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B.B. King and Buddy Guy on Meeting Jimi Hendrix // SiriusXM

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Miguel Salas (13 hours ago)
Great video
Its interesting B.B King says he never spoke to Hendrix after meeting him before he was famous. I have a 1968 bootleg recording of Jimi Hendrix, B.B King, Paul Butterfield, Al Kooper and Mitch Mitchell. Both Jimi and B.B are recorded talking in between songs and its clear who they are not to mention B.B King introduces all the musicians after a few songs.Very interesting jam to say the least!
meaux gendron (3 days ago)
I don't understand why BB would say: 'Why didn't you change the Strings'? Jimi didn't play a right handed guitar upside down, he did change the Strings... He played a right handed guitar strung up for a Lefty... The strings were reversed... Maybe he met Eric Gales... ???
anti thug (2 days ago)
Hendrix learned on a right handed guitar and at first he did play it upside down left handed. He did eventually start reversing the strings, but he could play it either way.
Jason Peck (3 days ago)
Who's is jimi. That's hilarious.
Jagstar (3 days ago)
Yeah that is sad what BB said didn't get to have a chance to speak to him after that first time.
Bilb Ono (4 days ago)
So cool. Man if you're a guitar player this is so awesome.
ipmala (8 days ago)
They rank Jimmy as being the GREATEST.... with Clapton a close second. Third... probably Jimmy Page. 👌
wozzlepop (4 days ago)
Don't be ridiculous. Bb King the only king.
Nikolas A. (8 days ago)
Rory Gallagher is up there as well
Indian Voiceover (11 days ago)
And then as the legends say, Eric killed Jimi
zeppelin 911 (14 days ago)
We are not worthy watching these 2 in one room talking
Chrissy Margo (20 days ago)
I’m in serious Deep luv n lust with Buddy. What kind of woman 👩 am I ?? The kind who wants n needs ta be Locked 🔒 up in yer bedroom with u Mr. Guy ❣️
Euro Doubt (1 month ago)
I'm sure Hendrix would beat him in a 100m hurdles
Kori Hoornstra (1 month ago)
By using the power of lsd and heroin
Mike Manne (1 month ago)
amazing stories from BUDDY and B.B. !
Russtafa B (1 month ago)
Yes, I was lucky enough to be a young lad and my Dad took me down to Olympic Studios in Barnes. Met Jimi there and had a short but nice chat with him and he was such a nice guy. Shame later on my Dad who was also friends with Charlie Watkins (WEM) saw him with Jimi but I never got there.
Clout Lord (2 months ago)
1:08 lmao buddy aint even know dude haha
willou901 (2 months ago)
BB King’s voice is iconic
Richard Rejmer (2 months ago)
BB said "I asked him, why didn't he change the strings?" Either BB's memory is failing in this clip, or he was drinking more back then than he will admit. . . But Jimi DID change the strings. . He held the guitar left-handed, but he didn't leave the strings right handed (with the light strings on top - for a left-hand player). . Jimi swapped the strings around so it was strung to the conventional arrangement, with the heavy strings on the top. . . same as right-hand players have. .
Procras10eighter 1992 (13 days ago)
No, he is correct. At times, Hendrix DID simply flip the guitar over and play it with the strings in reverse order. King's recollection is more likely to be correct since his meeting takes place when Hendrix was a backing guitarist and he didn't have as many guitars or someone to set them up as he did later on in his career.
morrisonien (2 months ago)
I saw BB King playing in Rabat, Morocco and that was a blessing
Alessandro Tioli (2 months ago)
Thank you for sharing! Jimi is greatly missed, BB as well.
T J (2 months ago)
My friend worked with King in a studio once. The first time B B sang through they all scrambled for their volume control knobs to turn down. Such a strong powerful voice.
Brockton Ma. (2 months ago)
BB Burger King. Wtf dude.
Calvert (2 months ago)
Buddy was better than Jimi in every way, change my mind
Calvert (2 months ago)
@Ketan Srivastav is nothing compared to any buddy solo
Ketan Srivastav (2 months ago)
Voodo chile slight return
Robert Pajkovski (2 months ago)
The union thing! Awesome!
glenn curley (2 months ago)
I had the opportunity to party with Buddy Guy and Junior Wells in the 70's. They played in my city 2 or 3 times a year and would come over to my house. Same with The James Cotton Band, but we would jam,. How cool is that?
Thomas Forsythe (2 months ago)
BB what up wit those pants?
Moderne Mod (3 months ago)
Ahh that union thing....
Paul Greene (3 months ago)
M Iyyyok5kikkkkkgk*8kkk4’mikk
Jimmy (3 months ago)
BB should have taken better care of himself. He might still be alive today.
louis brett (3 months ago)
Jeeeeeeeeze he thiccccc
Duke Makedo (3 months ago)
Never have seen Buddy Guy where I didn't like him...just in videos.
Faithful Servant (3 months ago)
Jimi makes you 2 look like shit. Keep dreaming old men!
Adam Demirs (3 months ago)
I got to meet BB. He played "you are my sunshine" to me and my mom. She used to pull me around in a little wagon on our farm and sing that to me.
the alaskan (3 months ago)
Legends discussing a legend of the good old days. Priceless
Coby martin (3 months ago)
Morgan freeman really let himself go
Ben Dickinson (3 months ago)
Be cool dude 😆
Jochen Hansen (3 months ago)
SO WONDERFUL,TO SEE BUDDY AND BB TOHETHER,TWO LEGENDS,TWO MASTERS. RIP BB and Jimi🕯🕯🙏 God bless you Buddy i hope you turn over hundred years old,fill the world with the light of your music🎼🎸🎙🙏
Talkin Bout Nawlins (3 months ago)
Funny theres no stupid youngblood kids on here hollering how Hendrix starting all this guitar stuff.The drugged out silly mfer couldnt carry either one of these guys guitar cases.lol
Lawyer Morty (3 months ago)
BB king stands for Big Boy King
Lawyer Morty (3 months ago)
@Magnetron33 no dude it stands for big boy
Magnetron33 (3 months ago)
Sorry! Just looked it up Beale Street Blues Boy, shortened to BB
Lawyer Morty (3 months ago)
@Magnetron33 hmmmm nah stands for big boy
Magnetron33 (3 months ago)
I heard it was Blues Boy
deedee kay (3 months ago)
bb had the weirdest torso, like an egg with arms and legs
Alexander Russell (4 months ago)
Legends talking about legends. Gives me goosebumps
George Morris (4 months ago)
bb lived to 89 years old Chuck berry 90...🎶🎵 better keep your guitars🎸🎸
Vinyl Diary666 (4 months ago)
Two classy motherfuckers! Legends!
Bloody legends, the class of these guys is off the charts
Maxx Mabemwe (4 months ago)
I am a wanna be who looks at these guys, and say well if they can do it I should be able to do it. I am also dumb ass hell, because they are great, supremely, talented people. I envy them.
John Sutherlin (4 months ago)
@ Check out this kid on guitar! I though JIMI was back!!!
Jackson Wilson Music (4 months ago)
King and Clapton are the true kings of the blues imo
Magnetron33 (3 months ago)
That was Big Bill Broonzy!
P J 1 (4 months ago)
Two Blues legends.
Angel Messtanoffski (5 months ago)
Interesting note: Jimi covered BB's "Rock Me Baby" in concert!
marie3548 (5 months ago)
Just priceless the gr8ts talking about the greatest so glad to have grown up in the sixties and in motown and lived his music just magical. Was around guitars who thought they could copy his style that was the challenge in those days they would play Hendrix, Dennis Coffey, and the Motown gr8t musicians The Funk Bros. Those were gr8t times I thought it would b like that always n forever WOW what a surprise.
club dore (5 months ago)
They killed Jimmy! No OD on heroin!!! Chek the autopsy report. He drowend in red wine, no puke in his longs, just red wine. About a Galon. Its Murder!
club dore (5 months ago)
They killed Jimmy! No OD on heroin!!! Chek the autopsy report. He drowend in red wine, no puke in his longs, just red wine. About a Galon. Its Murder!
Ron Wylie (5 months ago)
These are the types of interview that are gold, just telling it like it happened and there thoughts, I think every big name needs to do this, we would learn so much more
Trogg (6 months ago)
Jim was a very nice and polite person. It's a shame he was taken advantage of by record companies.
N S (6 months ago)
"B.B. I've been listening to you for awhile" "...Really??"
Muzik Michael (6 months ago)
Yeah by that time you shouldn't be so Mutha' Fuckin' Insecure with yourself.
very interesting....thankyou
spykid911 (6 months ago)
bb looks like a macy's day parade balloon
Karim Mehenni (7 months ago)
Hopefully one day I will jam with all of you guys that give needed to play so to share ......
Laser DuChamp (8 months ago)
All Legends : )
Christopher Rich (8 months ago)
Buddy: "Trying to get some attention mostly" BB: "You did" That's some damn respeck!!
Riley Young (9 months ago)
Jimi got to meet his heroes. That in itself is beautiful and it probably would've been his biggest goal in life. To meet and gain the respect of his masters.
Ralph de Jongh (9 months ago)
Lynyrd_ Skynyrd 06 (9 months ago)
B.B. king and buddy guy, the best music duo ever
Max Miller (9 months ago)
“Be cool dude!!!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jonathan Stewart (10 months ago)
I always thought Buddy carried on the Jimi Hendrix torch for blues, the way he approaches it. I imagine if Jimi were still around, he'd be sounding a lot like Buddy Guy.
Eduardo Carrochio (9 months ago)
case in point https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ezannMxb7s
Rodion Romanovich (10 months ago)
I love BB King but he looks like a hamburger in a jacket mannnn
Realnigga Turner (8 months ago)
Lol 😂😂😂
Iskander Ammon (10 months ago)
Jimi was pretty damn blues...listen to his track "Red House"... damn, that song is sick with the blues
Glohme (4 months ago)
Hammerin' Hank (11 months ago)
Always though BB was way overrated. Buddy Guy is another story altogether...
Senor Studly (11 months ago)
I saw them both play February of that year
Thanks be to God (11 months ago)
Love this. My sister got to perform on the bill with BB towards the end.
Skede Pikken (11 months ago)
wanna hear the truth? Both bluesmens talentless compared to Jimmy. Jimmy forever above ALL.
Dr Pain (1 year ago)
B.B. king always seems like a asshole with all due respect
Joshua Clark (1 year ago)
Jimi beat up a woman, stained legend...
THE SERPENT KING (2 months ago)
It was probably your grandmother.
Ned Kelly (1 year ago)
adonai yah (1 year ago)
I thought that was Morgan Freeman
delterbluesman (1 year ago)
The blues Blues and nothing but the Blues BB King and Buddy Guy the best at it 🎼🎵🎙🎸
MrFilmoreJr (1 year ago)
Jimi and Prince.....love them much!
rakka1 dude1 (1 year ago)
thumbnail description = "old fat poo"
admtech69 (1 year ago)
I remember thinking I had a handle on the blues until I saw B.B. play live in 1997. I realized I was completely out of my depth, the tone and soul he had coming from Lucille and a single Combo amp mic'd into the house P.A. was staggering. B.B. was pure genius - unmatched.
K. R. (1 year ago)
Purr Cat (1 year ago)
The last concertvi attended was a Fillmore, June 1969. BB King, Buddy Miles and Ten Years After, as I recall.
Let me tell you the secret to BB's long life ...Popeye's Chicken. The man must have stopped by every Popeye's in the US.
truckeemick (1 year ago)
Finn Green (1 year ago)
King what a doomy dude Buddy is the man.
Sir Francis Drake (1 year ago)
Love both Buddy and B.B. Kings Music and The Thrill will never be gone. Saw Buddy in 2008 and will never forget when I heard the thrill is gone on the radio when it first came out. There Rock musics inspirational foundation .
billytheweasel (1 year ago)
Wow. Buddy Guy... living legend. Wasn't he SRV's AA sponsor?
mr drone (1 year ago)
Mother fuckin legend of all legends. Lights out, true human
creekandseminole (1 year ago)
"I first saw Jimmy at your mom's!" lolz
Ken Sturm (1 year ago)
Amazing two greats talking about meeting the master at the guitar. Jimi was a nice guy, humble, was NOT a drug addict. Terrible such a waste from such a tragic accident, or was it? Or was he murdered? It wasn't a drug overdose. When i was growing up in the 80s most people thought he died of a heroin overdose, on the contrary Jimi didn't use heroin!
gigabytekilla (1 year ago)
Jimmy and bb will play at the opening of the gates for you.
JACMUSTANGCAT (1 year ago)
Both BB and Buddy liked him and said he was a nice guy. I keep reading and hearing that Hendrix was actually a very quiet and respectful man. He is my favorite. I also have a strong love for SRV and Trower. There are many many talented guitar pickers.
Clarence White (1 year ago)
Zachary Devan (1 year ago)
What does BY mean "he never changed his strings?". Didn't jimi usually flip a right handed strat and re string it left handed?
RB5Network (1 year ago)
This is so fucking sad to me. Jimi, now BB. I feel like we are losing a breed of artist's of a spectacle we'll never see again.
Albert Mag (1 year ago)
Small world back then anyone who was someone knew everyone ...at one time or another I remember back in late 60's groovin to Hendrix man I remember exactly where I was when I heard he had dies ,,,shit was I ever bummed out ....I remember the day John F. Kennedy was shot , I still remember all the Canadian flags at half mast and us kids being sent home from school early ....and then his brother Bobby going down ...damn corrupt American Politics killed these great men ....
Hard Top (1 year ago)
Is it just me or do BB King look like Morgan Freeman if Morgan were fat?..🤦🏻‍♂️😂
Anthony Monaghan (1 year ago)
Damn...Buddy Guy looks amazing! I could listen to BB talk all night. The original!
Thomas Pick (1 year ago)
Both very nice men. Oh, BB, why did you let your weight get away from you and develop diabetes? That is what happened to Ella. Her circulation got so bad, she could no longer perform, had both legs amputated, and then died. Be careful of one’s weight.
Tony Martinez (1 year ago)
How much can a poster signed by BB King and Buddy Guy go for?
Mike West (1 year ago)
All that BBQ took away BBKing

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