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Orgasmic Sex Position: Prim and Proper

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Sexpert Tyomi and her onscreen partner Eden demonstrate how to get into the "Prim and Proper" sex position from the writings of Marisa Bennett's book "50 Shades of Ecstasy" Log on to glamerotica101.com for more sex positions and tips
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Text Comments (37)
Keshia Exinor (3 years ago)
that some sexy moves the I see
edmzz (3 years ago)
Lad Vergara (3 years ago)
this video nearly turn me on
Bobbie Hunt (3 years ago)
u did one
Nimo Kwame (3 years ago)
Carmen Ortiz (3 years ago)
vicky ama (3 years ago)
My fav position 👏🏽👏🏽
Edwin Mutahi (3 years ago)
Great. Experience
Tyla Richards (3 years ago)
Tommy Green (3 years ago)
Ok the video is romantic
Sean Johnson (3 years ago)
Those thighs though damn
Ago Uda (4 years ago)
Very polite education. Thanks. Can u send me your video?
Khiralla Houssen (4 years ago)
Schoene position.
Sebastian Franco (4 years ago)
Shes hot
Kenny (4 years ago)
Nat Geo Wild
Anthony Bril (4 years ago)
Devonte Roberts (4 years ago)
I. Wish. I. Was. That. Man. You. The. Nacid
Miss Divalicous (4 years ago)
Thanks I will be picking up a copy of the book!
heynowhey (4 years ago)
Can you do a video on how a female should ride on top
Demari Liggins (4 years ago)
I love it
Anaysha Rhoden (4 years ago)
Marcus Steptoe (4 years ago)
Gonna try dat asap!
Random Videos (4 years ago)
God dame
Dumisa Nimrod (4 years ago)
Thanks for teaching me
Augustine Mayorga (4 years ago)
I do all that pull her hair
SoMegaane (4 years ago)
EamonJohn Healy (4 years ago)
She is hot I would give her the chance to cum if she would let me. Take care all, EamonJohnHealy also known as TheWarriorPoet. From Oxford city in England.... .xxxx.xxxx.xxxx. Kisses for all the sexy woman out there.
dina smith (4 years ago)
Your hair is Beautiful!!!
wavy biggavell (4 years ago)
I'd definitely be sucking those pretty toes at the same time
dr-nocka. (4 years ago)
Your so sexy
weed smoke (4 years ago)
You are very sexy and funny..Thanks for the vid.. good info.
Tyshawn Brown (4 years ago)
Ard say if ur doing missionary can u still put the pillow there for deep penetration
Stephen de medeiros (4 years ago)
No hate, cause I love your channel guys. And I know nobody asked my opinion, but this guy looks like Ice JJ Fish.
Rico Doms (4 years ago)
Tyomi you are Sooo hot!!, keep making this vids
Jizzle 412 (4 years ago)
This is awesome I love the vids. ITS SO FUNNY TO ALWAYS SEE THE MALES TRYING TO KEEP IN MIND ITS A JOB AND PROFESSIONAL. ITS EASIER TO SHOWCASE WHEN YOUR MARRIED. Or in a relationship. Name one guy who wouldn't sign up to help out this beautiful woman for free.
one of my favs!!
MorpheusBx The God (4 years ago)
Love your channel darling!

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