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Brexit fallout: Labour defies members and voters, kills a real Peoples Vote

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Text Comments (141)
L.A. BRIT (5 months ago)
They wheel out these two totally biased ‘experts’ who have the gall to call Corbyn and co. ‘old-fashioned’ when they themselves are espousing the return to feudalism that all the corporatist shills pine for. Incredible.
damien kadaver (5 months ago)
That sound that you hear is Corbyn losing the next election
Blood bought Big Phil R (5 months ago)
Should be absolutely no remain option on any 2nd referendum which I don't want to see anyhow. The people have already voted and if there is to be another referendum, should only be for arrangements outside EU membership. Personally, I feel the best bet is negotiated, flexible and short term staying in a customs union. For Labour to cave in to the Europhiles would be electoral suicide. For leavers, including Ukippers, they would have been delighted not that long ago with coming out of the E.U. but staying in a customs union for a limited time at least. If the hard Brexiteers dig their heels in too deep, then we won't end up with a Brexit at all. I'm a life long opponent of the European integrationist project but for the sake of those parts of the U.K. that voted remain and not least to resolve the Irish border issue, there has to be some concession in the practical world of realpolitik.
Bob Godwin (5 months ago)
Very confusing. Desperate party
Steven Bolger (5 months ago)
I will never vote Labour again if this goes through. We already had a people's vote it's called a referendum or has everyone forgot
L.A. BRIT (5 months ago)
So you’re going to let this whole Brexit mess, engineered by the Tories, distract you from the only chance we have of real structural change in the foreseeable future. Well that’ll help.
klausvoor (5 months ago)
Hi Steven. The Liberal Democrat Party is fair open minded and progressive with MP's who really understand the detail . We would be pleased if you decided to join our growing movement.
Dylan Jones (5 months ago)
An old fashioned feel to the Labour movement? Because nothing says 'future politics' like a decade of Tory austerity, welfare cuts and public service sell-offs.
Firmtec Racing (5 months ago)
You can forget the idea 'we think you made the wrong decision' the public DID make the wrong decision and if they're stupid enough the vote for this again they deserve what happens to them.
Nadia Bear (5 months ago)
We have to have a #Peoples Vote - neither party has any idea on how to Brexit safely.
HerHealthySelf (5 months ago)
We’re seeing the same split in the US Democratic party - old school Schumer and Feinstein et al still thinking back room deals as business as usual when thousands of younger and/or more progressive and socialist Dems are tired of all of that crap. The idea that ‘Handsy’ Joe Biden is supported as a credible candidate by the Dem leadership shows just how out of touch they are. Oddly, the old guard assumes they wont be swept out in 2018 much less 2020.
Simon Bainbridge (5 months ago)
A European Union is nothing new. Before Rome rise to imperial power there was one culture and language across the British isles, western and central Europe and the Iberian peninsula. The Celtic civilization. 😉 We Western Europeans are practically all descendants of the Ancient Celts. Just saying.
Simon Bainbridge (5 months ago)
+Tom van Aarle No it's entirely true you dumb sack of shit. 😂
Tom van Aarle (5 months ago)
Sorry guy, but that was utter nonsense.
Simon Bainbridge (5 months ago)
Probably a wise decision. Let's just get it over with. We can pay the Piper later.
Samboy666 (5 months ago)
I want a 2nd vote and the liers should be tried
Rob (5 months ago)
Labour are a sell out. Using this for opportunity to get into power. They have lost a lot of votes without a promise of a peoples vote.
Remco Van Ek (5 months ago)
It’s gonna be a hard HARD brexit. Red lines all around.
Spiritual Anarchist (5 months ago)
Worker owned business could be one of the best solutions for a failing system. But everyone is moaning about bloody Brexit every day. all day long.
Nigel Wilson (5 months ago)
What a load of tosh. I am sick of all this crap
David Grube (5 months ago)
Put Britain First. The British people voted to leave the EU. Labour are traitors to Britain and the British people.
klausvoor (5 months ago)
Because we are part of The Single Market & Customs Union 30% of all the food that The British People will eat this week comes from The EU . If less food is imported then prices will rise in the short term. Trading under WTO rules with The EU will cause un-necessary delays and result in less choice and inflated prices. Importing more food from outside The EU will take a long time to instigate and (because of WTO Rules) and won't actually result in lower prices because of Quotas , tariffs and subsidies, which are all part of WTO rules . I think that in order to "Put Britain First " we should trade openly and in partnership with The EU. You don't have to like them, but you really do need them.
Frankly Frank (5 months ago)
This is simple Theresa. If you really want what you have expressed there is one way of getting it, or at least have a chance to getting it, you will remain a member. You see, we actually work for and with our members, not for the non-members.....capiche?
Harvey Brown (5 months ago)
Out of date post now!
Joshua Brooks (5 months ago)
Sky News is shit.
Lizzy Sprigg (5 months ago)
JonnM (5 months ago)
McDonnell and Corbyn have been brexiteers from the start. As bad as the Brexireer Tories are, at least they are honest about their intentions. A Corbyn premiership would be an even greater disaster for the UK than the Conservatives.
Krisztián Kőrösi (6 months ago)
Is it going to be LibDems on next election, or am I getting the trends absolutely wrong?
Brendan Gavaghan (6 months ago)
good! the only thing an opinion change would do is harm, you'd be kicked out with no dignity, rather than leaving, seeing how that goes then coming back!! Do NOT be so fking stupid!
Darren Phillipson (6 months ago)
Political speak for try again and vote remain
ger du (6 months ago)
Precisely. You fucked up your exam and consequently you will have to take it again until you get it right. Got it, Gammon swine?
Hecatonicosachoron (6 months ago)
The title is inaccurate. The text of the motion that was voted on was changed. Labour will not support a tory brexit that won't meet their criteria, if a deal cannot pass through parliament then Labour will demand a GE, if that doesn't happen, Labour will demand a referendum which will include an option to remain.
Jon Bruford (6 months ago)
If we have a GE... the swivel eyed loons on the far right of the narsti party will camp out on the leave option, so if labour are campaigning against them then they will adopt....what position exactly?
Jon Bruford (5 months ago)
Errr. there is no possible acceptable deal? did you miss a few meetings? The pup that was sold to the 17 million morons was that we could leave and be better off. They fell for it. But we can't get a better deal than what we now have. It's kinda the whole point of the EU - great market access for the strong, protection for the less strong. we chose to leave, we became 'the others' - no free access for our business, no protection for our farmers and the poor. In no way could such a deal be regarded as remotely 'good' at best it is merely putting a sheen on the turd we just laid in our own keks :D
ger du (6 months ago)
Jeremy Corbyn will negotiate a better deal, right after the European Commission has decided that we don't want a deal with North Korea on the Thames.
Fancy McDancy (6 months ago)
That's it. I'll never vote Labour again.
Mango 4ttwo (6 months ago)
Murdoch journo lies. Yes, there is a split between Corbyn and the young Left membership. But it is a bare-faced lie to claim Corbyn is a dictator. Corbyn is bringing democracy back to the LAbour party. Compare Blair on Iraq. Completely ignores the membership. Corbyn on referendum. If conference supports it, we will too. Chalk and fucking cheese, lying, right wing Murdoch press, whose lies have brought us to this mess int he first place
Mango 4ttwo (6 months ago)
What the media does not get, or perhaps refuses to accurately report is that the election of Corbyn as leader was about not only his Left politics, but democratising the Labour party. The media including Sky has tried to paint this as Trojan horse politics: introduce "democracy" they always sarcastically sneer, because the membership is left wing and the leadership will always get its way: on candidates for election, on economic policies etc. That has always been either BS propaganda of the media or not understanding the reality. In a democracy, you CANNOT control policy or what people think. And this internal LAbour democracy in action. Think back 15 years to Blair and Iraq. The members wanted no war; did the leader listen? THAT's the difference with a new type of and more democratic Labour party. You'll never hear that from Sky
JCBAirmaster73 (6 months ago)
Well Jeremy, you had a possible vote in me, but I would not vote for you if you paid me. Labour, as bad as the Tories on this issue and it seems we can trust neither.
Simon Bainbridge (5 months ago)
I must admit I am more than a little disappointed. However I'd vote for Satan himself to get rid of that incompetent shower of shit called the Tories.
kustje (6 months ago)
For the last 45 years or so, successive British governments, and a very large proportion of the English people, have been living in some sort of parallel universe where they are entitled to get whatever they think they want, because "We're British, damn it!" Back in reality, the EU is simply NOT going to destroy itself to indulge the petulant whims of a country with a sense of entitlement the size of Mount Everest, and which is screaming "We're leaving! See if we don't!" Ms Reality is a stern mistress. She is going to administer such a slapping to the population of the UK in less than 7 months time. The resultant shock will, almost certainly, destroy the polity called 'The UK'.... Britannia is sinking fast. The EU is not even obliged to give Britain a parting deal. You wil not only lose Ireland but Gibraltar will become Spanish again. We are really not against you, but we are very sorry that you will perish in your own stupidity, I believe you are not yet realizing in what enormous black times your politicians have brought you. Very sorry really sorry. Hopefully something good will come out of an agreement. Do not forget we do not kick you out but you do not want to stay anymore
ger du (6 months ago)
+sc3pt1c4L 1 if the English/British people are cool with it, we have the proper ingredients for a No Deal-deal. I feel pretty confident Europe would accept that.
snm359 (6 months ago)
Party politics, screw the future of the country. It's a shame that the Liberals are not yet a credible alternative to the current government and the MIA opposition, self serving parties rule.
Johannes van Doesburg (6 months ago)
Former advisor to Tony Blair ! Did he advise him on war crimes ?
Didier Lemoine (6 months ago)
Europ should push away Englan&Wales and welcomes NI and rich Scotland !
Eee Ell (6 months ago)
British politics today is all about getting elected and serving the interests of the party. Labour sees brexit as a tool to get elected. No wonder people are rejecting politics and voting for a joke like UKIP.
XML (6 months ago)
Please make this end. Please Tories elect JRM as party leader in your congress and let him just say no deal is the best deal. Thanks
Ed (6 months ago)
LOL! Leave him, he obviously knows what he is talking about.
XML (6 months ago)
or conference I thought it would be Party Congress!
greendaytomd96 (6 months ago)
Did you not see keir starmers conference speech ? He said " if a general election is not possible then we cant rule out campaigning for a public vote and NO ONE is ruling out an option to REMAIN" ......I agree with the guy tho it would be poor timing to commit to a people's vote already. Once the deal has come out, if a GE is not possible then they can make the case that remaining is better than no deal or Mays deal without contradiction to the last referendum result .
ger du (6 months ago)
+greendaytomd96 see my comment, 2nd on page. For the reasons that I have set out, that would be an EPIC error. There will be nothing left to negotiate about by the time the deal reaches Parliament. The EU WILL NOT negotiate if the British representative cannot sign a binding permanent deal. People's vote has the same shortcoming as the Gove Condition. Keir Starmer is really right ( on Brexit ) but unfortunately he is not in charge.
greendaytomd96 (6 months ago)
+ger du the time to proceed with a public vote is when the final deal (or no deal) is put to and ultimately rejected by parliament.
ger du (6 months ago)
Tic toc tic toc. Not much time left to have either a GE or a PV before March 2019. 'we are not ready yet...' if you are not ready now, you are not making it
El Matadores (6 months ago)
Corbyn is a leaver. And because he is such an ideologue he would rather never achieve power yet help to push through brexit. What a cunt
Keith Hall (6 months ago)
tories and labour both unfit to govern!!
ger du (6 months ago)
+Troll Slayer sorry, but Vänstre is another party. I know it is confusing for you. PS: Kamelåså!
ger du (6 months ago)
I can safely say I voted Environmental Party The Greens. Klimatet kan inte vänta.
Tories yes Labour are are not unfit to govern. Would you be a kipper by any chance?
John Hobbes (6 months ago)
I think it is a problem that every defender of the EU starts the sentence with some kind of "The EU isn't perfect..." How about advocating a positive view of the possibilities inside the EU? On the continent no one expects the EU to be perfect but if the EU was lead like the UK in the past few years it would have broken up a long time ago.
Simon Bainbridge (5 months ago)
+Keadin Mode Unfortunately it's often the case that you didn't know what you had until you no longer have it. I voted remain. I too held reservations about the EU, however it seemed clear to me that our collective bargaining power, made the UK stronger. Unity made us all stronger. Trump and Putin would love to see the EU breakup. They don't care about the consequences, they are foreigners with their own vested interests. Playing geopolitical games.
Keadin Mode (5 months ago)
I sometimes do this, maybe I shouldn't :P I just feel that in conversations with, for example, Brexit voters I need to make that clarification if I don't want to get dismissed out of hand as a brainwashed EU fanatic, because apparently these days it's all or nothing when it comes to discourse. The reality is that the European continent has, historically, been extremely violent, culminating in triggering two world wars within half a century of each other with millions of casualties as a result. We've also perfected the art of colonialism, sucking countries dry for benefits back home and leaving them in shambles for sometimes centuries. But... I feel very strongly that the European Union has the potential to be the best thing to have ever happened to the continent in the past several thousand years. National rivalries that have been cultivated for generations disappear to the background more and more as war is simply no longer a viable alternative to problem-solving. History is full of conflicts between Spain, France, England, Germany, even the Netherlands. If you check one of those time-lapse videos of European borders you can see just how much change the continent has endured over the ages. Whatever the EU is doing wrong today, and there are a few things I'd love to improve, I think on the whole it has been a tremendous improvement in the lives of Europeans, including Britons.
Xipo86 (5 months ago)
@Simon Bainbridge Thanks for making me smile
Simon Bainbridge (5 months ago)
I am sure in due course it will become apparent what the benefit of EU membership was to the average British person....😊
Simon Bainbridge (5 months ago)
+Xipo86 Speak or rather type English Fritz.
Allen Payne (6 months ago)
Both the Labour party and the conservative party are playing silly arse games while the madness of brexit is allowed to wreck the economy for a generation.surely somebody in govt needs to have the courage to stop this madness,withdraw article 50.
Allen Payne (5 months ago)
+The Arcadian Britain is playing political games with people's future,while the EU is not mucking around they treat article 50 as a legal process, I fear Britain is going to get a boot up the jacksey on their way out the door.The days of Rule Britannia are long over.
Schinderhannes Bartelsi (6 months ago)
I'm wondering what silly price they will win though.
Liberty Bomb (6 months ago)
No deal is inevitable. If you have any assets in UK, sell those as soon as possible.(withdraw savings to buy gold or exchange that to USD) I think the labour party leadership wants this no deal brexit & consequential dissolution of the union to be a lesson for english people that why tory should never be in power. Who knows after the unification of ireland and formation of republic of scotland, english might learn something.
ger du (6 months ago)
I'm short on Sterling. And not apologising for it either. I want the UK to be a European country, but I am betting it is going to be a 3rd ( world ) country. The door is open for a United Ireland and an independent Scotland inside the EU.
S N (6 months ago)
Sabotage Brexit?! With a People’s Vote?! When No Deal looks eminent?! Sabotage No Deal?! Ok.... A No Deal Referendum is fair game. It demands certain facts be made where the initial 2016 referendum failed to lay bare. Mind you: this is a nudge away from a blanket ‘no’ on a People’s Vote. So far the PV lacks definition. Voting on a proposed Brexit negotiation is ridiculous, especially when any such deal must be endorsed by all EU member states prior to ratification (assuming Parliament approves first). Same with calling a general election. It all solidifies No Deal.
Darkwintre (6 months ago)
They're already adding remain on the ballot even though the choice should be no deal now fcuking get on with trying to mitigate the effects of a no deal brexit! Instead they're just as crap as the Tory Remainers!
Darkwintre (5 months ago)
+frenchie jones seriously?
frenchie jones (5 months ago)
Darkwintre ....they should insist you write your name and choice on the ballot paper , remain would be a cert then , about 15 million thick leave voters struggle to put a X on the sheet.
Darkwintre (5 months ago)
+BigHenForNicely put! Couldn't agree more!
BigHenFor (5 months ago)
+Darkwintre GIGO. Nobody held a gun to May's head to send that letter BEFORE having a rational plan to leave. In fact, it is arguable that she only got permission from Parliament to consider sending the letter, not to actually send it. Instead of taking the time to think about what was feasible to prevent leaving the UK economically in the position why we joined the EEC in the first place, she sent the Article 50 letter. Dumb. In the best interests of the country, she should have taken time to develop an understanding of the EU's position. Instead, she was more concerned to fend off attacks from her own party. In giving the jobs of Foreign Secretary and Minster for The UK's Withdrawal from the EU to Dumb and Dumber, she wasn't thinking about what was best for the country but what was best for her. I don't think May has any position on the EU. I don't think she cares what happens as long as she's Prime Minister. Why else would she not appoint people with a coherent understanding of the EU? Or isn't there anyone in the Conservative Party who truly knows what is important to the EU? Unsurprisingly, it was a failure, and Dumb and Dumber ran for the hills. Totally out of touch with the realities, May woke up like a student in the morning of the day their homework was due, and cut and paste her Chequers Deal. As no fundamental understanding of the EU's concerns entered her little head, it is not surprising that the EU rejected it. She got a mark: grade F. Reality Check: when someone describes something as a "fundamental freedom", they aren't going to give it up. So why keep on asking them to? Someone said in a comment that they wouldn't trust May to cross a room and turn on a light bulb.. I have to agree because she was always inept. She was a crap Home Secretary, and she's a crap PM. She needs to go soon.
Darkwintre (6 months ago)
+MyCall Hotshot we haven't been sadly that was remain if they hadn't been so focused on being asses they might have just asked Jason Hunter to explain cutting the crap avoiding this situation. They however did and lost but refuse to accept the result not allowing the negotiation to be dealt with properly thus explaining TM's so-called Plan!
John Hobbes (6 months ago)
So the only real thread to Brexit are the libdems now. I have a little suspicion who will get all the hate of the brexit media the next weeks.
thomas owen (6 months ago)
General election please
ger du (6 months ago)
In fact when I know what is meant by EEA and WTO When I can tell at sight an ACP from the WCO When such affairs as Nuisance Tariffs I'm more weary at And once I know precisely what is meant by the Founding Quad...
Maximilien Robespierre (6 months ago)
Even if they win, they will be accepting a poisoned chalice. If Brexit had been stopped and then a general election was called they would be able to push through their policies, this way if they win the election they will have to deal with the EU and there is no time to fix the situation. The Tories will be snipping at them from the side-lines and they will be blamed for the disaster. An idiotic move by Labour here, driven by blind ambition.
looes74 looes74 (5 months ago)
ger du good one. The whole exercise is fucking futile. The fucking culprits are gullible voters like blind midgets. Ah so?
Blue Jay (5 months ago)
+ger du You should discuss that with the Tories and David Cameron . Blaming labour for something the Tories did and labour choosing not to fix it because it's a Tori problem, aslo to had England is divided it would be insane to make a serious claim now.
ger du (6 months ago)
+Freely Liberal deal with it, far right cunt. Peaceful coexistence with opponents of Globalisation is out of the question. Post Breivik, that ship has sailed.
Freely Liberal (6 months ago)
Well John, the there are some foolish haters right here, see example above. About as helpful as a freezer in the Arctic.
Maximilien Robespierre (6 months ago)
The labour delegates are desperately trying to spin this as something it isn't. The leadership didn't want a real vote on Brexit, and they got it. Now, go back to your constituencies and prepare for government....
greendaytomd96 (6 months ago)
Keir Starmer speech " if a GE is not possible then we can't rule out campaigning for a public vote and no one is ruling out remain as an option "
Stefan Kaitschick (6 months ago)
Voting in these old farts as labour leaders was actually step 1 of the Brexit calamity. Who would have thought?
ger du (6 months ago)
+Darkwintre Wrong. Leaving is a mental illness of a criminal nature. As is any other form of Opposition to Globalisation. No wonder JC likes Hamas and Daesh.... Don't presume to talk about credibility, Gammon swine.
Darkwintre (6 months ago)
+ger du She was killed by someone mentally ill not the Leave campaign! Get lost whatever credibility you had you shot down the loo and flushed it with THAT dumbass comment!
Carl Birchall (6 months ago)
Exactly what Corbyn and McDonald want. In a possible scenario where No deal is reached what is Labour's proposed referendum question if remain is off the question? Should the United Kingdom leave the European Union with no deal: Yes [ ] Yes [ ]
greendaytomd96 (5 months ago)
Carl Birchall  This is the labour party's agreed position and corbyn and the rest are bound to it, regardless of whether your speculations about corbyn being pro brexit are true or not . I for one am a big fan of this new party democracy thing ...
Carl Birchall (6 months ago)
greendaytomd96 I wrote that around 9am this morning, at that time I don't think Starmer had announced that yet. In any case this is aimed squarely at what Corbyn & McDonald want, not Starmer.
Jan Skácel (6 months ago)
How about EFTA membership? I know that it would be brutal compromise with hard brexiters, but it has properties required by Labour, it would prevent hard border and it would give some freedom to perform foreign politics independently from EU.
ger du (6 months ago)
+greendaytomd96 Keir Starmer is trying hard. Without him, I would have sent back the membership card already.
XML (6 months ago)
51st state is an option after the brexit failure. As the UK will be too ashamed to apply back to the EU they'll apply as 51st state of the US
Maximilien Robespierre (6 months ago)
They want to put party before country. Traitors
John Fallon (5 months ago)
They aren't even doing that.
ger du (6 months ago)
Rather as I feared. From my perspective, the likes of Corbyn, Abbott and McDonnell are simply shy Leavers. And like any Leaver, people I am not keen to be on friendly terms with. And that is putting it mildly. McDonnell is a prize Mong. Suppose, just for one second, that the British Electorate, in its infinite wisdom, votes against the Deal? In that case, you have no deal, nothing to negotiate with, and no time left to negotiate either. Anyone so stupid as to suggest such an IDIOCY is unfit for public office.
Simon Bainbridge (5 months ago)
+J MCC The first vote has to stand? Who are you? Shut the fuck up. We have elections repeatedly because democracy works that way. One single vote and slavishly adhering to its destructive outcome, which wasn't even binding on parliament, is just utter stupidity. The kind of simplistic mindlessnees I expect from brexit cunts like you. You fucking shithead spastic prick.
Simon Bainbridge (5 months ago)
+J MCC Who gives a fuck what that piece of shit Cameron said? He bailed out like the feckless pig fucking Tory cunt he truly is.
J MCC (5 months ago)
Why are you even entertaining the idea of a second vote? Setting aside for the moment that David Cameron said there would be one referendum only and the outcome would be implemented, there are a few crucial facts that need to be borne in mind. The options would have to include voting on the 'deal' between the UK anad the EU. First and foremost - THERE IS NO DEAL TO VOTE ON. The EU insisted on a sequencing of events for leaving the EU. This means the process is: Joint Agreement - the Withdrawal Agreement - the *NON-BINDING* Framework for the Future (political and economic) relationship - the UK leaves the EU - after leaving the EU discussions start on the trade/political relationship. DID YOU SEE THE PART WHERE IT SAYS NON BINDING??????? Did you see the part where I said the discussions start AFTER we leave? This means that there is no guaranteed deal for anyone to vote for. If they voted for Chequers, Canada or anything else, there is absolutely no guarantee that the EU and UK would actually agree this, post leaving. Therefore, you are asking people to vote on a maybe. How is this an option? Alternatively, if agreement is reached, it may take away all the concerns that people in the Nissan factory and have, and the majority would still wish to leave. However, we won't know UNTIL AFTER WE LEAVE THE EU. Do you want to hold a vote after we leave.? Honestly, everyone needs to wake up, there cannot be a sensible second vote. The first vote has to stand.
frenchie jones (5 months ago)
Simon Bainbridge .....only if my piss was inflammatory.
Simon Bainbridge (5 months ago)
I wouldn't piss on a brexiteer if he or she was on fire.

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