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Beard Ninja 1-2 (by Endo)

60830 ratings | 6210475 views
The legends of the time traveling Beard Ninja are still told to aspiring heroes of today, the past, and for generations to come. Endo's Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/EndosTV Endo's Dojo - http://endo.hyunsdojo.com/ Sponsored by Vulcun: https://vulcun.com/affiliate/hyunsdojo Use promo code "hyunsdojo" to get a 100% deposit match bonus Support Our Community! Patreon ------------http://www.patreon.com/hyunsdojo Dojo Shirts ------- http://hyunsdojo.spreadshirt.com Dojo PCs --------- http://bit.ly/DojoPC Paypal ------------- http://bit.ly/SupportHyunsDojo Join Our Community! Hyun's Dojo ------ http://www.hyunsdojo.com Dojo FB ----------- https://www.facebook.com/hyunsdojo Dojo Twitter ------ https://twitter.com/hyunsdojo
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Text Comments (5529)
TrixWithBliss Gaming (6 hours ago)
How did his sword became blue!!?!?!?
night fire (12 hours ago)
Lol 1:46 Your fucked XD
Sans Undertale (15 hours ago)
Where dojo shirt collad lol
Hunter Helmsley (19 hours ago)
Im Start Sad At 10:35 And I Cry At 10:43
Hunter Helmsley (19 hours ago)
Hunter Helmsley (19 hours ago)
But What Song In 2:54
Really sad :( at the end
raiteque world (1 day ago)
Como eu faço esse tipo de animação
Klein GastonVLOGS (1 day ago)
jhulou lagrio (1 day ago)
Nice one!
Xavier Wilkes (2 days ago)
1:44 I'm dead bruh
Donna Melany Isabella (2 days ago)
nooo! he died
Superior Man (2 days ago)
Bbbbut..... I thought he survived. When he wore the tshirt :O
gg gg (3 days ago)
Btw guys a katana can't cut through a nuclear explosive proof door
Marcelogamer 1.9 (4 days ago)
What's the song at 2:54?
Nicolas Meier (4 days ago)
In the first few seconds I subscribed immediately
Sasha Seredenko (4 days ago)
А чем nиздим???
gerard ersan (5 days ago)
Noooooo why he is die but he can teleport
Thecommander248 (6 days ago)
What was the continuation of this?
GerryMOTO (6 days ago)
is that Chuck?
Fernando Feez (7 days ago)
This story so sad..
Drew Ahrens (7 days ago)
Samurai Jack, is that you? 4:27
Thrmil Exotic (7 days ago)
Gege Condez (8 days ago)
pls do a part3 of this plsssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Rafael Romao Saito (8 days ago)
the first time i watched i loved
Rafael Romao Saito (8 days ago)
a primeira vez que assisti eu adorei
Bảo Sầu Riêng (8 days ago)
noorest noory nn (8 days ago)
please remove the blood I hate it!
Max Pain (9 days ago)
fuckin great
김영주 (9 days ago)
what god
7:20 Lockdown
blancacastaneda76 (11 days ago)
0:46 extremely graphic
ssgss chriskyle (11 days ago)
3:31 i kinda feel bad for him
Hikky_xD (11 days ago)
Que pendejo se mato el solito todo meco JAJAJAJAJ
Nayomi Ludi (11 days ago)
weres beard ninja 3 am so exiting
Haylee Sawyer (12 days ago)
Aghhhhhh its solo cool!!!!!
والله روعه
Coach (13 days ago)
-Goatee- Ninja :D
JaKe4LiFe GaMiNG (13 days ago)
I cried for the old man
ilyas hazır (13 days ago)
OH FUCK. he waited too long to escape. He just stood for 4 seconds. he could have easily escaped. even not, he could just slice the wall. Cmon bearded ninja the fuck.
Adam Xei (14 days ago)
Fighting an old man......shame on you
Erbol Meymanov (14 days ago)
Play Games (14 days ago)
По кайфу !!!!
dark and light (14 days ago)
10:09 die
Chris Yang (14 days ago)
NANI Why didnt he teleport bc he teleported in right Edit: R.I.P bearded ninja u shall be missed
GamerBoy (14 days ago)
Charon GràBuen (14 days ago)
Anyone know the song thats playing when he slices the guy into pieces in the club? No link to it no sound track ether
Luke Carr (15 days ago)
Wow talk about dramatic but still good
Enzo Suarez (15 days ago)
we need the name of the song 2:24
Adrian (15 days ago)
8:40 This part reminded me of Sword art Online ll
ZoRo 07 (15 days ago)
Мне понравилось
AceKiller (15 days ago)
To be continue.... *3 years later* Nothing shown
Arthur Camara (16 days ago)
waho so epic ....
Rajesh Kumar (17 days ago)
i likes the ending instead of some cheesy cartoon he dost escape cool but he lost and he died even he realized some times we have to learn that death is unstoppable we have to embrace it
Speedy Danny (17 days ago)
pls whats the background music cus i tried to find it but failed...its a soundtrack from transporter 1 movie
What is the soundtrack at 7:21-7:31
PhimeBOii (18 days ago)
Every man needed a beard for bread power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Psykoh da1 (18 days ago)
Guys. Beard let himself get exploded, or, the animator let him die, so it wouldn’t become some 10 episode long series wher people demanded more and more. It was actually a smart move.
Superior Man (2 days ago)
Bbbbut..... I thought he survived. When he wore the tshirt :O
The Red Hot Habanero (11 days ago)
Or he let himself get caught in the aftermath so the fire wouldn’t have bust out and started a huge ass wildfire.
the graphics are real
a Anonymous (19 days ago)
Hmmm he just cut the wall next to the button and close it like a puzzle, no one is hurt and the end wouldn't be so great
Demo station (19 days ago)
Paul gabriel Vidal (19 days ago)
Isiah Watts (20 days ago)
He could’ve cut through the door but it was sad 😞
Baibsie Tobillo (20 days ago)
their swords are sharp how would they speak with differrent voices
MEL JEBVON Seiton (21 days ago)
I thought he can teleport
STOMJER STONE (21 days ago)
Sekai Uzuki (21 days ago)
Does he have a wooden sword the fuck? XD
linger Rin (21 days ago)
2:14 This photo is from Chnia?
linger Rin (21 days ago)
wow i like this very nice
Tertakut IGT (21 days ago)
well our hero is dead
Its Mahatab (21 days ago)
I like this coz it has blood
Nichol Lorenz Baguio (21 days ago)
Hastroloji (22 days ago)
R.İ.P Beard Ninja ;(
Natsu Dragneel (22 days ago)
Mr. 13 (23 days ago)
Music is cringy af
RoB LoX (24 days ago)
The ending is so weird haha haha lol he just push the button then he died he killed himself lol
SUPURB DUDE 101 (24 days ago)
You're telling me he walked into a club where there were only dudes dancing???... thats gay bruh
Mohamed Zexas (24 days ago)
3:05 what song is that?
Robo Knight (25 days ago)
JJJ_GammIng (25 days ago)
Julian Johnson (26 days ago)
Part 2 should have a random guy or gal that finds the sword and realizes the gift and curse bestowed upon them
Julian Johnson (26 days ago)
Boss Gaming (26 days ago)
10:25 best fatality EVEEEEEEERRRRRRR!!!!!!
X Kanji (26 days ago)
Its been 3 years since then ;-;
Jonathan Modica (26 days ago)
I just love how it has that afro samuri feel to it
Noah Martinez (26 days ago)
this proves that the old still got it
jairus adriel garcia (27 days ago)
brenda butler (27 days ago)
Never underestimate the power of the Beard!
bleach - (27 days ago)
عاشت ايدك
KYLE ENZO (28 days ago)
XxmaxX gamerplay (28 days ago)
this like good
Shimoto Pantua (28 days ago)
he's not dead everybody..... HE WORE THE DOJO SHIRT
Hilda Wanjiku (29 days ago)
Hilda Wanjiku (29 days ago)
I hope his happy for being bad
Hilda Wanjiku (29 days ago)
He has no mercy he could just go break the door before he kills to enter
Arnie Casayuran (30 days ago)
This is insane!!!!
Mascara Anonima (1 month ago)
qual a musica usada aos 11:16
Forget - Roblox &More (1 month ago)
You're *FUCKED*

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