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Hair Hacks for CURLY Hair | How To Fix Dryness, breakage and FRIZZ!

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Here are my hair hacks for curly hair teaching you how to fix dryness, breakage and frizz! After taking a little break, I wanted to do a highly requested video. If you missed me make sure to give this video a thumbs up and to subscribe :) https://goo.gl/x5tVGj More tips and tricks for naturally curly hair! https://goo.gl/RaUQAz Previous Video! https://goo.gl/iwgOFa SOCIAL MEDIA ♡ Instagram: http://bit.ly/1TSclUm Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/queenofmondays Facebook: Alexandra Beth https://goo.gl/dtTo71 Snapchat: queenofmondays Thanks for the music KALI UCHIS http://www.kaliuchis.com https://youtu.be/Srfe453YePI Business Inquiries: [email protected] About Me :) Hi beautiful! I'm AlexandrasGirlyTalk, a 21 year old beauty lover. I upload makeup, hair and lifestyle videos specifically to make life easier! I have naturally curly hair, so you'll find lots of tips and tricks for waves and curls on my channel, as well as DIY's, makeup ideas and beauty hacks I upload a new video every Monday because lets get real Monday's usually suck.. so I wanna give you a reason to love 'em. xoxo If you got this far..let me know what your favorite hair hack? Let me know in the comments!
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Text Comments (1906)
Sandra P (12 hours ago)
yo if i brush my hair while its dry i wont be able to find my face
Ellsie (3 days ago)
How many times do you co wash? Every time you wash or like once a week??
Sah Menezes (4 days ago)
O haver straight hair, but it's dry
Habka Osman (11 days ago)
U remind me of Camille from Originals ur voice man
Little Neko (12 days ago)
Your hair is just like mine I can't brush it or I look like road kill my hair gets dryer the longer I don't wash it I actually thought I was the only one what's your ethnic background I'm half Indian quarter Jamaican and quarter white
Spoon (13 days ago)
That’s not curly hair that’s wavy
Sky Sin (14 days ago)
I like your frizzy curly hair
Melanie Lopez (17 days ago)
How does the steaming hair one work? Does you hair have to hover over the water?
Rin R (19 days ago)
So after you co wash it, you put product in your hair and just not wash it for a few days? I have to put gel on my curly hair and I have to shampoo it everyday 😱🤕 is that bad?
Dana Myles (1 month ago)
Omg, when you said “privet” I was quite surprised 😂
Maggy Oof (1 month ago)
Lel I don’t use towel Oof also I just washed my hair and it’s already knotted and tangled so I can only enjoy my hair for just 7 mins and then it’s all tangled and puffy -__- plus I don’t have time for going out and buying stuff no one understands that
Anika D (1 month ago)
One tip I would give to you is NEVER BRUSH YOUR HAIR DRY. You want to use a wide tooth comb and go through it with conditioner to get it untangled.
Msp - Australia sever (1 month ago)
I have really long hair but because it’s curly & frizzy it seems short
Maddie Chavarria (1 month ago)
I have the same hair type as u i hate my hair its super frezzy and dry i hate it some times i feel like shaving it of.
Anuska Mandal (1 month ago)
my hair is just like you...
Kristina JY (1 month ago)
Emma Wiideman (1 month ago)
2:55 what about a microfiber towel? I got mine from DevaCurl a couple years ago and it seems to work nicely. Should I keep using it or switch to a t-shirt?
Celestica (1 month ago)
That's fine!!
Raven101 2134 (1 month ago)
its my birthday today. And im very.. not pretty, im a little overweight, but ive slimmed down ALOT! I never wear make up, and im always lazy, so in the holidays, im going to get a whole new make over! So when it comes to school i wont be un noticed!
Xiomara Obama (1 month ago)
Is she Russian?
Tamara Cline (1 month ago)
I'm sorry, but I can't get past the lips enough to learn the hair.
Becky The Roblox Gamer (2 months ago)
Who else has bushed up hair when they brush it then next morning after having a shower ? 😂😂
amal (2 months ago)
im struggling with my hair so much it was manageble during winter and i had days where i was actually satisfied with it for the first time since i decided to quit straightening it but since summer started (summer in my country is really hot and the humidity is so fucking high)my hair has been a mess and i don't know how to manage it after washing it its super smooth but the next day it becomes so dry and all the curls fall out and i just don't know what to do so i just end up wetting it again and again can someone please give me tips or daily oils i can use
Catriona Denmark-Fyfe (2 months ago)
I’ve actually found someone with the same hair
Jesus Antolin (2 months ago)
Thank you! I'm a dude I always want to grow my hair out but it usually doesn't make it past 4 inches because this is a constant issue and I end up just cutting it off
Mighty Reacts (2 months ago)
Thank you sooooo much
Shaylin Smith (2 months ago)
my hair is Just like yours !
Rosi Carbajal (3 months ago)
I believe I have the most thickest, untameable,frizzy, curly,and puffy hair in the world. That's why I watched the video
Chris Fear (3 months ago)
very excited to try all of these
Ekra Sultana (3 months ago)
suggest some antifrizz cream or lotion for curly hairs
Tehamee Zaian (3 months ago)
Why don't you rebond your hair?
Jana Gamal (3 months ago)
your nose was bigger than now !
Lps SpaceToons (3 months ago)
After 1 day of my hair being loose,my hair is all tangled and it hurts when I brush,and I have thick and wavy hair
Darja murray (3 months ago)
SHILPA RANJAN (3 months ago)
Watch this video to remove the frizz from hair in no time. NO HEAT, USING ONE PRODUCT ONLY. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5J00HlSqO8
Levi Ackerman (4 months ago)
OMG *thank you so much I really needed this BC I am going to FINALLY wash my hair after like three weeks and knowing about the towel and shampoo will REALLY help me, you are a merical*
XxKoolKatHDxX (4 months ago)
Omg finally a curly haired gal that gets me
Lily v Smith (4 months ago)
This helps so much!
you no alina (4 months ago)
My hair gets frizzy and pofy dose that mean I have curly hair or wavy hair
LyricQuote (4 months ago)
Finally somebody that could get straight to the point.
Crystal Shiine (4 months ago)
I like it But it didn’t really help me. 😕😕
Diana Betancourt (4 months ago)
How have I never noticed kali in the background 😩♥️
Lola This Is (4 months ago)
Has anyone tried using the hot steam hack? Want to see if it works.
Orto (4 months ago)
From Brasil and my hvor is so kong and curly😂😂😂
Helen Vrouvakis (4 months ago)
Wrap your hair in a silk pillowcase or scarf it helps so much!
Sonora Jonauska (5 months ago)
When I was 3 or 4 I used hack 1 to help my blocked nose! I used to have a blocked nose allllll the timeeee!
Sonora Jonauska (5 months ago)
Are you Russian?
Okousaná sušenka (5 months ago)
I love how you say "hi" in different languages 😍 you have such a beautiful voice
Dilnoza Khabibova (5 months ago)
I tripped when she said hi in Russian😂 Привет!!!❤️
sacajah (5 months ago)
Thanks. I'm going to try it.
catelina munro (5 months ago)
hey, thank your for this video. i was wondering when you use the hot water on your hair do you have to take a shower first or have dry hair before you do it? which one do you do?
Pammie (5 months ago)
Can you see the frizziness on her hair at the start of the vid? Mine's EXACTLY like that, but 2x worse!
Honey Bean (5 months ago)
Should I add conditioner to the ends of my fringe to stop it from being dry??
Guest 1234 (5 months ago)
No offense but straight hair people have it easy for themselves
Inconnitah_ - (5 months ago)
Sonali Sachdeva (5 months ago)
Glad to know alot of other people face the same problem with curly hair
Random May (6 months ago)
When you spoke in Russia in the start I died because I speak Russia lol
Sumayyah Ahmad (6 months ago)
So helpful thank u xxx.
Maya Rami Khalaf (6 months ago)
Perfect for me
Jane Doe (6 months ago)
You have so much more curls now! How did you get them back?
Corissa Pearl (6 months ago)
I have really unmanageable hair I just get so sick of the curly frizzy mess that I just throw it in a bun everyday. So I am definitely going to try these hacks to see if it will make me more comfortable wearing my hair down. Thank you for all the tips!
Imogen Benson (6 months ago)
I rarley use shampoo
Faith 4 Disney (6 months ago)
Jayden Homan (6 months ago)
Me watching this with a towel bundled in with my wet curly hair...
Justin Maranon (6 months ago)
God dam that lipstick is a 10/10
Reli ڿڰۣ Rozco (7 months ago)
Thanks YOU!!!!!!!!!
D D (7 months ago)
I clicked on the video and you're like "привеет" and I'm like "погодите, это ж английское видео"
Sukanya Sonawane (7 months ago)
You are so sweet I love you and your ideas ... Blessings for your baby 😘
sirenonland (7 months ago)
She reminds me of Andreas’s Choice
Therese R (8 months ago)
Dakota McFarland (8 months ago)
What moisturizer did you use at the end of the vid for measuring home much moisturizer you need to use
marlo (8 months ago)
Krystal Santiago (8 months ago)
Omg ur not meant to comb lmao😂😂😂
oliverislost (8 months ago)
you're so pretty
Pastel Skies (8 months ago)
wow your hair is so long and gorgeous even with the shrinkage!! Ty for the tips, too!
Gabi Jones (8 months ago)
nora (9 months ago)
Did anyone else really like how her hair looked after brushing
Watermelon Gaming (9 months ago)
My hair is very poofy >\\\\< and your hair is pretty!!
dalia edits (9 months ago)
"raise your hand if you use towels on your curly hair" *has a towel on hair right now* "just raise your hand" *raises hand and sighs*
Ko Ko (9 months ago)
Curly hair is the death of me.
OKAY OKAY (9 months ago)
my hair is so thick and curly idek what do anymore 😩😩 i love curly hair but my hair is way too thick i always have to go to tje salon and get it thinned out and they always charge me extra than average they be puttin shit like curly and thick hard to manage
azriel byrd (9 months ago)
Who's looking in comments to see if it works
lanceth0t1 (9 months ago)
I’ve been straightening my hair for about 6 years straight and I need to stop lmfao..but when I do my hair doesn’t look good at all and it’s so annoying, so thank you! I’ll try this out.
QUEEN I H M (9 months ago)
Hey girl!! Love your video and you're so freaking gorgeous. I also did a "How to take frizzy hair" video on my channel! Would love it if you checked it out!! Love your videos! :)
Bruna Andreis (9 months ago)
I water it like a plant
Gia 98 (9 months ago)
If her hair is frizzy then mine must be a lions mane 😩
Fredrick M (10 months ago)
hahaha. that lipstick is so gotdamn ugly. but the video was very good
Jamia Life (10 months ago)
Omgggggg aaa 😍😍
blue lungs (10 months ago)
kali 🤧🤤🤧
EverythingInSight (10 months ago)
Currently look like a triangle and I have school 😂😅
3lla (10 months ago)
For the towel my mom and I use microfiber towel.My mom is a hairdresser and focuses on curly hair
RooZkii • (10 months ago)
Frick its hard to be a girl I just want my hair like jacksepticeye
Paige Rain (10 months ago)
Hi guys!! I'm not normally one for self promotion, but I'm still really new to YouTube & I just recently uploaded a How To Fix Your Damaged Curly Hair Overnight video, & it'd mean the world to me if you guys would check it out!! :)
Mo (10 months ago)
does this also apply for guy with frizzy hair?
Milagros Aquino (10 months ago)
I brushed my hair for basically 10 years ... time to start taking care of it
Agusta Líf (10 months ago)
try brushing it when it's whet it's way way easier
youtube account (10 months ago)
u are so charismatic
Francesca Valenti (10 months ago)
OMG WHAT'S THAT BLUE LIPSTICK??😂😂😂 P.S. love your videos 😂😋😎
madelen ontaneda (10 months ago)
My hair is exactly like yours 😊❤️
Blue Firefox (10 months ago)
It hurts brushing curly hair sometimes

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