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HD Style Off : Vote for ME

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♡♡ THUMBS UP & Thank you for your vote! Heck vote for both of us hahah. Heart is a good friend and we support each other - nothing but love and fun! ♡♡ Want to win a $500 shopping spree with HaulerDeals and Local Socialite?!? If so, vote for MY style and enter to win at the StyleSaint contest here http://bit.ly/SONIA091912. You can also win a chance to sit FRONT ROW and be my VIP for the launch of the new Local Socialite collection during LA Fashion Week (you may even see me walking the runway). To play click here http://bit.ly/S0hxAj. All the clothing and accessories are from the Local Socialite collection available exclusively here http://bit.ly/ObLJOl. ♡ the shoes featured are from JustFab, here http://bit.ly/OsloWR. I look forward to seeing you at the show! My public Mailing address: SCCASTANEDA POBOX 1103 Glendora Ca 91740 .......................................... Everything and Anything me: My blog - http://www.sccastaneda.com Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/soniaccastaneda INSTAGRAM - sccastaneda Facebook -http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sonia-Castaneda/425807130768038 FTC: I am a Haul Deals Girl and am totally affiliated ;) hauler deals style off thatsheart fashion how to rocker edgy cute party sexy trendy celebrity inspired runway style saint sccastaneda beauty blogger sccastaneda
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Text Comments (258)
princesss (5 years ago)
Marc Flegel (5 years ago)
Do you Wash Hair in leatherjacket? :)
Griselda Moreno (5 years ago)
4:28 Sonia looks like Kim Kardashian straight up! :o Haha(:
akosi mae (6 years ago)
Sonia still the best!!!! Team Sonia!!!
NomMango (6 years ago)
I'm just stating who I like better, lol. It's my choice.
TattedSweetheart (6 years ago)
Its the 4th and the contest is still going on
seanhayesbaby (6 years ago)
OMG! I can't believe you replied to me! and I hate myself for seeing this just now! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
dangashh (6 years ago)
It's true, her favorite colors to wear are pastels, but it IS her STYLE (comfy).
Laura Tice (6 years ago)
Love you both but voted for you!! Good luck!!
Mia Balaž (6 years ago)
You remind me of Janet Jackson here :)
lholt84 (6 years ago)
VOTED!!! love your outfits...
Samantha Rios (6 years ago)
Love this video Sonia and I voted for you. Keep it girl you are awesome!!!!!!!!
Babsi1008 (6 years ago)
i vote for you ;)
Aivie Andres (6 years ago)
Thats not heart's style she usually wear pastels! Just odd lol i really like yer style tho
KiaXO (6 years ago)
Totally agree :)
sdq614 (6 years ago)
tania0874 (6 years ago)
you must feel so mad and be so sad that in order to feel better, you have to actually go into a person's channel and insult the person, I pity you, you must be the saddest soul. Yet you are in her channel watching her video lol, go to Heart's channel and be a nice girl.
chris handson (6 years ago)
i vote for no one ...
tania0874 (6 years ago)
tania0874 (6 years ago)
This video is not for the best speaker but for the trendy looks
tania0874 (6 years ago)
Glamsformation (6 years ago)
great job sonia love the looks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
deannathach24 (6 years ago)
truthwillsetyufree (6 years ago)
@Elizabeth Quiroz I don't agree with all of your comment but she kept saying this is trendy. It definitely isn't unique if it's so trendy. Not a Sonia hater, she had some nice pieces but yea she did miss the message.
truthwillsetyufree (6 years ago)
The third look on Sonia is a bit weird. That blazer is nasty (gross) and she didn't even show the dress. Butttttt whatever tickles your pickle I guess.
Daniel Rodríguez (6 years ago)
Mayra Barajas (6 years ago)
U were great, voted for you:)
Ms1989November (6 years ago)
Wow! Angry person much?!
gina hussain (6 years ago)
dOpeSzz ArmAnii sArAh (6 years ago)
Sonia XxXx
Sandra De Freitas (6 years ago)
Sooooo voted for you.
helloFranny (6 years ago)
I like both you and Heart. But your outfits are definitely BETTER.
Shell Moralez (6 years ago)
Voted!! 👍
VIVI KAR (6 years ago)
Anne Ka (6 years ago)
Thumbs up if u voted for sonia so she has an idea of how many votes she got. X:)
vero milito (6 years ago)
s T (6 years ago)
MsNudelipstick (6 years ago)
I think you should of worn your hair up but I voted for u!!!
Brenda Chilmaza (6 years ago)
Love the jacket you're wearing in the second look. Good luck!
ilivelaugh1love (6 years ago)
i just voted for u Sonia....i really hope u win....Good Luck!!! :)
NomMango (6 years ago)
Um no? Heart says vote for my style NOT for me. And if you read the comments, she tells her supporters to also support Sonia too.
NomMango (6 years ago)
Team Heart. Sorry
Anaseli (6 years ago)
Vote Sonia
Diana Reyes (6 years ago)
Voted for you Sonia <3
Elizabeth Quiroz (6 years ago)
TEAM HEART sorry Sonia I think you missed the message
Elizabeth Quiroz (6 years ago)
You missed the message that Allison Beal sent in her dialogue. She said she wants to create trends from girls in the streets not whats already been trendy or off the runway. Heart is creating new looks while you stick with the same played out looks. High low skirts, skulls, hombre same old same old boring nothing orginal just copy cat looks.
Jovis17 (6 years ago)
Team heart
JanetMariez (6 years ago)
Voted for you! (:
Mae Sutton (6 years ago)
Def. voted for heart
chunkybutfunkychick (6 years ago)
It's true what they say that tv makes you look 10 pounds heavier you don't look like your self girl but whatever right ? I'm voting for you girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
luzelenaaaw (6 years ago)
I like how Sonia is all like 'heck vote for both of us' and Heart says 'vote for ME' lol
Elizabeth Swartzberg (6 years ago)
Yes, I want to know too, it is so super cute.
Sarah Garner (6 years ago)
I love you and your videos I had to vote for you!
Yuvia G (6 years ago)
please come and check out my channel ladies when you got time :)
Phat Sphouthalansy (6 years ago)
i vote for you.
YJ Kim (6 years ago)
Heart's the better public speaker but I prefer your outfits wayyy more! :D
Sherline Fu (6 years ago)
U looked a bit big on this video.. This is not doing u justice
Carolina Guevara (6 years ago)
katieNlove (6 years ago)
just voted for you you! I hope you win!
Ashley Ellison (6 years ago)
Dang Sonia you look so drop dead gorgeous in this vid. Love your looks!
muempire (6 years ago)
graciecry (6 years ago)
Love the first outfit of yours!!
Glutton For Sex (6 years ago)
Brunettes. <3
Kayla (6 years ago)
The skirt was the best part of your outfits
Belinda Uribe (6 years ago)
Voted :)
julesluv1 (6 years ago)
Hearts outfits were not edgy! She looks like she's trying so hard!!!!! Too much going on! Plus she's always wearing pastel and dresses like she just came from the office lol. Nothing is ever original!!!!
Silke Vx (6 years ago)
I love watching you both, but you did a better job on the outfits. Maybe Heart tried a bit too hard, because I love love love her OOTDs, but I wasn't into the outfits she picked here :)
parfANDboogahbutt (6 years ago)
You did AMAZING! True that you seemed a bit shy in the beginning, but in the end you rocked it! If it were me I'd be stuttering my butt off & I'd probably be shaking in my shoes. Love you outfits! :] sooo cute. definitely voting for you!!
Iva Žagar (6 years ago)
your first outfit was BOMBDIGGITY!!! You looked like a million bucks:) good job:)
a1otofyooh (6 years ago)
Can I know where did you get the sunglasses that u show in the video? Thanks a lot! :)
a1otofyooh (6 years ago)
Love your outfits!,, can I know where did you get the sunglasses thatbyou
AN12smiles (6 years ago)
(:!¡!Sonia your awesome, and I think your style is more than amazing!¡!:)
Chowder Bear (6 years ago)
I'll vote for u Sonia! U looked a lil nervous but u handled it well a lot better then i would had done it lol I would of stuttered a storm!! But hope u win! Good luck!!
Wendy Jewel (6 years ago)
I think the both of you did an amazing job in the video. I like that the video showcased your different styles, and that the outfits you both choose matched your personalities. Good luck to the both of you!
Jgalaxy143 (6 years ago)
U can tell u were nervous... I voted for heart because she was more herself and she rocked her outfits!!!
I vote for Heart
iilleeawnuh (6 years ago)
well I think she did amazing!! nothing but love and support for you Sonia..i tried to vote, but it didnt let me ill have to try again tomorrow
babytyty13 (6 years ago)
You could tell you"re uncomfortable in the pictures. The way your shoulders are squared up and your hands are constantly in front of your body says your closed off and guarded. Be confident Sonia! You're a strong beautiful lady! I love you! WE ALL LOVE YOU!
cutielouisse (6 years ago)
I love ur style..Luv the hair too...anyways, You look like KOURNEY KARDASHIAN when u wore those glassses.... ;)
Monica Till (6 years ago)
i know I thought that too she said um alot but she was probably soooo nervous!
MOMONRO (6 years ago)
Voted for ya!
syeda zahra (6 years ago)
Where iz ur leather jacket frm???plzzzz do reply ..I'm dying to get dat
Carolina Coraizaca (6 years ago)
i cant't find those black boots!! with the buckles!
vanessalovesmakeup1 (6 years ago)
i love your outfits wayy better. your style speaks louder then words :)
vientoazul77 (6 years ago)
babiephatzj (6 years ago)
That first outft with the skirt and new blazerrrrrr. So cute!
xajbabyyx (6 years ago)
heart!!! :)
makeuphappy1 (6 years ago)
jennylove355 (6 years ago)
Voting for sonia ! Latino power!lol
Khinsley (6 years ago)
I loved all of your outfits! I voted for you :]
Victoria Victoria (6 years ago)
how do u vote? im sorry but i liked hearts more for this...
deez0009 (6 years ago)
i love your outifts waaaay better, more my style, your hair looked amazing as well!!
Hanh Tovar (6 years ago)
Sonia i love you you look absolutely gorgeous I've been with you since day one you have always been beautiful and genuine <3 you got my vote love
Sheldons Girlfriend (6 years ago)
voted for you...good luck
mazerxo (6 years ago)
I voted for the both of you! I liked both your styles and you're both one of my fav gurus. :)
Cat (6 years ago)
Pam ela (6 years ago)
I liked sonia the best. Her outfits were better and I liked her delivery better than hearts. sorry @abenjess11 but I disagree . Sonia is quick, sweet and to the point. Who wants to sit there and know the exact fabric terminology of the outfits? I just want to see what they are wearing and go "oooh that's cute. I love how she put that together. I want that!" lol... who cares if the shirt is chiffon or wool or a-line or whatever. #justsayin
Cynthia Carrieon (6 years ago)
Voted =)
judyshines (6 years ago)
Hearts 3rd outfit is ridiculously ugly, Yikes!
DianaBanana (6 years ago)
Voted! Ur awesome xoxo

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