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The 14 Red Flags of Dating | The Art of Manliness

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This week we discuss the 14 Red Flags to look for in a relationship. Read the original article below: http://artofmanliness.com/2013/01/31/relationship-red-flags/ Reviving the lost art of manliness with a manly video every Friday. http://artofmanliness.com Follow us! http://facebook.com/artofmanliness http://twitter.com/artofmanliness http://instagram.com/artofmanliness http://google.com/+artofmanliness
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Text Comments (8228)
Em Dee (10 hours ago)
The last line is absolutely bull shit. Decades of research and experience demonstrate men are overall more violent than women. The line "sometimes more likely to initiate violence" doesn't make sense--you mean sometimes women initiate violence? Think what you will but I feel a million times safer around females than males for the fact that men are more violent overall.
Sarah Fox (22 hours ago)
You sound similar to 'undoomed"
River Song (22 hours ago)
Is there a list like this but for gay people? 😀😀
River Song (22 hours ago)
That list was not in alphabetical order 🙄🙄
Jessica Freda (22 hours ago)
The bad part is I have 2 of these traits. 1. I don't get along with my husband' best friends wives so when he wants to spend time with them, I don't go. 2. And this is one reason why I don't get along with his friends. They only want to be stay at home moms and they are so hateful to me because I use birth control and don't want children. My husband couldn't care either way but when his friends started having children, he started to want them more. I didn't. We are still together and he doesn't bring it up anymore.
Sal Sidari (1 day ago)
Yo!! All the angry ladies!! This is just a men’s lifestyle channel, if you want the “14 signs your dating Norman bates” just hop over to Laci Green
JonLuc Chargo (1 day ago)
Gonna have to get a foreign wife that is an actual woman and not one of these men women
JonLuc Chargo (1 day ago)
#1 red flag: she spends all her money on clothes and nails then complains about being broke
Yusuf Ahmed (1 day ago)
5:30 well there it comes, she's not like othet girls. Might as well break up now
moist faucet (1 day ago)
Be careful who you will bring into your life. in Asian , all man already know this....especially japanese man.
Hippolyta Nine (1 day ago)
My God I'm 4 of thease women
Sketchy Savvy (2 days ago)
this video is soo important!
OVXX (2 days ago)
i cant relate ha im gay and ive never met a GUY like this
robert watson (2 days ago)
I’m staying single 🤢
Joseph LaFever (3 days ago)
Don’t date. Don’t marry. There is nothing in it for men. Women on the other hand have much to gain.
Tim (3 days ago)
The biggest red flag is dating itself. Romantic love is a neurochemical con job. Evolve. You’re not a cro magnon. Love is no more real then fairies & unicorns. Be a man & see it for the bullshit it is.
Morgan Stasney (3 days ago)
All of these can be easily gender swapped. The first one being the only notable exception. Not because men can't be drama queens, but because the chances of a many self identifying as one are basically non-existent. Now that I think about it... all of the real life drama queens I've met all said that they hated drama.
Mighty Konan (3 days ago)
I think the parent thing goes a long way... I understand that the video implements disrespect to the family. I personally dont live with my family due to the different levels of agreement. Is that a bad thing to not be in good relation with family if they've been abusive?
Ayan Omarova (4 days ago)
I liked the content but the music and the narrator voice became an obstacle of enjoying this video
Pure Bread (4 days ago)
Self Entitlement just destroys relationships
Pure Bread (4 days ago)
You forgot fortniters
Nicole Wilson (4 days ago)
6:41 WHOMS'T the FUCK says this on a first date
Xyfurion (5 days ago)
Red Flags to be Aware of: 1. Self-Proclaimed Drama Queens 2. She's a Flake 3. She treats waiters/servers like crap 4. She has a bad relationship with her family 5. She expects to be treated like a princess 6. She says all her exes are jerks 7. She's not flexible 8. She guilts you for spending time with your friends 9. You argue all the time 10. You can't stand her friends 11. She's violent 12. She doesn't share core values or life goals 13. She's stingy with appreciation 14. She never apologizes
Abadan Beginyazova (6 days ago)
um is that Shan’s ex lol
tm (6 days ago)
“You know I work at Chik-fil-a”
The Nintendo Bros (8 days ago)
"It's alphabetical" 1. Taylor Swift Tickets
Bailey (8 days ago)
why is the woman always doing something wrong????
lola brini (8 days ago)
im thw diva part for sure. 😎🙈but i let him know also how happy he makes me, when he does what i ask😒otherwise i ghost or hive him the silent treatment. its called positive reinforcement: only be happy when he makes YOU happy Im not ashamed to admit it. Works like a charm😘
somekindofname123 (9 days ago)
#15 Beware of women with penises.
Rachel Kaiser (10 days ago)
Women are not more likely to initiate violence. The research doesn’t back that.
Sean Kearney-McManus (11 days ago)
My current girlfriend is a flake, maybe 60% of the time bailing at the last minute, she isn’t super flexible (these kind of go hand in hand too), she has been physically violent when we argue even though it doesn’t really hurt, we do argue pretty often; either due to her flaking, or because she gets angry whenever we disagree on something, however small. The fact that she starts getting angry so easily over trivial disagreements often makes me mad and that causes us to fight. The biggest one for me is that she NEVER makes a real apology after a fight; always denies and is defensive past the very end. So we never make real progress or peace after a fight no matter how calmly and politely I approach it. That end clip is EXACTLY what happened at the end of our last biggest fight, and even after prodding I simply Could not get her to give a real, non-sarcastic apology for her side of it. Aside from all of those things, she is actually perfect (if that can be possible.). We share the same strong values, she is one of my best friends and I always enjoy and look forward to hanging out with her, (except when we fight.). She’s quite attractive physically and we’ve known each other as friends for about 5 years, and dated for the last 2 years. She isn’t a drama queen or anything else on the list, and I think she has a lot of qualities that are very rare on a girl, like she’s willing to be quite childlike and adventurous with me, open to trying almost any new thing (be it sports, chess, learning a language, etc) together. I’ve only ever dated this one girl. Im a decent looking guy and I know my sister in law is willing to set me up with another girl if I were looking. I’m not at peace with my girlfriend since our last fight but I can’t talk to her about it or else she gets mad and accuses me of holding grudges, as she has done already when I try to bring it up in the hopes of getting proper closure. I prefer dating this girl to being alone, and I do care for her and know it would destroy her for me to break up with her. But I can’t talk to her about anything I’ve written here without her turning it into a fight. What do you guys think? Any advice??? Should I just break up with her, or wait it out and see if she matures? I know she is at least noticeably Trying to be better with things like flaking, really in every aspect she is improving except for the never apologizing part. What do you guys think?
Curstin Visagie (14 days ago)
...Just use the blood..
JS Bilodeau (15 days ago)
cocoBlue10 (17 days ago)
I wasn't expecting this to be so one sided. I definitely thought it would be a nice split of attributes from females AND males.
xyomga (18 days ago)
This video is fucking hilarious
Nern Guan (20 days ago)
Loui Barrientos (21 days ago)
“You know i work at chick fil a.” 😂😂😂
The Cherie Amour Show (22 days ago)
I like this. It's similar to 1 I just uploaded.
Lorien Newbury (25 days ago)
I'd date Scott haha
Neukinjouwbuurt (28 days ago)
Zie deze: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdlWH3gk3-s
Jiejie Zeng (29 days ago)
Darn it, he is so cute.
ani georgieva (30 days ago)
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prestonssebastian2 (1 month ago)
So funny
M. Black (1 month ago)
Violent is a MAJOR RED FLAG, if she talks about fighting other girls, hitting her exes etc, run
Spicy Lemon (1 month ago)
2:48 it’s just not in alphabetical order
BrutusAlbion (1 month ago)
This shit should be taught in school lmao
joe 90 (1 month ago)
Spot on
Observer Enlightened (25 days ago)
The aspect of treating servers poorly is the best barometer...
Green Monster Can (1 month ago)
I have a question. Why would my best friend's boyfriend get so mad over me and her changing clothes in front of each other? When me (I'm a male) and my best friend (who's a woman) were living in a apartment together, we would always change our clothes in front of each other, and thus we would see each other naked all the time. We didn't see each other as anything sexual at all, and so that's why we were so comfortable being naked around each other. But when my best friend got a boyfriend, that all changed. He didn't like the fact we were getting naked and changing clothes in front of each other, so he asked her to stop (which she did). It makes me mad that he got so mad over me and his girlfriend changing clothes and being naked around each other, since he should've known by now that my and his girlfriend's relationship was completely platonic. My best friend eventually moved out my apartment and into her boyfriend's apartment. But it still makes me mad that her boyfriend got so mad over what me and his girlfriend did, it wasn't really that big of a deal.
AOK inks Kwenela (1 month ago)
I am so glad that you make these for guys. I try to help a lot of my males friends to avoid "girls" that are so immature and fruitless.
Eddie G (1 month ago)
That shit hadn't me dying when he says I work at Chick-fil-A 🤣🤣😂😂
Gérald (1 month ago)
Sums up very well what she thinks relationship is about: her 😂
Strawberry Cat (1 month ago)
How about when men put you second to their xes?
nash4life (1 month ago)
hands down that's the best vid ive watched all yr!!!
Esther (1 month ago)
This is so ridiculously sexist that I just can't believe it. If you hate those kind of women, don't date them, or is it that you're a bit retarded?
Steven Undisclosed (1 month ago)
This is a video for men about women. Look at the name of the channel.
Britaney Burnett (1 month ago)
Thank you very much.....😊😊☺☺❤❤🙌🙌
Brian Krall (1 month ago)
Even though some of these don't even need to be started, this is great. At least they shouldn't need to be stated. Maybe some people still need to hear them.
Ninoslav Nikolic (1 month ago)
shit i just looked at my life right now -.-
Merlin Parache (1 month ago)
I feel so bad for the male actor. Women treated him so bad. This video was great.
Samuel Meman (1 month ago)
That list was NOT in alphabetical order
jen cheevers (1 month ago)
There are also people who are fake and overly nice to waiters etc its manipulative.They are clever but not as honest as the person being rude.I've been on dates with a man doing this and then flirting with the staff he was a trainwreck.I was embarrassed to be with him.these rules have no context.
Matthew Bulic (1 month ago)
I APPROACHED THIS GIRL IN A BAR WHO TOLD ME STRAIGHT OUT THAT SHE ONLY Goes out with guys with a 7 inch penis and no smaller or larger! I told her I’m not surgically removing 2 inches just to please you 😏
Moon (1 month ago)
...and you know I work at Chick Fil-A? TROLOLOL, I fucking subscribed, lol.
Dame Marianne Warbah (1 month ago)
00:55 he did surgery on a grape
Taina Eleanor (1 month ago)
The family part is unfair, not all of us have good families. I was adopted and my father was inappropriate with me, mother mentally and physically abused me & never helped me with my depression. My sisters and brother would ignore all these issues and I bet it was because they had been going trough that too and I don't blame them. It isn't fair to put such a thing like everything is peachy all the time. Some of us are better off and better people without our "family."
JonLuc Chargo (1 day ago)
Taina Eleanor very true, my ex gf had potential to be a good person but her family taught her all wrong and fucked her up - now she’s toxic af
Tophe L (1 month ago)
Curving is a red flag! Women often curve instead of rejecting! But is it worse than rejection? Check here if you have been guilty of and/or a victim of curving: https://www.clikdapp.com/is-curving-better-than-rejection
Lemon Ninja (1 month ago)
jokes on you I do not date
Jerry Perez (1 month ago)
assaqwwq (1 month ago)
that list ain't in alphabetical order....
Man O'Neal (1 month ago)
Come on. A lot of these are on point, but let's get into the real shit here. If she's cheated on past boyfriends, been with too many guys, been in porn, ever had problems with drugs, doesn't keep a clean home or can't read you dump her.
Alexander Xavier (1 month ago)
That list for her birthday was definitely not in alphabetical order. Major red flag.
Miss S (1 month ago)
Looks like she should go out and find a new boyfriend for her birthday, since he works at Chick-fil-A... that was her first mistake lol
armadillotoe (1 month ago)
If she has ever used the word "patriarchy" in a non-ironic way. If you have to pretend to be something you are not to keep the peace.
Brianna Hills (1 month ago)
Mar'Taja Jackson (1 month ago)
Now I know why he works at "CHICK" fil-A I'll see myself out now...🏃🚪
JayCfour (1 month ago)
Manly stuff at glaciern.com!! Use code CYBERSALE
T Short Bull (2 months ago)
Oh my god, my ex wife has at least 10 of these personality traits. Ugh, 11 years just down the drain. Course my kids make it worth it.
blazn0 (2 months ago)
2:50 the list isnt in alphabetical order.
joseph sciuto (2 months ago)
LOL my ex had like 10 of these
Dane Logan (2 months ago)
akash singh (2 months ago)
describe my friends girlfriend
antbanks415 (2 months ago)
This describes me and I'm a dude. lol smh.
Lebarron Johnson III (2 months ago)
Hey MEN , check this out https://amzn.to/2DA9RbW
Tony Story (2 months ago)
Just described every woman I have ever dated. Bottom line.. Woman from the US are ALL screwed. Trash!
TamikaUploaded (2 months ago)
Wooooo this equally applies to men as well. Very true flags.
Hesam Khalilamou (2 months ago)
when the 'going to the movies' turns into drunk, and going to a club.. you know ur with a snob
Polyphonic Monkey (2 months ago)
Red flag #1 she is breathing😉
Ashley Whitford (2 months ago)
I found my match at https://matchthefire.com
GoldenPiggie (2 months ago)
Whats the song at the beginning
lalo rc (2 months ago)
If she's a woman your screwed
Heretic (2 months ago)
That list is not in alphabetical order.
Ryan Mendiola (2 months ago)
This is funny
Conn Moss (2 months ago)
it wasnt in alphabetical order bitch
Matthew savant (2 months ago)
Also every single one of this is applicable to men as well, for a women looking for a man
Brianna Hills (1 month ago)
Matthew savant (2 months ago)
Yikes I definitely dated this girl, I left her for another girl that I ended up marrying but at times I wondered if the one I let go was the one that got away but she displayed literally all of these traits and having talked to her a couple times over the years I’ve seen that she’s still the same and has had nothing but unhealthy relationships. I couldn’t articulate at the time why I left her but this sums it up
crab slick (2 months ago)
stay away from western women, especially feminist induced female waste.
ReijiNakashi (2 months ago)
Thanks for this video, I was kinda of missing my ex, and then I saw this video and noticed she had all (except the waiter thing and Princess) those traits, also she proclaimed herself as a feminist... That was the biggest red flag ever
Chris Morgan (2 months ago)
Lol " you know i work at .. chick filet"
James Hamilton (2 months ago)
If she is female and alive; she's crazy. No exceptions
Carlos Cousins (2 months ago)
This video is terribly sexist ...
Johnathan Jocavich (2 months ago)
clove 1971 (2 months ago)
I admit to being flaky at times

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