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Old World Coins, 2nd Pound of Pre-1959 Coins

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Here is the second one! I really enjoy going through these lots of older world coins. Stay on the look out for more videos. I purchased these from Steinmetz Coins & Currency.
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Text Comments (7)
Silver Bean Counter (7 months ago)
Lots of interesting images.
James Duan (7 months ago)
Nice silver
Abarons Numismatics (7 months ago)
interesting coins
Henryk Golonka (7 months ago)
Nice looking mint lustrous 25 centimes from Luksembourg
Nandi Collector (7 months ago)
Another good lot, but those two coins are Spanish and not from Netherlands ;)
ItsDaBunnyYT (7 months ago)
1:00 it is not the netherlands it is Spain
Coin Metallurgist (7 months ago)

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