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73 Questions with Daniel Radcliffe | Vogue

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Daniel Radcliffe plays ping–pong with us and answers 73 questions on everything from his desire to star in Guys and Dolls to what he would bring on a one-way trip to Mars. What’s something he knows about Harry Potter that no one else does? Watch and find out. Still haven’t subscribed to Vogue on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/vogueyoutubesub ABOUT VOGUE Vogue is the authority on fashion news, culture trends, beauty coverage, videos, celebrity style, and fashion week updates. 73 Questions with Daniel Radcliffe | Vogue Created by: Joe Sabia Shot on location at SPiN New York http://newyork.spingalactic.com Music / Songspub Track: ""I've Got the Time"" Artist: Hurricane Bells Track: Night Follows Days Artist: Hurricane Bells
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Text Comments (5986)
Prince Ahluwalia (2 hours ago)
Dumbledore after watching this video - "Wizards need to keep their secrets, Harry..."
Saski (3 hours ago)
Who chooses kittens. What?! Aaaand out 😎
DK_ Picture`s (10 hours ago)
Country wish to visit: INDIA...... Proud to be an Indian...... Hey Mr. Potter please see me too:) btw. Great Fan Of Yours...
Sofia Rios (23 hours ago)
Please do another video with Daniel Radcliffe
Sheccid A. (1 day ago)
That acccent 😍
Is no one gonna talk about how deep his answer to 'if you could switch bodies with anyone who would it be?' - " *a not famous person* ".
Aleksandra Trajkova (1 day ago)
Nooo.. What do you mean who chooses kittens?! 🐈🐈🐈
Erin Lynch (1 day ago)
olivander (1 day ago)
His voooiiice😍
Lol he kind of sounded Irish when he was trying to speak American
If i Will have children i Will name him Daniel
Kusum Lata (2 days ago)
Country you wish to visit - INDIA . 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Dylan Mendes (2 days ago)
Please do 73 questions with Danny Devito
Mehwish Aslam (3 days ago)
somebody...not famous
Kshmata Fulzele (3 days ago)
He wants to visit India. Why does he not visit it here? Ginnie/Bonnie Wright also wants to visit India. They should come here with their whole group. Every Indian should like this comment.
I love how he tells him "say we adopted a kid together" And Dan is like, yeah, legit statement
Sienna's World (3 days ago)
Draco Malfoy (4 days ago)
I choose kittens Daniel, I choose kittens.
our wonderful world (5 days ago)
You are welcome to india please come to my house😆😆😆
thusharnirmal (5 days ago)
Potter heads are all over India example me another one my classmates
Roxxsaurus Fan (5 days ago)
Last question is my favorite💖💖
Aparna Jaiman (5 days ago)
Please do one with Tom Felton
Sneaky Mudblood (5 days ago)
Daniel boring-cliffe👎😬 Daniel RAD-cliffe🤘🤩😎
Stevie is TAPE (6 days ago)
Yassss Straya
#RavenClawSquad 💙🦋🧢🧵👖🧞‍♂️👤🦅🦅
Julia Isabell (6 days ago)
Do you think he looks pleased or disappointed over the last question? I can’t really tell.
Benjamin MCjabblen (6 days ago)
xKrazyKhlxii (7 days ago)
This made me fall and in love with Daniel Radcliffe. Before watching this, I only knew Harry Potter. Not I've been learning about the actor and I'm so glad. I guess I just mostly love how I can relate to most of his answers lmao
Elaina Snapp (7 days ago)
Oh my heart😍
uden macho (7 days ago)
his vein on his arms stupefy me...
Greg Heffley (7 days ago)
“That you can order pancakes for breakfast day or night” Daniel Radcliffe-2014
fernanda GaL (7 days ago)
Harry potter omg I love harry potter
Isha Rawat (7 days ago)
Anuja Chatterjee (8 days ago)
Please come to India. We love you here😘
Zain Ahmed-Safdar (9 days ago)
Jesus Daniel Radcliffe is boring 😂
hiba mishal (10 days ago)
Please come to India Dan...I am waiting to see u
Isabelle Beaudoin (10 days ago)
The last question tho... speechless
little Maleficent (10 days ago)
How can someone like Poetry and chose Spiderman as his favourite heroXD?! ...Thats the kind of question i'd ask him.
Alpha the alpha Wolf (10 days ago)
Who found it satisfying when they where playing ping pong
Beach Girl (11 days ago)
*Harry Potter Fans have joined the chat*
Marcela Donnelly (11 days ago)
Puppies who chooses kittens 😂
Briscelyn Cotter (11 days ago)
he didn’t really need glasses it was just his fashion statement DANIEL RADCLIFFE YOU COME BACK HERE THIS INSTANT
Colleen Murphy (11 days ago)
1:13 Yeow he's hot
Bianca Lopez (11 days ago)
73 questions w/ Robert Pattison please
-W e n d y- (11 days ago)
*He didn't really needed glasses* Me: FOR THIS PAST 8 MOVIES OF HARRY POTTER YOU'VE BEEN LYING TO US!! *gasp* b e t r a y a l
Abram Sullivan (12 days ago)
It's so weird seeing him back at 2001 with him as a kid during Harry Potter years 1-8
NoraNeko (12 days ago)
iPod..... wait a sec, 2014! That makes sense now...
Marli Becci (12 days ago)
Mr. Oh Yeah Yeah (12 days ago)
Whatever you do, at 2:55 do not look at his left hand
Kimberley W (12 days ago)
Watching this in 2019! 💃🏼
Soe ddlk (13 days ago)
Pls do it with Tom Felton too.
Lea Toresson (13 days ago)
I love all harry potter movies
Rachel (13 days ago)
3:11 This made me so happy
Izzy is a Alien (13 days ago)
Dan. Is so cute
Krizia W (13 days ago)
How did I miss this???
KhorKho (13 days ago)
4:06 all the Quebecers...
Niki S (14 days ago)
MaNjU VeRmA (15 days ago)
Love you harry
Naliwhift (15 days ago)
Anyone 2019!!
mcræ's (15 days ago)
oh you mean my cute wizard?
max always (15 days ago)
i want see interviewers face
Aden Valdez (15 days ago)
I swear he almost looks and acts just like my friend
haylee vaughan (15 days ago)
Daniel and Tom Holland need to meet each other sometime
Gacha Cat (15 days ago)
Marilyn Manson Is God (15 days ago)
“What’s your favorite thing about Americans?” Daniel: “Their pOsItiVity” Me: *dies laughing in the floor”
Joseph Chambers (16 days ago)
I choose kittens.
x r (16 days ago)
I love love you Dan.You are best.
Siddhant Kaushik (16 days ago)
My Harry Potter
Alexander Fonseca (16 days ago)
4:58 that was definitely (at least to me) an unexpected question... I laughed.. :-D
Boxer & Buttons (16 days ago)
His that cute expression when he asks him about Harry Potter .it is the best movie I have ever seen ♥️♥️
ailah harris (16 days ago)
who else is watching this in 2018
Karina Ramos (16 days ago)
Daniel should be the next spider man
Holly Joyce (17 days ago)
Hye won Choi (17 days ago)
Daniel is so awesome☇💙
Ana Vasiescu (17 days ago)
Lucie Howenstine (17 days ago)
He is soooo hot
Shelby Plumb (17 days ago)
Next do 394 Q’s with Emma Watson
Myriam Rodriguez (17 days ago)
“Puppies- who chooses kittens?” Me: ONG HE UNDERSTANDS ME
Myriam Rodriguez (17 days ago)
Keyrie Whitlock (17 days ago)
It sounded so weird when he said let's go do it lol
Beatričė Abariūtė (17 days ago)
I loved daniel but when he said : PUPIES who chooses KITTENS I started hating him a little bit 😆😂❤️
ravi teja (18 days ago)
Country he wished to visit ------INDIA
I love Basketball (18 days ago)
How do you remember all these 73 questions ?
Eva Ritman (18 days ago)
Harry grew up 🤧🤧
Harry Potah (18 days ago)
He is so short that it is the best feature about him and it makes him so cute Hhahahahaha
Eva Reid (19 days ago)
My cousin met him
Thelma Dinglasan (19 days ago)
73 questions with Tom Felton💘 our dearest Draco Malfoy🤩
Priya Kumarasamy (19 days ago)
You must come to india
nloijax J (19 days ago)
Harry Hotter 👋
faith hope (19 days ago)
I pick kittens and puppies they are both super cute I have a cat witch is in the profile pic of me and him I love whatching these videos cause they are interesting I wanna meet Daniel and play his favorite game scramble with him and the game they were playing in the video
faith hope (19 days ago)
I have a few similarities as him bruhhh I had no clue till I seen this video I clicked on it cause I'm a big fan of Harry Potter I have all movies of Harry Potter I wanna ask him questions once the main one is (is it fun to be famous) and (what is your favorite Harry Potter movie u acted on)
Mía 's DIY (20 days ago)
Omg i love you tumbs up if you are a harry potter fan
vandita sharma (21 days ago)
India is waiting for you HARRY 💙
Lakshmi Naregal (21 days ago)
you are always welcome to India
Arsi Bansal (21 days ago)
Please come to delhi
Beny Ben vlogs (22 days ago)
3:34 you like Americans positivity, Have you even been to Canada
j o (22 days ago)
he seems so nice!
ChoppersBBQ (22 days ago)
Absolute top guy haha. Sorry Daniel, i always had you down as a bit sterner than you are.
fathien amirul (23 days ago)
"who chooses kittens?" *gasp
asmi jain (23 days ago)
I 'll really love to see u if u ever visit our country (india 5:15) #potterhead
chandrakanth rao (23 days ago)
He wants to visit india😊😊

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