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CHEETAH HUBBY! - September 18, 2012 - itsJudysLife Vlog

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How to Whiten Teeth at Home! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uk71Zba34Js Yesterday's Vlog : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7pfKwD1U-U Welcome to our Everyday Lives! We finally tied the knot on Aug. 12, 2011. See our Wedding Series here http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEDF530C33CF8F2F3 Itsjudytime Facebook http://www.facebook.com/itsjudytime Subscribe to our channel for daily real life vlogs http://www.youtube.com/itsJudysLife Instagram! http://web.stagram.com/n/itsjudytime/ Itsjudytime in Spanish! http://www.youtube.com/BellezaConJudy Judy's Twitter http://www.twitter.com/itsJudyTime Benji's Twitter http://www.twitter.com/BenjiManTV Judy's Beauty Channel http://www.itsjudytime.tv Benji's Food Channel http://www.youtube.com/BenjiManTV Judy's Blog http://www.itsjudytime.com BlogTV http://www.blogtv.com/people/itsjudytime
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Text Comments (530)
Millie Ram (4 years ago)
Published on my birthday😏
Tristan Kay (5 years ago)
So weird with out Julianna
Carla Haldar-Beavis (5 years ago)
hump bump
Leah Bickerton (5 years ago)
11:35 -_-
湘柔 (5 years ago)
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Elle Champion (5 years ago)
Where's the cheetah?! LOL
Sommer Time (5 years ago)
how adorable were you pregnant!!! :)
Marlenny Marz (5 years ago)
mine too lol
Mark Hailey (5 years ago)
Chris Wilby (5 years ago)
red stone pro (5 years ago)
I dont think stretch mark is genetic. My mom didnt get any and I got a few ..just saying...everybody is different...
A Ali (5 years ago)
i love BACLAVA <3
11faridman (5 years ago)
I love your make up it s so soft
Noura AlNasser (6 years ago)
what's on your lips? love it
ilovemusic22192 (6 years ago)
Benji is hilarious and adorable XP.
Gigi Leon-Gonzalez (6 years ago)
@makeuphappy1 so did I !!!! My stomach hurt so much !!! I love you guys !!
bmartin3486 (6 years ago)
OMG Judy your laugh cracks me up. It's the funniest thing lol.
Madison Paz (6 years ago)
I love wztching yoh it is soooo real lllvw itttttt
bethybcup7 (6 years ago)
Krusty Azz bars?
Maria Raghunath (6 years ago)
Maria Raghunath (6 years ago)
thats not true, my mom had 5 kids and she has tiny little strech marks. I had one child and i have huge ugly strech marks on my sides, chest, legs....pretty much all over. So keeping your skin hydrated does make a difference for some women because thats what my mom did with her pregnancies and also she had twins (her last pregnancy)
Alyssa Navarro (6 years ago)
that's how you pronounce krusteaz?! ahahah i always thought that it was "crust-tees" funny funny
James Bond (6 years ago)
Crusty ass peanut butter bars?
makeuphappy1 (6 years ago)
confessedbiblioklept (6 years ago)
The zebra Jammie's are cute. Where r they from? I want them for the hospital after I deliver. Please respond.
Amanda_C (6 years ago)
in a weird way, I feel like I'm watching paranormal activity
mariiaa.d (6 years ago)
awww yummy baklava :)
UrDestiny2 (6 years ago)
was benji peeing rotflmbo
satirewire7 (6 years ago)
Unfortunately there is noting you can do about stretch marks. It is genetic, so it doesn't matter how soft or hydrated your skin is, if your mama has stretch marks you probably will too.
Julie (6 years ago)
I'm in love with your vlogs!
marivelg07 (6 years ago)
I love those pj's! :)
ChelleBelleOriginal (6 years ago)
5:08 Why does she look hotter here?
azhrieeeel (6 years ago)
I DIED from 1:27 to 2:15 LOL! Especially from 1:44 on hahaha, that stare xD
Lynn Williford (6 years ago)
Nsfangirl (6 years ago)
The picture for the vlog of Benji reminds me of all those Slam Jam remixes xD
PindyFLove13 (6 years ago)
stop at 01:31 JUST DO IT !
LaceyBTV (6 years ago)
lolol Benji really makes me laugh!
summr904 (6 years ago)
LOL!!! Cheetah!
lolli1110 (6 years ago)
She did lol
Lynn Au (6 years ago)
Judy, what is that fruit subscription benji has called? I want one :)))))!!!
Alyssa Rey (6 years ago)
Theresa Marie (6 years ago)
You're so late into your pregnancy that teeth whitening and any chemical in that family doesn't matter now
redsugar18whitney (6 years ago)
No, he was picking apples from trees.
Allie M (6 years ago)
she reminds me of kourtney kardashian
hiyono1212 (6 years ago)
and my doctor before told me not to put so much make up and minimal face routines
deannej21 (6 years ago)
That is what she said. In one of her videos, she joked that she knows it's pronounced "Krusteez", but they like to be funny and pronounce it 'krusty ass" LOL.
WhatWouldLizzyDo (6 years ago)
omg i read this top comment before getting to that part and i cried of laughter!!
Yovanna Vaquez (6 years ago)
Evette (6 years ago)
she did
Jessie Ray (6 years ago)
Haha I see that banana dude everyday
Araneeya (6 years ago)
omg 1:45 - 2:00 dunt kill mee benji
Live2LoveJ (6 years ago)
bomb diggity?? lol
ThePlusSideOfThings (6 years ago)
Benji rules! (Please check out my channel)
pinkcinderella07 (6 years ago)
Benji in the kitchen was hilarious lol!!!! And he sure knows his tellitubbies haha
Pika Yonzon (6 years ago)
I got Bio Oil too but didn't put it on because the stuff in it can do stuff to my baby'... Or so O read online. i applied AFTER giving birth :)
Jamie Bassett (6 years ago)
STOP WATCHING! PAUSE 11:23 - 11:35 That alone, what comes to mind? XD funny Benji!
Brendaxoxo (6 years ago)
omg benji has that killer face going lol 1:45
AntiAverage (6 years ago)
Legacy17 seems to have deleted her comments and account, so I can't reply, but she replied to my reply so I just want to say that the bumps you see are the bumps on the invisalign itself, not her teeth. The bumps are no longer on her teeth, but since she is still wearing the same invisalign it looks the same. I hope that makes more sense to everyone!
Brittany Elliott (6 years ago)
hahahaha benji from 1:32 to 1:40
ana aparicio (6 years ago)
I just want to go to your house and clean
Judy Cohn (6 years ago)
It's so funny how perfectly the word たまis showing when it's just Benji in the kitchen looking at the camera. LOL たま=Ball
SimplyAnne (6 years ago)
lmao at benji in the morning..
AiShaaa92 (6 years ago)
LOL Dang Benji all that attitude in the morning haha...you are so funnyyy!! love you guysss
Anita Vannouvong (6 years ago)
I always forget that you're pregnant because you are so much more active then I am, and I'm a teenager LOL
Deborah Chung (6 years ago)
LOL , She knows its pronounced krusteeez but in a vlog she mentioned how its funnier to call them krusy ass <3
Courtfashionnlover21 (6 years ago)
Love love love these videos, they brighten my day(: love you guys!
1ccreyes (6 years ago)
i always enjoy the last little clip in the end lol :)
CandyWish47xo (6 years ago)
i think judy looks amazingly beautiful!!! love you judy and benji :D
Millie Meran (6 years ago)
Omg beji looks like John Lloyd Cruz!!! :D like if you agree!!
Lesley Sandoval (6 years ago)
Thanks your so sweat, I didn't know about that. :D
Alejandra Diaz (6 years ago)
party rock pijama´s!
Kaila Bivens (6 years ago)
It could be her retainer or an invisalign tray actually as an retainer until her real one comes in.
BeautyG MUA (6 years ago)
Benji you are sooo hilarious!! Judy your glowing, love that belly!
DiggyForLife01 (6 years ago)
okay let me straighten things out for people who dont understand bout the invisalign (i know about this cuz i got mine taken off) so when ur done ur invisalign they remove the attachments and make an impression for the retainers. She's still wearing her invisalign because her retainers didnt come in yet. If she didnt wear them her teeth would go back to the way they were. Thats why most of you see the attachments it's cuz shes still wearing her invisalign :) your welcome :)
AntiAverage (6 years ago)
I think what happened is she got the attachments off her teeth but she is still wearing her invisalign because she hasn't gotten her retainer yet. The invisalign has the shape of the attachments even though they aren't on her teeth anymore. She mentioned something about that yesterday.
Crystal Costa (6 years ago)
it could have been her retainer my clear container looks like that and she said she got hers
Lynette (6 years ago)
HAHA! "Remember, if you shake it more than twice, youre playing with it."
Pari Jain (6 years ago)
Omgg! You guys are hilarious!!!!!! Everybody please check my channel out! Bollywood inspired makeup,Health,fitness, multidimensional LIFESTYLE videos! Thank youuuuuuuu!
Shala Font (6 years ago)
correct me if im wrong but i think benji was peeing in the begining. lol that was funny.
Claire Kim (6 years ago)
I think she does have it on! I think it's just because she wants to keep straightening or whatnot she's keeping it on!
Heke Pihlaja (6 years ago)
Oh my god those fruit chocolates look too good! How can you have them for 6 months, I'd eat everything in one week :D BTW check out the word "Kigurumi" for pajamas, I think you'd love those and there's also panda bear - kigurumis!
Hanna Mikaelson (6 years ago)
how come you still have the brackets on your teeth when you took them off yesterday
xtinejan54 (6 years ago)
It's invisalign. I don't really see how it's a big deal if she had on again or not.
melaniemcxx (6 years ago)
hahahahaha my mom was like what the hell you laughing at and i said Benji.. but she thought i was talking about my dog and then it got awkward and i laughed even more ?! lol...
Celeste R (6 years ago)
You tricked me with the thumbnail! False advertising! xD
Christine Pare (6 years ago)
judy your jammies look so comfortable!!! where do you get yours?? or at least the brand??:):) PLEASE REPLY!! YOU GUYS ARE MY FAVORITE YOUTUBERS!
eliza herr (6 years ago)
besides i follow her on twitter so yea
eliza herr (6 years ago)
if you watch the most recent vlog you can see him leaving! and i dont know how its different day if we are following her being pregnant too
miizjaye (6 years ago)
First thing that popped in my head when I saw you in you pajamas was Madagascar 3!! hehe "afro circu afro circus polkadot polkadot polkadot afro" LOL love you guys xx
Tanavia Lakey (6 years ago)
g (6 years ago)
Judy can I please have a birthday shout out? My name is Gilma and my birthday is on the 21st this Friday c; it would really mean a lot thank you 3 lots of love to you all
MsxMisunderstood (6 years ago)
she's probably on maternity leave right now.
Meli M (6 years ago)
the ending! hahahah i wanted to laugh soo bad but every ones asleep :/ lol bengie iss tooo much
TheKellieh2 (6 years ago)
haha when you were in the grocery store, I wasnt looking at the video and thought you said "crusty a**". Probably a common joke, but hey :P
Andjela Antic (6 years ago)
Pause a 0:55. Hahah, look wha he was doing
Diem (6 years ago)
I think you're overreacting lol
Jessica D (6 years ago)
Watching this with my guinea pig :D
Adriana lira (6 years ago)
Lmfao his random dance moves XD
CSCOfficial (6 years ago)
Judy I remember some couple of months ago you was upset because your belly wasn't as big as u expected,now look! U look like a very lovely pregnate lady! Xxxx so proud of ux

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