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How To Text A Girl 👉3 Texting Secrets To Keep Her Attracted To You 😏Texting Tips For Guys

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Watch The Free Video Series For Texting/Phone/Face2Face Conversation Attraction: http://bit.ly/pylvideos When it comes to texting girls you can't afford to be clueless these days. After all, girls (and guys) are on their phones non stop texting back and forth and unless you can do a few things right and stop wasting time with terrible texting habits you really won't be getting closer to a date with girls these days. And that's what texting is really about: Moving forward to setting up getting together with her and taking things further on a date. So how do you text girls if you want them to actually get more attracted to you in the process rather than get bored or worse start seeing you as nothing more than friend material? Well, it turns out there are some simple tweaks you can make in your texting game that will make you come across as more manly and attractive than you might even be in real life...But they will make sure you'll actually end up on a date with her, more often than not. So try these simple texting tips and see how just these 3 little rules change things for you. There are a lot more things you can do with texting and you can find those in the video series on my website but these 3 are some of the most important to get right! Watch The Free Video Series For Texting/Phone/Face2Face Conversation Attraction: http://bit.ly/pylvideos -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Approaching Women | Ways To Start Conversations With Women In Public Places" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ld1UjcEwP1s Programs by Stephan Erdman: Learn how to meet women and get their numbers in your every day life with Stephan Erdman's ultimate natural approach book: http://bit.ly/AAWBook Learn how to attract and seduce women in conversation without routines or scripts: http://www.authenticgame.com/p/pimp-your-lingo-cb Double Your Confidence in 6 Weeks from the inside out: https://www.authenticgame.com/p/double-your-confidence-challenge-trial Learn how to use "confidence conditioning" to rediscover your self confidence, self esteem and man power with the ultimate collection of confidence methods: http://57ultimateconfidencemethods.com/choose-your-option Stay in touch on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/stephanerdmanauthenticgame Instagram: #stephanerdman -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Got texting questions? Ask them below!😀
Clarence Boddiker (19 days ago)
+Fabian Patrizio Cut it loose. Don't lower your standards or compromise.
Fabian Patrizio (19 days ago)
Briefly: saw a lady once (first date) went well, kissed etc...few fun/flirty texts over next couple of days, then they became less and less...now, nothing for 2-3 days....she playing hard to get? Has lost interest?....Ive resisted texting too much, if any at all....but, what to do now???? Do nothing? Send her another text to see whats up??
voice of clown (1 month ago)
how to talk on phone i am not into it ?
Charlie Pinelo (4 months ago)
I'm going to buy it I know is going be great!!?
Bruce Birch (2 days ago)
I like your advice but for a guy that says don't think too much, you've spend a lot of time over-thinking. I'd change your pic too because it looks awful cheesy.
Biana Doubt (3 days ago)
Made a solid connection to a girl, with a boyfriend the other day. Obvious chemistry. This was not the time for text... nor waiting. Called her that evening just before 9. Kept it short: all of my questions about her... I got the date scheduled one week later, and ended the conversation by begging-off, saying: I didn't want to wear out my welcome; when she obviously wanted to talk. 3 days later, during the time of what would be our date, I texted her: Anticipation is exciting... (...And it is.)
Jerome Rose (5 days ago)
This is solid advice, I wish I knew about this when cellphones first came out
johnny blaime (7 days ago)
U come see me I like U ..
SNEAK COLLECTS (17 days ago)
What if my girl don’t answer in like let’s say 2 hours should i still respond in1/2 a hour or more like a hour ??
Buu Uub (11 days ago)
SNEAK COLLECTS as he pointing out. You need to find a moment to communicated. So asking what she is doing and text. But if she didnt respon, you propally texting on wrong time. She is propally busy. If she isnt bussy, what kind of conversation you plan to talk. If she isnt for it ... better leave it. Point is, you a guy who has do some shit for having life. Sitting and watching how long it take before she respon, seems you bored guy without life. Clue: - dont wait for the respon - ask what she doing - if she is busy, go looking for somethings else and try it later when you want texting her again
ajm64sc2 (18 days ago)
Thanks for tips kind Sir. Really need to work on no 2.
docter spark (18 days ago)
Thanks stepahan
ZBROSREACT (19 days ago)
Hi Stephen, I always found your videos to be super helpful. I was using the command ' let's do this... we should do that... etc' but she thought I was controlling :s but at the same time she wants a manly guy... I dont get it lol HELP!
ayodeji opeyemi (22 days ago)
if a girl is chatting with a guy but does not want him at home what do we called that- Ayodeji is my name
Philton Bennett (24 days ago)
You should ask a woman "When are you free for us to get together?"
Philton Bennett (15 days ago)
+Flasekracks 👍
Flasekracks (18 days ago)
Philton Bennett how about “let me know what days u r free”
124 Spider (29 days ago)
Well presented. Thank you.
Varughese Mathew (29 days ago)
Expecting more from you
Biz Dev (1 month ago)
Excellent! Keep up the good work!
Cliff Burton (1 month ago)
How do you get them to go on video chat
Johann Farmann (1 month ago)
Your videos are the best, brother.
jackassfat (1 month ago)
man texts: Hey YOU come on over for drinks!!!!!!!! women reply: no, i have some other plans !
Freeman m Dassin (12 days ago)
steel smasher Johnson (1 month ago)
What to do when a girl likes you on social media but sha has a boyfriend?
John Klaas (1 month ago)
Ciro Alpha Lyon because she also knows that you were destined not only to disgrace yourself, but to end the problem that the world faces, namely over population, calling it EPIDEMIC!
John Klaas (1 month ago)
steel smasher Johnson I would start extremely large viruses aimed at reducing numbers
Ciro Alpha Lyon (1 month ago)
don't do it, for many reasons, but most of all it's dishonorable. also how do you know she wasn't suck her bf dick before she meets up with you? thots will be thot's
Stevoshky (1 month ago)
I love his sense of humour and re-enactments. 😂
Collin Olguin (1 month ago)
When are we going on a date? Example
Your Momma (1 month ago)
I like your style lets talk
Rajir Williams (1 month ago)
This was good!!
Davido Kabz (1 month ago)
OK thank you. There is this girl in the University I like most. We just knew each other on sight and sometimes wave at her. Soon i got her line from the whatsapp group chat and I inbox her by introducing myself to her and just ask her about school and life in general. On the same day I asked her where her room is, the following day when i decided to check her response, i found she just saw the text but did not reply and then I sent her another text to check how her day was, she was able to respond. Lastly asked if I can be calling her sometimes and again she saw the text and did not respond. What should I do next please ?
Thank You (1 month ago)
Mulenga Kangwa you’re coming off as needy. Give her space and a lot of time.
And great 👍 and keep it up Stephan and your answering my prayers for someone that could teach us all brother
Edward Astvatsatryan (1 month ago)
This is generally great life advice. Thank you.
Captain Gar (1 month ago)
What do you recommend when you have texted a girl and it has stated off brilliantly, better than expected, but then she loses some interest and you make a mistake or two as a result?
I'm Leaving! not God (1 month ago)
Do not wait for 24 hours for you to reply her text. For example if you reply to her text 27 or 28 hours after that, she will despise you. 5 hours after her recent text is a long time as well.
I'm Leaving! not God (1 month ago)
Do not wait for 24 hours for you to reply her text. If she text something, 5 hours after her recent text is still long.
MisterFO Prod. (2 months ago)
Why do you sound like arnold schwarzenegger
David Goodman (3 months ago)
I say to women that i am messaging that i find texting and messaging very impersonal, and ask if I can call them sometime
David Goodman as a principle I d recommend NOT saying you find it impersonal or ask her if you can call her sometime...instead just do it and if she asks say it’s more fun. She’s given you her number you don’t need to ask for permission to call her. Just my experience.
Imran Haider (3 months ago)
Your videos never seem to be 11 minutes long ...They are so interesting.
Imran Haider (3 months ago)
+Stephan Erdman - Authentic Game thanks for replying .S.!
thanks man. That's a nice compliment! Appreciate it! S.
JUST A FAN (4 months ago)
could you tell us how to deal with cockblockers who trys to flirt with our gf/wives ?!
Caboose (4 months ago)
...but I like using emojis....
ghuldorgrey (4 months ago)
The phone is for making dates! Not chit chatting! Everytime she reaches ozt send 3 4 messages forth and back then make a date with her. Fallback position if you dont hear from her is to text her once a week to make a date.
predator H2O (3 months ago)
Makes sense but it's easier for some people to talk through chat cause they have less things to worry about.
Charlie Pinelo (4 months ago)
thank that was great I'm ready to buy it
eweoma Ferdinand (4 months ago)
Found this interesting. Apart from these three texting rules; are there any other days I can get girl attracted to me, because i'hv got problems with that?
old school skillz (3 months ago)
Thanks man, you rock.
Ricardo Mackey (4 months ago)
Testing a relationship with a higher class woman such as a model/nightclub angel/ stripper or bartender can be an ego check, as their confidence levels are absolutely alpha. How to start a conversation with an alpha female?
Ricardo Mackey (1 month ago)
I've games a woman at work and just found her less interesting during my infield. I now treat them as they are only 5-6s. I'm more confident and things are going smooth.
Ciro Alpha Lyon (1 month ago)
women are Not Alpha! and the one's you describe are all whores
Ciro Alpha Lyon (1 month ago)
no woman is Alpha
Kyle Letourneau (2 months ago)
my first thought is that the list of women you provided aren't necessarily alpha or high class but more reflects your feelings towards women in those position. I would just treat them like any other girl. Unless you are talking to them at their work which will cause problems in and of itself. When they are at work and you are a customer they don't see you as a potential mate they see you as a source of income
Mustapha Doaa (4 months ago)
Thanks Stephan. That's useful in your interaction with the woman even.
Igor Kovács (4 months ago)
Hi Stephan! I feel that your videos would be more enjoyable and more clicked on if you skipped the whole self introduction and plugging in your services and homepage. I think most viewers know you already and the other part sounds a tad salesy, pushy, insecure and repetitive. Just get to the point in medias res, max say, 'If you want more advice like this, check out the link in the description'. This is my constructive criticism, otherwise I love your work and you seem like a great human, so keep up the good work.
thanks for letting me know your take on it! Useful to hear 👍
Matthew Vest (4 months ago)
This is pure gold. Thanks Stephan. Something I’ve been trying to do lately, too, is say what I’m texting in my mind or out loud. I’m not rehearsing too much, to Stephan’s point, but if it sounds “girly” I revise it.
Gerarde Fairclough (4 months ago)
Less is more, absolutely. If you always ring, text and show up, at the courtship stage, she will lose interest. Learn to withhold your interest at the right times and she will be more interested in you.
SChome100 (4 months ago)
Thanks this can certainly help me!
You're so right that instead of asking questions, men should use commands. It makes us more dominant and a man on a path and purpose.
Florin Alexi (19 days ago)
Then you are fucked! Haha
PBO PRO (1 month ago)
What if she’s a feminist lmao
Eddie Allen (4 months ago)
My takeaway was keeping in short to maintain assertiveness and directness.
Matoro Zeliph (4 months ago)
Dang! I screwed up (regarding the first and third ). I'm surprised that I get away with some things. But i imagine if I keep up using these bad habits, they will start to become noticable. Thank you for the advice! Btw I have been avoiding #2 bad habit from the last video you've uploaded weeks ago. It works.
good to hear! S.
A jar of pickles (4 months ago)
Just talked to a solid 8 that had a BF and got her so attracted to me she had to cover her mouth to make sure I couldn’t see her smiling. Thanks for the help guys my love life has totally be transformed by people like you
Datboy Mike (20 days ago)
why you cant trust females
hey man, appreciate the feedback. if you're appreciating my videos a great way to give something back is to share my videos, hit like whenever you like something! all best, S.
bndk amarxu (4 months ago)
1st like
MTB214 (4 months ago)
How do you regain attraction when they get annoyed at something?
thebronze adhanas (17 days ago)
I'm got my woman annoyed for doing texting all wrong. I mean when I'm in person things are perfect Especially if other women are around my game is tight but texting I fuck up bad
depends. what not to do is just apologize without knowing whether you feel it's justified or not. You need to confidently ask her why she's annoyed, not panic, and if she's got good reason to be annoyed you can say: I get why you're annoyed. If there's something you should apologise for do it confidently. If she's NOT got a point then you need to pick her up on it and tell her honestly that she's not got a reason to be annoyed. Key is not to just cave and accommodate without knowing how you feel about it. S.
bndk amarxu (4 months ago)
Yeah i want this too

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