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By the way, High School Dating Advice

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We're back! Don't be a casual: http://bit.ly/DanPlanSubscribe Today we talk about relationships in highschool. Dating is confusing, anything arranging from break ups and asking someone out in highschool can be very uncomfortable. How do you get the courage to ask someone out? How do you know if a girl likes you? How do you become a stud of all studs in highschool? Well we discuss all this and more in our video. Haha ah... if you didn't get the sarcasm at this point, I don't know what to tell you. If you want to date or have a relationship in high school, don't take our advice and just be honest. ez, gg, no re. Also, if you were wondering how to get a girlfriend in highschool or how to get a boyfriend in highschool, just be funny like Stephen. Dan Plan ♪ ~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ Our Discord: https://discord.gg/ZA2vYyS Our Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/planbeta Our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/DanPlanB/ Our Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/DanPlanB What is your love language?: https://youtu.be/xVslACOUsNc
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Text Comments (4646)
F (6 hours ago)
I find this fun because i am single and definitly not weird or something who enjoys someone else's miseries.
Hufflepufflez :3 (15 hours ago)
1:52 _It? Are we dating pennywise now?_
First Name Last Name (15 hours ago)
In my high school some ni🅱️🅱️as are beyond hires they litteraly fuck all the time with one person and then act like they didn't they call em a fuck buddy witch in reality is just masturabtion because their is no point other than to releive sexual stress I don't know what to call them besides degenerates
Blue Avocado (17 hours ago)
I’m kinda scared of relationships, I like someone but I feel like I just don’t know what I’m doing. I’ve never dated anyone and idk what you are supposed to do when dating. All my friends but one have dated someone but I’m kind scared to ask.
Alex patricio (18 hours ago)
Im gonna die alone
PointlessGaming 23 (19 hours ago)
This video was *Ponitless*
Turd Destroyer (1 day ago)
stephen i have more tails then a frickin NINETAILS!!!!
Treat a female like a celebrity and u get treated like a fan lol
Akirecharts (1 day ago)
Im in a relationship rn and like we both like each other and weve been together for about three months but we havent like hugged yet is that weird?..??
It's Kayla (1 day ago)
I'm a people pleaser so when my best friend asked me out I said yes even though I probably shouldn't have cause I didn't like her like that we dated for 3 months she broke me and I regret it. But I still want a girlfriend next year at high school cause I never learn
Elite Spectral (1 day ago)
I’ve had a crush and I like liked her and I think she liked me back but my friends are kind of idiots and then we stopped talking
Faria (2 days ago)
The most enjoyable part for me was when Stfen was acting like a girl 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 .
garzagames92 (2 days ago)
XD His voice as a girl
Maria Jose Mariñez (2 days ago)
1:47 lol "it" really? you could say "them", that's another way to go around it
Wig Snatched (2 days ago)
I’d rather not
Assata Makonnen (3 days ago)
1:48 How about instead of 'it' just say them next time. Still good video, though.
OlivesAndOranges (3 days ago)
I sent a crush crying across the playground in third grade.... Sorry, third grade boy
Alienlover x (3 days ago)
Basically just don’t date in high school
Malin is not amused (3 days ago)
And then there is me,watching pb alone in my room with candles that smell like cinnamon oof
Kevin (3 days ago)
Don't go into a relationship in highschool... trust me....
Lily Luney (4 days ago)
I just fell in love with Hosuh even more
shortnutbread Hm (4 days ago)
I thought the song at the end was the song from your lie in April and I almost bout cried
Galactic Studios (4 days ago)
Peppa pig rule 34
Ahmad Sabara (4 days ago)
I got advice for you...it’s simple, don’t date at all. There you have it.
Yeet It's Chloe (4 days ago)
I'm in middle school and my relationship with my crush is... it's complicated. It's not really official, we've never made physical contact, but we like each other, and everyone knows we like each other, and everyone always teases us, and my friend Katherine is always persuading him to tell me things or asking me when we're going to be official, and we don't really have a definite answer, just when the other feels comfortable with the title of girlfriend and boyfriend. I was an idiot and pretty much told everyone I knew when I found out he liked me. My other friends like to ask me when I'm staring off into space or smiling at the ground if I'm thinking about Alex, the answer is usually yes btw because when I'm depressed I think of him and it makes me feel better. He's pretty much my everything and I wish I didn't have anxiety so I could tell him all he means to me. I don't know how I managed to fall in love at the age of 12 in 6th grade but I did and it's great.
Juan Olmos (4 days ago)
I love my ex but hey I love myself more
Luka Grouwstra (4 days ago)
Ok cool
DJrobber (4 days ago)
JasonMaVlogs (4 days ago)
Hahahaha this is how I talk with my friends sometimes lol. 👍
Mr Tarantino (5 days ago)
i texted him that i liked him and that i have a crush on him when i was drunk, he was kinda tipsy too so he answered and was shook, and i asked him if he liked me too, he said yes. then i said that we should hang out one day (date), and he said yeah, wherever you want. after that night he asked me if what i said was true and i said yes, then i asked him the same thing and he said yes, after that we never spoke about seeing each other again on a date, we just chit chat and that's all. i really like him but I'm not gonna ask him out again, i would seem too desperate and obviously if he was into me he would've done it a long time ago. i have no idea if i should move on or not
oɐɯl ʎɐɐ (5 days ago)
Hey everyone! I am really happy right now and wanna say it somewhere so here's a story that just happened: so I was on a discord call with my friend Jordan last night just playing Fortnite, but during our dumb talk he asked what I'd say if he liked me and I said I wouldn't mind and he confessed that he loved me; but I thought that he liked Aaron for so long but now Aaron came to school after leaving for a year, I figured Jordan had a crush on him. And I've liked Jordan for a while now and he just told me he likes me and asked if I love him and holy shit I said yes after some time and now I have a boyfriend and I'm so happy omfg yes holy fuck yesss I am just happy as fuck. So yeah that's just happened and I am really excited to see him at school on Monday and I just want to be this happy forever.
Fernando Contreras (5 days ago)
*_"I mean looked like shit yesterday"_*
Fernando Contreras (5 days ago)
I've never been in a relationship
Banana Waffles (5 days ago)
EVERYTHINGS TERRIBLE EVERYTHING SUCKS -Me every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year of every decade infinitely
CC Sierra (5 days ago)
If we ever met I would date ste- um... never mind. 😒
delta jackson (5 days ago)
👁👁 👃🏻 👄 ✋🏻 🤙🏻 🦵🏻🦵🏻
THE JOFL JOKER XZ (5 days ago)
I just asked out my best friend for 4 years out on a date and she said yes Edit: early today
Flying Minivan (5 days ago)
we only made out and had a baby! we're not dating or marrying tho.
Gianpaolo Dampor (5 days ago)
Anime:Daily Lives of High School Boys!
Master Yolo 2.0 (5 days ago)
Me: Hey Brain, remind me of my past relationships! Brain: Sorry, nothing is coming to mind. Me:.....
wallflower · /// (5 days ago)
I'm a huge loner, what do I do
Chirpy Crcicket (5 days ago)
Stephen wHO HURT YOU
Sophie Vegas (5 days ago)
Don’t call people an ‘it’. It’s offensive. People who are non binary prefer the pronouns they/them
RAGE1108 (6 days ago)
It's awkward for a bit but if they're truly your friend the awkwardness goes away after a bit. Speaking from experience
D.Raz (6 days ago)
But this feature is locked if you're a lv. 15 hitman. You need to be at least a lv. 30 boos
John Montalvo (6 days ago)
Me and this girl likes me I like her but we haven’t said anything
MochaMCX (6 days ago)
Simple answer: Don't. Complicated answer: Do not.
Colin0fTheWild YT (6 days ago)
I told a girl at my school I liked her, and she liked me back, but I made a vow not to date in middle school, so uh... We ain’t dating. Aw yeah gamers.
8-bit acid (6 days ago)
*Cries in gamer*
samuel morales (6 days ago)
Yesterday I asked someone to the dance our school dance and she said no .... bc she did not want to wear a dress
Bryson the Mad Pencil (6 days ago)
Never had a girlfriend or been in a relationship...
Shontai Peebles (6 days ago)
Why are you naked?
Emma E (6 days ago)
*this makes me want to commit toaster bath.*
scoobydoobydoodle (6 days ago)
The push and pull technique is something only dickhead, insecure, beta males do lol sorry Daniel
scoobydoobydoodle (6 days ago)
One million! Guys!!
U Awkward Akari (6 days ago)
What about middle school relationship advice?
Nat M. (6 days ago)
You guys are so funny 😂😂
Jelin Jhinu (7 days ago)
Am still in tat situation? Wat to do?
Unicorn Tv (7 days ago)
Dude..guys from our class are so immature. They NEVER grow up! Soon we will go to high school and these guys still laugh in Biology class when we mention anything sexually related. I have kindof¿ a crush on one guy from my class...he is the "hot" guy of our class. I am that one avarage-looking girl with nothing special.(I act very different aroud people not so close and VERY different aroud people I'm comfortable with). Anyways, I've noticed that we keep locking eyes everytime we look somewhere...but I have a feeling that that's just me because I've recently started liking him...he probably likes the girl EVERY OTHER guy has a crush on🤷🏻‍♀️
AV Crazyverse (7 days ago)
told my crush i like him and then a TWO YEARS LATER he says he likes me after he had rejected me and then i relized that i still like him and we have both said i love you to each other(mostly over text) but once over the phone and he has asked me on a date but i said i couldn't seeing as it was 3 days after new years and i would still tired. i heard from one of my friends that only %2 out of %100 of him would have the courage to ask me to be his boyfriend/girlfriend but everyone still sees us as a couple anyways. btw we are only in our last year of primary school
Sharmane W (7 days ago)
1:32 OMG MY FRIEND HAD THIS HAPPEN TO HER, SHE THOUGHT THEY WERE JUST FRIENDS, and the sad part is my other friend had a massive crush on him
Sharmane W (7 days ago)
Relationships? *what are thoseeee??*
George Walker (7 days ago)
Hahahahaha... you know, I like you guys I subscribe, like and comment 😌
Danielle Parker (7 days ago)
A guy confessed to me, I said lets stay friends. So we did. Then a few months later we ended up together lol.
Dwagon (7 days ago)
Tigrezz (7 days ago)
That thumbnail tho. You want sum phuk?
DuckelBuddy (7 days ago)
0:15 who else literally checked to make sure the video wasn't over?
Mewsic4life XD (7 days ago)
How to ask a girl out: First, become her friend. If you are already friends, skip step one. If you don't know how to become friends with her, find something she's interested in, and once you guys have that in common, she'll talk to you and you'll find other things you two have in common. Once that is complete, you are now her friend. Next step. Now you can talk to her without her freaking out, find a new movie that she wants to see. Tell her you have tickets, and ask her if she would like to come with you. You need to buy the tickets afterwards, just so you don't waste your money. Now that you have seen s movie, take her to a restaurant. It doesn't have to be a hundred dollar meal, but don't take her to Taco Bell. After you are done eating, and walking back to the car, then you tell her how you feel. Once you get a girlfriend you can show your gratitude by giving me a like 😘
WolfBoy Daniel (7 days ago)
Steven isnt wrong
hayden carroll (7 days ago)
ive got a girl friend and im in middle school
jasonsedits (7 days ago)
less then 100 views away from 1 million!!
just me (7 days ago)
I like not being in a relationship so I can just flirt with whoever I want to. ahaha
ItsBrezah (8 days ago)
Normal Playz (8 days ago)
But then my dad came in the room.
TJGaming 2006 (8 days ago)
0:14 what peoples past relationships were like.
Carpenter 21 (8 days ago)
HeY YoU bOObs loOK nIcE I hope nobody give the compliment
Elouise Bisset (8 days ago)
The only ships I'm in is friendships.
Nemesis (8 days ago)
10/10 will use the Daniel Strat. *_HEY. NICE A S S_*
SL'S Main channel (8 days ago)
HEY UR BOOBS ARE NICE! Someone talkin to me in a spiritual level.
Adam hensley (8 days ago)
I've fingered a girl and not been dating
Happy AaL (8 days ago)
Abbi Animated (8 days ago)
Princess cyd vibes from that hair
I don't even have friends..
Hunter Ryan (9 days ago)
Neat. I’m 12 and already don’t want to exist
Fiftytwopickup (9 days ago)
Flower Girl (9 days ago)
I rather be a crazy pet lady for the next +70 years, this person I dated didn't even like me and lied to me that they actually loved me. Not a lot of people like me tho... so I got a 0.99% chance of ever getting back in a relationship...yeah I rather have animals :)
Mahban (9 days ago)
1:34 Kana and Chiaki, Tsurezure Children Kana confessed to Chiaki but Chiaki thought it was a comedy bit. Kana then actually tried to talk to him about the relationship after a year and.. . Yeah.
Acidic Incorporated (9 days ago)
Hey, none of that on my Christian Minecraft server
Hosuh got the girls because he the best man
Razor_ The _TriDemon (10 days ago)
That’s is not a kissing thumbnail bruh
Rainbowfucked . jpg (10 days ago)
Everyone; LIVES IN THE AIR! 😍💞 Me; *trys cleaning the air, inhalating febreze *
Luiz Selau (10 days ago)
I used to like a girl ( i think i still linking her) and i asked her, she was shy but not soo much, but she just didnt want to, like, i looked weird for asking her cause nobody asks anyone in my school, i had the corage but i was weirdo for this...
MeMyself andEverybody (10 days ago)
1:50 IT. Lmfao
zigovec (10 days ago)
i asked a girl once if i were to ask her out what would she say but she went ewwwww oh come on it was a question not an actual asking out
KatozRippla (11 days ago)
Despite being a psychopath/sociopath and all the lovely (horrifying) things in between. I think we can all agree Stephen's advice was A*
Galaxy wolf 209 (11 days ago)
Advice say nope ok bye
Al!sonIsHere (11 days ago)
I'm les in middle school and no one is old enough to know if they're gay. Also, it's Texas. And here we say howdy and we believe in jesus
Fire Boboiboy Playz (12 days ago)
Why am i here?
OrangePeelYutu (12 days ago)
i agree with steven. either your fuck buddies or your not together.
Ashy -san (12 days ago)
I just realized 5th grade is still elementary school 😂

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