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Top hacker shows us how it's done | Pablos Holman | TEDxMidwest

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Never miss a talk! SUBSCRIBE to the TEDx channel: http://bit.ly/1FAg8hB You think your wireless and other technology is safe? From Blue Tooth to automobile remotes, PCs, and "secure" credit cards, Hacker extraordinaire shows how nearly every secure system is vulnerable. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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Text Comments (10105)
Project NEET (16 hours ago)
U tried to increase the video quality
Drake Bills (21 hours ago)
I'm a professional hacker,text me +19725036426 or follow me on Instagram vhris brown
Marc Garza (1 day ago)
So.... my friend wants to learn how to hack where should I send him....?
Mr v Mrs Gaming Wars (2 days ago)
Half of this is fake. Cant even use voicemail. Truth is.... if you know what you're doing, you don't talk about it........ especially infront of loads of people.
Amitabha Kassap (3 days ago)
I'm a total Badass! 🐇🐇
Brian Coyle (4 days ago)
OK, just one thing. Malaria was eliminated in the U.S. by spraying DDT on walls of buildings, primarily residential. Small amounts of DDT, applied by hand. "Silent Sprint" happened after WWII, when agribiz said "lets spray DDT from crop dusters on millions of acres." It killed every insect, and destroyed bird eggs. Humans have a tendency to do invent something useful, then misuse it.
Alex P. (4 days ago)
2019, still no where close to goint to the electronics shop and buying a mosquito destroying perimiter wall. Also, please no one show this to Trump, or he'll pay these guys to develop a system that can identify Mexicans and the rest is going to be.. horrible!
norm lor (5 days ago)
for those like me who have about 100 good to great ideas from producing millions of Gallons of fresh water anywhere on Earth to extinguishing wildfires anywhere on Earth in hours but need technicians to develop these into working ideas?? get back to me on FB messenger if interested please!!
Nicholas Wolfenbarger (5 days ago)
My Favorite Joke: so a guy and a girl go watch transformers. On the way home that night, he fell asleep in the car and had a nightmare of a robot eating him. He woke up and screamed. His wife said "calm down, its just a dream". He said "ok" and got out of the car but when he did, he heard something from the car. He screamed and ran in the kitchen, looking for his gun . His wife looks at him, laughs, and says" you need to calm down" He looks at her. He laughs. she laughs. The toaster laughs. He shoots the toaster. thank you everyone!
Manfish (6 days ago)
Damn whyd they record this on an android
SaltyHorse (7 days ago)
Erick Chavez (8 days ago)
Goddamn Hackers in the 1990's had mackbooks already??
just1certifiable (8 days ago)
If in testing this tech they're able to track and take off mosquito wings just imagine what the military will be able to do..
abubaker elsiddig (9 days ago)
why its on 240p
Luther (8 days ago)
6 years ago
Raghav Sinha (10 days ago)
u can swear on ted? y doesn't every speaker do that
Felicia Bailey (10 days ago)
2019 anyone?
Adel Mosa (10 days ago)
Anyone' watching this in 2019
Sydney Thomas (10 days ago)
Yeah I think I'm gonna live off grid In A giant faraday cage now... thanks
Michael Homchick (11 days ago)
I LIKE THIS GUY!! maybe he can teach cyber warfare folks how to stop hackers.
Dingo Lingo (11 days ago)
Just saying those misquito laser walls will be used on humans, you will know what I mean if you have played abe's oddysey on PS1
Gambetto Nsa (11 days ago)
He hacked me into posting this comment
Tony Debney (12 days ago)
He didn't show how it's done, only what could possibly be done.
shorn gilerhand (12 days ago)
Microsoft account  has been hacked call serport and get put on hold on hold on hold and then get through and again get put back on hold. Microsoft is like face book very not safe watch 5 of the Worst Computer Viruses Ever
Dennis thefreethinker (12 days ago)
Wait... I'm watching a 7 year old video. Damn, they already hacked into my PCs
Mark Nations (13 days ago)
My toaster used to be so passive, Ted hacked it and now it's a bagel killing battle bot...
Xur (13 days ago)
Was 6 years ago really this old man I feel old😕😭
stan williams (13 days ago)
I'm hungry but waiting for my toaster to reboot 🔥 😂
Basilio Guevarra Jr (3 days ago)
install gentoo
Demon Man123 (13 days ago)
wow my mind is "optimized like a hacker" As I do almost exactly what he said..
Bing Rao (14 days ago)
one day, a queen will turn that mosquito laser into human enemy finish-off pins and she can win a war in a minute. all these techs are human ending ideas. fascinating.
Bobaganush26 (15 days ago)
I can do this, and I can do that. He didn't teach or show us how its done. Just showed you what HE can do.
Christopher Zulu (15 days ago)
Ok. So no one will talk about how cool the intro tune is? Whats the name of the tune?
SAMAC maca (17 days ago)
Wow! Just think of all those mosquitoes out there ? I'm talking to you insects. Not so funny now is it !
Michael Traffanstedt (17 days ago)
Turn off cells, tablets,laptops,put it in a suite case,wrapped in a blanket,and throw these damn things in the nearest landfill.Big brother bull,some turd hacker is the peeping Tom. WHEN this stuff eventually breaks down,(stops working) the only people who will survive will be the ones that didn't grow up with these stressful gadgets in their lives to begin with...(P.S. not as old as I sound, just terrified).
CODEMSTR (18 days ago)
I feel bad for the credit card ppl all their info got shown on screen
Fabio Regis (19 days ago)
Anti-mosquito laser system would get more clicks.
Yogesh Khandke (21 days ago)
Cheering when mosquitoes are lasered These rednecks are no better than cave dwellers
Sri Datta Topella (22 days ago)
Amazing. Thanks to Pablo and gates for such a nice project
yobrojoost (22 days ago)
and that was six years ago!
wormwood69 (23 days ago)
Lol, top hackers would definitely NOT be on TED, that's for sure!!!
Rohit Raushan (23 days ago)
what cheap guy..you stole the defcon talk of 'no tech hacking
Emonem Gaara (23 days ago)
wow so coooooool!
Tahmid Ahmed (23 days ago)
I am 14 rn..Wanted to be a hacker since 12..Wish me luck people
AD G (24 days ago)
the RFD credit card is triggered off by sending out a signal that vibrates a crystal in the card that makes the card put your a signal with your info. However, they had to change it to new type of chip where you stick it into the machine. The new chip, seen in 2017, EMV, came out. The problems I see now is, that stores are not asking for ID when people use their chip Card. One thing, using a pin for a Chip/ATM card for ATM Transaction, but over the past 10 years, I have seen a decline in them asking to check your ID to match a card that you use as a charge card. This is a major problem.
AD G (24 days ago)
I have hacked into Phone Recorders. Very easily, with no devices. Just the keypad.
Twinntech (24 days ago)
intro too loud
Hans The'Poet (25 days ago)
I wanna do this for a living.
Katharina Nachname (26 days ago)
Dude is borderline criminal
mahesh reddy (26 days ago)
And I'm watching in 144p...
Followyour Instinct (27 days ago)
Yo to who it may concern I was wondering how to possibly patent and sell an idea you see I was watching some random utube videos and after awhile had a thought that combines a few of them to make something that can ultimately save a lot of lives and need help plz I'm just a guy from Texas and think I have an idea can someone plz point me in the right direction
Eric Donald (27 days ago)
Darkhackerguru @ yahoo com helped me
Endoe Kronic (27 days ago)
Oh.. my credit card information displayed in front of ppl? Who wasn't writing that down...
Endoe Kronic (27 days ago)
This was 2012!! And am just learning this now!!! WTF!! Kill them misquotes!!!
Mcowen Fran (27 days ago)
2018: Well that samy dude went to WIRED video.
BIGNELL TV (28 days ago)
Great, informative video. Well done.
M D (28 days ago)
he is right, he is the top hacker in that room
Antonia Jeff (29 days ago)
Happiness is what you can't just keep to yourself that is why I will like to share this is the best December for me I got 10k in my credit card after been broke for 7 month I found [email protected] com here on YouTube I'm have a great season already.
Paul Matian (29 days ago)
I helped produce, shoot, and edit this video.
Armen Berberyan (29 days ago)
Я ЗНАЮ, ВЫ отзовитесь - будто излечить растерянный склероз - MS , изволь напишите , заблаговременно признателен.... Читайте антропософию Р Штайнера.. Читайте антропософию Р Штайнера..
Kalei (29 days ago)
Someone explain to me why there are 7K dislikes?
chas marischen (30 days ago)
Reminds me of the movie "Sneakers" = 'No More Secrets'.
TheOnlyNoone (30 days ago)
"Soon your toaster will be a PC" My PC is a toaster...
Andrew Winkler (30 days ago)
He was working for bill gates, but used a ps3 in his presentation
Clinton Sinclair (1 month ago)
He thinks he is the real life tony stark, but then theres Elon musk.
Dindo Nuffin (1 month ago)
I'd like to see you hack my VPN on my mobile broadband modem sonny!
Eric Donald (1 month ago)
Who knows them?
Eric Donald (1 month ago)
I recommend darkhackerguru for anyhacking services.
Mystic LGD (1 month ago)
im going to play minecraft on my toaster
Jiansen Zheng (1 month ago)
The amazing thing is that he was programming in Python already, 11:09.
t or (1 month ago)
the toaster idea is brilliant , it could ask you if wanted some toast , then it could try to convince you you need some toast , then a discussion on the probability and wait for it the intellectual responsibility you have to eat some toast and some suggestions as to when you might want to eat some toast . What a wonderful world were going to have , hope they use the voice from red dwarf though we need some comedy in our lives ..............
Marc Dhios (1 month ago)
my toaster isnt a pc, but my pc is a toaster
St Nk (1 month ago)
"I can watch movies for free. Play video games too" sooooo...torrents?
abdul rashid (1 month ago)
Video recorded using Casio calculator
H4CK3R M4N. 2 SP00Ky 4 Me.
Shahrukh Mushtaq (4 days ago)
Breanne Stahlman (1 month ago)
Fantastic mosquitos demo ty
M11rf (1 month ago)
He might be able to hack into the TV in hotel rooms, but if the picture quality is only 144p then it's fricken useless.
Hobbie Khn (1 month ago)
The quality of those is for some reason. Spoiler: to hide the information of ppl credit cards shown.
Deividas Tamasauskas (1 month ago)
I agree they just love it. 0 complains from mosquitoes:)))))
Daddy Paddy (1 month ago)
Very misleading title :-( Should have been called “Smug hacker shows off” 👎🏼
johnmark guillero (1 month ago)
Welp time to learn programming
John Smith (1 month ago)
How do you stop basic hacking then no awser nowhere
John Smith (1 month ago)
And i know this is old tech but it dos`nt change much for ios and aos i think
LilPixelPirate (1 month ago)
When your toaster gets hacked... WHY DOES MY TOAST KEEP CATCHING ON FIRE!?
Sathish Shaj (1 month ago)
you are not smart at all time,what you will do if the mosquito comes from upside of the laser beams..
KrypticFade (1 month ago)
stinky indian poo poo man
José Carrasquillo (1 month ago)
f mosquitoes
Clinton Rockwell (1 month ago)
hahaha. sure did
LuraxThunder (1 month ago)
You can almost see what's going on
Geoff Bournes (1 month ago)
hans84lr (1 month ago)
Franticly searches for grandma's vacuum cleaner '' is save ?! is it hidden ?! ''
Davy Jones (1 month ago)
i hope my toaster gets all my browser history and prints the images on toast.
Davy Jones (1 month ago)
i really dont , please god no
Duggy Dugg (1 month ago)
Why the f*** are people laughing? This guy is showing how he could screw them
Hiit10fitness (1 month ago)
I like how he just brushed over the fact they put ddt in consumer products and the ddt / polio connection gets completely ignored in the media.
Gram Carter (1 month ago)
2012!!! Dam 6 years has never felt so like the distant past, wen he said Myspace I checked the date!! Dam if he in Chicago I was holed up in county at the time of filming, shout out division 2, L house lol smh crazy...
Michael Ravetti (1 month ago)
There is an AmazonBasics "cloud connected" microwave. With Alexa and is voice activated
Tony Madness (1 month ago)
well here i am 7 years from the future and these guys have yet to install that dang mosquito lazer. i remember watching this in 2018 when it was only 6 years old. now its 13 . heads up, Donald trump ruins america .
angel/demon 417 (1 month ago)
Dude this is sick. Straight genius
john smith (1 month ago)
Imagine being stuck next to him on a plane. Scare you to death.
Kaden Lehman (1 month ago)
I’m watching this in 144p
Kaden Lehman (1 month ago)
Right when he started calling someone my moms phone rang
Crystal Nolan (1 month ago)
Anyone familiar with the Steven Avery case (making a murderer) Season 1 . Teresa Halbachs voice mail was tampered with. They couldn't explain it. This just gave us the explanation on what or how it possibly happened.
DoubleM-K Gaming (1 month ago)
I now have a toaster PC, it prints and everything!
ahmed mansour (1 month ago)
thaaaanks << you really nailed it

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