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ASMR ~ Flipping Through Fashion Magazine / Some Whispered Reading

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NOTE: During this video, I read an article relating to infertility/hysterectomy. I apologize if this might be upsetting. I felt I should mention it before you watch this. This video features lots of page flipping and some whispered reading in a current fashion magazine. Sorry for some of my remarks. Honestly, I find a lot of the ads in this type of magazine to be a bit ridiculous...
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Karen Garcia (15 days ago)
New subscriber here love your videos seriously never stop with commentary one of the best parts of video...seriously best stress reliever
girl💟dogs (2 months ago)
An amazing video!! Thank you! So many tingles , helps me to drift off to sleep 💗💗
Jennifer Shepherd (2 months ago)
One of my favorite videos of yours! This is one that I come back to again and again. Thank you for all of your hard work. 🥰
girl💟dogs (2 months ago)
Just discovered your channel this evening! Tingles!!!! Absolutely fantastic videos, xxxx 💕 💕 💕 💕
Dawn Hill (3 months ago)
You have a gift of delivering a soothing yet funny commentary 😂😂who needs to buy a magazine? I'd rather browse through it with you!👍🏻
Patty Kahlhamer (4 months ago)
Your comments are great, they crack me up. Please make a video with your entertaining comments!
Daniel Simpson (4 months ago)
Magazine asmr
TheProbe97 (5 months ago)
Oh how I am totally addicted to those gorgeous glossy maybelline pages in your Vogue Magazine, they are beautiful, love to snuggle and kiss the smooth pages.
Katie Smith (7 months ago)
Elfin tenny shews! (Haha, great video. I LOVE magazine chatting and page turning)
Josie Rayne (8 months ago)
It’s an anti theft device for that purse”. I laughed so hard
Josie Rayne (8 months ago)
I’m not the kind of girl to read a magazine and whisper for 40 mins so i am so happy i can have someone do it for me while i sleep. Thanks!!
D D (10 months ago)
It's like sitting in a doctor's office with your girlfriend. I love it!
veroherrLA (10 months ago)
i keep coming back to this video! Love the whispering and the page turning, it's so good. Id love to see this as a recurring monthly video. Monthly vogue mag. video with commentary LOL!
Constanza Luarte (10 months ago)
I can't believe how many ads are in this magazine! Clearly it is specially made for people who don't read 😂. Great video! Keep making them!
Constanza Luarte (10 months ago)
Thank you so much for this video. It reminded me of the time when I was a little girl and used to flip through the pages of my grandmother's magazines, just like you did here. Excellent video, love your whispers!!
Claire Hernandez (10 months ago)
I really want to doodle on some of those advertisements
S-N F (10 months ago)
Could you do this big soft spoken next time?x
Spring Seasons (10 months ago)
This has helped relax me after a long stressful day but also, I couldnt help to laugh at 'urban red riding hood' that was great! 😂
AlyNURSE (10 months ago)
Mary just read my mind : "I don't know what in the Hell is going on there"? "What is wrong with the people that takes these pictures"? Lol!
Emma (10 months ago)
omg lmao is there anything in there anymore except for ads?! its like a spam page in physical form. bless you for this video though!
Tнe Princess Pink (10 months ago)
I love magazine asmr videos!!! Thank you!!
Angie Benner (10 months ago)
Same experience here with endometriosis. No children. The article hit hard. After 8 years of pain I too had my uterus removed in hopes that I could live life without pain. I realized I could not be a mother and take care of a child in that condition. Then a year later the diagnosis of lupus and secondary Sjogren's. These two autoimmune disease are little known, Misunderstood, uncurable, lacking treatment, and under funded. And last of all cruel. My avatar is a wolf. That is the symbol of Sjogren's and lupus. Lupus means wolf. It can attack any part of your body, primarily your lungs heart and kidneys. Very few people know that treatment for lupus is chemotherapy if your body starts to attack joints or major organs.. tomorrow I see my rheumatologist as I do every 3 months to see if my condition has deteriorated. These videos help my anxiety and help me get to sleep. I don't know what I would do without you Mary
wisper welle (8 months ago)
Angie Benner Dear Angie, best wishes and my deep compassion for you, from a small town in Germany.
Angie Benner (10 months ago)
littlecicek thank you so much from tiny town in southern USA!
littlecicek (10 months ago)
Angela Benner sending you love and wishing you well. Someone, somewhere in a tiny English village is thinking of you and hoping you get better x x x
The Wanderer (10 months ago)
Great video, just want I wanted. Thank you
Adam Qualls (10 months ago)
Never shut up with the commentary! You’re just saying what we’re all thinking! 😂 Been subscribed to you for a couple of years and I love falling asleep to your videos. Keep up the good work!
ojujube (10 months ago)
I was laughing so hard at these ugly baggy work pants with her 😂😂😂😂
Sari Damien (10 months ago)
I discovered you a pretty good while ago when you popped up as a suggestion to watch. You had less than 7,000 subscribers back then and I couldn't believe you didn't have more, because your whisper videos are the tingly-est ever. Super happy you're finally getting proper recognition! Please monotize your channel. You deserve to earn from the insane amount of work you put into these awesome vids!
Hope Quade (10 months ago)
You're amazing! Could you do a video of cross word puzzles or a word search?? Please and thank you!
The biggest band geek (10 months ago)
You are my favorite ASMRtist
Kristin Babic (10 months ago)
So relaxing, and your sense of humor is SPOT ON! No one truly gets those ridiculous high-end fashion ads...if I wanna go fancy, I'll go shop at Target.
Junie Marin (10 months ago)
What kind of magazine starts off with like 40 pages of ads? I have never seen anything like it!
I J (8 months ago)
Junie Marin it’s not ads it’s fashion
fattwat1 (10 months ago)
Mary did you ever think of trying modelling especially when you were younger or even now
fattwat1 (10 months ago)
Love the way you are speaking on this video plus the turning of the pages gave me tingles
Chicken Nugget (10 months ago)
I loveee listening to your voice! Great video😋💗
veroherrLA (10 months ago)
LOVE the commentary please don't stop!!
- melanie - (10 months ago)
Really interesting article read in an incredibly relaxing and tingly way!
TheFluffyWaffle (10 months ago)
4500 view
Angela A (10 months ago)
I find some of the ads artistically pleasing but at the same time they do look a little extra.😂
ShyShawnnie (10 months ago)
Can you do a haircut role play?
Lisa Atkins (10 months ago)
Love this! I’m a huge fan of magazine read throughs. It’s interesting to hear someone else’s takeaway and opinion on current events or fashion. Hope you’ll record another one in the future!
Monica NG (10 months ago)
Love your comment on those d&g wallpaper! Lol
gecko roby (10 months ago)
The page flipping was heavenly. I can’t believe how many ads there were at the beginning too!
john how (10 months ago)
This always works
Serene Splendor ASMR (10 months ago)
@ 9:30 I got the giggles at your giggles.
Taylor T (10 months ago)
I like your critique of this lol. It’d be funny if you did a hyper aware vogue photographer roleplay. “Turn your head a bit more so I can get the sharpest angle possible of your jawline. The people need this”
FlyDorsch (10 months ago)
This was so relaxing. I watched the video with headphones during my commute and got a nice little nap in. Thank you!
ll (10 months ago)
I know your face isn't in this video, but honestly no one can tell me that you don't look like Candice King (Caroline Forbes from The Vampire Diaries).
Roslynd Antinori (10 months ago)
If it is a fashion magazine, you going to get just that, fashion.
SouthernASMR Sounds (10 months ago)
Roslynd Fuller It always just baffles me. Not the fashion, but the number of pages that are ads. It's not just pictures of clothes and stuff. It's just page after page of advertisements. It's just bizarre to me that people pay to look at what amounts to just a bunch of commercials.
Roslynd Antinori (10 months ago)
SouthernASMR Sounds Your not going to get much articles in fashion magazine. I noticed that you seem disappointed about that. I also noticed that I might of came of rude in the dirst comment, sorry, wasn't trying to be , xox
SouthernASMR Sounds (10 months ago)
Roslynd Fuller Is that what they're calling it? Niiiiice!
Serene Splendor ASMR (10 months ago)
Sooooo relaxing. And I'm too poor to look through fancy magazines myself so thank you for sharing 😄
Laura O'Neil (10 months ago)
Serene Splendor ASMR They have them at the library.. but we like when she does it anyways!
TK Klotz (10 months ago)
I seriously love the commentary. “What the hell is going on here?” lol 😂 I love all your videos so thank you for taking the time to make them!!
Deb S (10 months ago)
Really who wears this stuff. Your comments are making me laugh my head off. Love your videos!
Liza In Tulsa (10 months ago)
I love this style of flipping with just a bit commentary great video!
Moreganplease (10 months ago)
I love when you have comments and opinions! I love hearing those for these types of videos
Kaitlyn Tahk (10 months ago)
typically i hate whispered videos but there’s something about this one that is sooooooo perfect
OnefishTwofishROC (10 months ago)
It is hard to laugh (to the point of tears - I am dying here!) and yawn at the same time...you are plenty cultured enough to know when an ad is indeed ridiculous! "Circus Pants!" Well done! You are the best!
Lucy Bell (10 months ago)
I don’t think I’m able to go to sleep without one of your whispered videos anymore. Unfortunately I never get tingles like I did when I first discovered ASMR but your voice is just so relaxing!
Le Chiefinspecteur (7 months ago)
Josie Rayne The same here:) I’ve been watching regular movies or shows even only to listen to a certain voiceover artists that had “it” in the way they spoke. Before that I would listen to some things people were doing, like looking for stuff in their leather or plastic bags or handwriting or even placing dishes on the table, and get tingles all over!:) But my absolute favorite is quiet whispering. Check chelseamorganwhispers early videos, look up “rainy day” on her channel, OMG it got me skyrocket:)
Josie Rayne (8 months ago)
Before AMSR was a thing i watched normal videos but for some reason when they got quite and turned a page of a book or something i would get tingles. Then this happened. HEAVEN! And the commentary “her purse is on fire.” It’s great
Le Chiefinspecteur (9 months ago)
I think tingles come and go, there are long periods when I don’t feel them. Still, listening to soft whispers is calming enough to play them before sleep and I learned to treat tingles as a great bonus:) I love your videos, especially super soft and not too fast whisper. Actually there aren’t many other ASMR artists who do it this well. I love chelseamorganwhispers, some Icelandic, Japanese, French and Russian whispered videos for these languages are soft and tingly, and lately I found a Greek video that I liked, too.
Julia Crawford (10 months ago)
Lucy Bell Your welcome. My asmr immunity stems from expecting the tingles and almost trying too hard to relax. Try a variety of different videos. Chances are, you’ll be surprised by at least a few, which is what helps me to cure my immunity.
Lucy Bell (10 months ago)
Julia Crawford thanks! I may have to try it. I thought about taking a break but I’m at the point now where I can’t sleep without it.
Maybellin Vazquez (10 months ago)
Do a drying dishes video please! It can include tapping on the dishes and stuff 😁
Viktoriya Collinsworth (10 months ago)
Your comments are hilarious!
As Mr (10 months ago)
So excited to go to sleep listening to this tonight! 🙌🏻 you are one of my favs!
Shauna Domescik (10 months ago)
I'm half here for the relaxation of your voice, half here for your amazing sense of humor! It's great to unwind after a hard day - even better to fall asleep in a good mood! Thanks!
thomas kittredge (10 months ago)
Awesome. Thx
Molly Elizabeth (10 months ago)
mAiAnA (10 months ago)
the only way to end a long day
Kerri Coulter (10 months ago)
Most dedicated ASMRtist
Serene Splendor ASMR (10 months ago)
Absolutely. YouTube needs a heart button for commenters to comment on other commenters 💓
Taylor (10 months ago)
YES, I've been waiting for this one😊😊💕
Victoria Dupont (10 months ago)
This is just as good as taking a Valium
Sarah Jimenez (10 months ago)
Perfect way to end my day!!!
Morgan Bunnell (10 months ago)
Just in time for bed!
Melody Day (10 months ago)
When you've been lying in bed all day so of course you see Mary's video 20 seconds after it's been posted
SouthernASMR Sounds (10 months ago)
lee page 💖💖
Born on Mustafar (10 months ago)
Mellie Mac (10 months ago)
You are the absolute best.
Chase Hill (10 months ago)
Just as I was about to fall asleep! Thank you!!!
Maria Martinez (10 months ago)
Hi!! I love you and your videos so much! 💜
Maybellin Vazquez (10 months ago)
First!! 😃

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