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The Chapman Guitars ML-7 Project - Body Style Vote

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The Chapman Guitars ML-7 Project - Body Style Vote http://www.chapmanguitars.co.uk/vote The thread to chat about the ML-7 project is here: http://bit.ly/RHw8lo Keith Merrow is here: http://www.youtube.com/diobolic5150
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Text Comments (549)
Volvorion (5 years ago)
Mason Stanley (5 years ago)
Id love to see a V or an 84/ESP style Explorer.
Raoul Tchoï (5 years ago)
T-type body with a way more "modern" shaping ! lml
Doug Munis (5 years ago)
When can I get one??????
Wooondus (5 years ago)
DropdaLTDtoB (5 years ago)
LOL the top two comments completely go against each other
Daniel McNeil (5 years ago)
christian cobley (5 years ago)
Theo Möll (5 years ago)
Maybe you's like the ESP LTD Viper 407? It's a lot cheaper and still a solid guitar. I've had one, in satin black. Holds up great live.
BananStian (6 years ago)
Number 4 :P
ChicagoBurnsMusic (6 years ago)
donSparda (6 years ago)
Could you try an archtop on the upcoming t-type guitar? With classic tele headstock, though No binding on the necking, maple neck and fretboard, no inlays and please maple top with black on the side of the top, and gray curled maple going inwards, it is just a thought, but i think it`d be cool:)
Mad Jack Churchill (6 years ago)
I'm so relieved it's the T-type, and not another bloody superstrat.
Scias (6 years ago)
I've set it up in drop G# at the moment. Heh I was only kidding though, I don't use my ibanez for anything else these days so I have no problem experimenting with it.
Rich Kay (6 years ago)
T-type, Headstock 3 would look kinda cool. HSH configuration would be nice but SHS configuration would be unique and also a nice choice. Bridge style: I would go for a Floyd Rose, Kahler Hybrid. For Hardtail I'd choose a Tune-O-Matic or Shaller Hannes bridge (would be the first 7-String in series, I think). The woods and the pickups make the guitar sound and ther are so many variations that i can't make a decision on that for myself yet.
Rich Kay (6 years ago)
which tuning?
KernelxSanders (6 years ago)
strat style mahogany body, arch top, no quilted top, MOP binding, optional fixed or floating trem, (i would choose fixed, or if floating, try something other than FR) HSH configuration with coil split option for those who like SC, like myself. 2 volume, 1 tone, 5 way selector. that's my vote.
Scias (6 years ago)
+1, S type with fixed bridge. 7 strings in general I prefer to have a fixed bridge, or no floyd rose anyway
Scias (6 years ago)
( S-Type please) ;)
Scias (6 years ago)
Damn and I just started changing my strings from 9s to 12 hybrids, on a floyd rose!
Kevin McKay (6 years ago)
Ive always wanted a tele body with a floyd rose and hss pickups. Sigh
Valentineskidd (6 years ago)
I see some people dissagreeing with the T-shape because it 'doesn't look metal enough' or 'is too uncomfortable to play'. Although the S-type is ok (and practically all my guitars are S-types), it's just been used into the ground, and a bit boring now. And it may not look very metal, but with the right paint work it will look sweet. Also it is more comfortable than you think. If it is more like the Jim Root signature with the cut away at the back then it'll be fine.
Valentineskidd (6 years ago)
Yeah i know of this guitar. As much as i would like it it is a bit expensive for my taste. The good thing about this Chapman guitar is it will be affordable and awesome. Looking forward to just having ago with it in Andertons.
iamrichlol (6 years ago)
when's the next episode?
toto papel (6 years ago)
i'm talking about neck and bridge with single coils. maybe a mid pickup up.
Aloch ExX (6 years ago)
Theo Möll (6 years ago)
Check the ESP Viper 7-string.
Matt Harris (6 years ago)
oh and no trem!!!! just a fixed bridge!!!! dont have time for tuning all day
toto papel (6 years ago)
t- style. 2 single coils. DO IT
Matt Harris (6 years ago)
for me its gotta be strat style,t-types are to uncomfortable to play with the edge of the guitar stuck in between your ribs,i play alot and i spend a great deal of time writing .Plus id like to see the strat syle done in mahagony as its light and produces a great tone.we shall see.If its done in t-style ill pass witch will suck !!! im looking very much forward to ordering this guitar
Forkface01 (6 years ago)
If a T-type body gets chosen I'm not getting this guitar. ... and I would be really disappointed 'cause I'm really looking forward to this guitar.
RhodrynTRK (6 years ago)
Agree. Although it could be cool if they made a "metal t type". A T type with a nice twist that makes it metal and unique. I would prefer the s type myself tho.
RhodrynTRK (6 years ago)
Agree :/ I'd prefer the S type, second the explorer.
osirisprotocol (6 years ago)
I voted for the ML-2 type. It's dead last which I expected but the love for the T Type baffles me. If that ends up being chosen I'm out of the running for a ML-7.
RiffMonkey (6 years ago)
T-Style all day man. I've played a couple of T-Style 7's and they are sick as hell. DO IT!! DO IT, NOOOOOWWWW!!!
Herbert Tiede (6 years ago)
T-style for me. It's been my favorite since i got over that teenage vision that there only were Strats, LPs and other ugly guitars. And Chapman Guitars already has a S and LP style. Soooo.....
TheArcTangente (6 years ago)
I think T shape is not in a metal spirit, go on ml shape!
John Widen (6 years ago)
I want to see a Explorer type 7 string! because the Ghost fret was just amazing!!! i think it could be the ultimate guitar!!!
VomVomar (6 years ago)
esp-ltd viper 417?
Patrick Buckley (6 years ago)
u should do a chapman take on the esquire, u dont get many of that style guitar about
Rusty Shackleford (6 years ago)
I chose the ghost fret style, i was gonna buy the agile ghost, but would love a chapman
Alex Krukauskas (6 years ago)
as much as i would like to see a modded ML-1, i am a tele player and i think a 7-string tele would be amazing
mrguitarguru12345 (6 years ago)
Body style 1
torrid94 (6 years ago)
Ibanez S style...No Doubt...
Manuel Estrada (6 years ago)
I meant a mahogany neck
Manuel Estrada (6 years ago)
an ash body could give clarity to the lows and highs, as well as a growly sound. A mahogany body would give a darker taste to balance the ash and a 26 inch scale. something that is good but different from what others offer. many great guitarrist go for ash but you only get that on custom models. a 26 inch sclae means you could go lower but still mantain a good tension y you tune standard. best regards
Gumbo95 (6 years ago)
I really dislike T-types xD
zeldahotterthenyou (6 years ago)
zeldahotterthenyou (6 years ago)
Neoclassicalguitar89 (6 years ago)
continued: Also the pickup routing should be so that you can put anything in there, and then in best ibanez style - some shit cheap crap pickups, that you can change for what pickup you like - personally i like high high high output dimarzios, but there is so many different pickups for 7s nowadays, so it would be wrong to put some expensive ones in there.. instead make it a 600$ guitar, and then people can spend 100 - 200 $ on buying the pickups they like :)
Neoclassicalguitar89 (6 years ago)
Body: ml-1 style (strat), with big cutaways for the big handed shredders. archtop guitar would be nice, because you can laminate 2 different kinds of wood, and get a great tone, but then it would be nice if it could have the same "cutaway" for resting your right arm, that a non-archtop guitar typically has (RG for example). and of cause, neck-though, org. floyd.
My52fender (6 years ago)
The t shape, but a double cut so that the bottom cut is the same as the top. This is like an sg but softer. Also a contour body like a strat, belly cut and a right hand chamfer off to the top left. Strat like.
Two Dudes in a Truck (6 years ago)
T-type with a gretsch corvette cutaway, or soloist cutaway
Paul Moore (6 years ago)
ex shape plllllease
TheDatanet (6 years ago)
i have always strongly disliked the sg shape
StevesGuitars (6 years ago)
Isn't the ML-3 already gonna be a t-type?
ThePhilipp0407 (6 years ago)
S Type still needs 300 votes to beat the T Type!
xinsertusername (6 years ago)
I choose the T type, because Imagine a BlacKat Ninja style ... but in matte black... and affordable.... Can we try for like a throughneck? that'd be sweet, like, don't even ship them with pickups or tuners and just send us a finished body we can stick what we want in.
Gray Piano Flying (6 years ago)
I want DinkySoloist shape. Big cutaway. throughNeck or ContourdHeel. that Awesome to shred
ThisIsMusicEnjoy (6 years ago)
Tele shape, killer
cortarelva (6 years ago)
Modern S style body but not Ibanez rg like thats been overdone by other makers and not arch top please. Alder or mahogany body, plain maple or rosewood fretboard would suffice ebony would be better. It does not have to come with an ofr but a routing that accepts one would be nice (trs?!!) or a fixed bridge is cool to. Maybe the two options.
123Anonymau5 (6 years ago)
I wil not buy it if its a tele shape.
Mike Pop (6 years ago)
EX all the way. No way any of the other styles can compete.
hongdekong (6 years ago)
Les paul...
Souldk86 (6 years ago)
Please not the T-type...
ryan c (6 years ago)
come on EXPLORER!
Daymans Sky (6 years ago)
Okay, i've changed my mind, a 7-string tele would be awesome, just saw some and they look awesome :P
Christian Fitzgerald (6 years ago)
Tele tele tele tele!!!! That would be awesome especially if it resembled the 6 string one that has been in some of Robs vids... :D
Anthony Arnold (6 years ago)
T-Type. It's just a classic, sexy shape and the other shapes, for the most part, are covered by the bigger guitar companies. If it's the T-Type, consumers of the product know they are getting something special, rather than just another S- or LP-Type 7-string. It'd be outside of the norm and I feel it would get an amazing response.
Andrew0472 (6 years ago)
i agree, i do love the esp viper 7 string in white
Athelo Δ (6 years ago)
Longhorn LP!
John Jacobson (6 years ago)
Saying startup and major companies all copy each other is a bit loaded. There are many original shapes, and many derived from others, all connected by basic part/body configurations and needs. It's like saying you'll only listen to bands that sound like no one else, that's fair, but I have to ask... Who are they influenced by? I voted for the t-type, can't wait to see the designs chappers and merrow come up with for that!
INT2000 (6 years ago)
I just want something silver, like a silverburst LP, thanks!
Riley Merino (6 years ago)
body you haven't used yet is the sg style. And dont go saying a seven string sg would be retarded, because tony iommi uses one a lot.
Lennart N (6 years ago)
7-string tele style would be awesome, but I'd be concerned about neck dive because the strap pin is closer towards the body instead of around the 12th fret.
Kevin Shuba (6 years ago)
Tele style would be badass!
Stephen Lynch (6 years ago)
Contoured tele body but with pickup selector in the Les Paul position and just a volume control.
Austin Klinger (6 years ago)
While my personal preference would be the EX type, I couldn't in good conscience vote it. 7 is already a niche market, adding the extreme-shape niche to it would make it hard for mass market appeal. At least, that's my gut feeling. So T-style it is!
Peter Watson (6 years ago)
Loved the ML1, but I chose the LP
Quinones (6 years ago)
i think ex shape would be best because theres already a t shape guitar which is the ml3( which is hopefully still in the making) and theres already a strat shape which is ml1. the ghost fret is a little out of most peoples budget and a more affordable ex guitar would be a great option. also, a 7 string ex guitar would look badass. and chappers, any word from sweetwater?
Quinones (6 years ago)
a 7 string explorer would be awesome
X_Franklin _X (6 years ago)
Why not, tele shape. The schecter looked cool when they did it
Nathan Bucher (6 years ago)
double cut lp would kick monster taint
Szneka (6 years ago)
Modestas Gab (6 years ago)
what is the song in the begining???:)
Valentineskidd (6 years ago)
(*S-type sorry)
Valentineskidd (6 years ago)
Although saying that, there are alot of t-style guitars out there wether its 6, 7 or 8 string guitars. Unfortunately it isn't an option to vote but I would love to see an SG style body for a 7-string. I just think that shape looks so metal with the horns. But yeah it's just a shame it isn't an option.
Josh Cobb (6 years ago)
Valentineskidd (6 years ago)
I'm just waiting for the video to load so I don't know the options at this point, but I really think you should make the ml-7 shape like the ml-1. The ml-1 just seems like the chapman guitars 'signature' look if you know what I mean. Maybe make more than one ml-7? Just my opinion. Either way, I can't wait till it is finished and I can try one out in Andertons. Been on the market for a new 7-string.
ZipperJNG (6 years ago)
Explorer 7 STRING PLEASE! also Lefty :D
MitchRench (6 years ago)
hell yes a t-style 7 string, like the ones Stephen Carpenter uses from ESP!
francisco444 (6 years ago)
CKS5000 (6 years ago)
I just really like the lp design and don't know if I have seen a seven string lp style guitar.
Gamma Unicorn (6 years ago)
The explorer shape would make a savage 7 string
Kenro Okamoto (6 years ago)
Tele-Style do it do it!
CKS5000 (6 years ago)
LP style!!
brutalfunkcore (6 years ago)
Mr Blockhead (6 years ago)
T-Style. The Jim Root Tele was a good metal twist on a classic design. 7 string would be the next step. Plus as has already been mentioned, most 7 strings are Strat shaped.
yellowstonestv (6 years ago)
S style
Matt Bristow (6 years ago)
if it was to be a LP shape, it would be the best single cut 7 string on the market.

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