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The Creepy Real-Life “Men In Black”

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Text Comments (18093)
LILB100 (4 hours ago)
In popular culture and UFO conspiracy theories, men in black (MIB) are supposed men dressed in black suitswho claim to be quasi-government agents who harass or threaten UFOwitnesses to keep them quiet about what they have seen. It is sometimes implied that they may be aliensthemselves. The term is also frequently used to describe mysterious men working for unknown organizations, as well as various branches of government allegedly designed to protect secrets or perform other strange activities. The term is generic, used for any unusual, threatening or strangely behaved individual whose appearance on the scene can be linked in some fashion with a UFO sighting.[1] Several alleged encounters with the men in black have been reported by UFO researchers and enthusiasts.🤔
Lillian Bellew (9 hours ago)
Anybody else think of the book "I Am Number Four" when they were talking about the bald white man with ruby red lips?
An ad came on during the video..guess what it was.Men in black.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Jarrod van Campfort (1 day ago)
So the real men in black is hitman?
Philgamer_ 309 (1 day ago)
Rip his Dog
Bruce Wayne (1 day ago)
Drugs are powerful
fortnite is bomb (1 day ago)
daniel hallman (1 day ago)
I live in Buffalo NY right next to Niagara Falls NY
pisceanrat (2 days ago)
They are good guys remember that
Snipin Noobanators (2 days ago)
What happened to Shane????
Sir Shabaz (2 days ago)
Its not human. Men in blacks r a species of alien hybrid
Jovanny Marquez (2 days ago)
kick brent out. fucking annoying
Arctani Unkut (3 days ago)
They were looking for nikolas Tesla files
Wuuby (4 days ago)
saying some things cant be explained by science is fucking retarted literally everything is its impossible not to
Sōzō no Kami (4 days ago)
its going to be awesome if shane is there.
These guys are Rad! They need to look into "Val Valient Thor" . They say he came from Venus with a three man crew. Lived in the Pentagon for three years. Very Interesting. I would like to learn more!
Enzo De tomas (5 days ago)
Hitman 47 lol
SheMoan UrDaddy (5 days ago)
brent is cringe
Alfredo Vargas (6 days ago)
Hitman 47
sergio (6 days ago)
noted: aliens like fords
Gaige Albright (6 days ago)
They make it funny
Gaige Albright (6 days ago)
shem snow (6 days ago)
This makes me want to shave all my hair buy a suit and go "question" UFO conspirators.
Ashlynn Garland (6 days ago)
wHo iS tHiS bReNt yOu sPeAk oF?!?!
Wolfy (6 days ago)
*w h e e z e*
I PoliteChickens (6 days ago)
The Men in Dark Navy
Ashutosh Rana (6 days ago)
Where is Shane
Jexxer (7 days ago)
Sooooooo...the good guys _don't_ dress in black. Remember that.
Bryson Dauphinais (7 days ago)
I PoliteChickens (6 days ago)
Bryson Dauphinais what is this?
TKTrooper1975 (7 days ago)
What a pair of pretentious pricks you pair are. Mocking these incidents are the exact reason people are reluctant to come forward with their experiences. How pathetic that you have to act like pair of fucking dicks in order to create content for your channel. Utter fucking wankers
Jackson Jacob (7 days ago)
"Why didnt he just go on the internet?" Is it not common knowledge there was not internet back then? Cmon
Safina Adam (8 days ago)
So I wanted to add a point to their discussion at the end where they talk about things being explained by logic and science I always have felt like magic and ghosts etc can be explained by science but we haven’t advanced that far into science and technology For example if someone was to travel back in time with a mobile phone that has WiFi and let’s say the WiFi works and shows it to someone in the past then how would they react? They would be skeptical and say the person is a witch or wizard because it’s something they don’t understand however we who live in the present can easily say it’s science and technology it’s nothing else. So what if the things we see as magic and untrue and too far fetched so it can’t be true can actually be explained with science in the future. Just a thought but it kind of ties into religion in my eyes too because religion often talks about things which seem almost magical like the water parting for Moses. What if that happened through science we still don’t understand and God uses science that we just haven’t understood yet. That’s just my opinion though
DaemonCaedo1 (8 days ago)
Brent is ok, but I like the later ones with Shane better.
Aether (8 days ago)
2 Years ago I saw an U.F.O flying around my apartament at a very high speed, it was faster than a plane and it was circle shaped so I assumed it was a U.F.O, I was super scared when I saw it at my window (at 2:30 AM) But no men in black came to my apartament
Thomas (9 days ago)
Buzzfeed > Men in black
TheRealSysics 123 (9 days ago)
People say there aliens after being aducted saying don't say anything or else
Sam Puro Yucatán (9 days ago)
If men in black are real why is this video still up
qephetziel ?? (9 days ago)
Thanos killed the penny.
Daisy Maisy (9 days ago)
They look like a rhet and link knock off
Indigo Paige (9 days ago)
You can not tell me you don’t believe in alien ffs 😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️
Arturo Zarate (9 days ago)
They know we are made out of meat
reisi muwunakata (10 days ago)
i'm sorry but brent > shane and that's the fuckin tea
- LifeOfMi - (10 days ago)
The hit movie Men in Dark Navy
Anon (10 days ago)
I read somewhere that someone went inside a ufo and a man in black told him that it was a flight test
adam ascolesi (10 days ago)
ignorance is bliss tho
Freak80MC (10 days ago)
Honestly if I ever met the men in black and they were the barely not human variety, I'd probably pull a Rick Sanchez out of that simulation episode and comment on the shoddy craftmanship and maybe if they tried and failed to show emotion I could pull a burnt cpu line.
STealYoGirl Velazquez (11 days ago)
I love watching these videos but it's so annoying and cringey when they talk and try to be funny. But other than that I enjoy it
Martha Gilleece (11 days ago)
I’ve seen every episode an embarrassing number of times, and each time I always tell myself to ask Ryan— have you ever seen the TV show Fringe? If not, plz check it out my dude...❤️🧡💛
Skeet inc. (11 days ago)
Click link 🔥 https://youtu.be/At6FH-6wvoc
Luke C (11 days ago)
Wakuain cheah (11 days ago)
Ok so if this video disappears I will thing it's from the men in black
Olivia Valbuena (11 days ago)
hello (11 days ago)
starting a binge rn
Keanu Kea-Kamehameha (11 days ago)
Quincy Haron (11 days ago)
lil Fox Gaming3 yo (11 days ago)
I'm really surprised that the comments are not disabled in this video.
Karisse Inna Tongol (13 days ago)
nicholascremato (13 days ago)
These guys are idiots!!!
michael Serrano (13 days ago)
Why do i watch this at night?
Bernard Lim (14 days ago)
How about Buzzfeed Unsolved do the MH370 case
Brittany boyd (14 days ago)
I live in the city of Niagara Falls. & that’s not true. I’ve heard EVERY SINGLE STORY POSSIBLE. So yeah guys uhhhh no
Yulissa Renteria (14 days ago)
brent disagrees with everything ryan says💀💀
HALiFAX (14 days ago)
Boy my glock will let my wife stay as pretty as she is. Nobody walks up to my door step and insults my family.
Eddie Jetter (14 days ago)
I live about 25 minutes from Niagara Falls and this creeps me out knowing that that tape was about 25 minutes away from me
kejenkins468 (14 days ago)
You guys are snowflake assholes.
Truth Be told (14 days ago)
I urge everyone to not be mislead by these two boys. Never feel crazy for sharing your experiences. Clowns like this are part of the problem.
lee israel (14 days ago)
I think everything can be explained by science but I still believe in aliens and ghosts because I have seen a ghost and also ailens almost definitely exist because you would have to be the most fucking ignorant creature on earth to think we are the only intelligent creatures in the universe.
Julian Robinson (15 days ago)
Where tf is Shane?
LakituLP (15 days ago)
sounds to me like thin man/vipers from xcom
theredline (15 days ago)
Jennifer Check (15 days ago)
i love shane, but i miss brent so much...
CodeCreatures (15 days ago)
- Wear black suits - Have emotionless expressions - Are referred to by number Are we talking about Agent 47?
Dale Has Internet (15 days ago)
Uhhhh this is TRIPPY
Amy Howell (15 days ago)
Conspiracy: Shane Sovar is actually Shane Madej and he didn’t like the publicity from the MIB encounter so he changed his name and said he didn’t believe in the supernatural so he wouldn’t be associated with the MIB case. 😂😂😂
Learning Now (16 days ago)
There is nothing exceptional about MIB... They can be robots that work for US government? Or even sort of biologic creatures made by humans?!
Stolen Memes (16 days ago)
thos men in black are fucking in 1967 and in 2008 theyre fucking like 90y/o
Harry Shahrum (16 days ago)
its the Blues Brothers
Rondy Fox (16 days ago)
I've seen a guy in black before, don't know if it's "The Men in Black" though. Me, my brother, my sister, and my dad were driving somewhere, and we drove past this man. He was wearing a detective-like black outfit, sunglasses, a black hat, and he had a black brief case (basically the thumbnail).
Billy Lucius (16 days ago)
I saw a movie Ladies in Black (2018) and it was nothing to do with Aliens.
uniquefire 2.0 (16 days ago)
I was checking some things out on Google about aliens then I went to this website called www.aliensitings.com and the next day and I found out that they did surgery on a grape
Aaliyah Evora (16 days ago)
Y'all, what if the m.i.b are just watching you while ur watching this video..
Ian JG (16 days ago)
Where's Shane
oNe匚卄丹れムモ (16 days ago)
Why do I have the feeling that the MIB are watching me as I watch the video. What if they wipe my memory after I watch it so I don’t remember any of this video? Oh god I have to stop thinking this way 😞
BlackGodGaming YT (16 days ago)
I don’t care jk
King Arthur (16 days ago)
Men in Black are definitely aliens
Supreme Tay Kay! (16 days ago)
My mom told me a story when I was 14, im 16 now but lets get to it. My mom told me it happened 2003 and that she was driving through a clearance in the forest when she looked up she saw illuminating lights and a metal object floating. She said it kept disappearing and reappearing farther away, and called it the craziest night of her life. Don’t know if it’s true but seems real.
Cahandar Ibadov (16 days ago)
Am I The Only one who ships them?
Seth Belfort (16 days ago)
They're straight
WBR, WILL BE RICH. (17 days ago)
The president cannot view files about UAPs (ufo's) watch interviews of them talking about it they cannot view the files
I have a feeling these guys are still virgins... Dude they are so lame Srsly.
ZaneyBoss (17 days ago)
Grate one of these encounters was in my exact city
TheMasterMoose (17 days ago)
It’s not only ufos they’ve also contacted people who claim to have seen or were attacked by cryptids such as Bigfoot, dogman, etc
Eric Stone (17 days ago)
It’s the secret service case closed 🕵🏻‍♀️🕵🏻‍♀️
718 Brooklyn (17 days ago)
Anyone mind giving me a example of something that really exist that science doesn't prove🤔🤔🤔🤔?
Shawn Ryan (18 days ago)
This trash is too cringe... not the subject, but the idiots... I made it about 23 seconds in.
Lieutenant Dan (19 days ago)
Observers are real...
Herbin Khaipha (19 days ago)
A M (19 days ago)
So the men in black check your browsing history and come question you about why you’ve been googling UFO encounters?
Maggie Gross (19 days ago)
Why must I watched these before going to sleep
Elitelupus (19 days ago)
Atleast if it were to be true, they just destroy evidence and does not kill you.
Monica Taylor (19 days ago)
These guys are great and lots of fun!

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