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Foster the People "Pumped Up Kicks" // SiriusXM // Alt Nation

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Hear more Hits1 on our app, get a free trial here: https://siriusxm.us/ytTrial Alt Nation brings you the newest, hottest bands from the US and around the world, as requested by YOU the listener. Find Alt Nation on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/altnation Follow Alt Nation on Twitter: https://twitter.com/altnation Connect with SiriusXM Online Visit the SiriusXM Website: http://full.sc/1ibeANg Follow SiriusXM on Instagram: http://full.sc/1hrjwjt Find SiriusXM on Facebook: http://full.sc/1ibeMfl Follow SiriusXM on Twitter: http://full.sc/1ibfeKP Follow SiriusXM on Google+: http://full.sc/1ibeVj6 You can hear entire episodes of SiriusXM programming on SiriusXM On Demand. For more information and a free trial go to http://www.siriusxm.com/ondemand Foster the People "Pumped Up Kicks" // SiriusXM // Alt Nation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maZuT3uR-gM Foster the People stops by SiriusXM and performs "Pumped Up Kicks" live from our studios. Watch more Alt Nation videos: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9334854D13D29C6F Subscribe to SiriusXM on YouTube: http://full.sc/1hriVOX
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Text Comments (1970)
Indroneil Biswas (2 months ago)
I like this version better than the original
Jeremiah Young (3 months ago)
Just wanted to clarify to the FBI if you’re watching my search history I just love this song, promise I’m not gonna kill anyone
cool thanks (4 months ago)
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Lorie Paras (6 months ago)
2019 anyone?
Jesse Kaplan (8 months ago)
This is incredibly good! <3 Foster the People!!
Presley Shine (8 months ago)
This is the best song I ever had I liked this
Samuel Cabrera (10 months ago)
Despite all that has happened in schools, they should still be singing this song loud and clear to wake our nation up
Biovox13 (10 months ago)
I love his natural voice so much, man...
Ri'art Ari Wongso (11 months ago)
I realy realy love this music. Sure...😍😙😙😙
The Dragonborn12 (1 year ago)
Holy shit this is foster the people wow this is better than their original
Marc Giancola (1 year ago)
Well that sucks!
Melisa Hermensky (1 year ago)
Ever long Foo fighters
Rebecca Marsh (1 year ago)
I love this!! They don't play it on the radio anymore....I wish they did
M R (1 year ago)
Very powerful voice
Bassist lookslike bizarro kramer
TT Moody (1 year ago)
Right on
hi spidyman0705 (1 year ago)
What happened in Florida was terrible but the song is still good
Welington Batista (1 year ago)
Reno Lawang (1 year ago)
2017 comment... Great Acoustic best ever.
B L Rodcen (1 year ago)
I do love it.. But it's got to be electric to feel the full energy of this song. Love Foster the People!
Leon Viet Quoc (1 year ago)
HAHAHA xD Yeee subtitles.. omfg xD HAHAHA guys!! :D
SUPER VIP (1 year ago)
He even looks like a school shooter
B.K.M M.K.B (1 year ago)
Love! Better than the studio version. Nice beside an open fire & very relaxing. Thank you Foster the people <3
Psily Girl (1 year ago)
Just a happy little song about mass homicide.
Drewsen (1 year ago)
Fucking amazing
Indroneil Biswas (2 years ago)
I like this version better than the original
Ivan_Rangel1320 (2 years ago)
nunca se burlen de mis zapatos prros por que ya saben que pasara xdddd
videovulcan (2 years ago)
Love that guitar lick.
andy tait (2 years ago)
Some Dire Straights vibes going on in the intro
Ainsley Harriot (2 years ago)
did he just say gun unmonetised
Hussein Naji (2 years ago)
Jeff :D (2 years ago)
'...you'd be wrong faster than my bully' ~ Official Lyrics
Trizlet (3 years ago)
danny is black... these fricking subtitles lol
DepressoExpresso (3 years ago)
This song is obviously about school shooters that are jealous of the cool kids sneakers
Bradley Baggett (1 year ago)
Before you spit out your idiocy learn how to think outside the box(:
Karen Wiethoff (2 years ago)
@Alex Hi Alex! Not high, just over-thinking everything, nowadays. Be well!
DepressoExpresso (2 years ago)
@Karen Wiethoff lol, this isnt poetry class its youtube, r u high or something?
Karen Wiethoff (2 years ago)
Obviously... Dreams of really good, well made, sturdy and functional shoes. Cool kids' sneakers. Jealousy...perhaps. Be cool Alex, and if a horrible person with a gun enters your school...please protect yourself and your friends. The adults nowadays will take matters into their own hands.
Bill (3 years ago)
HitmanDolphin 17 (3 years ago)
"Bask in the warm apple" that quote is the last line of the song. Subtitles are freaking awesome!! XD
Krautkopf89 (3 years ago)
Much better than the original *thumbsup*
Nem Ligo (2 years ago)
hahahahahahahah come on, shut up
Bandit The God (3 years ago)
leafy is that you?!
Jesus Ruiz (3 years ago)
It is!
pdannysan13 (3 years ago)
What a song !!!
evan (3 years ago)
drummer looks like dylan klebold..
Leo (1 year ago)
Don't you mean Eric Harris?
Thomas Flanagan (3 years ago)
that's a twisted joke but funny
Alejandra Espino (3 years ago)
When you turn on English subtitles... Omg
Paul Hunter (1 year ago)
Thee Wolverine 8
Milky Wayy (2 years ago)
oh my god Bobby it lmao
Mitch Ketcham (3 years ago)
Is that Tim Tebow?LOL
Rick James (3 years ago)
HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH. now that's fucking funny.
Sean McD (3 years ago)
NB ñ
xX EmotionOnPaperXx (3 years ago)
deep and beautiful at the same time :3
Raissa Heidi (3 years ago)
wow I've never heard the acoustic version before. They sing better here.
Heather h (3 years ago)
god love this song
Dan (3 years ago)
All the LA chicks with the "pumped up tits" better run, better run. Faster than my dong.
apeXRezzz (4 years ago)
I mean I think they have a good sound and the melody of the song isnt bad, but I still find the premise of this song to be quite fucked up..
PHIL MeetsJokerGod (4 years ago)
This is probably the best acoustic version.
Amy Rasmus (4 years ago)
This is so perfect.
Nathan Jones (4 years ago)
Marcos Valencia (4 years ago)
Best rendition of this song! Hands down!
shailow brambůrek (4 years ago)
It is better than album version 😍😍
Jeroen S (4 years ago)
What chords / or notes he plays? Thanks in advance. # A dutch beginner
Anthony Lo (4 years ago)
@Jeroen Seltonrijch Em-G-D-A# … xD
BBQMAN81 (4 years ago)
this right here is the best recording they ever did
G Moto (4 years ago)
mom beard
AcousticRose138 (4 years ago)
heh heh youtube subtitles think he said both Adam and Dean :3 (*everyone not in the supernatural fandom sighs*)
leoleo (4 years ago)
OFFICIAL LYRICS : in   up   beans   %uh it   0 rabbits can clear
Aemish Ko (4 years ago)
(ღ˘⌣˘)♥ ℒ♡ⓥℯ ㄚ♡ⓤ
Xuong Tran Trieu (4 years ago)
I like this one better than the original, LOVE IT ACOUSTICLY!
Khanh Ton (4 years ago)
How the hell can "cigarette" become "see you there" :'(
sakura kun (4 years ago)
There's a theme song for everything. Even mass shootings in public schools. 
men with ven (1 year ago)
Amendha Saint Pierre yeah its not like he's talking about cool kids running from bullets or that they have specifically mentioned columbine affecting them at a young age
ifoughtthelaw1000 (2 years ago)
Amendha Saint Pierre how not?
Amendha Saint Pierre (4 years ago)
@sakura kun This is not a theme for school shootings
sakura kun (4 years ago)
I bleed it out, digging deeper just to throw it away? :)
Frank Bowman (4 years ago)
If only there were a theme song for throwing up. I need comforting music when I barf.
Lara Balzanelli (4 years ago)
ftp are perfect *-*
SiriusXM (4 years ago)
Happy #HumpDay  
Mareythu (4 years ago)
Oh my fucking subtitles Turn on english subtitles Holy shit
GamingGuitarist101 (1 year ago)
Mareythu I think the subtitles are a bit different for me cos I'm on mobile, because I can only see minor mistakes on the subs
Siva 12345 (3 years ago)
+Mareythu now out from markham
sakura kun (3 years ago)
+Mean lettuce (par-seh-nt)
Nemu Kant (3 years ago)
@Mean lettuce percent
Mean lettuce (3 years ago)
What is the pronunciation for %?
Salt McSalt (4 years ago)
They look like people you can hang with, and there not be any problems.
marianne (4 years ago)
Because they are. <3
ILIKEWALLS (5 years ago)
fuck sirius and their anti free speech cuntbag managers
BBQMAN81 (4 years ago)
bahahaha gtfo u made me cry lol
jose peixoto (5 years ago)
top top top ;)
baptiste le seac'h (5 years ago)
just a perfect song
Rebecca Marsh (5 years ago)
I still love this.  :)
A Rock (5 years ago)
This version is pretty good, but I prefer the studio version, its less cheery and syncs better with the theme of the song. 
Peter Lombardozzi (5 years ago)
damn there's a crazy amount of reverb in this
awesomerox223 (5 years ago)
I love this version its so chill
Nekkid (5 years ago)
Does anyone know where could I find tabs and chords for this song?
Rocksterize (4 years ago)
It pretty much just goes Em, G, D, A the whole song thru. Hope that helps :)
matt mullaney (5 years ago)
Dash120z (5 years ago)
Sounds better than the studio version.
Qualified Default (4 months ago)
Dont go that far
Joshua Penwell (1 year ago)
dash120z your on crack
IIcootabangII __ (2 years ago)
TacoKicker unless ur slipknot 😀
TacoKicker (2 years ago)
One of the oldest adages in music is "less is more".
Foreverwitchy (5 years ago)
Wanderlust (5 years ago)
be sure check the deep version at my channel that we released today: Foster The People feat. Noah Pumped Up Kicks Aerokind Edit
Sch'infinity8_8 (5 years ago)
Aargh! I thought I lost this video for good! So relieved that I found it!! My favorite acoustic version!
fabrice lamare (5 years ago)
someone know what is the setup of the drummer ?
anjar soebandhy (5 years ago)
i like it :)
Final Boss (5 years ago)
This livens up the day.
Final Boss (5 years ago)
I don't like Mondays.
Final Boss (5 years ago)
@Slenderkiller She gave. 
Dheeezzzy (5 years ago)
Really gonna quote that ? Isn't that an actual school shooters reason he gave?
Lacey Ullman (5 years ago)
luv this song so much. seriously deep lyrics
shawn stevens (5 years ago)
Wow amazing thats nice man its my fave song and the fact to listen to it acoustic" is just great man mark foster and his band are some cool guys man"
anonymus7601 (5 years ago)
The entire Sirius XM stuff is awesome! As a musician I'm crazy over unplugged versions.
youtay4 (5 years ago)
I want to see them live! I love them <3
Mikey r (5 years ago)
Old Songs :) Forgot how much i love this!
Lito Ferg (5 years ago)
nice song but sounds like something u listen to before u go on shooting spree just saying
Lucius Tan (2 months ago)
Lito Ferg (5 years ago)
well that would explain it jus was saying how i felt while i was listening
James Smith (5 years ago)
It's written from the perspective of the shooter.
gabriel cabanayan (5 years ago)
is that tim tebow?
James Callahan (5 years ago)
yes, I too have come to really appreciate the acoustic versions of music. they are just raw, and honest without all this production and processing.
JamesDonnelly (5 years ago)
If you like this you might like 'The Make Believe (Live)' by James Donnelly.
Mauro Demuro (5 years ago)
Great session
Lousson2695 (5 years ago)
Not mad at this stripped down version.....
hrwk4 (5 years ago)
david needs closet to come out of
Sebastian Carrasco (5 years ago)
This song is about the massacre at this high school. I for got what's the name is but he kid killed his sisters friend and he made this song
Bethany Courtney (4 years ago)
There are just so many thing wrong with what you just said I dont even know where to begin...
Nina (5 years ago)
Othman Elhamri (5 years ago)
Better than one direction (girl) xD
Weberth Mil Grau (5 years ago)
muiiito booooa dimais y love is 
Katherine Lund (5 years ago)
love this take on such a great song
Dicki vibee (5 years ago)
mntab'' by dicki vibee now
Ricki Simanjuntak (5 years ago)
morebakedthanbeans (5 years ago)
I really like the original song and this band but there was not much thought went into tht version kinda boring
Beatris Kukaj (5 years ago)
please check out my cover! 

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