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Workplace of the Week - The NFL: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Ayan Ray Baruah (3 hours ago)
What is so surprising...???? These Cheerleaders are the same kind that was seen partying with people like Trump and Epstein and seen getting pulled and pushed by the "men" in the room and Also USA thrives on taking advantage of the weak and poor, that is how usa was built. So really what is surprising...
Drake Pryce (6 days ago)
I mean sure it sucks that they're not get paid a lot or at all what it sounds like but nobody's forcing them to do any of this stuff
jorge aldridge (9 days ago)
That girl got hurt at end
Evan McArthur (1 month ago)
Cheerleaders are awesome. They should be very well paid & insured & just well-taken care of all the way around. They are very talented as well as undeniably gorgeous & gracing to have at the game, & they should be supremely looked after; but there is no need to try to take them & their beauty factor out of sports. There's nothing wrong with it.
Evan McArthur (1 month ago)
@Kimberly W of course you think it's sexist, like most sexually repressed & frustrated white people, you probably suck at sex & getting someone to wanna fuck you in the first place! Why don't fuck off & go hide in a church somewhere with the other virgins! The WWE is nothing but men in their underwear, & you've never heard us complain because taking off our clothes here & there is fun, beautiful, & liberating, especially when you look good. It's not sexist; it's sexy, LIBTARD WHITE GIRL.
Kimberly W (1 month ago)
I think it's a dumb, sexist tradition and most people would not miss it for a second
two Hugo (2 months ago)
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Windows Sucks (3 months ago)
The more you watch this show the more disgusted you will feel about America.There's a diabolical collusion between the Government and Corporate with the one intention only:How to keep the rat-race going on forever.If there's a place in the whole world that needs communism immediately,it's the U.S, just to add some sense of balance to this ongoing insanity that is bloody Capitalism.
SAURABH PAHADE (5 months ago)
First that game is not football it's rugby.
Hlelo Hokolo (6 months ago)
I love this show , All the way from South Africa
YarrBr0 (6 months ago)
this was actually horrifying
FINAL GIRL (8 months ago)
I find it strange that these women subject themselves to this treatment. Of course it's not their fault. Unfortunately, change happen until you force it. Don't accept $5/hour if you're worth more; if you're literally homeless/starving, get the job then leave the second you're able. With gymnastics, dance and athletic skills most cheerleaders have, there are other opportunities. No industry treats workers fairly by choice or ethics. It must be forced.
Kimberly W (1 month ago)
Despite wildly disagreeing with one of your other comments, I agree with you here
Angelia Salah (9 months ago)
How is this the first time I've seen this when it starts with my city?
Nathan Homistek (10 months ago)
Why would you do this for $5 an hour? I even think the mascot is getting shafted.
Harris Avan (11 months ago)
i would fuck all these sluteaders
Robert413 Hernandez (1 year ago)
That's it I want to be the first one to four clean a cheerleaders Union and I want to be the head of the syndicate.
Harris Avan (1 year ago)
that pussys must be ripped by me, that's the job.
When you thought hand-egg couldn't get more embarrassing...
Infinity Salinity (1 year ago)
Cheerleaders: how is this still a thing?
Just A Guy Production (1 year ago)
But cheerleaders don't do anything! I know it's unfair, but what do those girls expect?
Mr. Ubiboy (1 year ago)
r. I. P. Girl at the end of the video
Prokhor Choudhury (1 year ago)
Why do these girls go there? Oh wait they do modelling later? Acting in series?
Nathan Adams (1 year ago)
$5 an hour? How is that even legal?
commentor93 (1 year ago)
The mere idea of a jiggle test in front of a man is absolutely disgusting. And that's coming from a man.
Ave Ten (1 year ago)
they should paid browns cheerleaders the most
Sami Motaghedi (1 year ago)
ostensiblyquerulous (1 year ago)
Just get rid of cheerleaders. They’re an unnecessary addendum to the sport.
Hades McFadden (1 year ago)
actually 100% agree. Cheerleading, at least at this level of the sport, seems completely unneeded.
Percy Jackson (1 year ago)
Why would they do that for $5 an hour? Do they just want to dress and dance or what?
L B (1 year ago)
Sorry but they know what they are getting into when they sign up. They are not doing it for the money. It is for the minor fame, perks of being a cheerleader, maybe calendars and meeting players. When we women stop being willing participants in this kind of crap, it will stop happening. I won't hold my breath.
Ronnie Bush (1 year ago)
Hoesntly I don't see the point in having cheerleaders in professional sports.
Vi Haze (1 year ago)
It's a shame, because these cheerleaders train hard - those back-flips aren't easy. They train as hard as the football players but they're treated like garbage by creepy old white dudes.
Kimberly W (1 year ago)
Aight, I'm usually pretty progressive but I'm not gonna defend a job as stupid as cheerleading for a split second. I loved marching band in highschool. You can't have a career as a pro marching band member. I agree the standards they're subjected to are appalling, but personally I think the entire idea of it is dumb sooo there ya go
znout65 (1 year ago)
I'm from the future of 2018. This is still a thing.
james evarts (1 year ago)
Rob Newman (1 year ago)
That’s because there missing the big job opportunity here! To be stunning and marry a rich guy to never work again! I’d happily work for 5 bucks a hour for a year to met a rich person n never have to work again it’s a fair trade off lol
AbstractAudition (1 year ago)
The NFL is everything that wrong with the USA in a nutshell. ...and Americans love the NFL. Which... is actually kinda the point.
C M (1 year ago)
They're glorified strippers. So do what any stripper does to make extra cash. Suck your bosses...um...stapler.
Deltrise Flectini (1 year ago)
I’ve always thought that NFL cheerleader was a strange job
nothing (1 year ago)
Fuck how much they get paid, where is their self respect as a woman?
jp Shankle (1 year ago)
You'd have to pay me over 25g to get in the dolphin suit ever Sunday, especially in Miami heat, Im friends with a KC cheerleader and she makes over 5 an hour,, they get a load of cash for their calender shoots, and usually get to got to Bahamas /Jamaica once or twice a year for photo shoots, not to mention her apartment by stadium is comped ,
feelsoezy (1 year ago)
They dont do it for the money, they do it so they can fuck the football players.
stoneoffarewell (1 year ago)
I don't get Americans... Why would a woman willingly do this?!?
Brandon Davidson (10 days ago)
Daddy issues.
Ryan Gainey (26 days ago)
I get that this is an old comment, and I'm also not someone who plays sports or watches them much so this may be a terrible answer. But I think their purpose is primarily sex appeal to give motivation to the muscle hunks to play better and win games. And there's probably a goodly number of the cheerleaders that either have boyfriends on the team or that they're sexually interested in, and being a cheerleader is the best way to get close to them in a way without seeming like just any sketchy outsider ( not that a muscle hunk necessarily cares about that but still).
Corey Moore (1 year ago)
Should've been renamed Cheerleaders: How is this still a thing?
Kimberly W (1 month ago)
{Yasenia} (1 year ago)
Either 95 sexism idiots have given this video thumbs down, or they are 95 gay guys and/or ugly birches who are jealous of the girls.
Martha Bolton (1 year ago)
So you make more money working at McDonalds than as a cheerleader for the NFL how fucked up is that???
LemonadepieX (1 year ago)
Yeah. Enjoy your doctor's visits, Anthropomorphic Dolphin Humanoid
Mark F (2 years ago)
I don't get why they do that job. NFL is the Fox News of treatment of women in the work place. I feel bad for the cheerleaders. But what do you expect from the NFL who denied the conclusion syndrome
UstedTubo187 (2 years ago)
The video missed the most important part of this scandal, where the NFL goes to beautiful women's houses and forces them at gunpoint to go through the very grueling audition process in order to become a cheerleader in the first place.
imrickjamesbeeoch (2 years ago)
Man, it totally sucks that the NFL is forcing these poor people to work as cheerleaders. Somebody should rescue them and get them a better job.
Leslie Zampella (2 years ago)
Then don't be a cheerleader! Get a real job. Dumbasses.
river lea (2 years ago)
TТThis movieeee is noooow aaavаilaable to watch heеeere => https://twitter.com/dbda66efd17db8380/status/872997336170942464
Sun Wu (2 years ago)
They will be fine. They are hot.
side swipe (2 years ago)
I hate to tell you this but cheerleaders are useless, no one cares about them (being honest) if i go to a football game just to go watch the cheerleaders, than I might as well go to a strip club. people only want to go to the game to see players hit each other. there job is pointless so I don't really care about how much money they make.
Bloke Masterson (2 years ago)
We need more of this segment!
MJ (2 years ago)
I find it gross that 30 year old women are cheerleaders.
Kimberly W (1 month ago)
@FINAL GIRL found the SJW. That is such an incredibly childish and stupid response. I think cheerleading is a sad, sexist tradition and that you should go for a sport where you're respected in your own right. But seriously fam, if you cant make an argument without making completely baseless accusations of pedophilia, do us all a favor and save it. I find in gross as in it's something that belongs in highschool and college. That's why everyone cringed in the Friends episode when Racheal put her old cheerleading outfit on even if she still looked great in it.
FINAL GIRL (8 months ago)
because you're only attracted to children, and adult women frighten you?
Elliott Wycoff (2 years ago)
The Lost (2 years ago)
i wonder if bush jr was paid minimum wage in his cheerleader days
TenTonNuke (2 years ago)
Well then don't be a f***ing cheerleader. What's next? Strippers should be treated with respect and dignity? Hookers should get insurance coverage? The UFC ring girls should all be allowed to wear turtlenecks? Because this is Crazytown. And any grievance directed against whites or males is immediately greeted with a standing ovation.
Vinay Madhugiri (2 years ago)
John Lynch was in two of those clips in the begining
Phil Email (2 years ago)
id rather them just be cut, they serve no purpose to me. but atleast pay them properly if you dont.
ostensiblyquerulous (1 year ago)
Phil Email My perspective exactly.
The Fan Without a Face (2 years ago)
$25,000 a year. You make that sound like that's a lot of money. That's chump change. That's the kind of salary where you basically have to worry about having enough money to eat for the week.
Ameri Wryter (2 years ago)
considering the type of people who run and own football, is this really a surprise
Ameri Wryter (2 years ago)
considering the type of people who run and own football, is this really a surprise
Bri Wyatt (2 years ago)
wow I had no idea.
Ameri Wryter (2 years ago)
Bri Wyatt nobody did
TsukiNaito1 (2 years ago)
I'm sure it doesn't have to do with gender. Institutional sexism is gone, of course. Nothing to do with the fact that the skilled cheerleaders are female and the bumbling idiot in the whale costume is male. I'm sure the pay difference has to do with the cheerleaders having to take maternity leave when they choose to give birth. Wait...
Oman Gulf (2 years ago)
why have them from the first place?
Esme Krohn (2 years ago)
parker469a Well, they obviously love it, they wouldn't have trained for years and put up with this mistreatment if they didn't. I'd guess that, and the chance to preform, are some of the reasons. I'm not a cheerleader though, so don't take my word as gospel.
parker469a (2 years ago)
But why would they bother to show up for that kind of shit pay? I always assumed they made 100k a year which is why they fight so hard to get the job in the first place. Now it's just completely pointless, unless they get huge amounts of money from side jobs because of their main job...
Esme Krohn (2 years ago)
a) They get the crowd excited for the game. b) It gives women a chance to be involved in football. c) They're legitimately impressive athletes.
Sharon Liu (2 years ago)
wait, so cheerleaders are doing all those danger moves without medical insurance??? Please expend the video and explain more detail!!!
Um... you mean extend and not expend, right?
Jacob Murphy (2 years ago)
they hot tho
FlashMeterRed (2 years ago)
watch the louis theroux documentary
maddengod 99 (2 years ago)
good thing the giants don't have cheerleades
charmedfan7704 (3 years ago)
I am very happy that my NFL team is one of the five or six that doesn't have cheerleaders.
ronnie. og (1 month ago)
@Wael El-Ahmady Because cheerleaders in the NFL can't be heard, which is a big part of their job.
Wael El-Ahmady (1 year ago)
Why not have some well-treated cheerleaders?
Pie A La Mode (3 years ago)
Just another reason why I hate football.
Kimberly W (1 month ago)
Why is cheerleading a reason to hate football? That doesnt make sense. They arent inextricably linked
Chiranthie M. K. H. (3 years ago)
fuck this is depressing
tidalkingv (3 years ago)
cheerleaders, how is that still a thing?
Sabah Squared (3 years ago)
Hmmm Go Women! Objectified much????
The Ferryman (3 years ago)
The real question here is: Why the fuck do so many women want to be Cheerleaders?
Teal MacFarlane (1 year ago)
The Ferryman For the same reason people want to be gymnasts - it's a sport they enjoy.
ShutUpAndSmokeMyWeed (2 years ago)
I feel like you can't stop people from being willingly exploited.
xXTheBl4ckC4tXx (1 year ago)
how a cheerleaders still a thing, who needs them and why are it only girls
Heema _ (3 years ago)
where do i sign up to be a mascot?
Hailey George (3 years ago)
no wonder the cheerleaders are all so skinny, they barely get paid enough to afford food.
Ricardo Murillo (3 years ago)
I would hire the drums team from Mad Max. WITNESS ME.
DieFlabbergast (3 years ago)
What the fuck is this?! It says"Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" and it is nothing of the kind. John Oliver does not make a single appearance, nor is the voice-over his. To repeat: What the fuck is this?
brad arnold (3 years ago)
I say fire them, they do nothing on the field. i want to watch the game not them. Problem solved.
dan16000 (3 years ago)
1:15 The alluring image of contemporary American sports.
Alonzo Aldaba (2 years ago)
dan16000 lol
Lucas Ward (3 years ago)
Really Fucking Sad!!!!!!!!!
suresh kumar (3 years ago)
I do agree but on a serious note, how is cheer leading a good "job". It simply objectify u. Where is a feminist when we need one????. Yet i do agree if they are not paid enough, then its a serious douchebaggery from the management side.
Jesus Is Relevant (3 years ago)
¡Now if there was a Special District for Cheerleading, than America would be Great Again! Just saying.
Greg Hill (3 years ago)
yes your representative can take your tax money and buy billion-dollar stadiums but can't afford to help somebody go to the doctor when they're sick and can't afford it, what a bunch of hypocrites our politicians are!!! it's time to stand up and take America back from these greedy corporations!!!
I'mNotAHacker (2 years ago)
Slow down there buddy.
jason boyles (3 years ago)
If it sucks so bad then idk, call me old fashioned, they should probably quiiiiit?
Kimberly W (1 month ago)
@Jutta W bad comparison. We need teachers and their work contributes to society. Not so much for cheerleaders. Sucks if you dream of doing something you can't make a good career out of but that's life
suresh kumar (3 years ago)
@MatthewD2440 U words are too specific over a problem that is wide spread.  When i said "same pay everywhere",  i do not mean specific amount like 200 units or so on. I mean those amount which are below border line pay that which has really low wage and work ratio.     U said u where jumping from one job to another, what happens to the job which u left???. Yes u are moving to a better job with better pay may because u had better opportunity or it may be bcs u are a capable individual.  That is not the scope of this issue. Just bcs u had the opportunity and / or capable enough  to move forward... doesn't mean everyone can. A society only needs a said number of labor force, just like a said number of engineers .. we can't hire everyone into a job that pays better. There are always some who are left behind. And they have to make their living with what source they have for earning. Waitress is a single example.        How do u decide those jobs can't pay for one's living???. A supplement jobs should not be 12 -14 hr a day. Most of them can and rightfully they should. But there are few jobs which falls under this category yet the said business can't afford to pay their employee minimum wage. But there is already a solution to these issue under any given economic patter. Read below para to know more on this one. Below para goes out of scope but i do need make this point...  A waitress like any other is a job and thus needs the basic pay to be adequate. The example which u took "waitress" is perfect for the argument.  Bcs it is one among many where the business can't provide the minimum wage for its employee,  in most cases. If they do then it will affect their profit margin. That does not mean u should pay them less either. It is not the employee fault it is just how the system is designed, upon which the said business runs on. Thus we need government to interfere to solve this problem else the said business is gona be affected. It is here were we need social welfare program. which could supplement the pay.  edit: I may be wrong but just in case if u do think other way around. These jobs which we took as example .... waitress  it's not like they don't deserve those basic pay. When someone provide service for 12 -14 hr a day, they do deserve to be paid at the very least a minimum pay. Thus the question is not whether or not they deserve those pay, rather why can't they get at the very least a minimum pay.
Maximus DreivinX (3 years ago)
+suresh kumar But the pay isn't the same everywhere. I'm not making any demands here either - just pointing something out. I vowed never to work at a fast food restaurant when I was 14. I had friends who worked at fast food restaurants, and I knew it was something I would n ever do, and not for that money. I found other work from the time I was 16, and if I wasn't happy with my salary, I left and found other employment. When I'd outgrown working for a grocery store, and needed to make more money, I left and found work at a department store making more money. When I outgrew that and needed to make more money, I left the department store and I started working at a factory where I made more money. I didn't complain that, because I didn't like the pay where I was working, they should pay me more because that's what I want. Regarding work like a waitress or a fast food worker, those jobs are never going to pay a wage that one can live on by itself. It isn't meant to, and it never will. These are supplemental types of jobs, not careers. If someone tries to make it their 'career', rather than the stepping stone/supplemental type work that it is, they cannot then complain they should get more money because 'they want more money'. It doesn't work like that.
suresh kumar (3 years ago)
@MatthewD2440 Yes, most certainly quitting is one way. But it would be the least favorable option if the pay is same everywhere and there is nothing one can do about it.     Yes most certainly u as a third person can make that demand. But as a government who governs those said ppl example waitress, they need to answer these ppl as for why they are paid less for their work. Waitress is definitely not professional but it is a job indeed. And u do need waitress around to serve u isn't it?.      How do u run  a government if everyone is capable for professional job. Who serves the public, job's like senate, president, ministers, police, Military???. Can u measure the salary of these guys w.r to their work. These guys salary and work ratio (legal pay) is way below than those nurses u spoke of. Thus u are right these ppl salary are indeed low, but though their salary is low .. they do get benefits by working in these jobs. Social welfare!!!!!. This specific collection of program is there to take care of these ppl, who are victim to our economic system and who's wage does not falls under same design as u or any professional work.      But these kind of benefits isn't there for a waitress or a cheer leader alike. So yeah u are right these jobs aren't most honorable one. But their service are needed(though cheer leading is a questionable one, but u or me can't decide on its existence, its upto the employer as long it isn't made illegal). For this is the reason why they should be paid minimum wage. When i say minimum wage i mean "Amount through which one can be provided with normal life in a specific economy"....
skillcoiler (3 years ago)
Witten tried and ultimately succeeded taking that cheerleader down. What a dick.
sk sk (3 years ago)
cheerleading is rediculous and only purpose is to objectify women's bodies
Penguin of Death (3 years ago)
+sk sk Your spelling of ridiculous is ridiculous
pop5678eye (3 years ago)
Had minimum wage risen at the same rate as corporate executive compensation since the 1980s, it would be over $30 by now...Corporate executives often get a compensation about a hundred times that of their average wage laborer. Do they work 100 times more hours? No. Usually a lot less. Do they work physically or mentally 100 times 'harder?' No. Do they add 100 times the value to the corporation? No. Instead they steal that 100 times extra value from the wages of the laborers who actually create that value. If corporate bosses and owners are to be called 'job creators,' then all of their workers should be called 'value creators!'
Makara (3 years ago)
I can see why that "jiggle test" would be necessary. After all, their looks are a rather large part of their job.
arunraj3935 (3 years ago)
u are awesome john oliver
Kate owl (3 years ago)
This should be featured in one of the "How is this still a thing" segments. We are (thankfully) moving beyond treating women as objects, and this needs to go, or at the very least change to be a decent workplace and job for them
HeroHeart14z (3 years ago)
+Kate owl that's okay, I figured that was the case ^-^
Kate owl (3 years ago)
@HeroHeart14z My apologies! I made a mistake - I got mixed up whom I was replying to. My bad! Thanks for your support!
HeroHeart14z (3 years ago)
+Kate owl oh haha no, that's what I meant. He seems to be of the those who believes that feminism represents man-haters in reality, I think most of the population believes in true feminism, and it's a shame that the word has been twisted so much
Stormingmiku (3 years ago)
Incredible I did not know cheerleaders get paid so little. I pity them. And hope this is resolved soon.
JustusLM (1 year ago)
Ha! Good joke. Honestly, it is terrible, but these conditions won't change as long as there are still enough girls who want to become cheerleaders.
Nithin Narayanan (3 years ago)
how is it not worstplace of the week. if john oliver reading this, yes you can use that. I will not sue.
Master Markus (3 years ago)
Oh... when you said "jiggle test" I thought of... something else.
tifforo1 (3 years ago)
I bet the people who made this didn't actually talk to any NFL cheerleaders about their jobs.
Damien Poe Rocks (3 years ago)
awh that's fucking disgraceful!
Atlantis Morissette (3 years ago)
I would actually feel sorry for them if 90% of them weren't so fucking arrogant about their position and snooty. Seattle is a small world and i would meet one just about daily in the summers out on the water. I can't think of one that i left having respect for. They act like they are a gift, and they all seem to be gold diggers. I never made it three questions without asking what I do how much was the boat, blah blah...
Dominic Perez (3 years ago)
This looks like a job for............... Feminism?
tifforo1 (3 years ago)
I know some cheerleaders. They love it even if the pay is shit. They have other jobs; cheerleading is part time. They have fun hanging out with the other cheerleaders.
Mariko Mcr (3 years ago)
$5 an hour? really what the heck i thought cheerleaders where at least middle class... even crackheads behind McDonald's have more pay
Torqas Bell (3 years ago)
you mean there are people being judged for their looks in a job that exists solely for its visual appeal? no, that can't be. surely no other job where visual appeal is a cornerstone has that. there are no models or actors being judged on their looks (keepittighttatum). look last week tonight, i understand that you are a comedy show, but when you try to interject a political message into it, i'm gonna call you out on the inconsistencies and contradictions you make in the process
SteelHime (3 years ago)
It's. A. Fucking. Political. Show. The whole point is to point out the injustices and wrong doings that a lot of countries (mostly America) and companies have. They do a shitload of research so I'm pretty sure that they know EXACTLY what they are saying.
Zakana (3 years ago)
You didn't hear the fact that they get paid 5$ an hour, get no benefits and see that they can't complain and are told what to eat did you? Actors and Models (shouldn't) have it in their contract about what kind of product they should use to deal with their .

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