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Top 10 Tallest Football Players

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Komic Klepto (3 months ago)
You don't actually state the height of most of the players in this video, fyi.
Octavian Alexander (4 months ago)
You even tell us how tall most of then were, you dumb cunt.
ArjunShahDaily (6 months ago)
Monster Mom (9 months ago)
Damn tallet they’re more wow I get! I got fetish with tall men I think, can’t date one if they aren’t at least 1.80, 185cm plz. If they’re over 2 meters I’m in love 😂 all my exes are damn tall and I’m Little person only 164 cm. Thnx for magnificent video, I love tall men! Call me shallow, but we all have our dos n donts ! I rarely write & haven’t visited ppl for a while due to moving, illness and working on own channel, but I’m Here and I’m still a huge fan of yours! Thnx for making me happy with this vid! Xoxo MonsterMom ✌️🇩🇰🤪
Sports Galore (1 year ago)
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