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10 beauty secrets of French women | "Parisian chic" | Justine Leconte

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What is the French skincare routine? What about suncare? Do French women use natural cosmetics? How do they get messy hair? How do they get clear skin without foundation? etc. This video is an answer to all your questions raised in previous episodes of the French series - enjoy! Thumbs up if you liked this video! Any question or tip? Comment below. New videos: Wednesday 5pm & Sunday 12pm (Paris/Berlin time). Take care! Justine ************************** PREVIOUS EPISODES OF THE "FRENCH SERIES" About the "French diet" & food culture: https://youtu.be/RRB4nlFo4XA About styling (statement) necklaces: https://youtu.be/HEzK897i5_0 About perfumes & how French women wear it: https://youtu.be/3Xl2d3RQMPU About the French style rules and tips: https://youtu.be/gAbV5hJzhL4 About the 10 essentials of a French wardrobe: https://youtu.be/15ttUu6pE8g About the way Parisian women do their hair and make-up: https://youtu.be/09AZEuMM5YM About clothing classics invented by French designers: https://youtu.be/pX0VMxyJvq4 Take care! Justine ************************************* To contribute subtitles under any of my videos: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?tab=2&c=UChxkFSjTE7nLCHsDk8_pRhg Thanks for your help! ************************************* SOCIAL Instagram: JustineLeconte_officiel Facebook: Justine Leconte Fashion Twitter: JustineLeconteO Pinterest: jleconteberlin My website (current collection): www.justineleconte.com/shop Business requests only: [email protected] #french #beauty #skincare #lifestyle
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Katerina Patiniotis (9 hours ago)
I follow these tips all the time, but I'm not French. I'm Greek. By the way, I've seen French ladies but they are plain looking and basic, to be honest. I'm a realist and "Parisian chic" is a bit vain, snobbish and pretentious cliché term to say the least, based from what I've seen in reality. Originality vs over-the-top shallow and vain stereotypes. 1-0.
Nellie Vee (1 day ago)
As with all human consumption, what women do in terms of beauty is mostly strongly related to the money they have.
A. J. R. Wilde (3 days ago)
I heard French women are really competitive with each other so the last point doesn't surprise me at all
Shirley Silus (5 days ago)
I agree with the not trying too hard. Here in the States the "contouring" and heavy makeup make a lot of our woman look very fake.
Molly Person (8 days ago)
I think I may have been French in a past life because I’ve always instinctively knew these things. It’s amazing to have instincts vindicated. This was a lovely video!
Princess Camile (8 days ago)
love your explanations merci beaucoup and I didn't know some woman won't tell their secrets
Nina Doce (8 days ago)
You are extremely nice and when you smile you look like an angel he he
Ginette Lafortune (9 days ago)
Très bons conseils. Merci
Esther Nwousi (9 days ago)
so true for the bare skin...I am French, I live in the USA but merely wear foundation. I wear bb cream. I see the difference but others don't see that I wear make up. Great video!
Eniramoi (14 days ago)
I'm French and don't know anyone who does that...
Scarlett Evans (14 days ago)
As an Indian girl, I have ridiculously thick, and very long hair. If I don't brush it every morning, it has a tendency to knot and occasionally mat in the most horrific way
Clara Ftalia (14 days ago)
perfect content! thanks for making video like these xx
Ella Anderson (14 days ago)
You have a patronising tone and sound like a know it all. Just because something worked for you(you thought) wouldn’t work for all. My in laws and friends are French and a lot of what to said is just your own way not a French thing apparently. I know you say that this is what French women do but from your body language I get a vibe that also says ... whatever other people are doing is wrong.
Ellouise Judge (14 days ago)
I feel as though half of England are like this and the rest are americanised chavs that dont care and wear primark body spray.
Nooshin Pak (15 days ago)
love your videos, so positive and informative!
Alana L (15 days ago)
So interesting...so I’d love a natural beauty routine video...sharing products or natural ingredients you have used and liked...I am born and raised in America and LOVE natural skin but love makeup eyes!! :)
Christine Keleher (17 days ago)
I just happen to fall on your videos and I’m loving them so very much. I’m learning so much. Tells me your a wonderful teacher,educator.
J M (17 days ago)
Can you do an essential oil video showing and explaining the benefits. Love your videos!
ShararatSharara (17 days ago)
A lot of these tips are not unique to France, they are pretty universal. Don't touch your face, drink a lot of water, pretty much everyone knows that.
yushi911 (17 days ago)
C'est vrai que les francaises sont moins maquillées que les américaines mais leur confiance font en sorte qu'elles sont plus pétillantes.
Iris (18 days ago)
Chadmon1 (18 days ago)
I get cleanliness, but I really think it's dangerous to obsessively clean your hands.
Nadeen Sivic (24 days ago)
Merci Justine, so pleased to have found your youtube. I have been living in France for nearly 8 years now and I LOVE the approach women have here. Not only with your own routine, but how lovely it is to see mothers passing these down to their daughters. :) I was quietly pleased on a recent trip back to the UK, and catching up with a friend I hadn't seen for years. She said ' wow you look amazing - you look really....French'. eh beh voila!
Yuliana Camacho (25 days ago)
Love ❤️
Shari Lynn (29 days ago)
I apologize, it’s Justine 👩‍🌾🌹
Shari Lynn (29 days ago)
WOW! Josephine, I have found my ticket to Paris, YOU! Thank you for sharing what we sisters need to know about living LIFE Parisian-style - something we all long to do but were born elsewhere so we thank you for taking us on this journey. I will be looking at all your uploads in next couple days. Thanks again. Ciao! Shari
Hiba Elrayah (1 month ago)
I'm a huge fan of your, thank you for your videos xx I'm from Sudan and the secret here, is there is none, people here drink heaps of water. We do a lot of home made scrubs and "smoking" (https://youtu.be/Y2kalEcPj54) then more scrubs :)
Laura Happy (1 month ago)
the thing about not wanting to share information doesn't sound too friendly haha
Ande Ycal (1 month ago)
I have relatives in Normandy. I seem to use these routines mentioned. It's just natural for me.
Ande Ycal (1 month ago)
I use Peppermint essential oil on my temples when I have a headache.
cautionary tale (1 month ago)
we do absolutely nothing.
Skye Farhoudi (1 month ago)
I love your videos so much.
karina ojeda (1 month ago)
I like all tips but, I love number 10! Thanks
kin ukka (1 month ago)
I just discovered you Justine few days ago and I can't stop watching! :) I'm Polish, living in UK and I keep on noticing how much more similarities there are between French approach to beauty and Polish one, when the UK one is rather on the opposite side. Especially here where I live, in the South East. I've always been thought by both very stylish - my Mum and my older Sister to wear delicate makeup (eyes or lips rule), take care of skin, moisturise etc. Effortless look has always been the go to one.. After moving to UK however, I'm seen as that weird girl from Poland, who doesn't make effort - and yes, here it is a bad , bad thing! I am trying to brush my hair everyday but haven't given in to using straighteners ever day (!!) or wearing full face, heavy, doll-like makeup. Thank you so much Justine, watching your videos keeps me secure and feeling good being my very self :)
Lisa Landis (1 month ago)
Question: Do women French women color their graying hair or embrace it as they age?
Both. It depends on the person 😊
maruette sumel (1 month ago)
i live in tropical country. back in the days my mom will always put 'some' leftover fruits or veggies to her face as mask and honey to her lips. not too much cosmetics and also just a simple skin care. she always looks fresh
klunijeva (1 month ago)
I'm watching your videos and I just realised i've been french for my whole life
Caroline King (1 month ago)
Thanks Justine I will pass these tips on to my daughter as well! 🦋
Cat Crupi (1 month ago)
Natural vs artificial doesn’t matter. Its the exact same chemical structure. It’s just marketing.
Summerbreeze (1 month ago)
The Japanese drink lots of green tea. Other than the facial mask in this video, they do pretty much the same mentioned here. They also avoid the sun as it means wrinkles and ageing.
Beatriz Jacob (1 month ago)
I'm in love with your videos, but I must say... not telling your beauty secrets to anyone sounds a bit rude to me ahaha. I'm mean.. I guess It's a cultural thing. Here in Brazil, if someone asks you ''oh, what kind of perfume are you using?'' and you say ''oh, it's a secret'', people would think you are arrogant. And in fact, I've never seen this happening. We love sharing our beauty 'secrets' with others hahaha. I hope you don't find this commet rude, though ahaha. I love your videos, they are great! xoxo
AastryBrocolirose (1 month ago)
It's funny because even though I'm technically French I had nobody to teach me such tips. Plus, poorer classes just don't have the budget to be scouring cosmetic shops all the time. As years pass, I shed more and more cosmetics, paring down to the bare minimum and the natural. I should definitely drink more water though.
Rahaa M (1 month ago)
Could you make a video on Oils, please?
I resonate with your comment "Be a great version of yourself". I agree with enhancing our natural beauty. No need to repeat the 80's ( with a putty knife & trowel full of cosmetics) to fill in the cracks. You have a great smile...& I have eyes that show sincere depth. Bravo!
dobcsek (1 month ago)
I have never understood the world’s obsession with French beauty and fashion. Yes, most cosmetic brands and fashion houses are French but that’s about it. When I lived in France, I was surprised how bad people looked in the city in general: not visible makeup, no high heap shoes for women, unkept hair, etc. If you go to Spain and Italy, women are so well dressed and pretty.
Melinda McCrady (1 month ago)
Good video but I absolutely disagree with French women who want to keep beauty secrets as secret! (I'm not talking about you Justine, obviously) I mean, don't you want to share beauty tips with your sisters? or do you feel that competitive against other women that you don't want them to look as good?
syedasajida07 (1 month ago)
The dress is beautiful ..... where is it from?
Maria Castro (1 month ago)
I am si greatful to have found your channels, you are very inspiring Thank you
Tifa Santiago (2 months ago)
She is not a goddess people always bow down to others ok tips are good but she looks shady to me behind all those advices and smiling so stupid for real you look anorexic and all those tips all women around them world practice the so chill a lil
longifee fy (2 months ago)
eating the right food, then there are no toxins in the cells who can react in the sun .
AngeLife (2 months ago)
So many people have been helped by cosmetic surgery, I don’t understand the aversion to it.
AngeLife (2 months ago)
I stopped brushing my hair decades ago. Even the gentlest brush breaks your hair. I used a thick-toothed comb only, with rounded tines. I air dry my hair, too.
Merci Beaucoup (2 months ago)
wow i love that: “if you look like you are trying at all, it’s bad.” awesome! fantastic video.
isell mejia (2 months ago)
Hi, I'm living in France and I'd like you to share the brands you use :) for your face Thanks
Ruff Luff (2 months ago)
Actually, the phrase, "..... woke up like this." means that a woman is so beautiful that she gets out of bed in the morning looking perfect and doesn't have to make any effort to achieve that. It does not mean that you look like you just got out of bed with messy hair. Instead we call very messy hair 'bedhead'. (thanks for your great vids!)
ArtyView1 (2 months ago)
My fav rule is #1 "Do not brush your hair too often. definitely not every day..." It's brilliant! My life will never be the same now)) ha ha. Love love love you, Justine! So happy I found you ) Thanks for generously sharing your beauty tricks with us! God bless you!
Jodi Michael Horner (2 months ago)
When you talk about not wearing foundation and working on keeping your skin healthy, it's great advice, BUT women start to get discolorations as they age, no matter how well they take care of their skin, because our skin thins! So—as many have mentioned, please be sure to include us 30-40-50+-year olds in your advice! Which, BTW, I LOVE!
Shafagh Ghose (2 months ago)
Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences and tips with us, you talk very sweetly and it makes your videos very enjoyable to watch😃 And yes, your skin is amazingly spotless and nice and that’s what I need to work on right now! Lots of respects!
j m (2 months ago)
I wish we in America would just accept our individual differences, as far as cosmetic stuff is concerned. the plastic surgery situation here is out of control. wth are we teaching our kids? how does a woman justify implants to her teenage daughter? "oh, yes, dear daughter, I used to look just like how you look now, so I had surgery to correct that, bcz it wasn't good enough and I had no self esteem." I'm so glad my parents are natural people and not shallow.
jellybun12 (2 months ago)
I actually hate naturally derived ingredients, they can be so irritating. Good for you for having normal skin type
Lady Mindpalace (2 months ago)
The sentence with the small teeth and the big smile made me really really happy. I struggle with a few features of mine and never thought of seeing them in a different ways like this. Thanks!
BerkanaLynx (2 months ago)
Here in the United States I find that we are quick to share all of our tricks and tips, our perfume scent, anything anyone wants to know LOL We are so open with one another <3 Very different from France :)
adriana ospina (3 months ago)
what masks do you use?
Robear's Girl (3 months ago)
I love your earrings! Do you mind sharing where you found them, or do you know of others that are similar? I see them in several of your videos, and every time I gasp because they are so elegant :)
Hevynly1 (3 months ago)
Just found your channel and am so enjoying it! I'm American, but my grandfather was French. Your way of life (food, nutrition, health, beauty, etc.) is as I was raised. I'd taken it totally for granted, but now I'm wondering if it's that French culture passed down. Very interesting! :) Thank you for your perspectives!
Kelly Wilson (3 months ago)
THANK YOU! How fun Justine, to have you explain all these lovely French tips!
Karolay Melendez (3 months ago)
I’m from Colombia and I have to say: I’m happily amazed about how much my beauty style is just like French beauty style. My skin is far away from perfect and yet I do not use foundation or powder. I just hate to see ALMOST EVERY SINGLE GIRL in America changing their faces completely. I know everyone has different tastes but for me... I think it looks very cheap! However, a simple and minimalist look is always elegant. I love how confident French women are ♥️ Thank you for these videos babe. Now I understand better your culture when it comes to beauty not to mention art and history, my favorite parts of French and Italy.
Leigh Hope Pfosi (3 months ago)
Wonderful :)
Bonjour Justine. Je m'appelle Tommaso. Vous êtes une femme si intelligente, magnifique et belle. Étant originaire d'Italie, et de la façon dont j'ai été élevé, je sais à quel point il est important de prendre soin de la peau et de ce qu'il faut manger. J'ai voyagé en France et dans toute l'Europe. Je prends vraiment soin de ma peau et de mon corps, car c'est très important. Je regarde tout ce que je mange. J'aime regarder et t'écouter. J'aimerais pouvoir te connaître. Je crois que nous avons à peu près le même âge. Je n'épouserai jamais une femme américaine. Je prévois d'épouser une femme de France. Je peux vous imaginer être ma femme. J'habite à New York. Je suis un agent de change. Je vais bientôt en Italie pour rendre visite à la famille et aux amis. J'espère avoir de vos nouvelles bientôt. Prends soin. Tommaso
ML Ungredda (3 months ago)
Tes vidéos sont superbes!
dinah mccleary (3 months ago)
No 10: I woldn't tell anybody that I watch your blog. Even the closiest friends x)
Rhonda (3 months ago)
Another great video. I need to get myself a face mask. Any tips for freckles? I currently use a BB cream which is almost no foundation.
Kim Elen (3 months ago)
Et jaques
Odoru Pompokorin (3 months ago)
I grew up in Philippines and what you say resonates that of my mother. All products are natural-maybe because we cannot afford those fancy products- kalamansi(Filipino lemon) to keep facial and underarm area white, coconut oil for cleansing and papaya soap too. We keep a rough river stone and use it as body scrubber. Moisturize moisturize even it's humid!
Justine Leconte officiel (3 months ago)
Thank you for sharing!
Indigo Socratus (3 months ago)
Perfect. To the point, little emotions, meaty content. Thank you!
Justine Leconte officiel (3 months ago)
ka-ti-ana (3 months ago)
Nice video as always... I recently started using mask... I wonder how often should we do a mask? I currently do it once a week...
ka-ti-ana (3 months ago)
Thanks for replying... again love all your videos always feel like I am instantly smarter after watching them as I always learn new info. Have a good day!
Justine Leconte officiel (3 months ago)
When you feel that your skin needs it again...
Alexandra Fingleton (3 months ago)
The best advice on you tube. Excellent I am so glad I found you.
Yasmin Roberts (4 months ago)
In my community we don't wear lipstick or showy makeup. In fact natural is better. So your culture of less is more really appeals to me They used to make a three day tint for eyelashes. That was my only makeup product for years. Now I only do skin care. Not even a drop of makeup
Monica R König (4 months ago)
Hello Justine, I am from Brazil and, nice to meet you, I agree that care is one thing, but a battle against time (Botox, fillers, deep exfoliating, tons of exaggerated) plastic surgery, well if you don't die Young, why some women run after the fountain of youth?! Senseless right?! Hugs
carmen al-obaydi (4 months ago)
I appreciate your videos, thank toy so much💗
mozhgan bakhtiyari (4 months ago)
I dont use foundation either but I dont like using sunscreens at all I hate the white cast and oily look they give me could you please recommend any brand that you use yourself please.
Natacha Viana (4 months ago)
You should do a videos just about skincare! Yours looks amazing!
Justine Leconte officiel (4 months ago)
I did one more recently 😊
Stitch To Victory (4 months ago)
It's so interesting that the French have the "less is more" approach to hair and makeup and yet look so fresh, lovely and natural all the time. I find that in New Zealand so many young people are applying their foundation so thickly that it's immediately obvious they're wearing it. If I wore makeup that thick, I would be afraid of it coming off on my clothing. And don't get me started on the blusher and bronzer! Oh my word. (I'm sure this is not unique to New Zealand, but that is where I spend 99% of my time :o) ) Personally, I just like to use a light complexion correcting cream and some mineral powder and a little bit of blusher.
ART (4 months ago)
awesome vid thanks!
Justine Leconte officiel (4 months ago)
KatesCatnip (4 months ago)
i just found your channel and i love it! just subbed!
May Mufeez (4 months ago)
yeah but how old are you?? Surely no need for much concealer when ur young 😂😂
Musicellaneous (4 months ago)
Impressive video!! Very cool! :)
eatjimin_ (4 months ago)
In my country we must drink 3Liter of water a day
Bath House Becky (4 months ago)
I live in the US, but I’m of Arabic culture & one of the things we love to do is use rose water for everything. We use it to tone our skin, set our makeup, mix into our moisturizers, pour into our baths & so much more. It’s quite lovely!
audrey9able (4 months ago)
The 3rd idea, in keeping your hands clean to prevent bacteria on your face, has also been a big influence among my family for generations AND we're not French! We have had this practice taught on our children now by great-grandparents. And to think this idea is only a French beauty idea or a protocol for medical areas! This should be everywhere, not just for beauty, but for health reasons.
Evan Latif (5 months ago)
Thank you so much
Connie Henson (5 months ago)
Not sharing beauty secrets or the fragrance you’re wearing? Why?
Justine Leconte officiel (5 months ago)
because secrets are intriguing and fascinating ;-)
J L (5 months ago)
Wow, I’m so extra that I can’t even imagine hoping people think that I didn’t try! I like the concept but it’s so foreign to me!
Emma Culbertson (5 months ago)
I feel in America those who are into makeup love to share their tricks, but it is also revolved a lot around covering your face with full coverage and adding false eyelashes... Its not natural at all
I MadliliDkr (5 months ago)
I just found your channel and love your videos! Very informative.
Katia Luque (5 months ago)
I love all your videos about french beauty!!
Art Agz (5 months ago)
Would you please share some details on how to make/buy and which masks to use ? Love your videos! Thank you for sharing
Most especially yes to not touching your face with dirty hands!!!! Wash before eating, before applying makeup, I cannot stress this enough! I work with money and sometimes I see my coworkers rubbing their eyes or applying lipbalm from a little jar and I cannot help cringing. Money is dirty, and the public, in general, are disgusting. Just like when driving you can't trust your safety on other drivers, you can't blindly trust that other people care about hygiene the same way/level that you do.
Anna M. (5 months ago)
thats definetly apply for western european women not only french women
shubhangi Gupta (5 months ago)
Ha, a lot of Indian women doesn't even apply makeup to look good. looking good comes natural to us.

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