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TOP 10 BEST Android Apps + GALAXY S3 Style

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http://www.youtube.com/techandme = check out my channel (2 shows/week) 10 Best Apps of the week 1. Choice Go Locker Theme 0:11 2. Flipboard 0:55 3. Stick It 1:31 4. Tasks 2:43 5. TouchNote 3:50 6. ClockQ widget 4:46 7. iPhone Style Notifications 5:59 8. Notes 6:42 9. SwitchPro Widget (Power Widgets in Notification Bar) 7:42 10.BobClock D3 Widget 9:01 11.Awesome Wallpaper 9:49 12. 91 Locker 10:52 Launcher Pro + Dock from dreamlyfe: http://android.dreamlyfe.me/lux.html Live Wallpapers = http://goo.gl/p7bSq ------------------- I'm using a SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 ------------------- UltimateFavs Pro to showcase my Apps http://goo.gl/eBC73 I'm running MIUI ROM (Review)= http://goo.gl/6mhDW and Adw Launcher EX (Review)= http://goo.gl/f8abz and Go Launcher EX (Review) = http://goo.gl/LLA5c Cyanogenmod 7 review = http://fwd4.me/04p6 --------------------- Follow me on twitter at : http://twitter.com/#!/meandtech --------------------- Check out my WEBSITE :) = http://techandme-asquare.blogspot.com/ -----------------------
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Text Comments (197)
2SidedTech (5 years ago)
How do u get that carousel effect? Plz tell me
Daniel Blanco (5 years ago)
Clock q sounds like f**k you xD
Glen Agoncillo (5 years ago)
his boom is annoying.....!!!
Aung Win (5 years ago)
I need to learn how to get gold
Burak Atlamaz (5 years ago)
No its called Ultimate faves pro
game n chill (5 years ago)
zedge is better than wallpapers and it has ringtones and notification sounds
Check this out: youtube.com/watch?v=wF3jzlzl7ew
grcboy29 (5 years ago)
And boom goes the dynamite
Tyler Draddy (5 years ago)
it better not be a british guy talking
RexAragorn (5 years ago)
What's the phone u used in the video???
MrAzianzrulez (5 years ago)
its a launcher...i think he's using apex launcher. it enables you to create those circle folders to keep apps in.
Xtianz (5 years ago)
00:40 What kind of widget is that?
LUNGKOT Channel (5 years ago)
you gay?
Videotubelord (5 years ago)
Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G
Kirill Ovsiannikov (5 years ago)
9:00 i was in headsets.... i was really scared...
Johnny Free (5 years ago)
thanks man i searched it all the time :)
Tina Kapoor (5 years ago)
Jman2454 (5 years ago)
haha no offense @techandme but ur voice is actually hilarious
Gom Chris (5 years ago)
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Fatima Mudhesh (5 years ago)
like it..Boom :)
DallDoesn'tPlayGames (5 years ago)
and boom!
RawrImABush (5 years ago)
How do you get your phone to lock like that at 11:03? It looks like an old television.
12supernaruto (5 years ago)
what is the name of the widget in your home screen... the stars?
Bow Wow (5 years ago)
U sound like eminem a bit
LiVeMuZiQ (5 years ago)
like it and Booooom
Justin Q (5 years ago)
His voice kind of reminds me of alishanmao I'm not sure if I'm spelling that right
Tina Lipa (5 years ago)
Tina Lipa (5 years ago)
Does anyone else hate his voice in the beginning of ALL his videos??
Angel Fernandez (5 years ago)
What application using the home screen applications to spin?
Sanosh S S S (5 years ago)
ultimate faves pro.. :)
Rebecca Drolet (5 years ago)
lmao love u pizza hut
saud Samad (5 years ago)
What app you are using in home screen to spin those apps?
halo0001master (5 years ago)
Tay Yong Hong (5 years ago)
...and boom.
TR0J3NH0R5E (5 years ago)
Rewind.... he clearly says what it is
pitufosucof (5 years ago)
Hh by&) 098bbbbbzS
TheSweets122 (5 years ago)
Called Swipe Pad
TALHA AS (5 years ago)
S3 luv u
Alvaro Hinojosa (5 years ago)
Whats the app he uses to have those apps be like in a circle :0
Shazzerseses (5 years ago)
it should be tech and I
Steve Norton (5 years ago)
You got so much shit on the phone it lags to hell.
prolix888 (5 years ago)
All those apps are entirely useless.
daniel tikkanen (5 years ago)
8:55 holy shit is it you slender man?!?!?!
TheMapospread (6 years ago)
That BOOM thing is really anoying, just saying..
kimmidoll123 (6 years ago)
lol pregnancy widget 9:18
Ismael Rodriguez (6 years ago)
I noticed that UltimateFavs Pro hasn't had an update in over a year. Do you know if it's still being actively supported?
Alexy2Sexy6063 (6 years ago)
It's TechandI not TechandMe.. go back to English class
Manoj Guruge (6 years ago)
thanks man :)
Ajaxster (6 years ago)
hes most likely running a different home launcher which u get on the play store
Mini Zodva (6 years ago)
Hey your wallpaper? Tell me!!!!
Samuel Bor (6 years ago)
Read the Description.... He says he's using an S2? :)
Ismail (6 years ago)
Is it just me or is that not a samsung galaxy S3 ?
Tonsy86 (6 years ago)
top 10 Boom in Galaxy Boom 3 !! whatrs wrong with ur Boom ?
theBenjiBenji (6 years ago)
ever note is better
Julian martinez (6 years ago)
Download. Application called tube mate on internet.. you can get videos and movies to you phone free from YouTube
rox (6 years ago)
"it's one-oh-one. heh, nice time" omfg
Daniel Korolev (6 years ago)
Manoj Guruge (6 years ago)
Hey man whats the twirly menu thing on ur home screen? Looks pretty cool.. is it built in with the phone or is it availabke in the store?
Chris Martin (6 years ago)
boom yess boom yessss booooom yesssssssssss i boooomed all over
John Daley (6 years ago)
this guy needs to buy a new phone
mimi carter (6 years ago)
GUYYYYSSSSSSS please tell me if this phone can see emoju on instagram someone comment thank you
Dylan woody (6 years ago)
what is the spining menu u have on home screen?
MrPacManFace (6 years ago)
How do you get like the Tv effect everytime you go on standby mode??
Cavaggioni Jose Luiz (6 years ago)
E possivel instalar o Autocad Ws no Galaxi Note, aguardo respostas sobre esse assunto, obrigado
Alex Tay (6 years ago)
how does he get the transition between pages?
Perfectcell84 (6 years ago)
how do you do the 3d effect for the apps?
MeHasLife (6 years ago)
oppa s3 style!
LOLSushii (6 years ago)
I hate that fucking noise you make at the beginning of all your videos. annoying,
Ron Epstein (6 years ago)
Without having to read all these pages of replies, could you tell me what that carousel app switcher is located in the middle of your screen? Enjoying your videos.
RH (6 years ago)
what hve u did for dis effct 11:03 ?? rplly soon thx :)
RH (6 years ago)
frm where tu get the iphne style notifi..?
Faisal Kabir (6 years ago)
im sorry, but isnt that a s2?
xXFUNKYxPANDAXx (6 years ago)
And. . . B0:00M.
D3M0ify (6 years ago)
And BOOM!! And learn to answer the questions of the posters.... alot of ppl has asked how to get the apps to circle..... ANSWER THEM - BOOM!!
xPolandFTW (6 years ago)
How did you get the apps to go in a circle like that ?
Jacob Karpovich (6 years ago)
Go to 8:54 for the problem with BOOM
Gadget-Review.ro (6 years ago)
you have a problem with BOOM :))
iReece07 (6 years ago)
Angngam Nadapig (6 years ago)
just click on it and BOOM.
Hye Eun Kim-Gorman (6 years ago)
@melovingu1... It's a different kind of keyboard that you draw on to create words.
Force Amp (6 years ago)
I thought that galaxy note it running 1.4 ghz dual core ?
Edward Jones (6 years ago)
what is that swype thing u were talikng about
Jewy Carfsnuckle (6 years ago)
The Samsung Galaxy Note is one big pile of shit, the screen is garbage and the battery lasts liek 20 minutes, the CPU it's soo slow, cant belivee it has a Single-core 500mhz one
Tom Reilly (6 years ago)
It's funny because on my GS3 all of these apps are either useless or already incorporated in the OS
yosir1980 (6 years ago)
Nax Joel (6 years ago)
Whats your theme?
Dorothy Ybarra (6 years ago)
Thank you young man for sharing your choice of apps. I'm 50+ and new to technology and all that goes with it. Learned the hard way what a "virus" is. Friends and family. don't have time to babysit me through ALL my questions and such. So the internet has become my teacher, and your demonstration and list of app.names has encouraged me to go forth. Now at least I know what to look and ask for. :) Thanks again.
thevin92 (6 years ago)
I own the 3 phones in the tumbnail! =p
Nico Rz (6 years ago)
You say boom like 50 times
Jake Martinez (6 years ago)
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Anthonysanchez209 (6 years ago)
He sounds like the guy in 30minutes or less also nice video
Олег Вещий (6 years ago)
that it for a launcher where icons on a desktop are looked through around???
Derek vitans (6 years ago)
Please the name of gallery... style s3 !!! :)
lendada13 (6 years ago)
......goes the dynamite
Suppose I want to... BOOM
azraelDSS (6 years ago)
this isn't the galaxy s2.that was my last phone and it looks other xD Now i'm using the s3 :)
Taylor Nelson (6 years ago)
nice videos dude, keep it up
Tamas Gyurka (6 years ago)
Yeah I love your dock...where did you get the icons and the background?
fasterthings (6 years ago)
And. . . BOOM.
Javier Arenas (6 years ago)

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