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How to Avoid Online Dating Scams (Use this background check tool)

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Attract Great Guys (10 months ago)
I can't be alone here... Have you ever been lied to online before?
L Manning (12 days ago)
Mine was not online, someone I knew - for years casually - his basic info was real- and we were both military retired- don't let that sense of duty fool you, but life story et al was all a lie. Communication did mostly involve text & phone calls. He did plan trips that did not come to volition. I am naive and very flexible - this was apparently seen as a weakness. When I did find out after 7 months when we met - he duped me I say - not dumped. It was very confusing, because I was being authentic. Instead of being upset, I pushed through and went out the second he left, did some amazing sightseeing- self care! I learned a lot about MY resilience and got a quick education, so next time - I will be more astute. I am an amazing Woman & 60, so it can happen at any age. He actually did me a favor ..... Lesson Learned.
Tuovi Sjölund (2 months ago)
Attract Great Guys yes many times sadly. May Yeshua help us all next time
DrJade Pan (5 months ago)
Alas I'm a victim .... ...ur right on ALL 5 points! I know EXACTLY what u mean by EMBARRASSING .. I've been utterly sucked in .. now I'm such a sceptic ! .. everyone is a scammer till PROVEN otherwise . I could write a book on the scary impetuous, humiliating not to mention embarrassing experiences ( yes plural ) 😱 I had ! .. ..my curiosity got the better idea of me alas , I I EVEN TOOK A trip to the WORST airport EVER, THAT IS LAGOS, ..! .. N also to bloody Ghana ! ... yet LIFE goes on ... im NOT gonna let freaking SCAMMERS get away w anymore than they already have ! ... darn FRACKERS ! ( not a bad word ) 🤗 " fracking LO LIFE SCAMMERS !! "
Rena Coachman (1 day ago)
Thank you so much 🙏he was using someone picture and he called me and his voice was so different,he kept telling me its was him on the picture 🙏😇
AS Stanley (1 day ago)
I've been on dates with men my own age (late forties) and they're complaining that all women online are scammers. There are so many lovely women out there but if you are 50 ish and a 25 year old is responding enthusiastically to you then think about what it is you're offering to them. Slowly is good. I got scammed by a ''love bomber'' - he was ridiculously keen to start with then announced we weren't on the same page. I google people but some men think this isn't honorable. Women have more to lose than just money. As Jason said, sex offenders meet their victims on line.
ALAN WILSON (2 days ago)
Worst time to be online meeting is when you are vulnerable. All the emotions clouds your judgement
ALAN WILSON (2 days ago)
I got him beat
Sinead Raleigh (5 days ago)
As well as iTunes watch out if they say they have a son or daughter here in the US. Also they sure are using fake pictures, when they say who they are.
Iy Lars (18 days ago)
I been feeling scammer.. single real male contact me if you read this😊
ttshirtnpanties (23 days ago)
I have not been scammed but I am African American and met a white  man on line with a foreign accent  saying that his father was Spanish that's why he has an accent  he is from Pensacola florida.  sent me pics of him at work, his little girl, co workers, the nanny and the grandmother. ok  his job sent him to labos Nigeria for three months  all of a sudden he ran out of money and credit cards was a problem using there. a friend of his sent me money to sent to Nigeria, but not to him, because he said it would be hard for him to transact business, I had to send a western union transaction to a Nigerian man that he met there that works at a bank.  after I did it, I felt something was not right  also he told me to deduct some money out for my time and trouble.  the next week here he comes with another transaction from another man,  I am wondering what is this about  is anyone familiar with this   he never asked me for money because I told him in the beginning  I was broke
Suhaill Diaz (6 days ago)
+ttshirtnpanties wow I am in shock the FBI told you it kinda sounds legit where in fact money mule scams have been going on for years. Google search money mule scam and it will show you how the operation works where it clearly defines your role as a money mule. You have no idea how bad this can get for you doing this innocent thing for the person. Let's think for a moment with a rational mind. A person is giving you random people money for you to deposit get your cut and send over to others in Nigeria or other places. It sounds innocent and harmless you are putting yourself in harm's way because if police tracks the money it will go back to you not the other people but to you only. You will be in financial debt and you will be in prison. Many victims have gone to jail because of this don't be another statistic. Education and awareness is key. Deep down you are questioning it because it does not feel right. It does not make sense. There are scammers who steal identity. Check their profile, if you see they have friends in Nigeria it is a red flag. Does he call you queen, did he say I love you quick, does he have illnesses and family tragedies, is his children study abroad and their mother died in a tragic accident or illness. It's all red flags to pull at your heartstring. Does he have bad grammer, does he have an accent that is not to his native language. Do they have alot of foreigner friends? They even skype call you with a fake voice and image. Mine had a playback recording of his answers he said to me playing back for fifteen minutes repeating over and over. They like to copy text from internet and they believe in true love and soulmate. Be careful if you want to test him out tell them you can't send anymore money and see how he reacts. Stay strong they will pull every situation for you to feel sorry for him. The agents will give you a call and demand for you to send money. Don't do it and you will see for yourself the true nature of them.
ttshirtnpanties (6 days ago)
+Suhaill Diaz thanks for the info I did call the FBI and they said that it kinda sounds legit but they had not heard of this before. Contact me if u have further info thanks
Suhaill Diaz (6 days ago)
+ttshirtnpanties Yes, you are getting scammed it is called money mule scam. Don't do it, you have become a money mule. The money is from other victims and once they find out and report, it traces back to you and when caught, go to jail. They start with small amounts and then it gets larger. The money you take for yourself is fraudulent so if it is reported and traced back to you it is taken away and you committed a crime. The scammers do not get caught because you transacted the money to the the scammer's agent. That's what they call the one sending money to agents which are other scammers or victims thinking they are helping. They are all over the world. The reason they lie about their job and use logos and family pictures is to fiddle with your hearstring of him being a hard worker with a stable job income. The family is for you to see he is family orientated. They basically try to mimic the victim's interest to be the perfect person. That is why when meeting they want to know your marital status, job, and if you live alone to assess the value of money they can scam you. Once you have no money you are done, the scammer gives all your info to other scammers to rescam you. The best thing to do is report to the FBI, local police, change your bank information, state attorney, social security if they have your number, and place a high fraud alert to all your credit cards and credit report. Block all of them and stop communication immediately because you are going to have further financial and legal problems if you continue. If you say no to them, they get aggressive and start saying you do not love them and even make death threats don't listen to them it is empty threats to put fear. I have had death threats and its all lies. They have multiple of victims scamming at the same time anyways.
ttshirtnpanties (14 days ago)
i am puzzles as to why a person would send pics of them at work with the logo on the shirt , and pics of the whole family  even the child , the nanny, and the grandmother  don't they think that if its a scam all would be arrested  all i have to do is how their pics to the officials  and also it was a very small amount  what do u think about this  i have all kinds of pictures   i even made them take a pic right , and i told them to do something in the pic to insure that it was recent   any suggestions
marlon luistro (17 days ago)
dont let it happen money laundering is crime
sharifah mona (27 days ago)
Thank you so much
Kim McLeod (29 days ago)
Online Dating Scams are Real. And it can happen to anyone. Let me tell you all, I had the best of the best Zoosk profile with good and decent pics. I don't have the time nor energy to figure out why I would be targeted but I was. This just happened to me like yesterday, October 19, 2018. Thankfully I only emailed and texted this dude (Fred Clark- 'Watch Out' He is Not Real US ARMY in Afghanistan, EOD, Engineer degree, SSG. a widower with a deaf mother, deceased father) I wish I could contact the real guy to let him know that these scammers have his photos of him with his uniform with his name. Its really sad, how innocent good people are the face of such horrible scammers) but anyways for 6 days and on the 7th day on his "Birthday." He asked for money for iTunes 100 and Bitcoin to pay for his phone bill for more texts. And he wanted to also send me money though Western Union Online. SHAM. Supposedly his card wasn't going through. At that very moment I knew he was a scammer. He got aggressive in his text when I told him I was unable to send him anything and that this was a scam. Also, to point out he was using a phone number from Iowa. he called me 'rude and stupid.' I told him bye and that he will be blocked. I just reported this to Zoosk and I erased all of my profile info, I removed my pictures and Deactivated my account. I just hope and pray these scum bags wont use any of my pictures that was posted and profile info for fake accounts. its creepy and scary. Some of these profiles sound and look so Real, so we really have to tap into Common Sense and our initial Gut feeling. As real as some stuff sound, you know some stuff just don't make sense. And Yes people just need to Stop sending Money Period to people online, regardless. Its like where are their family and friends, that they can't ask them. and Plus I don't want to be with anyone that are asking me for money through online or in person if we are just dating. Something don't add up if they claim to be the professional that they are. Use your Brains people, not your heart, because it will lie to you. I don't foresee dating sites becoming anymore successful because of the rise of scammers and the inability for these sites to track them down. Sites are becoming more interested in the Subscriptions and add-ons that cost money instead of paying more attention to protecting their real and sincere members. I was only on Zoosk for over a month. So I can only imagine what others go through that's been on longer and on other sites as well. Plus we need to be more mindful and aware and stop being so Desperate. I will Be Single until whenever GOD chooses to change that. People need to stop being so lazy and just go out and live there lives and take the time to really get to know people. But unfortunately there's a lot of scammers that are here locally where we live. So its like a catch 22 with dating in 2018. It's absolutely sad we have to run a FBI background check/search on someone to verify their existence to actually go on a date. I've already made up in my mind, if he can't call me, live video chat with me from day 1 and within that first week to meet up in person, there will be no more further communication. Some People are so greedy, desperate for money, rotten, cold and wicked in this world.
Sinead Raleigh (30 days ago)
The new thing now for scammers not just money it's i tune cards. First of all you can't send itun e cards over seas.
Kim McLeod (29 days ago)
this just happened to me like yesterday. thankfully i only emailed and texted a dude for 6days and on the 7th day he asked for money for iTunes 100 and Bitcoin. At the very moment I knew he was a scammed. He got aggressive in his text when I told him I was unable to send him anything and that this was a scam. he called me 'rude and stupid.' I told him bye and that he will be blocked. I just reported this to Zoosk. and completed erased all of my profile info and Deactivated my account. I just hope and pray these scum bags wont use any of my pictures posted and profile for a fake account. its creepy and scary. I cant foresee dating sites becoming anymore successful because of the rise of scammers and the inability for these sites to track them down. Plus we need to be more mindful and aware and stop being so Desperate. I will Be Single until whenever. People need to stop being so lazy and just go out and take the time to really get to know people. But unfortunately there's alot of scammers that are here locally where we live. so its like a catch 22 with dating in 2018. It's absolutely sad we have to run a FBI background search on someone to verify to actually go on a date. I've already made up in my mind, if you that can't call me, live video chat with me from day 1 and within that first week meet up in person, there will be no more communication. Some People are so greedy, desperate for money, rotten and wicked.
Thank you dear for imfo. I repeat to watch again im interested God bless you.great clear to those loving persons like me.
Timothy Benjamin (1 month ago)
I been talking to this woman from Nigeria,she have not ask for no money but she have been trying to rush me into meeting her,I only been talking and chatting only a month.She even talking about having a baby, I told her she rushing it too fast but she get angry when I tell her that. I think this is too good to be true
Loner Lady (5 days ago)
Definitely doesn't sound right. If she's real most likely she's wanting that green card.
Gen.Kenny Wood (1 month ago)
Can we be good friends
ani omar (1 month ago)
Scammers are using Tango App .... as well ..... sending request with Military Fake Profiles
Donna Hill (1 month ago)
None of the photos that have been sent to me show up in a google search. Does that mean they are legitmate?
Hot Dog (1 month ago)
I don't even think it takes all 5 red flags. If all they do is ask for money, or ask for assistance with something that requires the spending of money, that's all it should take. Who the fuck on a dating site asks for financial assistance? It's not just an over seas epidemic of scammer motherfuckers either. You got ratchet bitches and loser deadbeats all over the local damn place waiting to clean your clock too.
Joy Paul-Harrylal (1 month ago)
Been there. Learned a lot. Never give anyone money on social media.
Guillerma Gaspar (2 months ago)
I never do it ever dating in online.i distrusted any kind of online dating
Carol Cohen (2 months ago)
I tried your links because I think someone was trying to scam me
Ben Eastlnd (3 months ago)
I've been scammed but I did send them 15 pound iTunes card
michelleprieur1 (4 months ago)
I did the online dating off and on for years and this advice is spot on. I was never scammed for money and I did my best to not put myself in dangerous situations. It shocked me how willing men are to do so, however. I had men try to get me to meet them at their house before I even talked to them on the phone. Women can be crazy killers just as easily as men can be! Just be careful.
Kathy Waters (4 months ago)
This is great! Thank you for posting! I am an advocate for Romance Scams! I love seeing education out there!!!
Apple Juice (4 months ago)
i just found out the website after i had been scammed.
Paulette Fields (4 months ago)
when doing the google image search, how would you know if the photo is real or fake, and if the photo is real does that mean that the person is real too?
Scott Brockman (4 months ago)
I have just watched this video on YouTube for the first time. I also have been a victim of a scam, with any scammers or catfishes disguised as single Girls or women looking for Love, just this recently with a so called Woman who I met on LinkedIn back in April of this year, Janis Underwood. Long story short, I'm not going to see or talk with her anymore, It's over. This is why I prefer to meet a single girl or woman in real life, in person like at Church or social gathering or even like my friend Megan herself at the bus Station in Everett, why I do go on any online dating or social media sites and especially why when it comes to me and being a victim of a scam to put off dating or having a girlfriend and just stay focused on my job or career, Loving God by serving people. FYI, her name is not Janis, her name is Rojas Marisol :-).
Kristy Mounsey (5 months ago)
My ex fiancé was catfished and sent 'her' $250 000. He left me for 'her' three weeks before our wedding and flew from Australia to the US to meet her but 'she' never met him at the airport. This happened for three years of our six year relationship.
Next time be careful kristy. Better he left you some money but hurt.
Apple Juice (4 months ago)
very sad story, and very hurting.
Suhaill Diaz (5 months ago)
I was a victim of an online scam. He has my personal information, tax information, social security number, bank accounts. Got me for money. I reported him to the FBI but I used been verified and it only works in the US not overseas. The most upsetting thing in talking with other victims is how he is still targeting single moms and older women. I have reported him to all social media platforms but nothing can be done. Just recently some guy happened to be in my contact and messaged me through Facebook and he even treatened me because he wanted to video chat. I told him he was a scammer and was going to report him. I blocked him after he made threat for not video chat with him and thought I was fake and was going to report me. I combed my Facebook friends and blocked anyone I did not know. Moral of the story do not meet anyone online. Everything this guy told me was a lie from the beginning I was groomed for over a year and still trying to readjust back into society. Left me mentally, physically, and emotionally drained.
Suhaill Diaz (6 days ago)
+Felix Hamer thank you for your advice. That was the first time I ever been in a long distance relationship. I had friends who met their significant others online and he scoped me out in Facebook through a mutual friend. I have talked to other victims who one was considering suicide because was in fear of telling her parents, an elder person married someone and it is okay being used. I learned my lesson and it is sad these scammers are targeting women who are christian, single mothers, older women, and domestic violence victims. My scammer is a real identity and we skyped call all the time and he would speak to my mom and my son frequently. I block anyone I do not know and check their profile. Anyone who tries to get you to message away from social media and into private chats it's a red flag because Facebook and others tracks messages and they do not want that. They will establish trust in 1 to 3 months and start grooming the person day and night and even have multiple ones posing as them so the person can be isolated from everyone. They are friends with your friends to control and manipulate the people. My scammer told the other victim of his that I contacted that she is supposed to tell him before she talks to me. He made her seem is me after him and I sent her messages and she saw all the lies. She was being scammed by him for 10 years. I was going to warn other victims but he notified them once he found out I was reaching out to them and deactivated his Facebook page for 3 months but will use others to see the activities. I just wanted to give you a little perspective.
Felix Hamer (7 days ago)
+Suhaill Diaz this is for you or anyone else reading...it is not wise to plan to marry anyone by not actually meeting in person in person and spending time with them...the scammers always have a financial problem big red flag besides find a man or woman right here in the good old USA...
Suhaill Diaz (2 months ago)
+Patti I was in an online long distance relationship for a year and seven months. We would talk for hours and was texting me at all hours. My rational thinking was impaired because of his lies, persistence, and manipulative skills. We were going to get married and he wanted me to sponsor him and needed tax and personal information. Everything he told me I would fact check to see if he was lying or not. He was a real identity and made me think impulsive and irrational. He became the perfect person through my perception. When I talked to his exwife and other victim it was all lies and how he became through their perception. The guy is narcisstic and sociopath. He gets women through his nice personality and tells tragedy stories and illnesses for pity. I have educated myself of these scams and through support groups continue to learn and help other victims.
Patti (2 months ago)
Suhaill Diaz why would you give someone your personal information? The word personal means personal. Only for you why would a sane person send sensitive information for what reason? There is no good reason.
Gratitude Life (4 months ago)
Suhaill Diaz 👍🏼👍🏼
Rosaura Levy (5 months ago)
Thanks!! After this..I recognize them..
Attract Great Guys (5 months ago)
So happy to help!
Weezie Pimenlu (5 months ago)
Happening on Instagram a lot lately 😠
Sinead Raleigh (5 days ago)
snoozinghipo (5 months ago)
Gay guys or straight guys?
Kevin Nunley (6 months ago)
Google images doesn't search Facebook ...which is where scammers are getting all their pics.
Nosibusiso Dingaan (11 days ago)
Ethel Zotomayor (21 days ago)
I tried Tineye.com and it's so usefull
charleen hopkins (7 months ago)
a guy i had,nt met want to pay for my fight to see him, red flag
Spring Lopez (7 months ago)
This is helpful. I should've learned these things before. Thank you!😘
Spring Lopez (7 months ago)
Attract Great Guys Thank you. I appreciate you! 😘
Attract Great Guys (7 months ago)
Glad you found this helpful!
Gysore Mclibee (7 months ago)
all 5 warning is absolutely right...scammers use all of this 5 red flag.
ichiban2point0 (7 months ago)
How to avoid on line dating scams. DON'T GO ON LINE DATING! WHAT'S SO HARD ABOUT THAT.
michelleprieur1 (4 months ago)
I did the online dating off and on for years and never got scammed. There are plenty of people who were scammed long before online dating and it won't end with it either.
roberta heap (6 months ago)
AD Jonathan (7 months ago)
These are not red flags. A child is smarter than these
Joyce Sagulla (8 months ago)
My phone was hacked after the guy with the grey hoodie and no face, only black where his should face should have been,the face?????? What does he represent?
Kendi Young (8 months ago)
thank you that real help me a lot
Josephine Rocque (9 months ago)
It's it is a scam the person ilove you straight away saying to you.its scary
Patricia Naujokat (10 months ago)
Thank you for bringing this to light...a little late for me, but it happened just the way you describe it. Live and learn
Mark D (5 months ago)
Patricia Naujokat send me a message ..provided you have the evidence we can bring up a case to recover your money ..there is nothing the FBI can do
Mark D (5 months ago)
Patricia Naujokat if the scammer is an African I can help you nail his ass
Attract Great Guys (10 months ago)
You're welcome Patricia! Out of all the tools I shared, what do you think would have revealed he was a scammer?

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