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The Secret to True Confidence (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

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►► Get the 3 Secrets to True Confidence… Watch Your Free Training Here: → http://www.GetCoreConfidence.com ▼ Don’t Miss Out! Subscribe to my YouTube channel now. I post new dating advice for women every Sunday. ▼ You might not realize it, but so many mistakes in your past relationships probably came from a lack of self-esteem. Unreasonable jealousy. Fear of abandonment. Being needy and trying to control your man’s time and behavior (which only makes him pull away more). And it’s all because of the C-word. Confidence. Most people fake it. Or they confuse it with other things: money, status, fame, a fancy lifestyle etc. But the deep, inner, core confidence I reveal in this video is what’s left when everything else is stripped away. It’s the ultimate power, and it’s available to everyone: if you’re willing to make a profound emotional change in the way you see yourself. Here’s what you need to do to get it... ►► Deep down, you know there’s something missing in your love life, your career, or your personal life. GOOD NEWS - I have a proven method to transform your life in just 5 short days with me → http://www.MatthewHusseyRetreat.com ►► FREE download: “9 Texts to Get Any Man” → http://www.9texts.com ►► FREE download: “5 Compliments to Get Him Addicted to You” → http://www.SayThisToHim.com ▼ Get My Latest Dating Tips and Connect With Me… ▼ Blog → http://www.gettheguy.co.uk/blog/ Facebook → https://facebook.com/CoachMatthewHussey Twitter → https://twitter.com/matthewhussey
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Text Comments (297)
Lisa Jeane (14 days ago)
I loved how you explained about how if we don't miss someone that we don't really feel a connection with - then we would't be able to love someone else down the line. So true!
rando (1 month ago)
Why did you delete the original 3 Layers of Confidence video Matthew??? That was truly life changing for me! I even saved it to my Itunes because it was so well articulated hehe
tj Tanner (2 months ago)
That makes a lot of sense
Akhil Kohli (2 months ago)
Most important part and crux of the video- Core Confidence: 1:51 to 2:12
V 2016 (2 months ago)
Youre not a psycholist Mathew, be careful screwing with peoples minds and emotions (for financial benefit) when you dont have the proper education abd training to knkw what youre doing.
Miss Yandere (3 months ago)
Thanks...but i can't stop feeling like an useless, stupid girl sometimes. But your videos are really good ❤
LegzFallOffGirl (3 months ago)
True confidence comes from knowing that deep down, we're all idiots, dorks, clumsy oofs and freaks with dark history's and a lifetime of mistakes 😊
James Freeman (3 months ago)
Lols at all the fake bots commenting
NoName Available (3 months ago)
Sorry to break it down for you and to ruin your little fantasy world but confidence isn't a 'skill' you learn or even more sth you aquire just by 'accepting you the way you are' and all that philosophical bullshit... Depending on your social and financial status and your physical appearance confidence comes in levels... You're short or ugly? You're doomed and I don't give a shit you can have all the fucking confidence in the world... Your genes are designed to fail... You'll get rejected 85% of the time and when you'll get finally accepted it will be by sb like you... Lions hang out with lions while hyenas with their own kind, jackals and wild dogs... That's just nature and you cannot go against it... So yep, Disney has been lying to you all these years... There's a solution to that though.. Money.. Money and again MONEY... Money is the greatest equalizer to everything. Try and work hard really to get rich.. That's all what matters.. It's statistically proven that those who lack in the looks or height department are usually much more gifted in the brains one.. So use it well ;)
Federica Piazza (3 months ago)
The Get Core Confidence video is just mind blowing!!! I can't say thanks enough to you @matthew for the thoughts you shared in it. I needed it to listen to these words for so long!!! Thanks for the beautiful person you are and for sharing your incredible value! I wish I can work with and for you
TheSea13 (3 months ago)
Thank you so much Matthew, this video hit right to the core! I wish you would come to Germany one day so I can visit one of your speeches in real life..
Keshia Robertson (4 months ago)
Come to Accra Ghana silvershellsfitness.com
Jake Gasson (4 months ago)
Okay so firstly...I have gender dysphoria
Han Rebecca (4 months ago)
I'm gonna save some money and get a really nice plastic surgery then, I'll be super confident yeeee
Grace Wheeler (4 months ago)
Your emotional intelligence is incredibly profound. I'd love more videos about non-romantic relationships. I really enjoy being single, and I feel fulfilled in my relationships, but I still watch your videos because they help me to be more honest with myself. I feel like there are so many topics you could talk about that would help us in our daily lives that involve our non-romantic relationships. Thanks!
jgrowland24 (4 months ago)
Sounds like Harry Potter
TrekkingTom (4 months ago)
Is there an equivalent of this dude for men’s issues with women?
Mahya parsaei (4 months ago)
Tnx Tnx And million times thanks. I clicked the link. I watched the video and let me tell you it was awesome. The cure for so many of my problems. Thank you. You helped me alot I wish you all the best
Laura van Eden (4 months ago)
Love your videos. They help me so much! A few weeks ago I saw the most handsome guy in a club. We had eye contact, but at the end of the night I left for home with the regret of not speaking to him. The week after, same bar, I saw him again. When he was near me, I said hi. I introduced myself and vice versa, but directly after that he said: ' I've just arrived. I'm going to see my friends and get a drink' aaand he was gone. We have had eye contact after that but I got annoyed, because he wouldn't come over. So when I saw him later on when I was eating, he walked by and said hi to me (according to my gf), I wouldn't look at him, so I missed that 'hi'. I feel so stupid and proud for going up to him at the same time, but I really do not know what this means or if there is now anything I can do. Wouldn't want to waste this opportunity. What are the tips? Help!
Laura Diekmann (4 months ago)
I think you played your card already. You made clear you are interested, so is on him now. I mean, go again there, yes. But have fun with your friends and don't care that much if he's there or not. Now the ball is on his side. (And don't give too much too soon) Good luck! 😉
Bri Da (5 months ago)
the link does not work.. :(
Christina George (5 months ago)
Self care self love keep up your appearance meditation daily allow the universe to worry.
LOrena Lorena (5 months ago)
Seriously works for me! Be kinder to myself to like myself more! I realized I have been doing that recently which lifts my confidence and mood :) I have been sleeping way to much and would feel guilty. Now I just okay about it and stop feeling guilty. Try again tomorrow! Is also just a phrase I will get out of eventually when I feel ‘no more.’ Today I finally got up earlier! My ex was awful always telling me I shouldn’t feel upset when I bring up something to him, or that I am wrong to think like that. He says that without a calm explanation why I am wrong. So is not a conversation to resolve issues. Rather I stopped being kind and accepting of my feelings and started to feel bad and guilty for having them. I cannot understand why he is so mean to me. Wish I know.
Zeba Pasha (5 months ago)
What a brilliant answer he gave to her...super inspiring.❤️
Marisa Viljoen (5 months ago)
Hello from South Africa! :) Thank you so much for your wonderful advice. Speaking about confidence, is it ok to tell a guy you have a crush on him?
Brunna Mclean (5 months ago)
I went on Matt's retreat a month ago and I can honestly say it was the time of my life. I've never felt so connected and accepted, I have a tonne of new friends that I'm seeing this weekend for happy hour drinks, and I truly feel like while I still have crap do deal with like always, I am completely armed for it.
Teodora Andreea (5 months ago)
Am I confident enough if I'll ask a guy like you on a date? ;)
Ainur Makhmet (5 months ago)
Hi! The link http://www.GetCoreConfidence.com is no longer valid :(
Crystal Tiffany (5 months ago)
The comment/example on being kinder to yourself hit harder than anything I’ve ever heard. I don’t think that I, nor other women and men alike, realize just how much we beat ourselves up internally. I will celebrate in my struggles, praise myself when I realize my mistakes, and smile in knowing that I am always growing. Thank you for this message.. a small-town girl in North Carolina needed to hear it and so do so many others ❤️
A C (5 months ago)
You is kind. You is smart. You is important.
CurlyTops _ (5 months ago)
I can't even go out and face people without make up on now.... Or without even fixing my hair...I can't its painful...and I'd always feel small and the ugliest...I hate the most are the stares...
purple lila (6 months ago)
love the shirt
Boughalmi Hadil (6 months ago)
i need you to tell me if i am in the blue or not
Sarika M (6 months ago)
True Confidence- kissing your singer girlfriend at security 😉
HumbleWolf (6 months ago)
Time is a man's best friend just stay within your positive energy
Sary Hebert (6 months ago)
MATTHEW!!! You sick, disgusting pervert!! How can you date someone who doesn't wear a bra in public and wears a thin white sweater so that her tits and nipples show through?!! This just shows how sick and disgusting you are!!! Don't you see that she needs help?!! She doesn't need a mother fucker like you sucking her tits and penetrating her vagina!!! Don't you realize that she is trying to get the attention of other guys? She yearns for way more than what you can offer and once that person comes through, she will drop you like a hot potato. I can't believe you are playing along with her game. And you call yourself a relationship expert? She is just using you for a pawn for her own confidence. Yes, she's sexy and talented, but she needs you as her therapist, not her fuck buddy. For the love of God, help her and stop fucking her!!
i appreciate all your advice Matthew. This helps me grow and leave my past. And now i see myself happier. Bless you !!
Tina (6 months ago)
GREAT video 👍❤👍
Keltouma Svendsen (6 months ago)
Awww, I don't have the opportunity to see you ;( I would love to be in one of youre retreats
Commenter339 (6 months ago)
Yeah, be kinder to yourself, because feeling things is what makes you human, and you should allow yourself to be human..don't try to make yourself into a cold, unloving robot, because it's not worth it...we, humans, are neurobiologically wired to strive for human connection, and the only way to feel that connection is by allowing yourself to feel all those feelings..even if they're not pleasant sonetimes. But it's worth it. You can't selectively numb. You can't numb pain and grief and still feel joy. In order to feel at all, you have to let yourself experience all the feelings. But it's heavily rewarding. It's part of the marvelous human experience.. Love yourself...you're the only one with whom you will spend your whole life together. Be your own best friend. Don't bully her (yourself) for feeling sad, she's already in pain, and there's a reason for that. Just be there for her..
Kisa Kirmani (6 months ago)
How do you differentiate between when you're being kind to yourself and when you're in self pity?
Rishi Gulati (6 months ago)
Very nice video also check mine to know my perspective on it 😊 link : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCffPd0ygc3yy18Hr_9n4G6w?view_as=subscriber
Chemirina (6 months ago)
Thank you.
Granny Takzihiz (6 months ago)
When you have never been loved in 24 years of your life - that kind of shifts the perspective, right? When this insecurity is sitting in your brain on a full-time job, when it causes you to think the most horrible, darkest things about yourself? And I mean the worst things, that usually leads to the ultimate worst way out to end all of this? How is that for a video, huh? Sorry, you are a good man and make great videos. You even helped a lot of people. You can’t just help everybody
Wendy Thomason (6 months ago)
I can resonate with all that you are saying Matt and yes, my core confidence hasn’t ever been there I don’t think. However, there is a couple of things I do want to raise though, which is, yes, you have a business to run and you obviously have to get paid through doing these retreats and the home retreats i understand that. But, listening to the video that I found on your website it is still very expensive and it seems for such as myself to buy these programs, that you do have to have money. Yes, I am going to admit that there is jealousy within me that I cannot afford to pay for this home retreat. However, by just listening to the free video that was on your website, it has made me realise the ongoing patterns that is conditioned within me in my life. Even though I still cannot afford to pay, I still would like to say Thank you Matt and I do think you do a wonderful job. X
Momoko Chanu (6 months ago)
Didn't rely answer the question...but helpful though.And yes you are right,logic cannot reason wth emotions!! I have been trying to tell that to the the well meaning friends and people with ton loads of advice and how it doesnt really help,you do know all the right things,the logical things but your emotions will still have none of it,because it needs time to process the hurt abd heartbreak and get through it.And that,all you need during that time is a little kindness and patience,both from your own self and others.
fa_aways (6 months ago)
How can I contact u
Gizem Uysal (6 months ago)
Give him 3000$ so he can teach you how to be confident :)
sidra ahmed (6 months ago)
He's becoming strategic and stingy with his words day by day... 🤫🤢
Maddie Haag (6 months ago)
I seriously struggle with confidence and i am glad i got to watch this video.
salman nazrana (6 months ago)
you cant get us girls
Connie Zabala (6 months ago)
Thanks, Matthew! =)
Ana Rusic (6 months ago)
This Matthew is soo hot, that I cant even concentrate to watch video, I'm listening without watching video. Do you have girlfriend Matthew? (Let's try :D )...
Tessa Maye (6 months ago)
The "be kind to yourself" bit-- YES
Jessica Justavino (6 months ago)
This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear❤️❤️ I am Courageous!
J S (5 months ago)
What? Lol.
Felicity Godfrey (6 months ago)
I promise to keep it a secret and understood
Crystal Tiffany (6 months ago)
I needed to hear every word of this, especially the bit about missing an ex. What an incredibly positive way of viewing pain and executing self-love. Thank you.
Melanie S (6 months ago)
Matthew is THE BEST
Sarah Calixte (6 months ago)
He’s right. I didn’t study it but it’s my personal experience. Unless you harden your emotions—there many aspects to it. But he’s right. I never liked this guy, but he right in a way.
Hi Matthew! What do you think about me feeling the exact reverse?! Rather confident inside but usually embarrassed with myself in front of other people?!.... It would be nice to get your opinion and advice! 😊
Thank you A B for your answer! You are totally right and I try to work on it. ☺️😉
A B (3 months ago)
You shouldn't care what others think. You can't control them. You have no control over how others see you. So just be who you are and as long as you're doing positive things and being a good person then shout it from the roof tops.
kaah online (6 months ago)
Hussey, i am a man in his last twenties, i like to ask you a one question. I like the womens who is older then me; how you explain me that? Thank you.
maria sal (6 months ago)
Is that a fuck you finger in logo?
I need Starbucks Now (6 months ago)
You always give great advice Matthew! ❤️ But I have a question: how can you pick yourself back up when someone destroys your confidence by saying something harsh about your personality? Things like “you’re not good enough” or “ I can’t have a conversation with you cause you’re boring”
Madeleine Penalba (6 months ago)
He always knows what to say😭 I feel so vulnerable watching him
Masami (6 months ago)
Ughh I feel like everyhting Matthew says is very helpful but at the same time, I feel like I lack in so much. There's a lot of great advice that I feel like I have to follow in order to get a guy and as a result I feel a little overwhelmed. Like I have friends who aren't social butterflies at all and they have boyfriends. But idk maybe what I'm saying is just a sign of my insecurities? idk :/
bootyfab (6 months ago)
mitochondrion97 (6 months ago)
The best part for me here is being kind to myself and realising not to beat myself up because I feel emotions. For years I was angry that I feel so much, I was frustrated that I am affected. Recently I’ve started embracing them and this video just confirms it. And yes I start feeling better and I can even joke about some feelings when before I cried about them.
Sanjukta Das (6 months ago)
YOU ARE MAKING CHANGES! There's always something subtly new in your videos and I love that!
snorky776 (6 months ago)
I have been on this journey to try to explain this very concept to a friend of mine. She is beautiful, intelligent, funny, and has a ton of other wonderful qualities to completely cancel out the need to not feel confident. I used to have a low self esteem, I used to hate myself for a whole slew of various reasons... then one day it all clicked and came together, with the help from the same friend I’m trying to help now... ironic I know. LOL. Now, fast forward 15+ years and I’m the most confident person I know. I love myself, I think I’m awesome, amazing, and regardless of what others think of me... I still love me for me. Bc I fought long and hard to become the woman I am today. And I’m proud of my accomplishment. I think I’m the nearly 7 minutes of watching this video, I realized what I gotta do to help guide her in the right direction to self love again. Thank you!
Ragini (6 months ago)
Came here to tell you how shitty it is that I clicked on your 9 texts ad only to be linked to more and more redirects which eventually just lead to a page that tries to get me to buy some book. Thanks! I don't hate you but this was honestly so shit.
Elise (6 months ago)
This has to be the most brilliant video I have ever seen. Not beating yourself up twise about difficult and painful feelings, must be the best advice I have ever gotten in my entire life.
nutella tasty (6 months ago)
Thank you very much,
Shahnaaj Shah (6 months ago)
Hi Matthew, any plans to conduct these trainings in India?
Bammo956 (6 months ago)
That 2nd half when he spoke to neelan, that was amazing, im in her same exact position for missing someone who has been gone, and i have beating up myself for having this mindset/feelings. What matthew said has made being kind to myself more easy to do. Thank you for validating and giving me a new persepctive on something that i thought needed to be buried away, i was mistaken.
st ss (6 months ago)
Artemis a (6 months ago)
Great advices, I would take them if I were a man, but I am a gorgeous girl, if confidence is what a man needs to notice a girl, what's the use of beauty!???!!!!! Why we have such a great industry of human aesthetics???!!!!!! My beauty doesen't count at all?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Strange, this is the reason I am alone, I clearly see men only likes power, no beauty attracts them, this is why I hide my confidence, this why the men I meat and I gave them a chance,were first tried by me and, they failed me deeply, and disgust me beyond words, so I will wait for a real men, he will not be captured by my confidence, my beauty will smitten him, cause I got too much of it! I am not against you at all, I think you give smart advices for our era, men are very feminin today....😞 Iam just a perfectionist, I do not accept less. You see confidence is given by money, ( or by physical perfection, which I got, and which is so rare, like one in a billion) which makes men attracted to the masculine part of the woman not the feminin one as it should be! I am just pointing out what is wrong with the world! In a normal and beautiful world you should give this advice to the men, not to the women, but this is not a normal beautiful world, so you are on point! It makes women work harder, to get new butt, new boobs, perfect hair, perfect skin, perfect teeth, in order to gain confidence! What a pathetic world we have! and when you think men can change it, but they prefer to embrace their feminin side more than the masculine one they are borne with, it makes it even more so
Shoaib Khan (6 months ago)
It’s nice to know it’s not just guys having trouble with women haha everyone’s human with their own insecurities
Mindy Rodriguez (6 months ago)
wow. just wow!!!!
Obi Ebere (6 months ago)
why didnt you tell us here
belitasdp (6 months ago)
Can’t believe you were here and I didn’t know about it!!
lilly rose (6 months ago)
Lily SETHI (6 months ago)
Thanks for sharing this information u r just amazing
Orion9 (6 months ago)
The site for this program doesn't work 😭
Happy Joy22 (6 months ago)
I thank people that disappointed me & hurt me.for being make me whole as a person. Being a part of my journey.
Selena M (6 months ago)
Great message on my way to work - week goal🙏🏼
Nikkie (6 months ago)
I think what most women need including myself is just a good therapist to raise their self esteem going to Mathew for dating advice would be like skipping a step
Emma Beech (6 months ago)
Hands down, the best video I have ever seen!! Everyday I learn something new from you Matthew! You are unequaled.
MovingForward (6 months ago)
Treat yourself the way you would treat a good friend.
Maria C (6 months ago)
The only thing I don't like about you it's that you've tricked yourself into believing that you're seeing "the whole picture" about the reasons of our emotional problems, and the truth is that you're profiting with two of them: capitalism and the patriarchy culture. You've fall into the individualist thinking. Maybe study more about your own steategies and the history of femenine emotional education... It's your responsability. María.
LCbabyxO (6 months ago)
Greatttt message omg. This was perfect timing!!! My last break up was last year in Nov but he led me on until March of this year. Last communication was May though. I often beat myself up when I think of him or miss him, which is everyday. He has happily moved on which im happy for but it's so painful to see that he's moved on and content, while I am single and going thru these motions. But.. I will be kinder to myself. I'm only human and my emotions are normal. That last bit where you said these emotions can be used to love someone who's even better made me smile. Much love Matthew ❤️
Rana Elmogy (6 months ago)
Thanks Matt.I hope I can call you one day
It’s because people tie their self worth to superficial things like their image, status, etc... The only way feel good is to feel needed, that’s the basis of our nature. Therefore we must create responsibilities for ourselves to carry out. Without responsibility there is nothing to show for or feel good about. Give yourself something to do, try and detach yourself from social media and other hollow things. Simply just DO things, it works.
xx WILD xx (6 months ago)
Wow. I've never came across a person who gives such helpful, and calming advice... I am relieved to know a person who understands now. Thank you Matthew
Saira Ali (6 months ago)
Sales pitch
Thomas Abbott (6 months ago)
Good video Matthew.
Nelly Zúñiga (6 months ago)
Its hard for me to be confident cuz I have so many imperfections on my body, with my skin that when i see other girls with a perfect body and a perfect skin I lose my self confidence. I know its not all about that but I cant help it. I know I have other attributes I speak 5 languages I have a good job I have traveled a lot I have lived in different countries but when it comes to show my body if I go to the beach for example its hard to be confident, I compare myself to others and sometimes i dont like what I see :'( Greetings from Mexico you should come here too
babemagic (6 months ago)
Hi Matt, does your retreat do deposits? Thousands of dollars sounds overwhelming in one payment but maybe chunks at a time wouldn't be so scary.
Yolanda Mutesasira (6 months ago)
Getting to "that" place requires Jesus Christ. It's that simple. Nothing else will ever satisfy that need to feel whole that all humans have, other than understanding that God's love for you will always always be there, no matter what. He died for you. That's how worthy you are. You may find satisfaction and confidence in something for a few moments or maybe even for years, but eventually that thing will be taken away. God never ever leaves your side. Just knowing that God is always there for me always gives me confidence that I can face anything. Choose Him xx
valeria alarcon (5 months ago)
PUNKCM61 (6 months ago)
Confidence has nothing to do with God. There is no God. Confidence Comes from yourself and yourself only.
Yolanda Mutesasira (6 months ago)
Amen sis! God bless xx
Isabel R (6 months ago)
Yolanda Mutesasira that's what it took for me too. People tell me I'm so confident but it's because I realized how much God loves me and nothing is impossible with him
sdfjkgrace (6 months ago)
Lisa Tejada (6 months ago)
You need love and respect yourself before anyone does. Cause if you don't people will disrespect you.
Jaden Camble (6 months ago)
Thank u
Jaden Camble (6 months ago)
Thank u

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