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Flipping Through Fashion Magazines (ASMR whispering and paper sounds)

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This is the longest absence I've taken in a while huh? I'm sorry about that. I've been really struggling with my mental health these past few weeks and have been feeling overwhelmed/stressed most of the time. It's hard to work on stuff that's positive/uplifting when you're feeling anything but. You know? Anyways. I love you guys, I hope things are good. And if they're not, that they will be soon. Here are some other places you can find me on the interwebs: http://instagram.com/albinwonderland http://www.facebook.com/albinwondertoot http://albinwonderland.com/ https://twitter.com/albinwonderland MY PO BOX: ALB PO Box 43157 Sheppard Centre PO Toronto, ON M2N 6N1 Canada My Amazon Wishlist: http://amzn.com/w/2I71K1M0BW98Y
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Text Comments (153)
Celine Leblanc (4 months ago)
Are those arms or legs in the Valentino boots ad? after I noticed that, it's all I could think about throughout the whole video
HE Motion Graphics (5 months ago)
Nae Robinson (6 months ago)
Oh please make a video drawing her 😩
amiarooba (7 months ago)
What's the point of whispering? I didn't understand a single world. Makes me want to throw my mobile in anger
Mukbang terminator! (7 months ago)
To much talking
Jacqueline Roberts (1 year ago)
I will pray for you that god heals you.
Oma (1 year ago)
Du bist die beste! You are the best!
Latrisha Collins (1 year ago)
When is your birthday? I am the same with crying when I feel too much of one emotion and I am a cancer. They are the most sensitive.
Lisa Nicoletti (1 year ago)
"You know what can ignite your passion for reading? A library card. And it's free." YES!!!
TheProbe97 (2 years ago)
Oh I really crave those gorgeous painted nails and hands caressing the soft sweet scented glossy fashion pages really excites me.
This MS Girl (2 years ago)
Amazing 😊sooo relaxing! ❤️
T Graeve (2 years ago)
i love your voice but I wonder what it sounds like when your talking
ASMRdeMAR (2 years ago)
Enjoyable video... Mmm.. ;))
Ariana Skye (2 years ago)
My favorite part of this video is when shes creasing the pages at the beginning, and I wish she had kept that up for a bit.
Juliana AERIAM (2 years ago)
chloe whatt
Mia W (2 years ago)
In addition to my last comment, could you do another of these but perhaps with a magazine that has a lot of adverts that 'grab you' listening to you explain why you love something is something special:) much love x
Sookie (2 years ago)
Your voice reminds me of Dakota Johnson.
secretASMRwhisperer (2 years ago)
I loved this video :-)
Ty Steinle (2 years ago)
it's actually super interesting to watch this a year later and look at the spring styles from a year ago
Ty Steinle (2 years ago)
there's a lot of black and white
Afnan Alsaggaf (2 years ago)
Please make videos without talking
Heather Hodgkiss (2 years ago)
please do another with great commentary. this is my favorite to sleep to.
Mario Cardona (2 years ago)
i felt like i was hanging w a freind flipping through magazines this was beyond cute!
Zack King (2 years ago)
Zack King (2 years ago)
+Zack King Make's*
Mariss242 (2 years ago)
Omg ad nooooooooo
m king (2 years ago)
Terrific vid, I really enjoyed your thoughts and commentary. "Gosh, if I were in Vogue and they wanted to put me in Earth tones, I don't know what I would do. Just walk away ..." LOL. Could you do one of the upcoming March issues? Please? :)
Ross (2 years ago)
+albinwhisperland Please do! This video is my absolute favourite page turning one, it is perfect in every way.
albinwhisperland (2 years ago)
+m king Yeah definitely, I'll try to do another magazine video in the next few weeks :3
Jellybeanpop (2 years ago)
"None of these ads really catch me" (2 seconds later) "Oh look at these boots!
m king (2 years ago)
+Jellybeanpop I noticed that too - made me smile :) She's really good
felibaer (2 years ago)
wonderful video! so relaxing :)
Perez Fecto (3 years ago)
Sooooooooooooooooooo relaxing!
ashish verma (3 years ago)
Hi Everyone, I've been exploring about the fashion for past 5 months and I really want you guys honest opinion that what kind of topics should I be mentioning in that.
Olezia Ivanoslava (3 years ago)
5:38 "jewdew diew" ahaha I like your video as much as I hate these kind of fashion "magasines", I just hope they don't reflect France for other people because everybody hate it here :D
Mia W (3 years ago)
Please do another of this type of video! It's my absolute favourite!!!!
ASMR with Sofia (11 months ago)
Love these videos too! She's awesome!😍
Destiny cy (2 years ago)
Natalie (3 years ago)
whoops just took a nap I did not plan on
Lucyandherleeches (3 years ago)
I hope you can do more videos like this in the future *o* so relaxing!!
Katy Perry rips off the old Archie comics Katy Keene at every turn.
Lauren (3 years ago)
Thank you so much for making this video. It helps me fall asleep. Being 17 and having insomnia is a pain, but you help me get thru it❤️ and I love your hair and sense of style. It's amazing!! So is your voice and your nails are always painted so nice 😊👌🏼
Bree Sophie (3 years ago)
I love your Whispering videos. Please do more whispering VS soft spoken 😍
SleepVidJunkie (3 years ago)
Friida (3 years ago)
Can you do more of these? :)
Cynthia Cano (3 years ago)
I've watched a lot of asmr magazine videos but your voice was just perfect for it. Love it! Thank you!
Giovanna Nogueira (3 years ago)
I love you voice *-*
Lily Kao (3 years ago)
good video, just hate the whispering
That Guy (3 years ago)
too slow please go faster faster is better
Little Watermelon ASMR (3 years ago)
Love your voice!!!!! and your videos!
Emily Carveth (3 years ago)
Can I just say I have a huge girl crush on you? Your videos are awesome. Love your style and positivity. I'm going through a lot right now and it's great to have someone inspiring to listen to. Thanks for all you do! :)
MaryRose Madden (3 years ago)
Please do more of these, i just love them
dontyouworryaboutme (3 years ago)
I didnt think i was gonna find this that relaxing but its been helping me sleep ever since it was uploaded thankyou alb!
Emily Gonzalez (3 years ago)
Alb, don't force yourself to post when you're not feeling it. I know the feeling, I know how dark it feels. Treat yourself to rest, and until your ready, you can post, but don't over perfect it, we'll be okay with what you give us. I know being a perfectionist is really difficult, and stressful, but just know we're here for you & don't mind if you don't post for a while due to certain issues, we just care about you. Hope you feel better soon, I'll always be here for anyone who needs help in mental situations. ❤️
Chelsea Dove (3 years ago)
Can you make a video of you saying the word " makeup" ? It gives me tingles!!!! I like it😏
ash xyz (3 years ago)
i love these videos so much. when i get asthma attacks from anxiety attacks these really help me get my breathing to a normal pace, so for that i am extremely grateful!
nox namex (3 years ago)
Sending love your way, I know this was back at the beginning of the month but I just wanted to say I can completely relate as far as struggling with mental health and feeling overwhelmed and stressed and so forth, have been struggling a bit myself lately.  All love and good vibes, hope you're doing a bit better right now <3
Jessica Ceja (3 years ago)
Can you make a video on your shoe collection. Please. 👠
Gareth Yates (3 years ago)
Could you please do a glossy magazine page crumpling asmr. The sound of the glossy pages crumpling is so relaxing.
ninjaattack78 (3 years ago)
I seriously love your videos! I especially love your hauls and collection videos <3 Is there any way you could do more collection videos? Maybe jewelry or clothing items? You're the sweetest thing. Stay Adorable!!
chezislame (3 years ago)
Do you get to choose what ads play for your videos? Because a poltergeist ad just played for this one and let me tell ya, it is very unsettling in the dark 😅
HE Motion Graphics (5 months ago)
nothingtoseehere (2 years ago)
+Stocking Anarchy If you use Ad Block, any time you watch a Youtube video, your view doesn't count. And the way Youtube creators make money is per thousand views, but your view won't count if you use an ad blocker.
Stocking Anarchy (3 years ago)
+chezislame Ad block is imperative in this day and age.
albinwhisperland (3 years ago)
+chezislame Unfortunately I have no control over which ads play :(
designanddirection (3 years ago)
Please do another softly spoken video. Perhaps with some more books on comics/graphic novels. Your natural speech is relaxing enough and the last video was interesting too. Many thanks,
Emily Krueger (3 years ago)
This channel is so relaxing, and is such a break from the hectic city I live in. It's so mesmerizing how whispering can be.
Otis Tate (3 years ago)
"You know what can ignite your interest in reading? A library card." Oh my gosh, it's 11:45 at night and I'm trying to stifle my laughter. Great video!
Oppositeblue (3 years ago)
I love this😊 I always get ripped for being a young asmr watched but I love it anyway. I wished you the happiest of birthdays the other day, and created a collage type thing on my instagram for you, you already saw it but thank you!!! I died when you replied! Thank you 😄
ihatethinkingofaname (3 years ago)
Please do more of these.
BandNerdcp (3 years ago)
Thanks for the video ALB! Hope you're feeling better :)
Julia Jurkowlaniec (3 years ago)
Could you pleease do a video on how do you take care of your hands and nails? I'm in love <3
Orla Connolly (3 years ago)
can you do a video incorporating some French words? they way you say them is so relaxing
jobo (3 years ago)
Hope all is well, ALB. You take all the time you need to recuperate. 💕
Megan Castillo (3 years ago)
At 1:59 I thought she said "these advertisements are really crappy, you know?" I had to re-listen to it 5 times till I realized what she said
Alice BlunderMouse (3 years ago)
aww alb, you are such a lovely beautiful person, I hope you are feeling better soon, you're not alone <3 thank you for all your wonderful videos. It's a pleasure to just listen to you talk. x
SuperHazelrah (3 years ago)
You're wonderful and beautiful and smart, and I hope you feel better! Thanks for the video :)
Candis Barbosa (3 years ago)
Girl, if you love Amy Adams and art, you'll LOVE the movie Big Eyes. Amy portrays Margaret Keane. Excellent movie! Check it out! :)
Candis Barbosa (3 years ago)
That's awesome! I think it's on DVD now, so you can watch it 100 more times lol! +albinwhisperland 
albinwhisperland (3 years ago)
+Candis Barbosa I saw it three times in theatres ;)
L Beatle (3 years ago)
A comic book flip would be AMAZING! Of course totally when ever you feel like it or get a chance.
Kim Sharples (3 years ago)
This is great - love the simplicity it, love your whisper voice, and how natural the conversation. Thank you  :) take care
Cayce Funderburk (3 years ago)
You're so genuine ALB!
kikohbug Kikohbug (3 years ago)
I have both the L'Oréal nude pallets. I've never used the urban decay one but they L'Oréal one work pretty good I liked it
Luna ASMR (3 years ago)
This was nice, like sitting down with a friend and just relaxing. I enjoyed it very much. Hope you feel better soon x
Gigi Marie (3 years ago)
Idk if it's only me but the Burberry one at 3:06 reminds me of Romeo Beckham
thekellarts (3 years ago)
I swear when we buy magazines it's basically buying a book of ads...takes OVER 20 pages to get to the first real page and overall there's way more ads then actual content...not surprising lol but anyways, love this video and you very much! Take care ♡ :)
Larissa Verkroost (3 years ago)
I gasped when I saw you had a new vid! So happy and you also did something I loveee... so much tingles! I love listening to your voice and the paper. Sorry you weren't feeling well and stressed, but it's totally understandable that you had to postpone making a new vid. I hope that this popping up means you are feeling better! Much love and good feels!
María Txc (3 years ago)
Dildo_Baggins (3 years ago)
Aye aye Captain!
choosetobeheard2012 (3 years ago)
Thx so much . Video was very calming . Those shoes with the buckles were called Candies , that was the same time they came out with the painter pants that had all the pockets. Very in when I was about 13. The dresses that had the low waist were in as well. Anyways thx. Hugs to you.
kitkatratat (3 years ago)
Love love love your voice! Could you please make a video related to your fave/recommended drugstore make up? I know you have a main channel that's mostly for beauty, but I would love to see you integrate make up and asmr more here! Your previous ones (i.e. makeup collection and make over roleplay) were so good!! :)
kitkatratat (3 years ago)
Also, I rly appreciate the sound quality in this video! :) I hope you can maintain this and maybe make the volume a little louder? :) Just trying to be constructive here.
Camille (3 years ago)
I think the boots in the boot ad were on someone's arms. How strange.
Tammy Douglas (3 years ago)
SinderellaAtTheBall (3 years ago)
Totally relaxing! Thanks for posting!
Ali Wortz (3 years ago)
Take care of yourself! We care about you and are so grateful for all of your wonderful contributions to ASMR. <3
Anya Bea (3 years ago)
You could honestly be a hand model your hands are that beautiful.
HE Motion Graphics (5 months ago)
RianIsland (10 months ago)
Zabuza Momochi what’s a bellybottom model um
TheAmazingJay (2 years ago)
+Zabuza Momochi there actually are hands models...
Zabuza Momochi (3 years ago)
wtf hahaha why not bellybottom model...
Cerebral Whispers (3 years ago)
Hey ALB, first off, thanks so much for making these amazing videos! You mentioned being curious about how the cost of ads change based on their place in the magazine, and I actually happen to work in publishing and thought I might offer some trivia on that topic. Generally, the cost of ads within the pages of a magazine don't vary in cost (i.e. an ad in the middle of the "book" will cost the same as an ad on the 10th page, or on the 70th page). But, the cost of ads does change if you're talking about the cover. You can actually see how much Elle charges for ads here in their media package: http://www.ellemediakit.com/hotdata/publishers/ellemk/advertiser/8231534/2809559/ELLE%202015%20Rate%20Card.pdf The second cover is the inside of the front cover, the third cover is the inside of the back cover, and the 4th cover is the back cover. Pretty neat, eh?
Kathryn Grace (3 years ago)
WOW!! I love this video! You by far my favorite asmr channel! May God bless your beautiful soul!!
freinchy2 (3 years ago)
I loved Dakota fanning in uptown girls
Cecily Mackey (3 years ago)
Oh my gosh I have been waiting for this video to exist ever since I started watching ASMR vids. Literally how I got into it - one day my husband was flipping through a catalog and I thought to msyelf, "damn, I like that sound!" and started looking for magazine flipping videos on YouTube and I was hooked. But fashion just makes it even better!! Thanks ALB :)) Hope you feel better, mental health is so important.
Melissa (3 years ago)
Johnny Wujek styles Katy Perry. He's a genius and is seriously amazing! All of her your outfits are wonderful :)
Shoshana Overstreet (3 years ago)
You're my favorite ASMR youtuber!
Christine H (3 years ago)
thank you again for your videos! they help me a lot when I feel stressed or anxious and also when I just want to relax and enjoy a good youtube video :) hope you feel better soon, stay strong! I've been struggling with different types of anxiety and panic attacks for almost 12 years, now and it totally sucks! I feel ya! of course it makes me sad to hear when someone is not doing well, especially a person like you who seem so nice and kind! but you have so many fans and talking about your problems openly is great to raise awareness amongst lots of people! hopefully also make us feel stronger and not ashamed and to claim our rights towards people who judge! respect to you!! take care!
kristelle r (3 years ago)
Really and truly hope you'll feel better soon. Be sure to take care of yourself and thank you so much for thinking of us enough to make this video! Love you so much.
Andrew Swart (3 years ago)
Stressed out over the Hockey playoffs?  Yeah, me too......
ihatethinkingofaname (3 years ago)
Great stuff.
Tuc (3 years ago)
You make my day a bit easier.
ocean eyes (3 years ago)
Thank you ❤️❤️ loved this xxxxx
The L'oreal palette is ridiculously pigmented!! I would 100% recommend it :) Well, the rose one anyways, I don't know about the more brown coloured one, but the pink-toned palette is so highly pigmented :)
I got it in Boots actually :) I think super drug also sell it.... And my local tesco does too :)
Sophie Scott (3 years ago)
Hi where in the UK did you buy it? In like a debenhams or? 😊
+alba Louise I live in the UK, so I paid fifteen pounds for it :)
alba Louise (3 years ago)
Can you tell me how much it was :)
Michael Cano (3 years ago)
ALB please marry me youre beautiful! ")
Ghost Hardware (3 years ago)
16:20 So Daenerys and Viserys took up modeling before deciding to take back the throne.
SleepVidJunkie (3 years ago)
+Champagne Supernova Daenerys shoes can be found at 27:02
Hailee (3 years ago)
+Champagne Supernova they needed the extra cash
Jordan Lott (3 years ago)
One of the best ASMR artists EVER!

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