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Vote Obama Style a Gangnam Style Parody by A.P.T

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Funny Gangnam style spoof made by a Barack Obama fan (by A.P.T) since the 2012 election is coming soon! Very creative idea in my opinion, Vote Obama Style! http://www.wastehours.com/vote-obama-style-another-gangnam-style-spoof/ Get this song, Now on iTunes - http://bit.ly/PKrC57 From the original Gangnam Style that went viral: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7q19f0
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Text Comments (138)
Sam Twitch (5 years ago)
I am an independent conservative who voted for Romney; but this was funny as hell. I think from now on I'll vote Obama style and force my opinion on the world. 2nd version of vote Bush W style.
Ryan Moloney (5 years ago)
queenly kyei (5 years ago)
obama rules
queenly kyei (5 years ago)
Jimmy N (5 years ago)
Obama won YAY!!!!!
Christopher Holodnak (6 years ago)
what are you lazy ass welfare recipients going to do when you cant vote for him next term? go hide again? I sure hope so, we need to fix the bullshit Obama is dictating into law left and right... NO MORE EXECUTIVE ORDERS! THE CONSTITUTION IS LAW! NOT YOU!
dman460scout (6 years ago)
You and your mom must be jack-asses too then, and if your a republican, then you must have no life then
aleks olsen (6 years ago)
Chris Pesenti (6 years ago)
You bloody classic
Cordelia Oceana (6 years ago)
Cyrrow (6 years ago)
I just spent 4 mins of my life watching this....I am glad I did.
Jimmy N (6 years ago)
Gooo Obama
pinucciosolovinile (6 years ago)
Fecgok Woozworld (6 years ago)
shut up!
Kai War (6 years ago)
@Maggie Bandock shut the fuck up! Obama 2012 !
Jimmy N (6 years ago)
Go Obama
Maggie Bandock (6 years ago)
vote romney style i pissed he lost we got a communist again
Colin Whelan (6 years ago)
Ron Paul!!
Dragi LooCo (6 years ago)
Song at 0:3 ?
Eeregan11 (6 years ago)
Plus he looks...like...SUPER VILLIAN BWAHAHAHAH!!! I laughed so hard
Ace (6 years ago)
I voted Obama Style!! & he won!! Haha!!
93farter (6 years ago)
well i guest when you go black you never go black that's how it goes for america
Tiny Roman (6 years ago)
And this is why Romney lost.
Anna xaisanasy (6 years ago)
miselw (6 years ago)
Why didn't they play gangnam style over the election parties. There was already bad dancing on the big screen. Why not pair it with Gangnam style! Thumbs up if you agree.
Soluwa Ire (6 years ago)
vincent090987 (6 years ago)
哈哈哈:D 歐巴馬加油:)))
Cameron Aiello (6 years ago)
yeah Obama rocks he won
brandin lun (6 years ago)
kb_flyhigh (6 years ago)
come on ppl vote for obama . Obama is going to win
Jimmy N (6 years ago)
Mitt Romney suck, Obama is my life president, who is with me like this
Garrett Stein (6 years ago)
If Romney wins who wants to share a condo in Canada for the next 3 years until we can vote again :D
Yuliyana Koleva (6 years ago)
Only Obama
TheCatOfAction (6 years ago)
LOL...I love this video! Bye the way...OBAMA RULES!
Desiree D (6 years ago)
LMAO... Finally a version of Gangnam Style we can understand! "Vote OBAMA Style" EPIC!
Jay Baskov (6 years ago)
Also, Obama did not kill Osama. He was actually trying to shut down guantanamo bay which was the main source of information on Osama's location. Not to mention the SEAL team wasn't organized by Obama. All he had to do was say 'Yes.' He probably wanted to say no as he didn't want to be involved in the middle east affairs due to his arabian blood. He didn't kill Osama.
Jay Baskov (6 years ago)
Why would any non lower class citizen vote for obama?
Dulce Suares (6 years ago)
Who do ya like better Romney style or obama style???
Jonathan Merrow (6 years ago)
His wife is nasty and ugly
orderofmelchizedek1 (6 years ago)
If you have got cancer, you better be young and considered a productive member of society or you will be FINISHED under OBAMACARE. Look friend, If you think what Obama is doing is properly running a country, you're delusional. Aside from OBL, Obama has done nothing to bring this country back. Ronald Reagan inherited a bad deal also, but he implemented policies that were based on sound economic principles. They worked! Record expansion! Obama uses BORROWED money and plunges us into deep debt.
Scott Collins (6 years ago)
This Post gave me Cancer......Romney couldnt run a state wht make you think he can run a country....Idiot....
Pickle Rick (6 years ago)
of course the black man likes him didnt know they still voted for the black man cause his color xD
orderofmelchizedek1 (6 years ago)
If you are totally uneducated in economics and have no clue about how to create jobs and actually think that someone who to this day has no idea as to what job creation actually means and......... YOU TEND TO VOTE ON EMOTION RATHER THAN KNOWLEDGE, AS MOST OBAMA VOTERS DO... THAN DO US ALL A FAVOR AND STAY HOME ON ELECTION DAY!!!!!! YOU"RE NOT QUALIFIED TO MAKE A CHOICE THAT WILL EFFECT US ALL!!!!!!! ROMNEY IS OUR ONLY HOPE IN 2012!!!!!
orderofmelchizedek1 (6 years ago)
After Nov. 6th He'll have plenty of time to practice!!
Danny Walker (6 years ago)
Since he combs his daughters hair I'll vote for him.
Aisha Cook (6 years ago)
he did! :O
Renee Tobias (6 years ago)
If you are female, a minority, LGBTQ, a senior citizen, middle class, poor, a student and vote Republican, congratulations, you have successfully shot yourself in the foot. The GOP candidates want to return to unregulated wall street, unfounded wars Bush years. WAKE UP AMERICA!
Erk (6 years ago)
I showed it to my democrat mom and she was laughing and dancing and being happy it was funny
soul (6 years ago)
Obama is the best president ever and Mitt mommy the b.i.t.c.h because you're the bad b**** l
jordan cobbs (6 years ago)
I love this!!
no thank u
yusty sanchez (6 years ago)
Hey romney shaaaady
stevo stinzi (6 years ago)
vote Obama style
TheCyberT-REX (6 years ago)
lol! love it! :-)
tim karstensen (6 years ago)
tim karstensen (6 years ago)
go obama yeah is cool i vill vote with obama
POKER TRUCKER (6 years ago)
Wow .. great way to get the youth in the voting booth to vote Obama... two thumps up
Erika Cloutier (6 years ago)
RileyVeader (6 years ago)
gamemaster395new (6 years ago)
i vote for obama now
mysterioushadow2001 (6 years ago)
I'm totally voting Romney. At least in the Gangnam style for Romney he doesn't have to put down Obama to win...plus I don't see Romney afraid to show his birth certificate...just saying.
alicia harris (6 years ago)
loved it
DeeWeext (6 years ago)
bra's are normal in most peoples life.
DeeWeext (6 years ago)
No one is truely white now days.
dhavrilla4 (6 years ago)
You do realize that there are probably just as many, if not more, voting for Romney because he's white?
Alexandra Cabrera (6 years ago)
it must be embrassing for you to dance in the bra aisle
Catherine Choo (6 years ago)
James Church (6 years ago)
Dang. You can dance. Whew. 1:18
Dong Jun Kim (6 years ago)
I would like it if Obama actually does this :P
Boyle2298 (6 years ago)
romney all the way half the votes is cause hes black when the first girl went to run did she win no because she white but if she was black than yay she would have won
Emily F (6 years ago)
Love it abama is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!
Sara Pihlar (6 years ago)
22 dislikes..Nice try Romney ! :DD
Curtis Woerner (6 years ago)
ROMNEY STYLE is better
Laterrian Moore (6 years ago)
Obama style Obama got style Romney don't
Kaylee Johnston (6 years ago)
Luke B (6 years ago)
now i want to vote for obama
firetr00per1 (6 years ago)
1:00 he's such a hoo*
McbreakRsfanboy (6 years ago)
i guess refusing offshore drilling and denying the alaskan pipeline while funding south american countries offshore drilling only to pay even MORE to buy the oil once its drilled is the right direction
McbreakRsfanboy (6 years ago)
well the whole mission started in his administration but no liberal is quick to point that out now are they?
McbreakRsfanboy (6 years ago)
Another typical liberal video, doesn't present any facts and is based on opinions "he looks like a super villain" wow definitely convinced me im glad this guy talked about all Obama's done to help the deficit, OH WAIT. And he forgot to mention that the average middle class family pays about $4000 in taxes annually now.
David Stokely (6 years ago)
Wow, what a moron. Obama is a disgrace.
Tyler Hoekzema (6 years ago)
I Tweeted this to Barack Obama+The video on twitter x3
mart6202 (6 years ago)
go obama
AfroamericaN LP (6 years ago)
David Lee (6 years ago)
You sounded just like Obama at first
NickTheReal1 (6 years ago)
"HEADSHOT!" Bin laden.
Aaron Matt (6 years ago)
ahem, give me one thing that obama has done to help this country.
lllift (6 years ago)
Peter Christensen (6 years ago)
i like your face
Legomakerx (6 years ago)
Jason Shen (6 years ago)
Romney no.. baby baby Romney no.... i am speechless
TerryKayic (6 years ago)
that's so talented
0neDirectionLuva (6 years ago)
This is so funny and cool! Best parody ever! My freind watched this in her geography class lol!
jackjiangbuilt (6 years ago)
MrBtlove (6 years ago)
Well, I just lost IQ and about 4 minutes of my life.
ArielBOfficial (6 years ago)
OBAMA STYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!
niczking13 (6 years ago)
why uplaod the video on 2 channels ?Psy - Gangnam: Vote Obama Style (OFFICIAL Spoof) by A.P.T.
Peter Christensen (6 years ago)
lets vote obama style
Peter Christensen (6 years ago)
lets vote obama style

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