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The Harrington Jacket - Men's Wardrobe Essentials

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http://awest.me/harrington for details and my favorite Harrington Jackets that you should own. Related Videos Chino Pants - https://youtu.be/IHVvKOL6gsc Jeans/Denim - https://youtu.be/A8rPbNwtLn4 T-Shirts - https://youtu.be/3AP1RRMDKgs Polo Shirts - https://youtu.be/jWUks-bO6xs White Sneakers - https://youtu.be/7-rtOd4_A-o Overcoats & Peacoats - https://youtu.be/uK-k6eUpbec Briefcase/Messenger Bag - https://youtu.be/Cwl1xoqqKxg Backpacks/RuckSacks - https://youtu.be/1ZnxTwZ4BHQ http://awest.me/ebooks - to download my free ebooks about the style mistakes you're probably making and the seasonal essentials you should own. Follow Me On: SnapChat - https://www.snapchat.com/add/ashleypweston Twitter - http://twitter.com/ashleypweston Instagram - http://instagram.com/ashleypweston Facebook - http://facebook.com/ashleywestonstylist Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.com/ashleypweston
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Text Comments (184)
Prince Vegeta (9 days ago)
Daniel Wellington...I’ll pass.
mark halunajan (13 days ago)
hey Ash what is the difference of harrinton jacket and bomber jacket? thanks
Kevin Collins (18 days ago)
Buy real leather even save for it
Kevin Collins (18 days ago)
KING0SISQO (29 days ago)
I disagree with khaki. Maybe depending on what your style is. Green is better or black. Navy is a good choice though. My neighbor is trying to copy my whole look. Only difference is we are not the same colour.
Joe Lloyd (1 month ago)
That intro music is really classy Ashley . :)
Wacky Wocky (1 month ago)
Why does Elvis always look cool? It’s weird because it’s just him no matter what he wears he’s always looking cool
Ian The Realist. (1 month ago)
We r the Mods
Berend Kuiper (1 month ago)
If i follow this wardrobe essentials guide, i will have to spend over 2k on clothing because there is so much
DL (1 month ago)
buy second hand - check ebay
David Gold (1 month ago)
It’s called a Baracuta G9, not a Harrington.
The Nickster (2 months ago)
could you wear this with joggers?
Christopher Derrick (3 months ago)
Please do not advise people to wear Daniel Wellington. It is not very good value for money and you can get a watch that looks every bit as good, costs less, and is a bit less expensive. Daniel Wellington is a marketing company not a watch company. If I may I would suggest a Seiko SNK, an Orien Bambino or an offering from Timex. Other than that I agree about the Harrington Jacket being a great staple of a man's wardrobe.
Outta12 (4 months ago)
The tan jacket would have matched the second outfit way more. The blue jackey would have looked matched the first outfit
charlie (6 months ago)
Tommy's been hitting it awful hard
Ngoc Hoang Hoang (7 months ago)
Can I dress Harrington Jacket with V-neck sweater? Thank U.
FluffyBonzai Beetle (8 months ago)
Tommy looks like he had too much to drink last night and suddenly gets the call for a modeling gig the next morning.
arun sena (8 months ago)
Hey Ashley, what are your thoughts on a green Baracuta G9?
XFS540 (10 months ago)
Black dress shoes with jeans? Not a great pairing if you ask me. Brown is usually the better option. I actually just got a Baracuta G9 in black a few weeks ago. I have nothing against navy, but black will still have contrast with both khakis and denim. A navy jacket with dark blue jeans looks a little monochromatic in my opinion.
Wolfy :3 (11 months ago)
I don't want to look like my dad lol. Imma stick with a bomber
Happy KanomKrox (11 months ago)
there are so many types of jackets. so confused.
waheed Ashraf (11 months ago)
Is the guy normal? 😦
Django Z (11 months ago)
It's goes well with crew cut hair, ben sherman shirt, levis jeans and dr martens boots!
Jeffrey Franco (11 months ago)
That is NOT a Harrington. The English made Baracuta jacket was worn on the TV series Peyton Place. The Baracuta was worn by a character named Harrington in the series.
Dat Do (1 year ago)
Can you layer this with a hoodie if it is cold?
viper (1 year ago)
trying to pull off a harrington with shorts and sandals, any tips?
Darrell Gregory (1 year ago)
Ben Nevis Harrington jacket, polo shirt, 501 levi's, made in England Doc Marten's - sorted.
I like the collar on mine. Should I starch it to make it stay up?
Sai Rishi (1 year ago)
Thenk yeh
Walid Soliman (1 year ago)
now, I want to ask you a question, "is it plausible to have two colors of the same item? like, navy blue or khaki, for instance in one wardrobe!
DL (8 months ago)
I have a gray and navy blue G9. On my wishlist is red, racing green, and khaki! (this may never happen)
Miguel Ibaceta (1 year ago)
you great!
N Lin (1 year ago)
So my favorite color is navy but I already have a navy field jacket (and looking back on it, most of my wardrobe is navy, gray, and light blue). If I were to get a Harrington, I feel like having a navy field AND harrington don't make much sense, but I don't really like the khaki color much. I was looking at the Merc jackets and I liked the gray, green, and burgundy but only the burgundy is carried in my size. I've been told burgundy is a really good versitile color but does that only apply to sweaters and chinos, then?
Lalos SAW (1 year ago)
you got my subscribe with this video. you are awesome and I'm going to follow all your suggestions. I think you are right these clothes are kinda essentials.
Nick R. T. (1 year ago)
make a series of timeless items.
William Chou (1 year ago)
When you say "first jacket", do you mean first Harrington jacket or jacket in general? Because I really want a khaki rather than navy but you said go navy if it's my first jacket. I don't have one of these but I do have other jackets (mainly a leather jacket)
David Siler (1 year ago)
It seems like "MEMBERS ONLY JACKETS" are Harringtons as will.
reh052052 (4 months ago)
I was thinking the same thing.
DL (8 months ago)
agreed. only salient difference seemed to be the shoulder (epoulet) snap accents.
Colin Hession (2 years ago)
never buy dw watches
zcru (2 months ago)
@Subhan Ji get a Timex for way way less + arguably better quality + definitely more heritage
Christopher Derrick (3 months ago)
@Subhan Ji that's never the look you want. You want the look of respect that is earned by a well curated wardrobe and a DW just says "I bought what was in front of me because the internet told me to". Unless it was a gift in which case I am a jerk for saying that. If you are after that "look" I suggest Timex, or Seiko, or Orient... or citizen. Or you can look in the used market for a vintage Bulova such as the 23 and 30 jewels. or finding a company who's story captures your imagination.
Subhan Ji (10 months ago)
Sometimes that's the look you want
Fede Solano (2 years ago)
Tan and Harrington yes, the black belt with it BIG NO! Ditch it, get a brown/tan one :)
R Zimmerman (2 years ago)
Ashley, what do you prefer, G9 or G4 Baracuta ?
Anal (2 years ago)
Polo RL Harrington for me. Brilliant quality and looks really good!
Rob Tilley (2 years ago)
Hi Ashley. In your opinion could a 50yr old guy get away with the white converse shoes outfit or do you think the outfit is too young?
DL (8 months ago)
classic is classic. White sneakers still cool for us old guys (I'm 55)
Felix_YT (1 year ago)
Rob Tilley there is no age to dress good 😉 just go with the high cut model an choose the real youngster models not the one that we would not wear (keep it black or white with the comverses)
Ryan Wilkinson (2 years ago)
Hey Ashley is the navy on these too dark to be considered navy now? https://www.bensherman.co.uk/clothing/coats-jackets/casual-jackets/new-cotton-harrington-1202
H Scriven (2 years ago)
Ah Fred Perry, the brand of UK football hooligans and chavs.
Chris L (2 years ago)
Does anyone know what brand that is at 0:35
PrimiusLovin (2 years ago)
0:09 haha, I know that feeling, when your tongue can't keep up with what your brain is reading or thinking! XP
Random Videos (2 years ago)
I got one in Faded Black, it was half the price of the navy color... Is faded black ok? Or should I return it for a Navy and pay more?
Ryan Wilkinson (2 years ago)
Ashley, I am fairly tall and have had trouble getting the fit right on a harrington jacket. How long is this jacket supposed to be? The one I bought sits exactly below my belt if I'm standing relaxed therefore movement can cause it to rise up. Is this supposed to be a short jacket as it appears a little longer on your models!
Anus (2 years ago)
Originated in Manchester England.
hannibal3blue (2 years ago)
What's a 'hairington jacket'?
dan (2 years ago)
rocking the Ralph Harrington ultra casual
MrAcrobot (2 years ago)
fk me tommy is hot im not gay i swear
nimaiiikun (2 years ago)
I only have enough money to invest in one, so which would you choose for casual spring/fall use (and sometimes business casual) to go with button shirts, tee sand henleys 1. a navy harrington 2. a thin navy bomber
W J (1 year ago)
Hope you got the harrington jacket aha
DL (2 years ago)
navy harrington
Torn between the Baracuta G4 or G9. Suggestions from the Pro welcomed! :)
Rickon Stark (2 years ago)
Daniel Wellington watch, are you fcking kidding me, buy a good watch and not that shit
P-O (2 years ago)
Greta video! I really like the Harrington jacket. Thanks for sharing!
Christian Rivera (2 years ago)
I like the tan one, surprisingly. I tend to think these sorts of looks remind me of a frat guy, which is way not my style haha but still a great suggestion!
Larry Gamarel (2 years ago)
Hi Ashley. I just stumbled across this video and found the G9 cheaper online than the Fred Perry. If I was to go for the G9, would you recommend the original or modern fit?
Gerald Obien (2 years ago)
I bought the Harrington Longhorn and its..... AWESOME! It's stylish without trying to hard and your right classic...
Gerald Obien (2 years ago)
I'm willing to bet you can't and if you do I bet its not as good as something ancient like this old ass Harrington from 60 years ago.
Gerald Obien (2 years ago)
The point is what's out today is GARBAGE! Seems like every piece of clothing you chose are styles that would fit in 50 years ago. What exactly is a modern style?? Seems like there are none and I'm not talking technology difference. Name a style that you would recommend that's not old not found 20 or years ago????
The Man With No Name (7 months ago)
You obviously don't understand the difference between fashion and style.
BONIC (7 months ago)
Gerald Obien sorry kinda late but the style you are looking for is techwear.
Nelson W. (2 years ago)
Very nice. I don't have a navy color but I am going going to get one. Thanks again for the advise.
Jason Guevara (2 years ago)
Hey Ashley, I'm kind of going through a fashion enlightenment aka trying to dress better and I've been only really looking into male created fashion channels like Alpha M and teachingmensfashion, but it's so nice to have a female's perspective, especially one who's an expert and passionate and know what she's talking about!
Robin Andersson (2 years ago)
Where do hoods come in, on either jackets or sweaters? Never? Cheers
Nobi Nobita (2 years ago)
Should harrington jacket's sleeves stack like the navy one in the video? My harrington jacket's sleeves is too long and it's button cuff (very loose). I've my tailor shorten them around wrist(like suit's fit) but the body still loose. Is that okay?
Sun Wu (2 years ago)
Or if you are confident enough, you can pull off a sportcoat in place of the Harrington.
manilaboy1vic (2 years ago)
if you get a harrington, go baracuta g9.. i got two of them.. they are best.
Paresh Wadile (2 years ago)
Ashley what should be the color of 1st bomber jacket??
silvad59 (2 years ago)
Hello Ashley, I have the navy Barracuda G9 Harrington jacket. Should the jacket fit as a trim jacket? I am a 40 inch chest and bought the 40inch size. I was debating on the 40inch or one size up 42 inch. Please help. Thank you. -David
silvad59 man, i've got one g9.It should fit a bit bulky not slinky.So u should go size up.
Pratyush Sinha (2 years ago)
Great Video ! Can you make one on the outfits to wear with blue loafers ? I really can't figure out how to pair them :S
abdelrahman abuelnaga (2 years ago)
could you please make a video about how pullovers should fit?because the longer fit of some of the pullovers that have come out recently are just confusing;it is becoming very difficult to figure out which pullovers are supposed to be long and kind of over-sized and which ones are not.And also how ombre pullovers are supposed t fit?
abdelrahman abuelnaga (2 years ago)
Thanks for the quick response.I will check it out
Skeppet (2 years ago)
Great video, do you by any chance know which harrington jacket the actor Kit Harington is wearing in the movie "Spooks: The Greater Good" or in "Cold Play's Game of Thrones Musical" youtube video (full 12 min version)?
Cdn Silver Arrow (2 years ago)
Thanks for the suggestion Ashley! I picked up a Ben Sherman Harrington the other day and it's great. I've always felt that there was a "missing link" in my wardrobe between light windbreaker and full on heavy coat for those brisk spring/autumn days. As you say it works perfectly for the casual to dressy situations. Kudos!
Nobi Nobita (2 years ago)
Is wool harrington jacket okay?
evan (2 years ago)
My last name is Harrington👌🏽👌🏽
gcHK47 (2 years ago)
Is there a men's jacket that won't make you feel hot? I love my leather jacket, but I live in Southern Arizona.
gcHK47 (2 years ago)
@Ashley Weston Thanks.
Tanakorn Piromrak (2 years ago)
I already have one with dark green. Is it match with dark wash jeans and grey wool trousers?
Regan Donohue (2 years ago)
Setawit Sirisuwan Can. Grey and denim are easy to match
Ptolemaic Taweret (2 years ago)
Why do you recommend Navy or Kaki and not Black? Asking as a guy who knows close to nothing about fashion & style.
Ptolemaic Taweret (2 years ago)
Now I unerstand, thank you!
Nobi Nobita (2 years ago)
Do you have harrington jacket fit guide video?
hotrod3769 (2 years ago)
Ashley, per your advise I will be purchasing the Fred Perry. in your experience, do they run true to size. 6ft3 195 42 inch chest. would think I'm a large. not sure if they should have a looser fit for layering? any help would be great. love your channel.
Ah Sut Gunhtang (2 years ago)
keep up. i love ur videos and u are the Best !!!!
KiwiMangoSurprise (2 years ago)
are you part asian?
KiwiMangoSurprise (2 years ago)
@Ashley Weston link doesn't direct me to your faq page
kickalion (2 years ago)
it's an old man jacket
kickalion (2 years ago)
I don't know why you reacted like a furious chicken to this comment. If old man wears it that means that it's classic, isn't it?
DL (1 month ago)
This is not your grandfathers windbreaker. A highly copied ideal Yet rarely carried out in detail. Update 5-2019: my Harringtons wear and play anywhere still.... My quest for a genuine Baracuta G9, took several months actually. There are great alternatives, discussed, shown and listed. Ended up getting a Baracuta "137" grey with corduroy accents in mint second hand condition. And a Navy G9 was wildly on sale in the UK from an independent shop, and it seems the original Navy *never* goes on sale, so i snapped it up. I am 5'6" and so fit is paramount, and the Harrington jacket(s) ARE not only great fitting but just as Ashley says, super flexible. A surefire way to up the game.
K bee (2 years ago)
Can a harrington jacket be tailored as i find most are too loose for my liking.
Matt Do (2 years ago)
Hi Ashley, I recently got a Reclaimed Harrington Jacket like you recommended in your article and it looks great! However, I usually get Medium size and this one fits a little too big for me but I'm not sure if that's just how the style is supposed to be?
Regan Donohue (2 years ago)
Matthew Do You COULD wear it, if you're comfortable with a more 'vintage' fit. Harringtons were primarily windbreakers and golfers historically used to wear it (Golfers need lots of space to swing, mind you).
DL (2 years ago)
if it does not fit - you must NOT wear it (sound like Johnny Cochran when you say it)
Itaku (2 years ago)
Harrington, Bomber and Denim are the holy trinity of casual jackets lol.
Jayel (1 year ago)
word. id say bomber, denim, and leather jackets are the holy trinity.
UrbanDanger ! (2 years ago)
Itaku there is no holy trinity. there are way too many great options to choose.
Regan Donohue (2 years ago)
I would take a field jacket over either the ha6rrington or the bomber. Looks nicer, can be dressed up up or down as well as a harrington and is more utilitarian because of the extra pockets, which I love.
jpad319 (2 years ago)
Why not the biker?
Reißverschluss (2 years ago)
2:09 when you're high af but have to do model work
KING0SISQO (29 days ago)
Jen Wilkinson has watched too much zoolander clearly 😂
Outta12 (4 months ago)
No doubt
Derek Johnston (2 years ago)
YouTubeVotes You couldn't spell MALE or MODEL correctly.Not that intelligent then!
Jen Wilkinson (2 years ago)
I think he's just a little slow. Most male models are not very bright or have much of a personality.
Paul Voudouris (2 years ago)
Nobi Nobita (2 years ago)
http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=48872&vid=1&pid=321712002 Is this okay?
ANPHKI (2 years ago)
Looks like a generic catalog shot from H&M. If I'd see a guy with that attire combination, the primary thought going through my head would be "Yawn..."
hawks12thman (2 years ago)
She's teaching you the basics and fundamentals. The basics and fundamentals apply to everyone. The onus is on you if you want to do more with it to match your personal style.
clint johnson (2 years ago)
Exactly,I mean style is great but I feel there's no personality in the outfit.i will automatically think this person is just boring.
Samip Kunwar (2 years ago)
keep doing your job....you're doing good :D :)
ABOTTSTORMGOD (2 years ago)
Hi would you please give a video on dress styles for ebony men? I've shown your vids to a few guys and they say that your fashion tips are for (THEM) not US if you get my drift. They say your styles while functional are bland. Thanks!
rana ehtisham (3 years ago)
Boots would've been a better option than white sneakers in a casual outfit
warriorprince101010 (3 years ago)
3:46 ...Guy looks angry.
NickiHuevos (3 years ago)
Thoughts on biker jackets? I feel like I can pull it off idk
Regan Donohue (2 years ago)
NickiHuevos Why not a biker? Personally I prefer an A2 bomber, but bikers are pretty badass.
Aaron Vasquez (2 years ago)
Leather jacket, yes. Biker jacket, no.
HerrMeier007 (2 years ago)
If you're a biker, you can! If you're not, never ever wear a biker jacket!
Greatness Is here (3 years ago)
Abercrombie has great Harrington jackets only spent like 140
John Doe (3 years ago)
Hey Ashley this is an amazing jacket but I wanted to get an M65 just like this one first, what do you think? http://us.asos.com/ASOS-Military-M00-Jacket-With-Drawstring-in-Khaki/18z87z/?iid=6013764&r=1&mk=VOID&mporgp=L0FTT1MvQVNPUy1NaWxpdGFyeS1NNjUtSmFja2V0LVdpdGgtRHJhd3N0cmluZy1pbi1LaGFraS9Qcm9kLw..
Lino wong (3 years ago)
Like the 3 style ideas but the jackets where a size to big on his shoulders make it look a little sloppy for my taste.
Jeff Permejo (3 years ago)
you're such a great help, hopefully you'll get more subscribers. btw you can also do vlogs it might help. 😊
Nick M (3 years ago)
Would the Harrington be a good rain jacket? It rains a lot where I'm from.. I want to still be stylish in rainy/gloomy weather. Trying to avoid wearing a poncho lol.
Victor Zayas (3 years ago)
Hi Ashley, what brands would you recommend for bomber jackets? Great video as always!
alex flores (3 years ago)
i like your vids chika👌

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