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Is this my best drawing?

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Don demonstrates why our cartoons take forever Discord ► https://discord.gg/b5ekXbK MERCH ► https://shop.bbtv.com/collections/flashgitz Twitter ► https://www.twitter.com/flashgitztom https://www.twitter.com/flashgitzdon https://www.twitter.com/flashgitzanims Twitch► https://www.twitch.tv/flashgitz Awesome Music: The Living Tombstone - "Cuphead Remix - Clip Joint Calamity" "Cuphead Remix - Floral Fury" https://www.youtube.com/user/TheLivingtombstone Algar - "Reprogram Yourself" https://algarchiptunes.bandcamp.com/ Electro Swing Circus - "Empires - Aries Jungle Remix" http://electricswingcircus.com/
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Text Comments (339)
Flashgitz (4 months ago)
Don't forget Adobe made Flash MX free! You can try most of what I'm doing here yourself 👊
Wai Jun Wong (11 days ago)
Where is the video
amazing blog (21 days ago)
When are you going to upload a video?
royal scull gaming (29 days ago)
+the stash W i know where the hell are they
the stash W (29 days ago)
royal scull gaming (1 month ago)
+Briggz YT i know right i miss that monthly dose of creativity
TheKillerPrawn (27 minutes ago)
if u guys want us to care maybe don't abandon the channel for four months
Jack M.D. (5 hours ago)
Hey can we get an update please?
Mad Murdock (1 day ago)
Ah shit. Flashgitz is dead again.
Harrison Dula (3 days ago)
U guys have been quiet for a while r u good or is there a stupid amount of work y’all doin?
bxuzabc (6 days ago)
I think this channel is dead
RUBIX_CUBE_04 (6 days ago)
You put a lot of effort in your work man and i respect that.
AngelTheAssassin (7 days ago)
Can you do a gears of war animation
Ethan Sauser (7 days ago)
Why there no things? I miss the things!
Matt Knight (7 days ago)
it never cease to amaze me how talented you both are and i can't wait for your futures to be absolutely invigorating, i'm so excited for the future of Show Quest and Flashgitz
Battle Eye (8 days ago)
I hope you guys are doing well, I will patiently wait😔
Russkie ne zdaite menya ya risski shpion!!!!
TheAvirus (9 days ago)
Neal Brondgeest (9 days ago)
you guys dead?!
Bring back Super Future
Ry Guy (13 days ago)
well they dead.
-alien - (14 days ago)
Remember when they uploaded? Yeah me neither
SweetEggy (15 days ago)
I miss you guys!
Briggz YT (19 days ago)
Can you post something what happen to posting like every 2 weeks holyshit
K. McVicker (19 days ago)
Why do u look and sound like a high lesbian?
Tylor Scott (20 days ago)
Where the fuck is Motor Knight?
Yakup Celik (21 days ago)
miao cat (22 days ago)
Still patiently awaiting for an update from you guys
Foxy-CAM TV (23 days ago)
I fumble on to your channel once in a while,see that there are no new cartoons,click your vlogs,watch them half heartedly,watch a few older cartoons and leave for a few moths..BUTT..lately i am starting to enjoy your vlogs and hope you'll continue making em.Thanks from "Third World".
Noah Walton (23 days ago)
Really missing you guys. Hope you are doing well. Also, what type of Whisky do you guys like. I would like to send you some.
7 8 (12 days ago)
Really good idea from you. It's nice to show them some support
Jonathan Yates (25 days ago)
When is the new vid coming !?!?!😶
Suggs (27 days ago)
Where's the next fucking video!? If you don't make a new video, I will fucking lynch myself.
oldmateaus (28 days ago)
Eustace Bagge (29 days ago)
you need to poop another video.
Lil. Smallfry (30 days ago)
Console wars: nintendo switch
AmetReloads (30 days ago)
vr paintings?
Tim Kastelijns (1 month ago)
Tim Kastelijns (1 month ago)
nooooo the merch where is it???????
Carson Powers (1 month ago)
Damnit, yet another amazingly talented youtube animator converted into effortless, easy-to-make shit content factory. SHUT UP AND DRAW SOMETHING before you start making top 10 lists.
JoMamaWatson (1 month ago)
When is Crazy Conor McGregor 3 coming out?
Justin W (1 month ago)
So, did you guys die?
LukeFurno (1 month ago)
You should do lots more of these in depth looks of your cartoons I really enjoyed the inside look!
Zombie 9899 (1 month ago)
It’s been three months what happened???
Derrick Norley (1 month ago)
Where the fuck are you guys it's been 2 monthes for fucksake
Junhyoung Kim (1 month ago)
Reminds me of maple story
P1k3l U.O.A (1 month ago)
Ugh still waiting for an update from you guys.
ivenofriendsyeet (1 month ago)
Come back you fuckin nerds
Shaze_101 Gaming (19 days ago)
Missing show quest...I know I'm not the only one too! It inspired me to start writing and designing my own cartoons too! So I hope to see another upload soon!
Mega4Fun # (1 month ago)
Are you going to upload soon?
GorumGamer (1 month ago)
Hey uh did y’all die?
Matt Mosley (1 month ago)
I miss your uploads :-(
Jevans (1 month ago)
where did you guys go?
Demolition Man (1 month ago)
Where are you guys? 😔😢
Drew Smith (1 month ago)
The last time you posted a skit was over a year ago :/
Seaya (1 month ago)
racist mario 2
reyno (1 month ago)
Ok so.....update please?
Ben Mullin (1 month ago)
Where is the next video?
TheRigurok (1 month ago)
What happened with the video?
Henry Keller (1 month ago)
Hey, where did you guys go? I miss my Zelda cartoon updates...
Bannerlord When (14 days ago)
Drug induced homicide
Jesse Springer (2 months ago)
Please more feminazi
crippledbazooka (2 months ago)
make videos again or go back to england.
Tom Radford (2 months ago)
where are u guys?
Jonathan Yates (2 months ago)
When is the next video coming out:(
P1k3l U.O.A (2 months ago)
I wonder how fucking long this is gonna be.
Noah tuber (2 months ago)
Make racist Mario and Luigi
Wai Jun Wong (2 months ago)
Hey where’s the video
Oriru Bastard (2 months ago)
New voiceactors? Sign me in!
Slamdoxicalz (2 months ago)
wow, this update is so old already "you're old!" :(
bladerise (2 months ago)
found this channel after searching for the racist mario video, apparently im subscribed to you guys already? i have seen a single one of your videos in my sub feed though, never, ive been watching youtube and going through my subfeed every day for like the past couple of months so im pretty sure youtube is just hiding you guys from me.
Donny Dynamic (2 months ago)
Mega Pelotes (2 months ago)
Also you sound like a dude who goes by Penguinz, but happier
Mega Pelotes (2 months ago)
Y'all are killing yourselves
Explosive Dolphinz (2 months ago)
Make a crazy Conor McGregor with the Khabib fight
Hammer 103 (2 months ago)
Make another megroger video
Hammer 103 (2 months ago)
Make another megroger video
Mike (2 months ago)
Make a parody from the movies of Rocky, like the videos of 'Crazy McGregor' pls ! xD
Gary J (3 months ago)
Why no Khabib vs McGregor video?
HavokkHacker (3 months ago)
Omg my art process is the exact same. I have to keep undoing my lines and redrawing and erasing and fixing, and it ends up taking longer than it needs to. But I still do it anyways haha. Glad to know I'm not the only one
Rezal Scaasi (3 months ago)
You sir are amazing!
Playman Channel (3 months ago)
Where is Crazy Conor McGregor 3.
Jack Preacher (3 months ago)
Where tf is Zelda? It’s October
Kuanish Aitimov (3 months ago)
pls make Conor McGregor vs Khabib!
Treaty O5 (3 months ago)
The song was cuphead
playamcnugee games (3 months ago)
McGregor 3? When?
Joseph seed (3 months ago)
Can you make a futurama video!
Salah Harrar (3 months ago)
You do animation of khabib and conor fight
EL David (3 months ago)
you totally should make mcgregor 3 with his fight of yesterday
Keegan Thurlow (3 months ago)
Fackin sick cunt
Open Eye (3 months ago)
Wow this channel has really fallen off the map
Leathal GoldFish (3 months ago)
Because they want to make offensive cartoons but can't because YouTube's policies. It isn't rewarding. They would be earning enough money but not on this site.
The Forh (3 months ago)
wtf? Ok more drawing videos please. WAY MORE
Mister Husband (3 months ago)
Love this tutorial!!!!
Hola Lopez (3 months ago)
Make master cycle but hole😶
Sanguinius (3 months ago)
I'm not impressed with the UltraSmurfs memorabilia... Blood Angels for life
Aiden Barnett (3 months ago)
Ur way to chill to be the guy who makes this shit lmao
Pengiboi (3 months ago)
Forgot I’m subscribed lol
didn't see this in either my subbox or my notifications, had to look at ya channel to find this vid a week late WTF
darren chung (3 months ago)
Dayum when did you start drawing Don?
reyno (3 months ago)
DJ dan in NYC (3 months ago)
hmm *cough* wasnt the botw cartoon supposed to be out late august?
RDon Somov (3 months ago)
can't get away from the feeling that something was existing before "Inside GW". can anyone explain the story of Flashgitz? and what is the thing with the pink color and this creepy unicorn?
SHWIZORP THE GREAT (4 months ago)
What does Tom do lol
Reecetard Fartin (4 months ago)
When are you making an animation about fortnite
Speciosa (4 months ago)
Hey flashgitz we you the guys with that space war series years ago? It had like mech suits and some dudes clearing rooms and shit. I have no idea what it was called or who made it but i thought it was the funniest shit when i was 12. There was also a part with some purple space chicks shoving a fist dildo up a dudes "holy passage". There was also a uncensored clip on new ground with them having pierced nips. That all i can remember.
RamboCreativity (4 months ago)
dsmith377 (4 months ago)
thought there was going to be a dildo for a horn on that Zelda bike.

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