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GM Ad: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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In light of General Motors' recall of 11 million vehicles and recently-leaked public relations memo, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver made a new, honest ad for their cars. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/last-week-tonight-with-john-oliver It's HBO.
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Brandon Davidson (13 days ago)
"Kevorkianesque" is my new favorite adjective for "dangerous", and I'm making sure that Google knows that. Freakin' add to dictionary, man. EDIT: "Why walk through the valley of the shadow of death, when you can ride" is such a big mood.
Eric Johnson (1 month ago)
My God...this show and the writing staff sure does earn every penny. Holy shit that GM advertising spot was fucking brilliantly done. On a personal note, my sincerest apologies to John Oliver for taking the Lord's (not the Traci type) in vain. Didn't mean to offend the Reverend inside of you. I mean, not inside of you but in you. Well, maybe not in you, but well...you know what I'm trying to get at. Yes. Inside your butt. Praise be JesU$ Regards #+65others
macforme (2 months ago)
I think they GM got those words from the customer complaint letters.
ET Silverman (4 months ago)
All Hail The Oliver, Amen
Tim Shelby (5 months ago)
Chris Bolin (6 months ago)
@MaryBarra make my truck purchase right. You ripped me off. I await your reply as I contemplate legal action and use videos like this with facts to sue you and beat you in Civil Court and possibly Criminal Court too as the Steering Column was broken when I bought it off the floor.
hawkeye5955 (7 months ago)
GM recently announced closing several plants. Seems there will be fewer of these deadly cars.
Bob Outélama (7 months ago)
What happened to the extended GM video. Did Youtube banned it ?
Doug Biden (8 months ago)
"There are no bad ideas here,just bad cars." I got tears in my eyes
canadian monarchist (11 months ago)
hmm that's why my gmc sedan burst into flames like the Hindenburg than blew up like a grenade with the car then looking like toast
Spencer Peat (1 year ago)
That first slide actually is to help CVO operators provide helpful quality reports.
The voice sounds like the cowboy from his commercials
redgunnit (1 year ago)
1:07 tag yourself i'm " Words or phrases with biblical connotation".
Katherine Pagan (1 year ago)
Also noticed that list includes “Challenger,” “Cobain,” “evil,” and “words or phrases with biblical connotation.”
Fred Wangleboy (1 year ago)
this is very basic in business writing...
Samuel Robinson (1 year ago)
How imaginative? "Grenade like" who describes a car like that unless it's one of those little bubble atrocities?
Toaster (1 year ago)
PaperMind (1 year ago)
Hey, at least it's not ford!
Stephen Pentony (1 year ago)
Sleek, non-grenade like, anti-hindenburgs. Priceless.
peter boyd (1 year ago)
And can you believe that this company went bankrupt......more than once
Kriste Isopahkala (2 years ago)
Kevorkianesque had me! :D
Common Sense (2 years ago)
Is why i own a Toyota
Republic of Ravenswood (2 years ago)
Corsair-like is on the list
Republic of Ravenswood (2 years ago)
stupid Apple autocorrect, of course I meant Corvair, the Corsair was an epic warplane
Exter (2 years ago)
CORVAIR not corsair
matt kramer (2 years ago)
Kevorkianesque was not a part of my lexicon until I saw this video.
BornToQuill (2 years ago)
Yup, that's why I don't buy domestic. Unfortunate.
BornToQuill (2 years ago)
Magnesiac Issues with foreign cars are seldom handled with cost benefit analyses (at least to the magnitude of domestic manufacturers). The engineering behind a lot of domestic vehicles lags far behind foreign cars. Mustangs have rear independent suspension systems now......the same systems that many other vehicles have possessed since the mid-90's lol. But fear not, when the garbage domestic industry implodes again, they'll just claim more of your tax dollars to bail them out.
Magnesiac (2 years ago)
There's never been a problem with any foreign car, ever.... Wait, that can't be right. Because it isn't. Oh well, at least the families in Japan, Korea, and Germany have food on their tables. Good choice!
J- Hod (2 years ago)
now theyre just made in china
Jimmy L. (2 years ago)
GM has banned 69 judgment words. That had to have been a joke GM subtly came up with, right? I mean, the sheer amount of words in the English language that are associated with defects and destruction and it just miraculously end up being 69 of them? No fuckin' way.
Jimmy L. (2 years ago)
Completeboredom 123 I was being sarcastic. lol
Fossil 0001 (2 years ago)
Believe it or not, specific numbers coming out to 69 isn't always an innuendo.
Atle Torsvik (2 years ago)
Michael Clark (2 years ago)
agreed on bad cars. Have driven a holden barina and holden trax. The transmission is terrible, especially on the trax. The trax didnt feel safe on windy roads.
"Corvair-like" XD
Angel Samael (3 years ago)
"you're toast" probably wouldn't be a good safe word.
Stoxx (3 years ago)
Still better then a Ford
ITMCBHPBGF. (2 years ago)
wanna prove to me that a life killing Chevy is better than a defending Ford...??
Beg 457 (3 years ago)
Why was "Spontaneous Combustion" on that list.... I mean they're talking about a car, Right?(⊙_⊙)
Chudy Ilozue (3 years ago)
Why walk through the shadow of death when you can drive?
Stephen Stinson (3 years ago)
"No bad ideas here, just bad cars," exactly why I'll never own another GM product.
StardustLegend (3 years ago)
wtf widow-maker is on the list....
a man (11 months ago)
king joffrey wouldn't be happy about that
Lord Nanfoodle (1 year ago)
Clearly they don't deserve Mercy for ruining toast and reminding me of the Pinto. Mei a pox be on their executive board.
StardustLegend (3 years ago)
@ThatPedanticCommenter lol XD
ThatPedanticCommenter (3 years ago)
@TheFirstNoel Yes
StardustLegend (3 years ago)
+ThatPedanticCommenter Overwatch? XD
Alpha Sierra (3 years ago)
"and you're toast" man, I choked on my cereal for full 5 seconds..!
Yoju Games (3 years ago)
he looks so much younger in this video compared to his recent ones. and this video is only 2 years old! hw is this possible?
Devante Bennett (3 years ago)
And that is why Ford wins.
facts about ur mum (3 years ago)
Wanna hear a GM joke?    Chevrolet Nova.
cpt nordbart (3 years ago)
Kevorkian? never heard that before It means helping on suicide of others..?
Stephen Stinson (3 years ago)
+nordbart CP it's called, Youth In Asia. Just kidding, it's spelled euthanasia.
Jeriandis (3 years ago)
+nordbart CP read about Dr. Kevorkian.
Sean Kratovil-Lavelle (3 years ago)
Why is genocide one of the banned judgment words?
Alex Terzaghi (3 years ago)
Almost every genocide was inspired by religion.
EmileeArsenic (3 years ago)
@gordon hamilton wow. I was responding to a joke in a comedy show that contained gallows humor with a dark joke of my own. It wasn't meant to be taken seriously. Also, when the fuck did religion come in to this?
EmileeArsenic (3 years ago)
I imagine it has something to do with entertaining the possibility of a company fleet of GM cars... After all, the definition of genocide includes "deliberate killing of a large group of people", and that's exactly what you'd be doing if you gave GM cars to a significant number of employees of a large corporation for instance...
StardustLegend (3 years ago)
+Sean Lavelle That kinda disturbs me...
B.C. Gold Prospecting (3 years ago)
Biyte (3 years ago)
"why not tell your family you love them, and come drive a test a gm car today" was great.
Baxter Bastard (3 years ago)
It took me awhile to let that word sip into my head XD Dang that's dark
FWAKWAKKA (3 years ago)
just going to revisit this hilarious shit here: Grenade-like.
AngeliqueStP (3 years ago)
"Corvair-like"...... that's the best one :D
wayne clark (3 years ago)
wow hilarious haha god damnit when demons have sex those are their safe words HAHAHAHAHA
Yashom Bhandarkar (3 years ago)
Where can I find the full story? It's not on the Last Week channel.
autofreak7 (3 years ago)
He's funny but he doesn't know about cars
Ignacio Nadeo (3 years ago)
And though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil for my car is a GM and thus more dangerous than anything the devil could ever throw at me. Bring it on, bitch, I've dealt with worse.
Chazz man (3 years ago)
My first truck was a 1981 Silverado, and it was garbage. The factory wheels were way too small, the valves rattled when you went up hill, the seats, after 30 or 40 minutes made it feel like your back was breaking, and when I lost my gas cap, I couldn't get a replacement because they put a different tank spout on it than the one listed. That would was bad enough, but GM had no idea which spout my truck had. About the same time, my friend had just graduated with a degree in electrical engineering. The future was so bright, he had to wear shades, so he bought a Comaro. Drove it 67 miles, stopped at a traffic light, and the transmission just died. Thing wouldn't move at all.
jblitz59 (2 years ago)
My dad purchased an Olds Mobile from GM to buy 'made in America' except GM is such a terrible company the defects almost killed him... picture needing to turn on a highway and then your steering wheel locks up even with proper steering fluids, he used 100% strength to avoid dying! If he died I would not have been born too, so you could say GM's rolling sarcophagi almost killed my father!
Devin M (3 years ago)
GM is my favorite car manufacturer in the world, If you invest appropriately you will never have any problems. I respect the US and you all should too, Some of you just don't understand how good you got it here in the USA........!!!
dujfraz (3 years ago)
+Devin M Also, if you mean "invest appropriately you will never have any problems", by saying "as long as you pay 1000's of dollars in repairs, you'll have no problems", then your logic is flawed there as well.
dujfraz (3 years ago)
+Devin M Yes I got it great here in the US, but that doesn't make our cars great. Your logic fails.
britton reid (3 years ago)
I own a GM car and that was funny...and now I don't feel safe adding horse power to my Sedan Hindenburg
Hamasake Gagf (3 years ago)
fuckign gm when the economy floped usa paid fucking bilions to em to save gm and fucker paid milions to their ceos in bonuses nothign hapens now they kill peopel nothign hapens fuck i hate ritch people and not because they are ritch
jerry henderson (3 years ago)
did any body else notice ,corvair like on that list .
Know-It-All Cunt (2 years ago)
ThatGTAFan720 That's not an offspring lyric you fucking dipshit.
Intellitech Studios (3 years ago)
+ThatGTAFan720 and at 2:20 they quoted a freakin' Offspring lyric!
Intellitech Studios (3 years ago)
+jerry henderson I saw "Cobain"...WTH?
Evan Partin (3 years ago)
+jerry henderson I was just about to post a comment saying that XD
RvnE39 (3 years ago)
I lol'd
paul1x1 (3 years ago)
GM trucks all my life never again
toast (3 years ago)
Am I really so famous that they need to warn employees not to acknowledge me, I feel so flattered
VilheimTheUnsinkable (3 years ago)
+toast You're pairing up with butter and cinnamon sugar is one of your best works. You're awesome toast!
Ruth S. (3 years ago)
+toast I guess you drive GM cars then.
Scott Iwaniec (3 years ago)
i lost it at "your toast" hahahaha
Clayton Jones (3 years ago)
+Scott Iwaniec Whose toast? My toast? :)
Betty Sonnier (3 years ago)
Alwin Priven (4 years ago)
I don't live in the USA so I don't know what's the problem with GM, can someone explain please?
Alwin Priven (3 years ago)
@Alexandra E thanks!
Alwin Priven (3 years ago)
@Henry he it's a Chevrolet, don't remember exactly.
Henry he (3 years ago)
@Alwin Priven ok do you know the model 
Alwin Priven (3 years ago)
@Henry he my car is 5 years old.
Henry he (3 years ago)
@Alwin Priven no the defected cars were recalled and it was like a year ago. They killed people because  faulty general motors ignition switches sometimes just turned off unexpectedly and that disabled the air bags and stopped the car potentially in the middle of traffic.
BIll Geo (4 years ago)
I could not give less of a fuck for GM cars, but hey at least I learned a new word!
Tomas Gomez (4 years ago)
Got to love euphemisms...
BookFreakMatej (4 years ago)
did that say genocide
The42car (4 years ago)
Chevy is great, Chevy's are reliable.
Jeff Jones (3 years ago)
@lemkelegion You're toast.
Dan Caron (4 years ago)
But they made it all OK with children judging that truck owners look bad ass didn't they? ( yep sarcasm)
Strikerage (4 years ago)
And to think, GM was just let off the hook today by a judge. Justice? Nah... Not when you're a auto company that makes billions of dollars.
TinyFoxTom (3 years ago)
@Sir Fur Yeah, I should probably use a cartoon fennec.  Or just Photoshop a beret on my current one.
Albus Kane (3 years ago)
@TinyFoxTom It's not anthropomorphic, though, and there are people who use animals as their avatar and aren't furries on Youtube.  You'll run into more in the future, and I'm certain of that.  The name, though, I kind of overlooked.  My bad. 
TinyFoxTom (3 years ago)
@Sir Fur  Sorry, I thought that having a fennec as an avatar and a name referencing it was enough of an indicator that I was being ironic.
Albus Kane (3 years ago)
@TinyFoxTom Poe's law.  It's a thing everyone should probably look up, because it's problematic very often. 
zuckerkipferl (4 years ago)
reminds me of fight club. what did the narrator say again about a unspecified major car company?
gifteddevil16 (4 years ago)
"It's like butter...and you're toast!" HAHA
Brian Varilla (4 years ago)
Well this is a lot of male bovine waste.
macforme (2 months ago)
Great idea! They should add "male bovine waste" to the list of forbidden descriptions for their cars.
Curiosity (4 years ago)
BobEckert56 (4 years ago)
I think John needs to get his rear end (his actual rear end) tapped by a Chevy Volt going 40 miles an hour.
Keking (4 years ago)
lol great !!!!!!!!!!!!!
EPIQ CritiQ (4 years ago)
thats was so good
Nicholas January (4 years ago)
buzzclick500 (4 years ago)
I wonder how many Ferraris, Bugattis, Rolls-Royces, Bentleys, Maseratis, Aston-Martins, Spykers and Mercedes-Benzes get recalled every century......
Videos11217 (4 years ago)
I think the GM add may have been one of the funniest things I have ever seen. 
Ethan Berry (4 years ago)
eh i'll still buy GM
Yinlock (4 years ago)
grenade-like hahahahaha
Christian Mccullough (4 years ago)
And that's why I drive a ford 
Robert Baylis (4 years ago)
Holy shit!
Opinunate ted (4 years ago)
Why something as obscure as "rolling sarcophogi" rather than the simple, down to earth "rolling coffins?"
Erik Tiber (1 year ago)
Daniel Ponder In the old days cars were more durable but less safe. So something in that vein
Daniel Ponder (2 years ago)
Sarcophogi implies something sturdier and tougher to open and get in versus a wooden coffin which would break easily open(?)
Clayton Jones (3 years ago)
+Ethan Davidson I have some of the same letters in my name as you do. What a coincidence
Kerri C (4 years ago)
WATER BOY (4 years ago)
we have the same first name ily 
FandomMan (4 years ago)
I love how they mention "grenade-like" and "powder keg" but neglect to mention "Titanic" and "spontaneous combustion"
Intellitech Studios (3 years ago)
+George Kennett Kurt would never drive one of these deathtraps... already dead or not!
George Kennett (3 years ago)
Lest we forget "Cobain", "widow maker" and any "words or phrases with biblical connotation".
phnexOice (4 years ago)
my favorite was "cataclysmic"
Dorian Avila (4 years ago)
Don't worry everybody these cars are safe to drive. These cars are not potentially disfiguring, decapitating death machines like rolling sarcarfigi that are also anti-hindenburgs and driving one is so smooth it's like butter, and you'r toast!
NightBlade1583 (4 years ago)
If you don't resend this comment on another video Clarissa the 10 year old will kill you
arxsyn (4 years ago)
I have also heard complaints about cars made by kia
Alexander Konstantinov (4 years ago)
show the full video including the  13 deaths, the years of secret hiding and the women ceo
Gammareign (4 years ago)
So far, from what I'm seeing in the Insurance iNstitute of Highway Safetys webstite, GmC vehicles look pretty safe. They use terms like good and acceptable.
Mark R. (4 years ago)
GM Were holding meetings, not was holding a meetings.. Or was you being too busy washing your nads? British language rape is so annoying, to us dutch people ( -_-)
Muaz Awan (4 years ago)
Ford's still okay isn't it?
Fal Leithani (4 years ago)
John, you should only use safe words which won't normally come up during the sex act in question. That's arguably a list of popular fetishes among demons, so thus not good safe words for them. They'd be pretty good safe words for angels, though.
Jesus Perez (4 years ago)
yeah sonic! haha
auritone (4 years ago)
"Why walk through the valley of the shadow of death when you can drive", literally made me choke with laughter.
Hector Haddow (4 years ago)
I know Americans like their cars big but those things belong on a fucking farm
Nathan Samson (4 years ago)
Anyone else see Titanic as a banned word at 1:11
Loanie Nguyen (4 years ago)
Haris Sabanovic (4 years ago)
just finished watching your last show on YouTube, i love the show, however all videos should be the same length, whats up with 3 min videos, fuck 
Devin Lay (4 years ago)
GM and American cars have supported my family for generations. I can't stand foreign automobile companies taking away from Americans. At the end of the day, you can blame them for what has happened to Detroit, a once beautify city. 
Jonas Reicht doch (4 years ago)
@Ice Breaker ok.... I am german and yes of course i am a Nazi. Bro I can say that here in Germany are stupid, ignorant People but these kind of people are everywhere but the important point is that more people exist Who have a brain and can use it. The history Background of Germany is just...inexcusable but i am 16 i was born 53 years later. I am ( my whole Generation) not the Person to blame for the Holocaust. Bro I am sorry for everything me and my country did that you think these things about me/us but its not true and to be honest i believe you Do sth. Usual for Xenophobia. You give a group of Person you dont know the responsiblity for sth. They are not doing. Btw i am sorry for my awful english And please consider that i have written this with my Handy
Devin Lay (4 years ago)
@JackRabbitSlim Another person brainwashed into hating America... typical
JackRabbitSlim (4 years ago)
@Ice Breaker Can I just repeat that sentence... "save the bonuses of the Nazis their grandfathers fought".......ah yes, Germany in 2015, full of Nazis!  I'd almost forgotten!  How can people be buying cars from Nazis, why have we allowed this?  It's almost as if the world has moved on and people aren't judged by the distant history of their ancestors any more! Detroit has suffered the fate it has because it (and America in general) wasn't making good enough automobile products.  It's not Europe and Japan's fault that their cars simply offer better performance, better value, better looks, better quality.  US companies didn't see the trends coming, they knew they needed to design fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly cars. and yet continued to design gas-guzzlers, using cheaper materials while European cars were using carbon fibre and whatnot.  And sports cars....America has always lost out in that market, again because there has never been a great attention to detail, style, ergonomics, quality.  When you produce shit, is it any wonder you get bought out by foreign brands.
Ice Breaker (4 years ago)
I hear you. The only sad thing about this is that there are no American Car Companies left in Detroit anymore. GM is owned by the Germans (Mercedes-Benz) whereas Chrysler is owned by the Italians (Fiat). So, in effect, the American taxpayer is throwing money away to make save the bonuses of the Nazis their grandfathers fought. Socialism for the rich but strict capitalism for the poor.
saultube44 (4 years ago)
Excellent critique.
Trinexx360 (4 years ago)
Was that an actual GM Commercial? How does John Oliver get away with making fun of these companies anyway?
Jasmine (4 years ago)
Thanks so much for the subbing !

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