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10 beauty secrets of French women | "Parisian chic" | Justine Leconte

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What is the French skincare routine? What about suncare? Do French women use natural cosmetics? How do they get messy hair? How do they get clear skin without foundation? etc. This video is an answer to all your questions raised in previous episodes of the French series - enjoy! Thumbs up if you liked this video! Any question or tip? Comment below. New videos: Wednesday 5pm & Sunday 12pm (Paris/Berlin time). Take care! Justine ************************** PREVIOUS EPISODES OF THE "FRENCH SERIES" About the "French diet" & food culture: https://youtu.be/RRB4nlFo4XA About styling (statement) necklaces: https://youtu.be/HEzK897i5_0 About perfumes & how French women wear it: https://youtu.be/3Xl2d3RQMPU About the French style rules and tips: https://youtu.be/gAbV5hJzhL4 About the 10 essentials of a French wardrobe: https://youtu.be/15ttUu6pE8g About the way Parisian women do their hair and make-up: https://youtu.be/09AZEuMM5YM About clothing classics invented by French designers: https://youtu.be/pX0VMxyJvq4 Take care! Justine ************************************* French skincare brands I have tried and can recommend: Vichy (Hydration and Normaderm line) La Roche-Posay (Suncare) Avène (Termal water spray) Nuxe (Body oil "huile prodigieuse") ************************************* To contribute subtitles under any of my videos: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?tab=2&c=UChxkFSjTE7nLCHsDk8_pRhg Thanks for your help! ************************************* SOCIAL Instagram: www.instagram.com/JustineLeconte Facebook: Justine Leconte Fashion Twitter: JustineLeconteO Pinterest: jleconteberlin My website (current collection): www.justineleconte.com/shop Business requests only: [email protected] #french #beauty #skincare #lifestyle
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Text Comments (1394)
Antoni (18 hours ago)
Don't you use BB Cream?
Lesley M (1 day ago)
I love this...thank you Justine
Maria False (2 days ago)
Red-under-the-neck, is NOT appealing, so decolletes in the evening. But a face that don't reflect the struggle with the "dirt" my body and soul lives in is not right.
maria G (4 days ago)
Which masks do you use please?
I noticed french women have often a longer face like yours. I am not french but my great grandmother was. I have it too. A long oval face. Similar features.
MintTejp (5 days ago)
Diet, definetly. Eat right and well and your whole body, including skin will thank you for it!
LMC (7 days ago)
I never wear foundation and inherited good skin from my mum. I tried foundation once and hated how it made me feel like my skin couldn't breathe.
Slo Slo (7 days ago)
Tell me if I’m wrong - being beautiful 90% be skinny
maja rose (5 days ago)
I don't think so, I've seen multiple women out on the streets whom were absolutely gorgeous yet they weren't particularly "skinny". I've also seen skinny women who were beautiful as well. I don't think weight matters. On the other hand, as they say, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". : )
Renata De Mello (8 days ago)
Je crois que je suis plus française que brésilienne en regardant vos vidéos! :)
Katie Did (9 days ago)
I’m super curious if you learned English in England- the north of England to be precise. Because when you say “beauty”, it definitely sounds English. You also tend to drop your t’s off the end of your words. So it sounds like you have a mix of a northern English and French accent.
My first English teacher was from Northern England, I believe. But there is also the fact that the microphone doesn't hear everything 100%: I have to accentuate that final s for it to be heard. If I don't, it sounds like I didn't say it...
janereaction (9 days ago)
Interesting. I’m from Los Angeles and have always loved France. I, too, don’t like when people notice a change. That’s why I always dye my hair the same color and use almost the same makeup, with slight variations here and there. Sometimes people notice and I simply deny it. I want looks to be te icing on the cake, but not the heart and soul of my existence.
Joyce Mirowski (10 days ago)
Sounds good
Veronik Alary (11 days ago)
" do not touch your face " 1:08 * tap face multiple time *
Indi Heaton (12 days ago)
I do not understand how people don't get the "Drink lots of water" one. It's an easy thing to do and once you get into the habit, it becomes second nature!!
כלנית בר (13 days ago)
BooRadleyTube (15 days ago)
The idea that "most people in the world are chronically dehydrated" is not true. It was a fad belief in the 90's that somehow hasn't died off. You need water to live, but much of what you need comes from food, the rest from what you're naturally inclined to drink. You don't have to water constantly throughout the day.
Beach Girlie (15 days ago)
I love the beauty brand Sisley. Hugely expensive but lasts for ages. Their cleansing milk with sage cleanser is so gentle and leaves skin so soft, their cucumber moisturizer is equally as wonderful, great for combination skin. Products are very expensive but I use a tiny amount and so lasts me ages. I don't ever wear foundation and allow my skin to breathe. A clean diet, lots of healthy fats- oils, seeds and nuts, avocado. Drink lots of water, don't smoke.
Beach Girlie (15 days ago)
I love everything French, their culture, their food, their lifestyle, their beauty. 💋
MizLaFrance (17 days ago)
M’y husband is French and he doesn’t like the French women’s aesthetic of not brushing their hair - to him it looks bedraggled and unattractive. After spending a lot of time in the country I’d have to agree with him. He said one of the things that attracted me to him was that I was ‘coquette’ my hair, makeup and nails were always done (simply) and I take really good care of my skin. Also it’s not true that French women don’t get botox or injections they just never talk about it lol 😆
Melania MoneyPenny (18 days ago)
You have an amazing way with accessories.
Carmen Vasconcelos (19 days ago)
Oh dear, here in Brazil people are heavily influenced by American celebrities. Tio much skin showing, too much make up, leggings everywhere, much vulgarity. I don't like it.
Dustin Russell (21 days ago)
Keep your face out of the sun. I am 45 with few wrinkles. If you are of Anglo ethnicity...avoid the sun!
Mosthandsome elite (25 days ago)
i dunno what products to apply on my face.. its super dry (genetics). and most brands influencers use here arent available in my country.. i turned to mashing grocery cucumbers for masks and planting aloe vera myself for masks too (alternate lol) and virgin coconut oil for lotion and hair.. cuz i cant afford lotions.. so i make.. cuz the trees are just in my backyard lol xD but so far.. its still dry.. my hair is still fine as ever.. easily snappable.. and my skin.. tho smooth, is not evenly colored.
Bri San (25 days ago)
my elbows look old ball sacks.
Elly Deane (28 days ago)
You have a very endearing personality.
Kaylah Evans (28 days ago)
I am curious about what facial sun screen you would recommend. I have bought several here in the US and I always end up with what looks like a shiny white film on my face from it. Do you know of any that look natural on the skin?
Kateri [Kat] Levasseur (29 days ago)
Smartin20 (1 month ago)
Isabel marrant says french woman do a lots of effort to looks like didn’t do a lots of effort
Karen O (1 month ago)
There are channels where you can get recipes for all kinds of masks and skin treatments that are natural. At menopause hot flashes will turn your skin red and foundation will be a must. I am 59 and have the skin of a 30 year old woman. No sun bathing for me. You don't need a spa. Use natural homemade products. My hair is thick and wavy. I have to brush it. Knots? Knots are good? Oh my! American women are into fancy haircuts if they can afford it.
ope nasiru (1 month ago)
Very helpful. Thanks from a Greek. Ευχαριστω.
Liz Ann 1018 (1 month ago)
Well Justine, I only just yesterday found your channel and after watching this video I have come to officially love you.. 🥰 it’s important what you’re doing and I’m extremely grateful for your gifts and also your ability to share them with us 💋🙏Merci 🙌
L Ouellet (1 month ago)
I have been absolutely adoring your videos!!! I have to say this may it! i am moving to france... as it turns out i'm not weird after all! I was just born in the wrong country!!
Z EBN (1 month ago)
Hey, i wont go there. We good! I agree with Celsh.
queenSummerKeli (1 month ago)
I am really enjoying these. Thanks so much.
Bárbara Correia (1 month ago)
I woud like a confidence like that please
imogenbegins (1 month ago)
Subscribed. Bell clicked. Merci beaucoup.
TheFilthyApostate (1 month ago)
What I learned from Scandinavian women: simple is elegant What I learned from German women pragmatism conveys confidence What I learned in this video from a French woman: subtle is beautiful, but mystery is irresistible.
Helen Gordon-Smith (19 hours ago)
When I was about 15 I read a '20 Questions' type interview with a very glamorous woman (I can't remember who!) and she didn't answer the question about which perfume she uses because 'a woman should have her secrets', and I thought it was the most elegant thing in the world. I took it to heart so much that I'm a little shocked at the idea of a woman announcing what she uses :p
Patricia Lyke (1 month ago)
I love the philosophy of less is more but definitely find it hard to master. I feel like everything in the US is about more pigment, more coverage so it takes a lot of work to find just the right amount of everything for your own personal taste.
Elina Mason (1 month ago)
Love the topic , and enjoying your intelligence! From Russia with 🌷
Sad Clown (1 month ago)
Yasmine Khalili (1 month ago)
Everything she has mentioned is common sense. I'm not Fenech but every woman in my family follows the same things. I am sorry I just don't think French women have monopoly over feminine beauty or good beauty routines/habits. Maybe French women are just really conceited. LOL.
Belladonna (1 month ago)
Missed the point of the video
Jasmin Harding (1 month ago)
Do french woman commonly get highlights in thier hair? How about natural lookinh eyelash extensions? I loved this video..i think overall my sense of style is very french i never would of known untill watching this video. Thankyou. Xx
Marwa Gheedan (1 month ago)
Can you please make a video of which masks (brand and product) works best😊 it would be really helpful, thank you✌️👏
I give away my beauty tricks for a living- I'm an American but my ancestry is French and I'm instinctively pretty French lol I totally identify with this video ❤
I'm an aesthetician ❤
Margaret Hamilton (1 month ago)
What was interesting about this was the contrast in the mentality of two cultures. I don't think if you hadn't studied in the USA and wondered why they did things differently you would have chosen these essential points. I did live in another country and was surprised at the importance given to cleaning the face. Having been born in America most of my friends were washing with soap and spending lots of money to put the oils back into their skin. There are three things which I'd like to bring up. One is that if you spray water on your face during the day wouldn't it dry out the face as it evaporated? The other thing might be true for Italy and not France. New York City is prudish. Given its Dutch origins versus the Puritan origins of the Boston area its peculiar. As a child unless there was a wedding or something for which you'd probably be buying a new dress,especially as a teenager when I was allowed to wear long dresses at 17 that was a necessity. After school when yearly growth meant new clothes I was told not to wear anything new, it would seem like boasting. In Italy a friend laughed and said if an Italian woman had a pretty new sweater she put it on as soon as possible. This might have been my mother, I thought. Then I read when Martin Scorsese was preparing to film The Age of Innocence, he discovered women would get new clothes either copied from the French houses or they went there or frequently the tailors would come to the US and tour the different cities. They brought fabric samples and took the measurements to update the mannequin for that woman. Perhaps the first "trunk shows"? Justine, last summer I had broken my shoulder and lots of bones. It hurt more than I thought. I couldn't concentrate very little long and remembered YouTube. I didn't think there were videos on every imaginable subject. You have been a delight. Intelligent, relaxed and happy, thoughtful and showing that fashion or how you like ve is a conscious choice and ought not be something you do without thinking. I returned to a country I didn't recognize. I'd changed too. I loved my morning bath. I hated being short and going into shops where the standard is a model 172 cm. I didn't like being told I couldn't wear long hair after 16 when I was 35. I was still jealous of my friends who had jars of pretty creams and I still had acne break outs. Thank you for this. Unfortunately the part about perfume is irrelevant. The few fragrances of Caron and Patou and lesser known houses haven't been available in two decades. Alcohol can not be sent through the mail as it is considered an explosive. Americans spray themselves and men spray their entire bodies with things that smell like fruit and vegetables. Flowers are looked down upon. It is sad. Happily there isn't the old aunt to kiss or woman at the next table on whom a perfume has changed. They're synthetics so reactions with skin don't happen. Men don't wear scent either. I miss that. The full coverage foundation pushed by the selfies and HDTV is bizarre. Blush, highlighter and contour are all needed to recreate the face made into an even plane. For the young people it's fine. They're young and having fun. They've caused the "drugstore" brands to produce better quality products. No longer do you know a woman's income by her mascara. I do miss better quality clothing. I'm hanging on to my cashmere sweaters. Outside the cities it's tee shirts and jeans. If you want to spend $400 on a cheap-looking dress of polyester, go ahead. Life has become more casual but there are the women who take care of them selves and those who don't. Even if they have little money and use inexpensive creams I can still see a difference.
Victoria Chu (1 month ago)
I love this video. It's really cute. Thanks for sharing!
Sarah Juarez (1 month ago)
What I've learned with cleansing your face. When using a cream one that helps with your acne. You put on dry and press and message in the skin. And gently use water a little at a time to wash away. I've found it less harsh and it works better for your skin. And it helps with my acne and my skin isn't dry. And I Pat dry and let my face dry on its on. I don't have to use more moisturizer on my skin like I use to
MARY LEBEAU (1 month ago)
Do French women let there gray hair grow naturally or do they dye it?
It depends on the woman, both options exist
Rhoda678678 (1 month ago)
i follow these rules by nature, and never knew it was a french girl thing :)
Mary Jilavian (1 month ago)
Yeah French girls women are natural ♡♡♡
Akatasz (1 month ago)
It's so nice to see natural looking French woman. Especially that nowadays there's a trend in make up to put 5 layers of it😅😬
gaynor martin (1 month ago)
I just like your jewelery
Lutz Family (1 month ago)
Great skin
Cara Carissima (2 months ago)
Loving your videos
Elif Aslan (2 months ago)
tu es magnifique, tu es belle ,un si bon bon récit, merci pour tout
Tinker Bell (2 months ago)
thanks for sharing!!
Heather Frampton (2 months ago)
I'm a new subscriber. I'm looking forward to viewing more of your videos, and application of what I've learned. 😊
Heather Frampton (2 months ago)
Wow, you have beautiful skin...thank you for practical and effective tips! 😊 Yes to regular use of sunscreen.
Jane Parrott (2 months ago)
People with acne need to take Korean advice....wash your face two times during one cleansing session!! It works and will help with acne big time!!!
Jane Parrott (2 months ago)
Masks, facials are expensive!!!
C B (2 months ago)
This is great In the uk women are obsessed with having an orange face thick eye brows and contouring to the max It is ridiculous! Less is more and I love the French approach to beauty and makeup 💄 Justine you are fantastic X
Hilary T. (2 months ago)
Do not use an antibacterial gel if Triclosan is in the ingredient list!!!!!! It kills beneficial bacteria that will naturally kill dangerous microbes. Use a clean version for waterless hand cleansing.
Art by Zo (2 months ago)
Tip 1: Don't brush your hair everyday Me: *looks at my 3c curls* So I've been following this tip since birth
Rika Kemme (2 months ago)
I'm in the Netherlands. Here women will gladly tell you their beauty secrets if you ask them, but at the same time pretend it's not big deal to them. There is a slight taboo on caring a lot about your appearance, so when the topic is addressed, we usually try to address it as briefly and nonchalantly as possible and then change the subject, lest someone might think we're too invested in our looks.
H. Mzougui (2 months ago)
I use biologique recherche products and regular facials for the past 5 years
nia m (2 months ago)
Freakkkkkking loooooved it
Sadia Qoureshi (2 months ago)
You are so beautiful Justine 💕
Ju1ietable (2 months ago)
You are beautiful!!!!!!
Galina Shkarin (2 months ago)
Another great video 👌 I have so many of your tips include it in my life already. But thank you for sharing your tips!!!
Antione Berry (2 months ago)
nowadays most american women need to fly to Paris France and learn from their freach sisters how to behave like women👠🚺🇫🇷!
Meriem mimi (2 months ago)
I was wondering Why the majority of French women have pixie cut or a really short hair?? 🤔
Miss Sweet Pie (2 months ago)
This is so good! I need to start wearing masks!💗
RosiBosi (2 months ago)
Using makeup is not 'clogging the pores'. I really like this video and agree - I live in France for many years. When it comes to makeup, it can be a barrier between your skin and the pollution. So it's actually recommended.
michelle mcgill (3 months ago)
A few of my Mother’s rules now make sense.
Jewel B (3 months ago)
In my country (The Dominican Republic) women go to the salon at least once a week to get their hair done. It's like a religion 😁Also, manicures and pedicures every couple of weeks. We use a lot of home remedies for hair and skin (honey, molasses, coconut oil and milk, oats, etc.). A lot of body wraps to slim down too. People don't have too much money, so we get creative and use what we have on hand, and it works 😊
Caiti M (3 months ago)
I went to DR last year, (hubby is from jarabacoa) and I had a blast. I took part in the hair religion lol
adeline wurzer (3 months ago)
us curly haired girls already know not to brush your hair
Babiiiigurl (3 months ago)
I love the fact that aging is accepted and surgery and fillers are not used. It’s so important to just let yourself age and to use good skincare and have a healthy lifestyle. Fillers and surgery actually end up aging you more anyway because that look is typically only seen on much older women, and it takes the youthful beauty away.
TheTripstraps (3 months ago)
do all french use their hands so much while talking? it seems bit petty not to share good tips about makeup:)
Kate Williams (3 months ago)
Our very own real life Megan Draper✨🖤👌🏼🌎
shadi neyestani (3 months ago)
you are adorable
Mehdi Scent (3 months ago)
You’re a great example for a beauty in general 😎💪
Gee Wiz (3 months ago)
I would kindly advise some jojoba oil on your hair from eyebrow level down. Not a criticism just a critique. You look like you have good strong hair it just needs some moisture. And you can use the same jojoba oil on your face. It’s non m-comedogenic, similar to your skin’s natural oils, even good for sensitive and acne prone skin. Great advice about the sunscreen ☀️ 👍
Elizabeth Ann ferrario (3 months ago)
Hi my style , Estée Lauder makeup and skin care , precisely cut bob , always coloured no roots, ! Well groomed , stable weight I am a UK size 10.i have never ever or would have any cosmetic procedures, I alway wear makeup and perfume , my skin care has always come first most important!
Energizer Erica (3 months ago)
I think people have become way too accustomed to getting stuff for free. People nonchalantly and shamelessly ask what your beauty secrets are without considering the fact that maybe it took you years or even decades to come up with your beauty secrets, and people simply ask for those secrets like you owe them anything. And when you don’t share anything, you’re the most selfish person on earth. Well, guess what, if you want any secret... PAY FOR IT, CHEAPSKATE.
aerialpunk (3 months ago)
Huh, turns out I've been doing things more or less the French way this whole time! 🙂 I do wonder how one gets by without brushing their hair every day though. Mine gets so tangled if I do that. My hair is in a bit rough shape in general though...
Michlle Michelle (3 months ago)
I love that your video is straight forward brief and very informative.
Tanya Houston (3 months ago)
I am form USA and been asked several times in my life if I am French. I go for a natural look with makeup and I have all kinds of beauty secrets. I am not typicall.
Daria Sente (3 months ago)
I'm 55 and my daughter 25. Washing your hands, not touching your face! One of the first rules ( among many ) I learned my daughter. Maybe I'm overwhelmed.At school she was offended because of that, but she was holding it.
Sal Ponce (3 months ago)
“You don’t wear foundation?!” La peau de ton visage est vraiment belle!
Gurpreet Kaur (3 months ago)
i have been following these rules all my life and i am not even french lol. i must have been french in a past life
Justine Leconte officiel (3 months ago)
Probably 😊
Anh-Tu Phuc Hoang (3 months ago)
your neck is excellent
Giannina Guell (3 months ago)
These colors of make up and clothes look beautiful on you!
hodsh1 (3 months ago)
a squeeze of lemon or infusing some fruit helps the water to better hydrate your cells rather than just passing straight through :)
Mel Amy Fashion (3 months ago)
I love those earrings!!
martha spurlock (3 months ago)
natural things like oils are chemicals too
martha spurlock (3 months ago)
you might be synthetic, but the body treats chemicals as chemicals.
iskapawlak (3 months ago)
No amount of even the most expensive products is gonna help your skin if you eat junk food. I've been vegetarian (mostly vegan) for more than half of my life, using only olive oil soap (which I make myself) and home made creams, not using any make up, foundations nor anything at all and I keep hearing that I have a beautiful skin. Reduce/eliminate chemicals (from your skincare and diet) and you will give your skin the best look ever.
Ra'Na The Princess! (3 months ago)
Love your videos. Thanks for sharing all these. Please make a video about the oils we can use like a fragrance.
PassionateStrawberry (4 months ago)
I'm American. I follow all of these. At 42 my skin looks great and no wrinkles.
Darya Kruhlyak (4 months ago)
You are beautiful! Thanks for your channel!

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