month ago)
Visit: https://reviewsfox.com/maleextra-review/
I'm in a lot of tension, there's a way to grow up with my penis
BARIŞ AKKAYA HD (1 month ago)
Terry Johnson (1 month ago)
Guys, I tried this amazing cream and got thicker. My wife was amazed by how it felt. It's a game-changer! http://swole-cream.com
Taseer Marriage Courses (2 months ago)
How to get big and hard penis | Nafs ka chota hona Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1J4zeSOz0T0
Rosario Caniglia (2 months ago)
1n. ,9
Insta Models TV (2 months ago)
👄👄👄👄👄👄 Who here has a good size one? 👄👄👄👄👄👄
Jose Quiroz (1 month ago)
Jennifer Smith mines is 9 inches long 6 girth
Grg Babu (2 months ago)
where I can get this pump?
Reviews Fox (1 month ago)
Here: https://reviewsfox.com/hydromax-review/
Ninja (2 months ago)
Cringe vid
What is (2 months ago)
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Mark Kroif (2 months ago)
hey ,if anyone else needs to find out about temporarily increase penis size try Mahorrla Getting Addicted Method (just google it ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my buddy got excellent success with it.
Daniela Ortiz (2 months ago)
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Jasen Barry (29 days ago)
Is DAT good for length
Ssekamanya Kosea (2 months ago)

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