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Trying on Moncler Hymalay Ski Jacket | Full Review & Try On

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Wanted to share the Moncler Hymalay jackets that I have in, one is my own personal jacket and the other was one I sourced. Really feeling the Himalaya, personally I think it's better than the Maya. Very lightweight yet very warm, you don't see to many people rocking the Hymalay which is also a nice touch too. Enjoy
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Kevin T (2 years ago)
Hey, i was wondering to know whats your height? I was watching your moncler size guide and im between a 2 and 3. I bought a chevalier size 2 but i find it too fitted to a point where its uncomfortable like if im wearing my little brothers coat lol
Sutherland. (2 years ago)
bajan shooter (2 years ago)
Great vid cuz both jackets are brilliant especially the yellow, I like the fact the yellow is limited edition as well. I could of sworn you reviewed it before though, or it might of been similar.
Baran Aydogan (2 years ago)
whats your snapchst bro
stevecamp06 (2 years ago)
Review some Grunge John Orchestra! Tough to source but would be cool to see.
Cammy Dearie (2 years ago)
Just bought this very jacket, finally managed to find it! near impossible to get a hold of
Cammy Dearie (2 years ago)
+TheHoxtonTrend Vestiaire Collective. It's a luxury online second hand website. Everything bought/sold gets sent to them for screening to ensure authenticity. 10 day wait after purchase but it's worth it. Check it out
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
+Cammy Dearie Very limited, where from pal
Simon Macek (2 years ago)
Mint content bro, love it! Could you do a Stone Island patch careguide? Recently bought a grey SI jumper and the patch is bent in the middle and its very sensitive to dust etc. It would be greatly appreciated!!
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
+Simon Macek Ok bro, I will do, so many of you guys got moncler and stone so I will do care guides for items, good idea.
Ryanboss Dennis (2 years ago)
Yh the yellow 💯
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
+Ryanboss Dennis Dope fit.
Zeeshan Mujtaba (2 years ago)
Definitely prefer himalaya to maya
Zeeshan Mujtaba (2 years ago)
What's your psn mate?
Robbie Ostle (2 years ago)
I prefer these to the maya 😍
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
+Robbie Ostle Defo, maya overdone now
spavin79 (2 years ago)
👍👍 loved that yellow Himalaya since it popped up in that vid before Christmas.
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
+spavin79 Such a nice piece man.
Charlie Crow (2 years ago)
Do a giveaway
Harry K (2 years ago)
Sick vid bro
Harry K (2 years ago)
+TheHoxtonTrend it's ok keep going
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
+Harry K Thanks g
ItsRauben (2 years ago)
Feel like you should know Versace is pronounced : Ver Sach Ay
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
+ItsRauben HAH thanks bro, I just lazy is all.
ItsRauben (2 years ago)
Missing you man where's the frequent uploads ? Busy recently ?
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
+ItsRauben Super busy working on some other projects but will be back on the grind again, plus I don;t want you lot to get to board of ol hoxton.
Burness Orr (2 years ago)
Awesome vid bro love the hymalay one of my fav pieces in moncler still let me know if you're ever able to source a size 7 mate
Burness Orr (2 years ago)
Yes i do im trying to sell its a awesome piece i need a size 7
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
+Burness Orr Got a size 6 Barriet in
Zeeshan Mujtaba (2 years ago)
Lol it was a typo in the title u spelt himalaya wrong
Dani Suarez (2 years ago)
hey bro, could you check out some parajumpers pieces? their getting pretty big in the netherlands!
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
+rambaramba123 Yes mate, I will defo, so many people asking
rocky rocky (2 years ago)
Which tkmaxx was you in , in your snap yesterday
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (2 years ago)
+rocky rocky Monument Store, in London
PSGamerz (2 years ago)
Top content every upload!!!! Yes bro 👌
Lorenzo Dujić (2 years ago)
Hey hoxton You forgot to put yout social media stuff etc. In the discription for the people that don't know 😜😜
Mohammed Ghulam (2 years ago)
nice video like these jackets here. agree that mayas are popular
ronny (2 years ago)
Yellow one looks good
Jake SP (2 years ago)
love the yellow matte jacket! Got the Berriat last year love that piece! went into the moncler store on sloan st last week really not feeling the spring summer collection, really light weight jackets feel kinda cheap no quality at all, they have also changed their qr code to just a hologram no code!
SEBZxELITE (2 years ago)
Looks kinda cheap for a £700 jacket.
SPACEDOUT (2 years ago)
i mean you didnt see one in real life tho..
мαя¢υs (2 years ago)
that tkmax had some sick clothes, wish the one near me was like that it's full of dkny and diesel only really
rocky rocky (2 years ago)
My ones got the rlx jackets, dsquared and LOADS of ralph Lauren polos ,tees, hoodies etc
Squadtucker HD (2 years ago)
Amazing vid mate keep it up
A Colfer (2 years ago)
where did u get ur moncler tracksuits cant find them anywhere on the site
TRIPLEESS MASON (2 years ago)
I know you can find the hoody on Selfridges
1 montanner (2 years ago)
your so good at making videos bro

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