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Flinch w/ BTS

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James and the members of Korean pop sensation BTS play a game of Flinch, where James fires fruit at incredible rates of speed at a piece of plexiglass protecting the band members, testing who has the biggest nerves of steel. More Late Late Show: Subscribe: http://bit.ly/CordenYouTube Watch Full Episodes: http://bit.ly/1ENyPw4 Facebook: http://on.fb.me/19PIHLC Twitter: http://bit.ly/1Iv0q6k Instagram: http://bit.ly/latelategram Watch The Late Late Show with James Corden weeknights at 12:35 AM ET/11:35 PM CT. Only on CBS. Get new episodes of shows you love across devices the next day, stream live TV, and watch full seasons of CBS fan favorites anytime, anywhere with CBS All Access. Try it free! http://bit.ly/1OQA29B --- Each week night, THE LATE LATE SHOW with JAMES CORDEN throws the ultimate late night after party with a mix of celebrity guests, edgy musical acts, games and sketches. Corden differentiates his show by offering viewers a peek behind-the-scenes into the green room, bringing all of his guests out at once and lending his musical and acting talents to various sketches. Additionally, bandleader Reggie Watts and the house band provide original, improvised music throughout the show. Since Corden took the reigns as host in March 2015, he has quickly become known for generating buzzworthy viral videos, such as Carpool Karaoke."
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SpriteNo JamsGenius (38 minutes ago)
Nandana Shaji (5 hours ago)
I knew "V" is an Alian 😂😂
dersnakeinmyboot (5 hours ago)
_the reason why chittaphon leechaiyapornkul hates fruits_ and taehyung, respect 😔✊
MPBeast (6 hours ago)
Its kinda unfair cause it goes right infront of the person on the left instead of the person on the right.
BOMM jik (9 hours ago)
Jungkook is so cute😍💏
Simran Singh (9 hours ago)
1:48 *J-Nope*
Sara army (11 hours ago)
I come back everyday to make my day with dorks👏😂😍
rosesbud (16 hours ago)
2019 and still a classic😤✊
animekittys (16 hours ago)
this is 0.001 reason why i love tea tea
Yeni Ortega (16 hours ago)
smooth child (18 hours ago)
How come I wanna eat those fruits
carla J (20 hours ago)
S❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Sn❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Sno❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Snow❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Snow ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Snow w❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Snow wh❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Snow whi❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Snow whit
Gabby Garner (22 hours ago)
2:44 actually incredible😱
DutchyDutchess89 (1 day ago)
That habit V has where he puts his tongue between his teeth when he smiles makes me want to curl up in a ball of happiness.
Xuan Yu (1 day ago)
2:56 Where the fruit failed, the scream succeeded.
Sleepy Glib (1 day ago)
James Corden's height is 173cm. Is it me or do they seem shorter than stated by google?
Bimmy Bass (1 day ago)
Tae Tae you hottie!!!
Amingboen Boen (1 day ago)
I Saw Yoongi, so I clicked..... yes he is my ultimate BIAS. But I loved all the members too 😝😝😝
Yanti Radecke (1 day ago)
4:01 V didnt move there too
XD Jin's and J-hope's souls left there body
Fleur Has blue eyes (1 day ago)
Imagine being as unbothered as V😂
Milá C (1 day ago)
Ohhh vkook 😍😍😍
Thalya Nzau (1 day ago)
I love you Jimin
Daoud Hamed (1 day ago)
Wow v 1:35
Daoud Hamed (1 day ago)
Aww jung kook is so cute😀
manal hawez (2 days ago)
0:38 wow thats so freaky
Omg hoseok thought RM praised him 😂
Yuli Golander (2 days ago)
Are we going to ignore the fact that the interviewer didn’t say RM‘s name in the beginning?
Yuli Golander (2 days ago)
Are we going to ignore the fact that the interviewer did not say RMs’ name in the beginning?
sangty kichu (2 days ago)
Isha Goyal (2 days ago)
I love what jhope is wearing , it totally goes with his hair colour 😘
Patricia Ball (2 days ago)
Omg that crack me up 😊😄🤣😂
Ana Valencia (2 days ago)
Ana Valencia (2 days ago)
Come on come on I’m not afraid you know 🤪
Family Pad (2 days ago)
I like v
green absinthe (3 days ago)
I love Rmmmm
Jeon Kooki (3 days ago)
Min Yoongina (3 days ago)
Vkook 💙 2:37
trip over a knife (3 days ago)
1:24 JHOPE!!😂😂 lmaooo
Rania The Roleplayer (3 days ago)
Ahhh so cutteeeeeeeee
Jekyll Ishyde (3 days ago)
Ok wait what suga got scared by a Apple but not by Ellen's prank??????
Wadha Mashaan (3 days ago)
They forgot Jin in the introduction :(( #saveseokjin
Shifat Hossain (3 days ago)
Zoee Irvin (3 days ago)
They did more than flinch
Layla Kotb (3 days ago)
they are so nice to each other its so cute
D. Rice (3 days ago)
Not only do I have to watch this everyday but I have to reread the thousands of comments. USA loves BTS and ARMY!
Myekell Williams (3 days ago)
We all kno y they put Taehyung and jungkook in the at the same time #TAEKOOK
Aaliyah Rogers (3 days ago)
Aaliyah Rogers (3 days ago)
2-42-2:43 look at V.. IMAGINE BEING THIS UNBOTHERED 😂😂
Jyacinthe Reyes (3 days ago)
I think he forgot V...
1:19 come on come on yah I’m not afraid!! (2 seconds later) * leans back scared cause fruit hits glass* I don’t remember his name reply and tell me
SpriteNo JamsGenius (34 minutes ago)
Jin :3
Mia Lopez (3 days ago)
Love you amy and bts
Jenna Mattson (3 days ago)
2:43 MY MAN V 😭😭😭 I LOVE HIM SO MUCH 🥰🥰😂 Edit: 3:07 and 3:12 Vmin 🥰
N B OFFICIAL (4 days ago)
The best guys i ever meet before!!! ARMY FOREVER
Cyber Punk (4 days ago)
welcoмe тo snl
A. R. M. Y BTS (4 days ago)
Jin and J-Hope😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Katythewolf 1234 (4 days ago)
1:22 Jhope 1:24 *Jnope*
Thays Godoy (4 days ago)
V's face and the little noise he did aaaaaa 02:23
rose rosemary (4 days ago)
Is is weird I get excited when BTS dap eachother? Idk it’s just something I get excited for And Suga’s “I’m scared” made my heart melt 😂😂😂💜💜💜 I bet my life he swore under his breath.
rose rosemary (4 days ago)
DID I JUST SEE J-HOPE AND JIN DAP EACHOTHER? I’m sorry I just got excited over that for no reason 😂😂😂
Nunu Taylor Thorpe (4 days ago)
1:23 jin:come on come on yeah I'm not afraid you know *One minute later* Jin:ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Raquel Aponte (4 days ago)
The one that has nothing nd only following the rules of the day I want to be a part time perjury officer in the bronx then im going out and always invites me
Gucci Vmin (4 days ago)
2:08 chungook
Leanne Fearl Quilang (4 days ago)
taehyung is so strong talaga
Marie Pagtalunan (4 days ago)
i love you bts and jungkook and jimin
Owenne Marie (4 days ago)
sorry j-hope and jin. im not supposed to be laughing but—-
koreli_ unni (4 days ago)
Exo 💖💖💖💖💖
Tae was so cool
Nishita Bex (4 days ago)
Not even a blink! Go V!
Alma Barriga (4 days ago)
I have a crush on rm
Maggie Holm (4 days ago)
Alma Barriga umm don’t we all?!
its me (4 days ago)
Taehyung looks like he wants to kill someone
its me (4 days ago)
J-hope left the chat
GOLDEN MAKNAE (4 days ago)
Sadie Annette (4 days ago)
this video has my heart
itzBella Playz (4 days ago)
V is serious at - 2:41
Manny Vasquez (5 days ago)
They are not going to flinch (v)
Manny Vasquez (5 days ago)
Jin and jhope are so scared
Manny Vasquez (5 days ago)
V is so good at flinching
Fatima Perez (5 days ago)
BTS has the style. I loved V's face 😂😂😘😘😍😍👌👌👌
Jaahnvii Negii (5 days ago)
"The game we call flinch" RM: oh my ..
J HoE (5 days ago)
Hobi tho 😂😂😂
Asta Meskauskaite (5 days ago)
Hobi is legit me getting scared to death when it happens and covers my ears when it happens
anons my son woah (5 days ago)
*im not afraid yknow* *WOAH*
Kim Ham Park Offical (5 days ago)
Rap-Zombie 0:36
Wendy Zheng Liu (5 days ago)
Im not afraid you know
zoe baik (5 days ago)
OMG sugar
toto ali (5 days ago)
J hope hates snakeu but also hates glasseu 😂
A Cup Of Tae (5 days ago)
Jin is me
Come on, come on, I'm not afraid you know? -Jin 2017
Sydney Luk (5 days ago)
Namjoon is actually an amazing leader asking if Tae and Jungkook are ok and then repeating it in Korean for them when JK looks confused
I don't know (5 days ago)
lol rm so proud of himself after getting a high five
ぉヴぇ (5 days ago)
He said don't worry im not afraid yet he is
Ima Salmaa (5 days ago)
Tae acting cool and didn't even move 😂 i love them
Alina Rai11 (5 days ago)
Yeah come on come on I am not a Frade 😱😱😱ahhhhhh
CT Shong (5 days ago)
But lol
CT Shong (5 days ago)
I love. U bts😍😘
taewithsugaandkookie (5 days ago)
2:45 that cute lil smile after tho. he knew he got it!

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