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Super Mario World Secret: Donut Secret House-Secret Exit to Star Road

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The final video in the Super Mario World Secrets Playlist. This video shows the major and also widely unknown secret exit in the Donut Secret House which leads you to Star Road.
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Text Comments (64)
Chris Connolly (1 month ago)
It’s funny four or five years ago I figured this out On my own but today I had to come to YouTube to help me with it LOL
Andrew DeRose (4 months ago)
thx man.
Mark Heying (5 months ago)
As far as I remember, there is a Message Block in the Donut Secret House which gives you a hint about opening the 5 Entrances into the Star World including this one.
Flahacknerd (2 years ago)
Ace Eerie (2 years ago)
A cape... and ALL this time i thought you had to hack the game. turns out it was that simple. lol
Nintariz (3 years ago)
Thanks for the video but damn do emulators suck. Doesn't look or sound anything like the real game.
Rin Jackson (1 year ago)
Funny - it certainly looks and sounds like Super Mario World to me.
pedroviskinho (1 year ago)
Nintariz I agree. I'm playing it right now on the SNES on a crt and it sounds and looks waaaay better.
Semideiapranomedecanal (2 years ago)
+willsenay The real Snes has more slowdowns than a emulator, its because of Snes hardware limitations. In a emulator running in a modern PC you rarely get slowdowns.
William (2 years ago)
Don't base your opinion of emulator quality on this video. The quality of the video is just bad. I will agree that it is better on the snes, but that's just because on certain parts the emulator can get laggy. Picture and sound quality is exactly the same for both. (I've played through on both)
Nintariz (3 years ago)
Not imo they don't. They look best via original hardware on a good CRT imo.
Más Risas Perú (4 years ago)
alguien puede agarrar todas las monedas de yoshi dorardas aqui
ultima sombra Polanco (4 years ago)
Marquis Thorpe (4 years ago)
Technically we're cheating too to find secrets 😓😔
jax (4 years ago)
lmao you fucking morons, he put cheats on so he can easily show you how to do it. and he showed us how to do it so i don't really see why you 8 year olds are complaining.
jax (4 years ago)
and so what if he's cheating. if he wanted to cheat on a fucking singleplayer game that came out 24 years ago, there would be no harm in it. its the players choice how they want to play a singleplayer game.
Joseph Gutman (5 years ago)
Or none of the above. It's from the gameboy advanced.
RogueScholar2009 (5 years ago)
LOL, you and 83 people need to get laid!
Chris Connolly (1 month ago)
I get laid every night and play video games so my life is great
The Faceman (5 years ago)
Thanks, bro!
soilgrasswaterair (5 years ago)
what is the point of playing if you never die. Live a little and go on without it!!
Víctor Sánchez (6 years ago)
Que mariconada nob, deja de usar hack y juega bien .l.
???? (6 years ago)
Calm down ya big fat baby!
Hey can you tell me where i can get that cheat at or hack from and also do you know the cheat for all ways have star man power? .... And also is that on the WII or on the original super Nintendo?
Susie Lesnic (6 years ago)
Thank-you very much :)
Nicolas Alano (6 years ago)
tipo. ele morre e nunk perde a pena .. isso pra mim é nn saber jogar fica usando hacker ou manhas , qér jogar manhas , vai jogar GTA q as manhas são bem vindas. mais mario véi te mata. virei mario milhoes de vezes.. sem manha nenhuma
Fartucusable (6 years ago)
guys hes cheating so he can show you guys how to do this, without dying a bunch, because wouldnt that ruin it
luca mancini (6 years ago)
puta cara valwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
feeltheillinois (6 years ago)
nvm i just figured it out lol
feeltheillinois (6 years ago)
awesome thanks...but in the beginning how did you create a path from the ghost house to the pipe beside it? and also to the pipe a little above it?
Dylion Jahlly (7 years ago)
he put on cheats so he can show the secret, this is not a video showcasing his skill, he's showing the secret.
Dylion Jahlly (7 years ago)
@joker2002008 Yeah you're a fucking idiot, he put on cheats that way he can show how the secret is done without taking so long to do, so that it would be shorter and easier to follow for the viewers, you ignorant scrub.
Gamaliel Vasquez (7 years ago)
jaypeg (7 years ago)
@Hay1tsme 32 actually
Hay1tsme (7 years ago)
@joker2002008 clam your boner, he probably used for viewing purposes. Think about that before wasting you're time, and btw SMW isn't ruined, its still a great game and if you're going to get THAT bent out of shape about it, that's fine, but don't go telling us about it, 'cause honestly only you and 56 other people care, apparently. PS You can't even tell me that you were joking, because there's no "jk, just kidding, kidding" or anything of that sort, so yea...
Josué Viramontes (7 years ago)
Hahaha YOU FAIL, sorry dude, I discovered this when I was 10 without cheating.
TheVideoFilmGuy (7 years ago)
Thank you for this video :)
JayCee Creates (7 years ago)
hey!!! you're a cheater! you have the cheat of "always have a feather!"
AntManTM (7 years ago)
so theres a secret hidden inside a secret that you can only reach through another secret....my brain hurts from so many secrets
Fernando Chavando (7 years ago)
oye oye no pase ingun nivel
patryk1023PL (8 years ago)
cheat0r :P
GhostDrow (8 years ago)
@joker2002008 He doesn't know how to throw up, give him a break :P
Vgamer311 (8 years ago)
@joker2002008 if you know how to get it now, he did his job and acomplished the point of the video. and how does that ruin the game?
owenpt1 (8 years ago)
So he's using a game genie code on an emulator to show you speedily where a secret is... wheres the problem?
XxB3astGam1ngXx (8 years ago)
cheating on a classic. what a shame.
Pham Nuwen (8 years ago)
you suck cheater
YoshiKid69 (8 years ago)
@naban89 It's a hack. So he made it nearly impossible to lose, apart from the fact that you can still fall into abysses.
YoshiKid69 (8 years ago)
Well if he didn't cheated then he would never found the secrets. But if he wants to, then just let him do it.
Breep Bnop Fingle (8 years ago)
@apupnamedgrace was that to me or him? i was telling him he could.
Michael Ha (8 years ago)
u dont need cheats to beat him DX
PinappleEdd (8 years ago)
Nick Winkles (8 years ago)
7people missed like button
Steve Polychronopolous (8 years ago)
I count three times, but who cares, the point of the video is to show you where the secret exit is, not a contest to see who the best Super Mario player is.
Breep Bnop Fingle (8 years ago)
wow you do know you can just throw the blocks up right?
Louis S (8 years ago)
Lmfao, everyone knows this exit, I have the game on the SNES and I found it when I was about 5..
elloquendero100 (9 years ago)
how do you do that? how you found that cheat? i found and i didn't found that cheat? sorry for my english but i'm spanish
王俊文 (9 years ago)
Vinícius Calle (9 years ago)
can somebody say the code of the cheat that he used ???
ivan pinto (9 years ago)
vegitausa (9 years ago)
dude, thank you for posting this! I still got the game on snes and i been trying to remember how to get to star road from this ghost house for the longest time!

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