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Use Your Real Voice… Vote!

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Why is voting important to you? The hosts share stories and urge everyone to get to the polls, in this clip.
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selena johnson (1 year ago)
it seems to me you can vote all you want, the real people running this country will pick the president! if you know what i mean.........
Isabelle Joseph (2 years ago)
and then trump won...m
Siamah Lee (2 years ago)
omg its 0.10 cents for a bag and im here in Canada complaining for 0.05 lol! Trust me I always say I dont need one and carry all my 20 things in my hands.. BEST BELIEVE LMAO
Jcoop (2 years ago)
I find it so funny how before they would give hints to who the voting for and now after tamar got fired for saying trump was racist they not saying nothing
Deborah Ruth Trotter (2 years ago)
I totally respect how you encouraged people to vote w/out endorsing or smashing particular candidates. That's pretty cool... and also that you pointed out that it's more than just the pres they need to be voting for, but down ballot folks as well. Good job.
Chandy's Kitchen (2 years ago)
adrienne I see you !!!!! with that choka. .. Yea gurl.... you go on withca bad self.
malibuluv209 (2 years ago)
spybubbble (2 years ago)
I understand where they're coming from. But at the same time, if someone doesn't want to vote that we should respect that as well.
Cece Christian (2 years ago)
Early Voting Is The Best. I Was In And Out Today. It Took Me On 5 minutes 🗳
lynn.ri (2 years ago)
didn't Adrienne tap out chokers? 🤔
Jazel Ayala (2 years ago)
what lip liner and gloss do you guys use on Adrienne? i love it !
Geminilove 69 (2 years ago)
if trump won i will cry and move to another country
Inspector Gadget (2 years ago)
Soooo I think Trump is the most logical choice to vote for. The third party vote is a great option for getting our voices heard and getting rid of partisan lines.  The problem is voting third party at this moment in time would be a premature move in trying to fix the system. A vote for third party would possibly mean Hillary would be president. A vote for Trump, should he be elected would get you closer to that goal. Neither the GOP or the democrats want him in. They will fight him tooth and nail to get him impeached and make sure the people hate him, and many already do. So you would tear apart the system because we will be extremely divided during these four years. That's when the next go round a third party can step up and say "Hey I'm a centrist, lets meet in the middle." And they'll have a greater shot. There are more independents than there ever have been in recent times. And right now there is a huge crack in the foundation. To see it completely fall apart I'd say a vote for Trump is the most logical answer. I believe if Hillary is elected things will carry on as usual. After four years she'll run again and many people will vote republican to try to beat her again! And the cycle will continue. A vote for Trump will break that cycle. She won't run again, and more people than ever are aware of third party candidates. So after four years you'll be able to really see a third party candidate get a real shot.
Esmeralda Claudette (2 years ago)
Should kids be allowed to vote?
Kris Phillip (2 years ago)
Living in America and contributing to the American people and system, it's your duty to vote.If you've been sitting out this election because you believe that you're stuck between choosing the lesser of two equal evils, shame on you. You are not taking a moral high ground by choosing to be impartial, but rather showing the world that you have questionable morals while being both ignorant and irresponsible. For the sake of everything that is good about humanity, go out there and vote, and vote for what you know is right.
Diane Smith (2 years ago)
Yes, VOTE no matter what!
Molika Men-Thlang (2 years ago)
Adrienne wants to say FU DTrump so bad right there yelling at the latinas to vote!!!
joseph robinson (2 years ago)
OK we get it Adrianne lied about not wearing chokers get over it
Wendy Navarro (2 years ago)
Voting is so important
luki lukiss (2 years ago)
Had the pleasure to attend the taping of this episode. I loved it💕💕💕. The girls are super sweet and super tiny in person. Adrienne your goals👌👌👌🙌
Ellen Jatta (2 years ago)
In the UK, well England am not sure about the rest of UK you have to pay 5p for a bag.
NatsTheatricalLife (2 years ago)
If you want your voice to be heard. vote!
Tony Rodriguez (2 years ago)
LMAO cynthia is so fucking dumb. yeah vote early because you dont wanna feel overwhelmed, im single, oh and yeah i gotta work and i dont have time and blah blah blah bitch stfu noone cares lmao i bet this broads goes to MC.D and says can i have a number 2 with a coke and im single so its just one . bitch have a seat
C Will (2 years ago)
Anthony Rodriguez u have so many problems. Why u hate her so much. She is making her money so she can't be that dumb. It's good advice, being busy is not an excuse, you can always vote early so u don't have the stress.
Tony Rodriguez (2 years ago)
what if i dont wanna vote because they are both wack jobs!!!!????!?!?? Yeah thats what it is
Diane Smith (2 years ago)
Anthony Rodriguez There's a 3rd Party Independent Vote choice. Vote Jill Stein!
Lucy Partridge (2 years ago)
One of the few times I'm proud to be British🙌🏻🙌🏻
Fatimata (2 years ago)
didnt adrienne say she wasnt wearing chokers no more?
Pwincess Trix (2 years ago)
Hold on in America you guys had the opportunity to vote for free bags or not??? in UK we didn't have no option the government be forcing us to pay 5p for a bag. nah i'm pissed I wish we had a vote!
None Other (2 years ago)
Ooo jeannie hair looks good down
sho alexander (2 years ago)
I was just thinking that too
Brian d (2 years ago)
I wasn't going to vote until I seen all these people making a big campaign to get everyone to vote within the past like 2 or 3 weeks, and its really shown me how serious it is. luckily I was already registered when I checked the other night because the deadline is cut off already, and I wasn't sure if I was registered until last night. its really true, one state could swing the entire thing, and its communities that vote together and go out to the polls together that are helping the numbers go up and that helps the entire states number go up. I've realized how selfish it is not to vote when I have every opportunity to because I'm lucky enough to vote. & you vote really counts, people really need to think longevity when they vote because a lot of people are voting out of spite , and they're just being part of the fucking problem . I really hope this country makes the right decision. but I know for damn sure that if Trump is elected, I am losing all respect for this country, for the authority , for the government, for everything about this country, and the next 4 years there's going to be hell to pay. so many trump supporters are voting out of spite of Hillary supporters, and Hillary herself. but she is the only qualified person for the job. at the end of the day I don't want a cashier or gas station clerk to be operating on my body and making permanent changes to my body because he isn't the least bit qualified in what the actual job standards are. this election has become a mockery, and its set us back so far . all because of one man, sounds a lot like the other hundreds of times in history when one man has caused endless damage .
zai zai (2 years ago)
black people go vote for trump trust me Nothing good gonna come out from hilary !!!
zai zai (2 years ago)
+misseydj123 no the world gonna be the world trust me in some case we dont have to wait a politician for things to change !what i try to say is if we put hilary as president things gonna get worst !!!
LadyAmour (2 years ago)
zai zai And you think good will come out of trump? LOL. And for black people? You're clearly joking
aisha (2 years ago)
is adrienne wearing a choker?? didn't she say she wouldn't anymore XD
Lina A (2 years ago)
YES! She drives me nuts. I find her very fake and so sick of her pouting her lips all the time.
Nessa (2 years ago)
+The Truth still cute lol
The Truth (2 years ago)
it screams 90s
Nessa (2 years ago)
looks good tho
aisha (2 years ago)
Santricia Jones someone needs to call her out tho!! she was so dramatic about not wearing it XD
mariangonzalez (2 years ago)
"I'm with her!!" Go VOTE everyone!
Christiana Adekoya (2 years ago)
I hate what Adrienne is saying! People fought for minorities to have the choice of voting! I hate when people are like oh black people marched so you have to vote! I just feel like if you don't want to vote then that's cool... just don't complain if things don't go the way you want in the country
La la la (2 years ago)
Yupp registered and ready to vote!! Trump2016 baby!!! #MAGA
Daniela Gonçalves (2 years ago)
TRUMP 2016
Makayla (2 years ago)
So it is optional to vote in the US? Because here in Australia we have to vote otherwise we'd get fined
Makayla (2 years ago)
+Christiana Adekoya yeah I know as soon as you turn 18 you have to vote
Christiana Adekoya (2 years ago)
Makayla Styles yeah its optional in the US, and the UK too. Wow I can't believe you guys get fined.. that's crazy
bombon825 (2 years ago)
love Tamera's dress as well as Adrienne's
Molatelo Moloto (2 years ago)
America IS voting on my birthday 8 Novermber!!!!!!!! My day will deteRmine thE future of American...I'm a South African but I know that Hillary Clinton will win...#VIVAHILLARY
Nandi Majola (2 years ago)
Lol #VIVAHILARY #akanavalo
Genavieve C (2 years ago)
Loni is seriously my favorite ! Her and Adrienne are my fav ☺️
twigityful (2 years ago)
Heyyyyy Adrienne is wearing a chocker after promising to quit it
heyits me (2 years ago)
shes a woman, we be hypocrites lol
Kwame O-A (2 years ago)
twigityful why did she promise to quit?
heyits me (2 years ago)
lol  she wore one the nxt episode
ComedyCrazyFreedom 101 (2 years ago)
I won't be sorry for not voting in this election...so I've casted myself out of this term and would be happier not to vote due to the candidates are not making sense! Don't even ge me started, I've never seen the dirtiest campaigns and debates than 2016 U.S, I'm outa this for good.
crystal barr (2 years ago)
ComedyCrazyFreedom 101 trump and Clinton our not the only ones running for president/ just the two major parties
Gabrielle Haynes (2 years ago)
I didn't care too much about voting but Adrienne did bring up a good point about it being disrespectful so I definitely won't waste my freedom to vote
Gabrielle Haynes (2 years ago)
misseydj123 yeah I totally understand what you're saying but at the same time, SOMEONE is going to become president. & whether we like it or not, these are the candidates we have now or those are the candidates we have at whatever time, not specifically this election, & so it's better to think of someone you can tolerate, even if you don't love them, & vote for them because it'll be worse to have someone you HATE become president.
LadyAmour (2 years ago)
Gabrielle Haynes it's not disrespectful if you don't agree with either candidates. You don't vote just to say you voted, you vote because you truly believe that candidate will do GOOD and make a difference. If you don't believe they can do that, don't vote. It makes no sense to vote for bad candidates rather than just not voting at all. My comment is not referring to this election, this is about voting in general
Christiana Adekoya (2 years ago)
+Gabrielle Haynes I totally understand that but they fought and died for black people and women to have the choice to vote and have a say in what's going on around them. Me choosing not to vote don't mean I don't care or appreciate what people in the past have done, it's just a choice I'm making (which is the whole point of their fight and struggle). I think it's just very pushy when people say you HAVE to vote because people fought for it. (BTW I do vote, but it's just something I feel strongly about when people make it seem like the height of disrespectful for using your right to choose not to vote) 😆😊
Gabrielle Haynes (2 years ago)
Christiana Adekoya because people died for women & black people to be able to vote today. & for me to just not care is kind of disrespectful because of their sacrifice
Christiana Adekoya (2 years ago)
Gabrielle Haynes How is it disrespectful though? I don't get it
maddy !!! (2 years ago)
ugh..hillary & trump are both awful. what a joke of an election this year.
kerrygotcake (2 years ago)
choker queen
exposing christians (2 years ago)
This election is a fucking joke......stop acting like it's not. Especially if you live in Idaho were majority of the voters are racist.....my hispanic vote does not count.
Biks (2 years ago)
Jovi Ramirez what if it does?? Don't complain, go vote!
purest soul (2 years ago)
moonlightbae (2 years ago)
You're dumb. Hope you're looking forward to Trump being your president.
purest soul (2 years ago)
i live in space so thank you and have a seat
Selom Skitoh (2 years ago)
You totally don't get it.
purest soul (2 years ago)
im writing in sailor moon
Jane Ryan (2 years ago)
So go reject your ballot then.
Alex Windley (2 years ago)
"Please Vote!...... for Hillary Clinton." We know exactly what you're doing guys. Quit pretending.
NYCzora (2 years ago)
Election Day in the US should be a national holiday like it is in many other countries. People shouldn't have to take off work on the day of, to vote.
Diane Smith (2 years ago)
NYCzora You don't have to. Polls are open late until 8 or 9pm. Also, there's early voting mail-in Ballots.
Chantal Manuel (2 years ago)
VONiiE8 (2 years ago)
Aren't they a little late?
LadyAmour (2 years ago)
+VONiiE8 True. I see where you're coming from. They have been talking about the candidates themselves for many months now, but not really about voting in general until recently. Not the best timing lol
VONiiE8 (2 years ago)
misseydj123 oh I know that. I was just confused as to why they waited until after registration dates are done to convince ppl to vote when most registered voters have every intention to vote. This is something they should've been talking about since the beginning of the month. I just feel like the priority should be to convince ppl to register first, and then remind them as it gets closer to the general election date.
LadyAmour (2 years ago)
+VONiiE8 To register to vote, yes. Not to vote in general though. The ladies were talking about voting, not being registered to vote. That is what I thought you meant, considering being registered to vote should have been done week/months before they talked about this. If people weren't registered to vote by now, that's too bad for them
VONiiE8 (2 years ago)
misseydj123 well considering most, if not the whole country, is past the date where they can register to vote, they are.
LadyAmour (2 years ago)
VONiiE8 no
Maroo IsHere (2 years ago)
is it just me or is Adrienne glowing GLOWing
Michie Oo (2 years ago)
I wonder if Tamera is democrat for this years election. Her Republican Party is embarrassed about trump, so she might be over by democrats side this time around
LadyAmour (2 years ago)
Diane Smith well her husband is a republican and they are his kids too. He's also said some questionable things on FOX news. Do you think having biracial children means you aren't ignorant on race?
Diane Smith (2 years ago)
Michie Oo How on Earth could she be a Republican with those bi-racial kids???????
J A. M (2 years ago)
EDITING MY LAST COMMENT. I went back and watched videos of them discussing Trump on the show and it seems like Tamera doesn't actually say anything about him. When the Trump topic comes up, she stays silent.. I think she's voting for Trump.
Joanna Burt (2 years ago)
'Don't give yourselves to brutes...Let us fight for a new world, a decent world. A world that will give men a chance to work, that will youth a future and old age a security. By the promise of these things, brutes have risen to power. But they lie, they do not fulfill that promise, they never will. Dictators free themselves and enslave the people... In the name of democracy, let us all unite!' Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator. 💚✌🌎 #peopleplanetpeaceoverprofit #jill2016 #powertothepeople
Christiana Akerele (2 years ago)
This is the election where people are not voting based on platforms but rather on who they like better or because they're females wanting to support a potential female president. Everyone go vote for the independent party lol
Lissandra Freljord (2 years ago)
They are all clearly against Trump and for HiIllary. Ironic how a republican channel brings a panel of democratic women into their show. But then again, the entertainment industry is predominantly democratic.
Jcoop (2 years ago)
lol that's what I'm saying I truly believe the reason tamar got fired was when she went against them by calling trump racist
Diane Smith (2 years ago)
Lissandra Freljord Go watch FOX News. There's a lot of hate Speech on there & delusional news coverage!
osimeon00 (2 years ago)
Exactly. This is what's so crazy to me.
Beck Cetera (2 years ago)
+Lissandra Freljord I have, but this particular segment that you commented on is out of context in regards to what you were saying.
Lissandra Freljord (2 years ago)
You should watch other segments.
Árbol de Vida (2 years ago)
I will vote to throw my vote away 👍🏽
Beni Briggs (2 years ago)
Adrienne said she won't wear chokers anymore though. Y does she have one on now?
Davis (2 years ago)
Vote third party!!! Dr. Jill Stein ❤ Don't make the media discourage you from voting 3rd party! The goal is 5% people! spoiler: she's not a liar or a bigot.
crystal barr (2 years ago)
Davis I voted for her
Dashelle Disna (2 years ago)
yes AD. my professor made my class take a literacy test that African Americans had to go through. those tests were not easy to pass. So we Thank God for our great civil rights leaders who made it possible for African Americans especially.
ChelseyWithLove (2 years ago)
Our votes truly don't count, as presidents are determined via the electoral college. But voting is a privilege many don't have in other countries, so vote anyways 🇺🇸
NYCzora (2 years ago)
Our votes do count. The people's vote is what determines the electoral college. For example if the majority of people in Virginia vote for the Democratic candidate, then all of Virginia's electoral college votes will go to the Democratic candidate. The electoral college votes don't just come from thin air.
CSpan1993 (2 years ago)
Ok even if you don't care about politics just go out and vote for every person that has a (D) or Democrat next to their name so the Republicans stop fucking with us.
CSpan1993 (2 years ago)
I hate when people say that if you don't vote you can't complain...you can abstain from voting because you refuse to participate in a corrupt political system and at the same time complain about the system. Those aren't mutually exclusive concepts.
Jane Ryan (2 years ago)
+CSpan1993 That logic doesn't make sense...
moonlightbae (2 years ago)
+CSpan1993 And my point is that if you vote against Trump and he wins then you have every right to complain because at least you actually attempted to oppose his position of power. If you sat back and did nothing, then you have no basis but laziness. I'm not trying to be ignorant to people who conspire against the system because I'm a conspiracy theorist myself, however I have nothing to lose by voting. There's no point in demonizing the system if you're not actively doing something to change it.
CSpan1993 (2 years ago)
+No you completely failed to understand my argument. even if you vote against trump and he wins you're responsible for what he does because you legitimized his tenure by voting aka participating in the system.
moonlightbae (2 years ago)
This is dumb. You can't lay back and watch your country turn to turmoil then complain it's not going your way. People who complain about the system and make no conscious effort to change it baffle me. If something's not going your way, what do you do? You fix it. Or at least *try* to. If you sat back and watch Donald Trump become your president, then don't complain. You didn't do anything to oppose it, therefore you're partly at fault. It's simple.
Kris Phillip (2 years ago)
I have to disagree, living in America and contributing to the American people and system, it's your duty to vote.If you've been sitting out this election because you believe that you're stuck between choosing the lesser of two equal evils, shame on you. You are not taking a moral high ground by choosing to be impartial, but rather showing the world that you have questionable morals while being both ignorant and irresponsible. For the sake of everything that is good about humanity, go out there and vote, and vote for what you know is right.
eensley 95 (2 years ago)
I mailed my absentee ballot today!!
dont ask (2 years ago)
Please everyone, VOTE TRUMP!
Toothpick So (2 years ago)
Adrienne is looking spicy today 👀 👀 👀
Cat Lover (2 years ago)
Nice Try, ladies...
Vivian Ngo (2 years ago)
I wish Michelle Obama was running for president 😩 Be much more happier if she was our first female president rather than Hillary Clinton...
Christopher Nelson (2 years ago)
You still better vote for Hillary
Vivian Ngo (2 years ago)
msCHIevous94 Suck it up? Lol why u mad tho Obviously I know she isn't, was just saying I love Michelle Obama because she is so inspirational to many people including myself.
msCHIevous94 (2 years ago)
Well shes not so suck it up
Obi Braxton (2 years ago)
was thinking same thing! one day she'll be there haha you've not heard the last of the OBAMAS. i mean if Hilary can...
Vanessa Pascual (2 years ago)
I agree!
X9OX (2 years ago)
Americans still think they're choosing their president? LOL
Ariel JJ (2 years ago)
Please stop. I am an American, and we do not pick our president. President Bush was NOT elected by popular vote, the Electoral college chose against our wishes.
love love (2 years ago)
ikr..I just dislike the video -_- as if anything will change
V Love-Williams (2 years ago)
The known voting fraud that Americans seem completely fine with is why the people's vote doesn't necessarily mean anything...
- - (2 years ago)
every person in congress is a puppet! illumnaughty!
MsBrooklyn11232 (2 years ago)
This election is very important and I am definitely voting (and I am voting early). Donald Trump CANNOT be our next president. Everyone please go and vote.
zaraaaaaa (2 years ago)
A looks beautifull in this episode, i think she had lost some weight
Diane Smith (2 years ago)
zaraaaaaa I hope so b/c that soon 2 be hubby of hers is fat. So 2gether she will think it's okay 2 get even bigger.
joseph robinson (2 years ago)
We is doomed either way but I would feel safer with Hillary in office than trump
sarah phinees (2 years ago)
+Phiphi Todebone Nah it's cool some people are more sensitive than others lmao.
Phiphi Todebone (2 years ago)
Diane Smith She clearly was joking she never said the USA didn't help some of y'all need to chill damn.
Phiphi Todebone (2 years ago)
sarah phinees LMAO
Ohl-nuhh N (2 years ago)
dj oldskool you do know there are other people running beside Hilary and trump right?? I sure didn't until I looked at the ballot...
BritBrit Nicole (2 years ago)
Vote people!
Shakena Mincey (2 years ago)
thank you loni your local vote means more than your presidential vote ,you can't change your community if you don't vote on those in office running locally so yes please vote and do your own research on candidates and not just watch TV ads on who to vote for ,check your ballots and be sure they are correct before submitting your votes
Shayna Dorsey (2 years ago)
I'll definitely be voting!! It's my first election that I'm old enough. This election is very important and I'm scared of what's to come.
smilerbre405 (2 years ago)
+Bitta SweeT you must be a troll...
Shayna Dorsey (2 years ago)
Bitta SweeT you sound very ignorant by saying you're a dummy for voting in the gen election if you're black, you're a dummy if you don't vote.
smilerbre405 (2 years ago)
Bitta SweeT not true
smilerbre405 (2 years ago)
same im 19. I did vote for Bernie but we all sadly know what happened.
Dashelle Disna (2 years ago)
Shayna Dorsey same. at 21 its my time voting for a presidential election
Esther Grace (2 years ago)
This election year has been so nauseating! Can't wait till its over!
Mawusse Agba (2 years ago)
basically the message here is don't vote for 'that' man!🤓 Or you're all in for a long ride!!🤓
joseph robinson (2 years ago)
Mawusse Agba yes a long ride to hell
Daniella (2 years ago)
So glad I live in Australia 😂
Santricia Jones (2 years ago)
+pres880 People probably think non Americans are jealous because they put our country down every chance they get.
Edom Omo (2 years ago)
+pres880 so true majority of them don't even have passports and have never left the country to talk about how backwards everywhere else is
press (2 years ago)
the issue with the American mindset is that you guys think everyone is scared or jealous, i lived in America and also Australia among a few other countries and i can honestly say its predominantly Americans who act high and mighty, and usually know the least about the rest of the world. All im trying to say is the world is a very big place with lots of great countries as well as America. I loved living there but i also love the freedom and more liberal mindset of Australia/NZ Yes, i said freedom. It exists outside of America too.
A.A (2 years ago)
Omg I've never been so proud to be Australian after seeing this mess of an election unfold. Americans can say all they want about other countries, just understand that your country has become a laughing stock all over the Western World. My family in Texas are moving to Australia in a month and they're over the moon about leaving lmao.
Santricia Jones (2 years ago)
+Nicky Morgan She's not my mate and i don't agree with her "bow down bitch" because we are all equal and we can't help where we popped out. Glad you agreed that neither country is perfect and we all have flaws. But there is nothing wrong with being proud of where you come from. Just sick of people who don't even live in the US diss a place where they don't even reside.
ali m (2 years ago)
great point A
Danna Banana (2 years ago)
osimeon00 (2 years ago)
I'm black and proud and marched in that voting booth yesterday PROUDLY voted Trump. We can't tolerate nonsense from Democrats anymore. If we want a future, it lies with the Republican platform. Just as it did for our ancestors. #TeamGOP
ChelseyWithLove (2 years ago)
Hopefully 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
joseph robinson (2 years ago)
Trump is gonna send us back to the cotton fields PLEASE PEOPLE DON'T BE IGNORANT VOTE SMART
Myronn Coleman (2 years ago)
PLEASE ! If you want your voice to be heard I suggest you go out and vote ! Even if you don't really care just realize that you also have a say in which way this election goes ! Use your REAL voice ! I'm telling you right now this is so important because our country is on edge of going to hell if Donald becomes president

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