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Life In A German Prision HD Documentary

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Life In A German Prision HD Documentary Please watch more interesting Documentaries on are channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg1v4j63MZVr6zYSMbB_XeQ?view_as=subscriber The head offices for the state prison services are in the respective state justice ministry. There, a prison service department controls the organisation of the prison service, personnel matters, basic and advanced training for prison staff, budgets, construction, cooperation in prison service legislation, the employment of prisoners, and vocational training and education for prisoners. It also reviews petitions and complaints and its representatives visit and inspect the prisons regularly. ************************EXTRATAGSIGNORE*********************** prison,german,germany,german prison,prison (quotation subject),jail,trailer german,gangs in prison,prison documentary 2017,life in prison,prison (sentence),luxury prison,prison documentary,prison break,prison documentaries,deutsch,nicest prisons,prisons,prison break trailer german,prison mike german,prison in germany,germany prison,jva fuhlsbuettel prison germany,landsberg prison (prison),german prisons,prisons in germany,protective custody,custody,protective,prison,news,prison architect,celebrities who got protective custody in jail,life,cell,cells,eukaryotic cell,cell structure,cell (anatomical structure),science,blood cells,stem cells,biology,the inner life of the cell (film),life cell product,stem cell for long life,life cell stem cell banking,inside a cell,sickle cell in children,cell the unit of life,cell life,stem cell for new life,benefits of stem cell in hindi,life cell,what is stem cell in hindi,con artist,con artists,con,con men,con man,the con artists,scam artists,artists,money,scam,artist,fraud,con artist humans,convicted con artist,the con artist handbook,con artist scams,california con artist steals 160 million dollars victims lose everything,modern con artist,con artist documentary,con artist exposed,con artist greece,con artist caught,con artist tricks,the con artist,sex offender,sex offenders,sex,offender,offenders,sex offender (literature subject),news,prison,female teacher sex offenders,sex offenders in costume,texas sex offenders,the most shocking female sex offenders,columbia county sex offenders,homeless sex offenders,registered sex offenders,sex offenders halloween,worst female sex offenders,violent sex offenders,shocking female sex offenders,quagmire is a sex offender,drug lord,drugs,drug lords,drug,biggest drug lords,richest drug lords,drug trafficking,world's richest drug lords,top 10 richest drug lords,famous drug lords,drug lord (profession),documentary,mexico,drug cartel,richest drug dealers,abandoned drug dealers mansion,el chapo,crime,cartel,top 10 biggest drug lords,children of drug lords instagram accounts,top 10 drug lords,drug lords trailer español latino,
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Text Comments (39)
Annette Melnychuk (14 hours ago)
The strip search is pretty much the same in any American or Canadian prison but with more respect and dignity
Rockers From Hell (1 day ago)
What a joke, just like australia! No surprise Australians are obsessed with Germany, the softcocks there do the same thing now, treat criminals like babies, it's all one big nanny state, society and prison. There's no deterrent in sending criminals to hostels with bars, the state is basically condoning criminals but then again that's how the country started so maybe it's no surprise.
Koba (10 days ago)
Id pay to have a vacation there
FlooperJunk (24 days ago)
Better than my daycare.
Indigo Psy (1 month ago)
Compare to where I was, this is a Paradise . lol
Max B-M (1 month ago)
their rooms look better than what canadian soldiers get trough basic training and training bases lol
Prison Break (2 months ago)
romania 6 vanatori
babita shuckin (3 months ago)
Wtf is up w that guys cheeks
Lumi (3 months ago)
The documentary started with some gorgeous ASMR 😂
Jan Mardi (3 months ago)
Better than the rat-infested jails in the UK
P C (3 months ago)
Richard White (4 months ago)
Looks quite tidy....
Lupus Dei (5 months ago)
What the hell kind of prison is that? The Germans have slipped a little.
Annette Melnychuk (14 hours ago)
Damn if you jaywalk in the US you are in jail. The Americans incarcerate people for every little piss pot thing they can think of. That is why they have the highest rate of prison overcrowding in the world!
SMALTALK music (4 months ago)
In germany u aint go to the prison for every little shit.
Duy Lai (5 months ago)
Yes, prisoners dont desver this kind of life, but execution.
Ethan Barry (6 months ago)
Hitler was a cruel cunt
mannysaurus19 (6 months ago)
Thanks for this, great documentary. The jails / prisons here in the U.S. are horrible. The jails in Europe are humane.
Annette Melnychuk (14 hours ago)
The European believe in rehabilitation rather then degradation and punishment
Annette Melnychuk (14 hours ago)
+Jack F why? Do you want to have a hardened criminal who was just released from and has a grudge against society moving next door to you? If so you better sleep with one eye opened
M. Alexander (22 days ago)
+Jack F I see ... well creativity is optional, but you DO need to be more specific - what makes them criminals? You need a law to have a crime - and laws do not work with "things I see", "things I want". You need to transform this to common ... well law. FIrst, define the hate in terms of attributes and behavior, that makes them criminals. Second, reframe the attributes and behaviors so that OTHERS see them your way. You might have noticed, there are non of your chambers. Someone have to build them, and that isn't you.
Jack F (22 days ago)
+M. Alexander all the people I see as criminals and das jewden
M. Alexander (22 days ago)
+Jack F Who ia "them"?
Dindo Nuffin (9 months ago)
No point putting a German documentary on an English speaking platform should be on youtube.de (thumbs down)
3nt3 (27 days ago)
I mean like... are you stupid or something?
Dindo Nuffin Wtf do you really think the content of YouTube.com is just english and every country has his own Website? :D
shao nicolas (4 months ago)
It's actually useful for people who wants to learn the German language.
Akku-kun (5 months ago)
youtube.de and youtube.com are literally the fucking same, sherlock
mannysaurus19 (6 months ago)
Dindo Nuffin so what?!
ladyblazette (10 months ago)
Literally a minute and a half in and its theres a stark contrast between the prisons in the US ans here.. The first word that comes to mind is "humane."
Annette Melnychuk (14 hours ago)
+john alpoogidge everyone deserves humane treatment.
MintTablett (11 days ago)
john alpoogidge In any democratic country they do.
Daria Tuscher (1 month ago)
First article of German constitution declares that the human dignity can't be compromised. This goes for any institution, including prisons.
john alpoogidge (3 months ago)
They don’t deserve humane

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