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The Movie Turok, Son Of Stone English Dubbed

6495 ratings | 1144328 views
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Text Comments (476)
Abram Servant (9 hours ago)
Turok is a overrated game! 🎮
Krystle Nonya (1 day ago)
Who's watching in January 2019?
Mr Jerung (3 days ago)
Justin DeMartra (5 days ago)
wow, this was simply amazing. Thanks for posting.
carson sanders (8 days ago)
Best cartoon ever and when I say best cartoon ever I mean it 10/10, And for those of you that thank not I will fight you to the death.
Asa shijoh (8 days ago)
Anyone looking for red Indian movie after watching this movie 😊😊😊😊😊
Mister Walter (9 days ago)
01/13/2019 love this movie.
phylian Atim Ningshen (9 days ago)
Oh yeah.. Tats nt bad 2019✌️
Marcos Cruz Herran (11 days ago)
Street fighter 2 and Turok: SoS are one of the best videogames movies. I would glad to hear more recomendations.
Will-i-am Golden (15 days ago)
Fun fact turok has been around since 1954 way before the video game
Your Sworn Nemesis (15 days ago)
awesome to see that it was very true to the comic books
Turok is based on a comic. 😁Awesome.
MARCOS-RV01 (16 days ago)
Go watch Bad Cat that is a bad ass movie,. Come back and thank me later.
I like it. Great animated movie.
Dino Man (25 days ago)
1:09:18 toast!!!
Queen Ropagrim (26 days ago)
How powerful are these rifles, damn!
Venkat Rajam (29 days ago)
Good nice movie
MR.Galaxy 264 (1 month ago)
1:11:39 DECAPITATION !!!
Turok is my kind of guy ,he has displayed a lot of leadership,skills and character, this movie teaches a lot about leadership and l loved watching it.💕
Kaine Bishop (1 month ago)
1 minute of ripoff Disney followed by 1 hour and 16 minutes of pure savagery.
Dunk N Dognuts (1 month ago)
Oh hey, The Weinstein Company. I need an adult. -_-
Dunk N Dognuts (1 month ago)
+Michael Hernandez Hold me. But not like Harvey.
Michael Hernandez (1 month ago)
Diya Ali (1 month ago)
Savagetypeship4 jade (1 month ago)
They don't make them likes this anymore. Man I miss those days.
saurabh HAM (1 month ago)
I cannot recognize the caractor face man
miss mash (1 month ago)
I love native indian cartoons, wish they were more of them.
John G (1 month ago)
slut female
IDONGESIT OKON (1 month ago)
the movie is OK to me
Очень хороший мульт!супер.
patrick laforest (1 month ago)
Turok of that or the Turok PS3 Games Will kill all Dino of jurassic park
partene geo (1 month ago)
frumos ia placut la nepoti mei like
Jahson Fubler (1 month ago)
Anyone else thinks the game needs a reboot??
Stephon Eley (8 days ago)
Jahson Fubler it does put it in the shooter looter category
Melena Morris (1 month ago)
Turo is bad ass 😉
Riley Nybeck (1 month ago)
*A family picture*
flip gibbet (1 month ago)
true story.. based on the ancestors of elizabeth warren
flip gibbet (1 month ago)
wow- this is awesome. thanks for the upload!
shirley bailey (1 month ago)
Anyone watching October 2018?
chales dor (1 month ago)
The Christian god Jesus is satan the devil and he is not coming back... Christian's worship satan with a human sacrifice of Jesus to satan... you've been deceived... repent accept Jahovah an do good works.
Naim Krasniqi (1 month ago)
Kal Jared (1 month ago)
If you know you are watching in the month of December 2018 hit the like button
Kyrinky (23 days ago)
Yup! currently beating Turok 2.
Origami Mambo Project (1 month ago)
Pre columbian native Americans with guns? Sure Turok is supposed to have dinosaurs, but where did the guns come from before they had been invented? Not really the cool Turok
Great Hound II (1 month ago)
Anyone watching December 2018?
Sensei Goon (1 month ago)
So where do the aliens with plasma guns come in
omar parra (1 month ago)
I rember playing turok 2 seeds of evil any idea if they made a movie bout it or a link to the comic
Veronica Maxwell (1 month ago)
Wow I love this
ainsley harroo (1 month ago)
very good i won't call this a cartoon this is a very good movie nice 1 keep it coming
The Trickster (1 month ago)
My last comment I promise. 🙂 1:11:43 Fatality!!!
The Trickster (1 month ago)
I just keep remembering that N64 Turok game how the kids use to say "Turok" "Turok...help me Turok" "Thank you Turok" lol 😁 An awesome game by the way if you haven't heard of it or played.
The Trickster (1 month ago)
The movie starts out peacefully and gets grim heh heh. It's what I expected from a Turok Movie. 😁 awesome!!!
JAI vardhan (1 month ago)
14:08 boobs got pressed with 20 newton force 😬
Joe (1 month ago)
Well.. that escalated quickly.
kiesha Thomas (1 month ago)
Marsha Fields (1 month ago)
This was a great movie.
Perot Pernot (1 month ago)
masok pak eko😎
Shanuka Perera (1 month ago)
Carol Tenneh Jambai (1 month ago)
Keep watching this movie's and u will remember the happy moments when u were kids.that's good cause I was not allowed to watch this one but still keep watching
joe mama (1 month ago)
lovved it wish theyd make a 2nd turok movie
joe mama (1 month ago)
gotta wait 20 mins before any dinosaurs mybad
joe mama (1 month ago)
there wasnt a single dinosaur ?? how is this a turok movie when he hunts no dinosaurs??? well epstien was the producer guess that says somethin lol
Jesse Alley (1 month ago)
I thought this was a kid movie till I seen all the blood and everything then I knew it was the best movie ever
Nikokiowa Lee (1 month ago)
I remember watch the first 5 minutes of this and my mother turning it off, oh good times. Now time to be a bad influence.
Spencer Knox King Neloms (2 months ago)
I thought this was like Pocahontas accept I saw dinosaurs 😂🤔
Sumar Ni (2 months ago)
really goooood movie
running fred (2 months ago)
The movie was interesting
Octavio Munoz (2 months ago)
Wida Sena (2 months ago)
怨霊ヨシマ (2 months ago)
An impressive movie
Cam Alft (2 months ago)
now this should be saturday morning cartoons man...hahaa
Andrewpeeonyou (2 months ago)
That is one pissed off chocobo!
Denise Edwards (2 months ago)
I enjoyed this one
dennis tate (2 months ago)
Great movie, thanks for sharing.
Treasure Vevo (2 months ago)
Turok is an ass for giving him the right direction. I would have lied
abat penang (2 months ago)
i dont know speaking english sepatah haram pun..melayu village like seterong ulaq dlm seluaq
Lashonah Tia (2 months ago)
they cooked their first leader
Starm-up Noelandstar (2 months ago)
My favorite cartoon movie 🎥 I love it 😍
Nasser Hadjula (2 months ago)
Reading comments first before settling on watching the movie 😁😁
Hugo Farias (2 months ago)
Tha native people has to using a flint tomahawk,n not a steel european-like made.it make necessery to create a good pre-columbian story.
brenda nakhumicha (2 months ago)
Any one watchn ths on november 10 2018
this movie sure is scary
Gideon kwayie (2 months ago)
trence5 (2 months ago)
Whoa... This was definitely NOT for the kiddies.
erik mann (2 months ago)
Hmm. Not surprising that she trades intimate affections for whoever does her bidding. This video should be pulled from YouTube. It's a product of a company ran by a rapist
Jessica Beca (2 months ago)
Anyone else checking comments after movie transition? 😄
Joan Acevedo Mirabal (2 months ago)
I seriously enjoyed this movie. There is indeed another world underground.
Shanananananan Dlan'E (2 months ago)
Am I the only one who though This went from an awesome kids cartoon, to happy tree friends plus Fire and Ice, then add a little Jurassic Park in like a matter of 5 min?
Acelyn Fury (2 months ago)
أبو محمد (2 months ago)
جميل جدا لتعلم الانجليزي
Earl Johnson (2 months ago)
Christine Bean (2 months ago)
What language was this before it was dubbed? It was made in 1954? I was born in 1952 and never heard of it.
Jimi Leriak (2 months ago)
Is it me who thinks the girl looks like mulan?! 🙄
Daniel Crowley (2 months ago)
Holy shit is this on DVD?
Lord MaDaRa (2 months ago)
Nice but what the topic ..I'm not understand & nothing new to learn
WG GAMEZ# (2 months ago)
woowwowo good movies
Don Padro (2 months ago)
I'm an adult now. I remember these cartoon. Now I now why us kids weren't aloud to watch this "💩" Are you kidding! / I'm watching some but I'm still skeptical about such violence. All I can say, THESE Cartoons are Not for kids. My God "Really" I Remember back in School, my friends used to talk about these cartoons and boy sometimes they were acting out on it. I thought they were Nuts. Know I now why. These cartoons should be rated "R" for Adults only. Not for Kid's. What were they thinking. Come on, Let's take care of our Kids. Cartoons can be fun but let's be safe about it. Peace out. ✌🙏👼
Larson Davidson (5 days ago)
Don Padro Oh please, this movie should be PG-13 at most, it’s fine for teens and older. It’s not like it was meant for kids to begin with.
Corey Gillespie (1 month ago)
aseel osama (2 months ago)
What the absolute hell
Blake Blast (2 months ago)
Awesome, right?
Norda Brown (2 months ago)
Very interesting. Very good
Blake Blast (2 months ago)
Wish the series can come back.
Jonathan Short (2 months ago)
This reminds me of Liberty kids or The book of virtue, well until the brutality came in.
Chaloe Vibes (2 months ago)
Anyone watching October 2018?
Dishon L. (1 month ago)
+Body Perfect I'm here with you bro
Body Perfect (1 month ago)
December 2018 here
caocaoli1 (1 month ago)
Chaloe Vibes nope august 19th 2456
no December 2018
Chance™ (2 months ago)
Me! xD
Nkateko Nobela (3 months ago)
57:33 😂😂 I laughed my lungs out... The first those words were said we all know what happened
YaYa BaBy (3 months ago)
Nice... great movie!
Danton Steele (3 months ago)
dude that lady at 35 min.had like a lizard or bird skeleton on her headband

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