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Vote Twilight Sparkle for Princess of America

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When you vote this November 35th, remember to write in Twilight Sparkle for president, THE ABSOLUTE MAD MARE! Note: Don't actually do that. My apologies to anarchists for using the lazy interpretation of the philosophy, but I'm a hack and needed a cheap gag. Berry Punch chose the right day to not quit drinking. MUSIC: United States Army Band Pershing's Own - Hail to the Chief O' Jays - Give The People What They Want --- All the news tickers if you don't want to go back and read any you missed: LIVE: Reactions to new pony presidential candidate. Jill Stein: I knew unicorns were real! Gary Johnson: What is Appleloosa? Sanders: I can't support a candidate who fought against equality. Pinkie: I'll build a 4th wall and make the audience pay for it! Trump: Twisted Twilight is a loser, believe me. She had magic coming out of her eyes, her horn, her...wherever. Clinton: According to this suitcase of money, Hasbro is a paragon of magnanimous corporate stewardship. --- I appropriated and/or stole the Pinkie Pie 4th wall joke from someone. It was many months ago and I can't remember where it was, some comment on a random political article. BACKGROUND ART: Mount Faustmore by Frist44 Twilight Empire-textless by AdrianImpalaMata TWILIGHT VECTORS: And Then There's This Filly by SLB94 Princess Twilight Sparkle by Grabusz Smirky Twilight by SLB94 Twicane by CaNoN-lb Twilight Sparkle Report by Dentist73548 You Shall Not Pass by Decprincess FALLING PONIES: Bon Bon is surprised by PaulySentry Bringing the Keg by Masemj Lady Unicorn from Toyota commercial (see My Kingdom for a Horse 1) Lauren's Derpy-Cleanup Vector by Julianwilbury Octavia Blast by Dusk2k Surprised Big Mac by SpenceTheNewbie Trixie Shocked Expression by TehJadeh Vinyl Scratch by Bengo538 Cherilee - artist unknown Lyra Shocked - artist unknown OVAL OFFICE VECTORS: Ink and Quill by Hourglass-Vectors MLP Vector - Spike Sleeping - Day Version by MLPBlueRay Owlowiscious by Blackm3sh Scroll vector by Stinkehund Smarty Pants by Vectorshy Tea Cup - My Little Pony Style by LelekHD
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Text Comments (199)
Briseur De Lance (1 month ago)
If she forms a Foreign Legion, I will enlist.
Dj Br0n3 (2 months ago)
I'd vote for her in a heartbeat
Will it's better than Obama or the Clintons.
Shadowbolt Dash (5 months ago)
Humble Cat (6 months ago)
I vote twilight sparkle
MrVioletKee YT (7 months ago)
Twilight! Twilight! Twilight!
Starlight131 MSP (7 months ago)
1 like = 1 vote
Doombringer069 (9 months ago)
Twilight for supreme overlord.
FluttershyIsNOT aDoormat (10 months ago)
I only wait for elections ^^
Tommi Koistinen (11 months ago)
I would vote Starlight instead.
DJ (1 year ago)
I'd vote for her, if she was real.....
Neurotic2pointO (1 year ago)
jay jagusch (1 year ago)
i don't think twilight will act like a tyrant she would actually would be a constitutional monarch so reformative won't really like her but she does supports public library and she didn't really turned off gravity she just turned on gravity in a room that didn't have gravity turned on so i vote for her in 2020 because she will be a better president than trump
Scorpion Glimmer (1 year ago)
She gets my vote
I will vote for her
Alex Kidd (1 year ago)
i will vote for her i guess *sigh*
Cave Johnson (1 year ago)
This is why we have an electoral college we can't have idiots voting for fictional characters
jay jagusch (1 year ago)
there's been people who voted for mickey mouse i am not sure about any other fictional characters
RampagePhoenix (1 year ago)
Twilight Sparkle for President, 2020!!
Brian Shoubert (1 year ago)
Make Equestria Great Again!
godzno O (1 year ago)
Stupid pony
godzno O (1 year ago)
Stupid pony
godzno O (1 year ago)
Stupid pony
Neurotic2pointO (1 year ago)
godzno O Its not good to call yourself names you know. Oh wait that's just you stating your meaningless opinions. Keep 'em to yourself you cumrag.
EbonyManta (1 year ago)
Good pluses to Twilight as prez, but I think peace in the Middle East would probably be a two-parter...
Queen MeowTigeress (1 year ago)
i'll vote for her we need her meow!
Rexthezilla98 (1 year ago)
welp she's got my vote
Lord Mandarin (1 year ago)
She is surely better than the others
UNLebanon (1 year ago)
Next will be an attack ad from The Great and Powerful Trixie.
_Galaxia_ (1 year ago)
Seriously what would happen if the majority voted for a fictional character?
energiesoler (1 year ago)
Bernie said it all
Calum Butler (1 year ago)
Have fun dealing with ISIS!
Ari TW (1 year ago)
She would have my vote!Let's save America
wtf me
ulysess oliveras (1 year ago)
I be the first one on line to vote for her
Christian Tracey (1 year ago)
Simon Carlile (1 year ago)
Why am I just now finding this, it's amazing.
marshmallowok (1 year ago)
The fandom is a big place.
Despair (1 year ago)
YEAH!!! Im the one thousand like!!! :)
marshmallowok (1 year ago)
Sometimes it's the little victories that get you through the day.
God of Evil (1 year ago)
NEIN!!! I will not vote for Twilight!!! Do you know why? BECAUSE HER MENTOR IS A WORST DICTATOR THAN HITLER!!!!!!! (Did I say that out loud?)
Robert Salas (1 year ago)
Yeah much better than Trump...
jana_ draws2007 (2 years ago)
I vote for her!
arctic Wolf Lover (2 years ago)
Socialists like her because she's a unicorn
ruralMCgaming and more (2 years ago)
Dracowulf Alphyn (2 years ago)
The Russians aren't hacking anything. Lying Hillary was just trying to start a war. But Trump wants peace with Russia. I would hate to see harm done to any of our fellow russian bronies any good russian person. I am conservative because my monarchy is the U. S. Constitution.
theincbub games (2 years ago)
with donald trump elected anything can happening this isnt to far off. (joke)
Dartanyan Elson (2 years ago)
Princesses bless America!
Kirill Marine (2 years ago)
Defeated Chaos Gods and Became a New One Good Job
Milo Crespi (2 years ago)
Terry Jones (2 years ago)
0:20 - I did not have a single drop of milk today and yet somehow gallons of it came out of my nose just now XD
GuardianofRoin (2 years ago)
Still better than Clinton or Trump
FluffyPupperMemes (1 year ago)
GuardianofRoin Yeah she would make for a good president if she was real and we were all ponys (that would be really cool if we were all ponys just like the ones in MLP FIM). I don't like Clinton and I could really care less for Trump.
Darkinator (2 years ago)
still better than Donald Trump
WeegeeSlayer (2 years ago)
Twilight can still run in 2020 though
Cave Johnson (1 year ago)
WeegeeSlayer no she can't cause she isn't real
Poopy Fart Shit Man (2 years ago)
No fuck that
IrlBelle (2 years ago)
Ricardo JPrGa (2 years ago)
Maybe Trump like Twilight, maybe Trump will be a great president... or not
os. vedeos. são. legais
King Camelot (2 years ago)
Vote for Twi for President? [Yes] [No] [HELL NO!!!]
Green Ninja Brony (2 years ago)
If Twi was real, she would have been a great leader, make a better world togheter
Cave Johnson (1 year ago)
Ya no
Noonlight T (2 years ago)
In a alternate reality,Twilight is real & has become the princess of America.Saldy we aren't in that reality.
Makenshi179 (2 years ago)
lol!! Well done, this is so funny! XD
daniel allen (2 years ago)
Igarappappa (2 years ago)
Franck Corleone (2 years ago)
Since she won't be elected, can we have her in France ? Our candidates are not better here --'
Purple Unicorn (2 years ago)
I approve this message
The Creator 2455 (2 years ago)
Kevin Eontrainer (2 years ago)
"..because only a magic horse can save us now" lol I love that part
Kavalino (2 years ago)
She's got my vote :-]
Sam (2 years ago)
Can you do one with Starlight Glimmer now? lol
Argamis (SilverComet) (2 years ago)
She runs with her as the Vice President.
derby378 (2 years ago)
Love it!
Gorgo the Orc (2 years ago)
Twilight Sparkle over killary
Alex Hurd (2 years ago)
I have to wonder if cryogenic freezing has become viable yet. People just wanting to skip the next 4-8 years... On a happier note, if A: I was old enough to vote, and B: She was on the ballet, I would vote for her.
decp12 (2 years ago)
XD Ideal candidate for a president!
SpyroLinkFan1991 (2 years ago)
I vote for Princess Twilight.
Lucky Star (2 years ago)
I sent this to a friend, he's not even a brony and he may have to write her in.
JonnySel Productions (2 years ago)
dandic2342 (2 years ago)
Vermin Supreme would approve!
Khyrberos (2 years ago)
Lol, what joy.
easel doodle (2 years ago)
You've got my vote Twilight! :D
Idan Chen (2 years ago)
Tall Order (2 years ago)
As long as she takes in Starlight Glimmer for VP.
Strein86 (5 months ago)
NO! Nein! Sunset Shimmer for VP!
MLPDethDealr32 (2 years ago)
i agree, on the other hoof/hand, would we really want a unicorn for VP that knows MIND CONTROL spells XD
Tad Dad (2 years ago)
i cannot express how much i needed that
I tweeted this to PoliticsGhost just to mess with him. lol He's a hard core Trump supporter who doesn't like us bronies. XD
A Cannibal Troll, yes.
Pferd Schild (2 years ago)
He was the troll....
scaperist (2 years ago)
He must be that one person who pressed dislike.
+scaperist Yeah he's been back for most of this year. And now that his favorite candidate was elected he's probably here for a while. lol
scaperist (2 years ago)
+Scarlet Moon Oh it's THAT Ghost, I remember him now. Back in 2012, he was one of the main troll targets of the fandom. His rages were legendary, haha.
Meltroxgeolix (2 years ago)
Only grabs books... Lol
Lucky Star (2 years ago)
I wish we didn't have a candidate who said that sort of thing.
Lucky Star (2 years ago)
Compared to Trump who grabs vagina
TheRestrictedgamer (2 years ago)
This would be so much funnier if I didn't actually put "Twilight Sparkle" in the write-in section on my ballot...
TheRestrictedgamer (2 years ago)
Sure did. No regrets
EbonyManta (2 years ago)
I should have too. Wouldn't have mattered since I voted third-party anyway, but a fictional president would have been better on my conscience than who I voted for. XP
Incitos Sol (2 years ago)
TheRestrictedgamer Wait you actually did it?! Damn kinda wish I did now to be honest.
Scott George (2 years ago)
She's got my vote !🐴
Yenastuundepaspris55 (2 years ago)
You know... I would absolutely agree to all of 'that'.
Daniel Bob (2 years ago)
"I'll build a fourth wall and make the audience pay for it!" Ha! You made my day, good sir!
ditsy doo (1 year ago)
Daniel Bob FUCKING brilliant!
Er Gastolo (2 years ago)
#TwilightSparkleforPrincessofAmerica Miss Sparkle, you got my vote! ~❤ ;)
FishKepr (2 years ago)
I would vote for Twilight.
richfiles (2 years ago)
Would vote, Huuuuge success for this mare!
Alexandro Moreno (2 years ago)
We will ignore all their scandals? She has a castle that is not on your tax return because she says that "magically appeared". Bombardment friendship to a small town outside its borders. Also addition to its history of disasters in the parties made in Canterlot. For that vote for Sunset Shimer, she has thumbs.
marshmallowok (2 years ago)
Such a nasty mare.
Alexandro Moreno (2 years ago)
+scienceandponies Just because the anatomy class is a little diferent in this world, besides Twilight not end the Jedi training of Zecora.
scienceandponies (2 years ago)
Sunset can't even graduate high school! She's been there for something like 10 (Equestrian) years!
tv9164 (2 years ago)
I for one welcome our pony overlord!....I mean princess.
Lucky Star (2 years ago)
Ah'd say there wasn't a difference. but the stigmas are. Overlords tend to be evil while princesses tend to be good.
linakorig9 (2 years ago)
Is there any difference?
evangelian007 (2 years ago)
Twilight is a fine choice. I mean she could make America adorkable again! lol
Max Robinson (2 years ago)
TheAcidQuantum (2 years ago)
I'm voic
Dubzaster (2 years ago)
Who is with me? _Make America_ *Friendly* _Again!_
me XD
Ari TW (1 year ago)
Dubzaster I'm in
ulysess oliveras (1 year ago)
I am too
ulysess oliveras (1 year ago)
ditsy doo (1 year ago)
Im with ya on that
MinersLoveGames (2 years ago)
Oh Dear God, please just let this election be over already.
tin pin (2 years ago)
Tonight on Frontline: ABC's 20/20 anchors in... *Race to the Grave:* _Who will shove off first?_ Featuring: Barbara Walters Sam Donaldson Diane Sawyer and Hugh Downs It'll be a race _to die for._ On Frontline, *Next!*
marshmallowok (2 years ago)
Don't worry, after it's over the media can focus on the 2020 race.
TheHumbleFellow (2 years ago)
So you want the four, possibly eight years of hell to start early?
The Brony Jesus Loves (2 years ago)
Honestly, if she were real, I would vote for her.
i agree
Alex Kidd (1 year ago)
Yeah same *sigh*
ulysess oliveras (1 year ago)
ulysess oliveras (1 year ago)
Er Gastolo me too and i go with you
ulysess oliveras (1 year ago)
The Brony Jesus Loves me too
Le Shen (2 years ago)
I would 100% vote for her.
theandrew311 (2 years ago)
Hmm... was going to vote for weird al, but i like this choice better :)

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