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How to Choose colors for girls' rooms.wmv

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The Paint Diva of NJ goes over how to choose colors for Girls' rooms depending on their age. She is a color consultant specializing in Benjamin Moore. If you have any color questions feel free to visit her on facebook as The Paint Diva of NJ, or her website ThePaintDivaNJ.com
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Ashok Singh (5 months ago)
My furniture is brown with black lining and i'm choosing red and brown for my room is it good please suggest please 🙏
ITS SHAN3 CAK3 2 (9 months ago)
i realy cant pick im having problems we just got our hous fixed and it is huge and for my room i realy cant pick what the color for my room I realy love white so that it will look so clean but I also like pastel pink and white in a straight laying down line form I just cant pick and my parents are like waiting because im too scared if i pick that color and when they paint it on my wall maybe I wouldnt like it or it will look terrible! please help me decide!
The Paint Diva (9 months ago)
If you want white then look at your furniture. I recently had a teen girl who wanted white walls but her furniture was off-white. I explained to her that her furniture will look yellow and dirty next to white walls. So she picked a pale purple/gray instead. If you have stained wood furniture or white, then you can paint white walls. But don't touch the walls because they'll get dirty fast! If you have off white furniture then a pale pink will work well. Try a dusty pink with a tiny bit of beige in it. That's how you tone down pink.
waciku best (11 months ago)
i am 11 and i love pink i cant deside
Danni Marie (5 years ago)
I'm 10 and I love neon and my mom wont let me get neon I'm getting pink and blue and and acent wall
coral vonk (5 years ago)
puwple?! what happened to purple??
Rosetta Sistrunk (1 year ago)
coral vonkl
Sara Kateri (6 years ago)
this is sooo true (:

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