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Batman And Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Team Up For New Animated Movie

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Batman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles might not seem like the most obvious of comic book team-ups, but they do have their similarities. Both fight crime at night in a big city, are known to inflict considerable pain on their enemies, and have animal-based superhero names (of course, the Turtles ARE actually turtles). Fans can now enjoy their first onscreen team-up in the new animated movie Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. As reported by Syfy.com, the film is a collaboration between DC Entertainment and Nickelodeon. It's based on the 2015 Batman/Turtles crossover comic by James Tynion IV and Freddie Williams II, and will see the heroes meet up via a "transdimensional encounter," and end up fighting various villains from Batman's rogues gallery.
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Lucky Tiger (11 days ago)
and troy baker is voice acting the joker and batman
Arr Ziz (12 days ago)
Even though the animation seems okay in it's own way, I personally would like to see the Turtles done in the Phil Bourassa style of design from recent 'DC Universe Animated Original Movies'.
Mr. L (12 days ago)
Who’s voicing Batman?
The same actor who voice the joker
Mal Ant (12 days ago)
I wonder what version of the turtles will be represented. Realistically it should be the 2003 incarnation
Unfortunately it isn't
MagnaKnight (14 days ago)
This is better than Batman teaming up with Scooby-Doo.
Boner Man (15 days ago)
Those Turtles look Jim Lawson as fuck. I wonder if we will ever get Tales of TMNT or a mirage tmnt style in animation anytime soon.
Alex Arias (16 days ago)
Fucking Nickelodeon should fucking sell the TMNT back to Warner Bros. The TMNT are better off with Warner Bros than with Viacom(parent company of Nickelodeon)
Gorin Animations (17 days ago)
Ali Gaddi (18 days ago)
The tmnt 2012 might be the tmnt agin? And who will voice act Batman?
Noah McDonald (18 days ago)
It’s going to be awesome. You will not be disappointed. Like ever.
T SMACKS (20 days ago)
Turtles look a bit ehh. And wish Batman was in gray n black lol. Picky Ik. This should be good tho
Vernon Smith (22 days ago)
I’m not sure about the art style. Almost sets the wrong tone. I prefer the comics. Hopefully, it’ll be close to being just as good as them. Hopefully.
stalled carton4 (7 days ago)
Its comic-ish which kinda makes sense and its waaay better than that Teen titans go or any Cal-Arts style stuff. I like it.
Deji Adeleye (25 days ago)
Sigh😔 This is to good to be true. It’s going to be cancelled before it’s release date isn’t it?
JaguarCats (25 days ago)
Next to Gen 13, the turtles are the only heroes I know to appear in both DC and Marvel! Their origins are actually linked to Daredevil. The same canister that mutated them was the same one that gave the Daredevil his powers, blinding him but also heightening all of his other senses. Kind of funny how these days they seem to be guest starring in more DC related material.
fanofEmGo (25 days ago)
Looks like the rumors are here to be true
trustobey1016 (25 days ago)
They better not screw this up by having Batman screw April.
grumpy cat (25 days ago)
Battletoads: batman? wha-ha-ha-ha. we have the Lee brothers
Tenacious Cree (26 days ago)
Midnight Twister (26 days ago)
I’m a bit more excited than I should be
Devante Johnson (26 days ago)
There should be a justice league/looneytoons crossover based off the comics.
ROBLOX stick news (26 days ago)
But why do they look stupid? Should of used the original designs
stalled carton4 (7 days ago)
Blue was Batman's original design
Mike Jones (27 days ago)
Turtle soup in the bat-cave lol
Sonictails54321 (27 days ago)
If they teamed up with the original comic book, imagine the comparisons they can make with Nobody and Batman.
John Morgan (27 days ago)
Behold, another team up no one saw coming up, but didn't mind after receiving it!
JC 3 (27 days ago)
I liked the comic, I hope they get some inspiration from it!
Oliver Queen (27 days ago)
Can't wait to watch it
Eric (1 month ago)
Ben Kollasch (1 month ago)
Daredevil vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would make so much more sense than this.
Archangel980 (1 month ago)
Put Batman in his rebirth suit! Why tf is he in his old ass suit if everyone else is in their modern suit?! He looks completely stupid
Kevin Broderick (1 month ago)
(Thinks of Joker poking fun of what Shredder introducing himself to the Turtles in 1990)
TREY MCCLURE (1 month ago)
I would like to see batman vs shredder
Act Of Vengeance (1 month ago)
I thought I saw TMNT crossover with Power Rangers somewhere...
stalled carton4 (7 days ago)
TWINMILLARIO (1 month ago)
No way! They teamed up with Power Rangers before. But now this?
JCBro2014 (1 month ago)
Considering Batman originally fought crime in New York, this crossover was long overdue.
This crossover has been a thing since 2015, four comic serials and now one animated movie.
dag1984 (1 month ago)
I hope they adapt the JLA/Power Rangers crossover event as well.
TPDManiacXC626 (1 month ago)
They’d better get the 2003 TMNT Voice actors for this one. Michael Sinterniklaas, Sam Riegel, Greg Abbey and Wayne Grayson.
They didn't unfortunately
Vanlex 79 (1 month ago)
Well it's about dang time! Let's just hope it's as good as the comic.
mohammad badar (1 month ago)
Animation looks crap👎👎
Justin Payne (1 month ago)
OMG, are they serious? This is totally awesome! I can't wait to see this movie! 🦇🐢🐢🐢🐢💙💜❤💛
Sleeping Groke (1 month ago)
The ultimate Awesome (1 month ago)
This is where I watched my parents died Ralph
Victor Van Vince (1 month ago)
Anything on Justice League\Power Rangers animated movie?
Charles Brossett (1 month ago)
Next Batman and Hellboy
Symbiote Veil (1 month ago)
Omfg yes
PINK CIRCLE (1 month ago)
Batman vs the avengers.
Lizafoot For5 (1 month ago)
You serious? Wow this is amazing! I've always wanted to see the crossover get adapted into an animated film. Also I'm pretty sure it'll come out on direct to DVD.
It will
UkanSuqmadiq But (1 month ago)
Well yea since tmnt made it to injustice this is no surprising news
Would love to see one of the turtles get his shell broken by Bane.
Logan Tocker (1 month ago)
but where's the trailer for the film
The Behemoth (1 month ago)
This will be interesting
CyberTiger 45 (1 month ago)
Crazy theory The TMNT, And Batman villains are teaming up and mixing the Venom Bane uses with Mutagen To make Mutem or Venagen and then Bane and Shredder both take the stuff and they turn into jacked up steroid induced Mutants It’ll be fucking awesome
Shadow King (1 month ago)
I wish the art direction was from the artists of the Son Of Batman animated movie.
Mauricio Mesa (1 month ago)
will it also come to dvd two ?
saintlugia (1 month ago)
Dollars to donuts says they've worked out a dvd deal.
lightheart5 (1 month ago)
Fun Fact: There was a Batman/ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover in the comics
+Master Jedi lmao
Master Jedi (6 days ago)
ElTortugaAnime ElTortugaAnime I didn’t know that you knew that I didn’t knew, but he knew that I didn’t knew But I actually knew. Who knew?
+Master Jedi you didn't new 🤔
Master Jedi (1 month ago)
No way bro, it’s like wasn’t mentioned in the video
Vincent Ly (1 month ago)
Batman (DC Comics) vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Mirage Studios/Viacom)
Saif M (1 month ago)
Well idw now
Queen Toad Foal (1 month ago)
So... TMNT is now part of DC?
Queen Toad Foal There have been DC/Marvel crossovers before, but that stopped in the 2000s because movie studios began cashing in on those characters and the two publishers became bitter rivals.
Queen Toad Foal (27 days ago)
+Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo yeah but they've been doing crossovers with DC for a long time and not a bit with Marvel
No, just an animated movie based on the comics (IDW/DC collaboration)
Woolson (1 month ago)
The Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon crossover has finally arrived
Conrado Javier (16 days ago)
+Kingbowserkoopa kinda like how Disney can get away with 2 3D Animation Studios.
John Morgan (27 days ago)
Holy crap, you're right!
Kingbowserkoopa (1 month ago)
+Conrado Javier cartoon Network is one of Warner Bros subsidiaries and DC Comics is too but DC Comics is not cartoon Network.
Conrado Javier (1 month ago)
+Kingbowserkoopa Cartoon Network is WB.
Kingbowserkoopa (1 month ago)
Batman isn't cartoon Network
Bluu Bandette (1 month ago)
Natalia Bissio (1 month ago)
Mis favoritos
Petar Djurisic (1 month ago)
No Shredder 😢
Jedi_Mindset (1 month ago)
i like to see the 4 Robins team up with the turtles but this will do
Nathan Cruz (1 month ago)
Cool 😎
James Friesen (1 month ago)
What about the shadder
SsK x (1 month ago)
James Friesen 😂😂
oliver warren-cole (1 month ago)
I hope after this crossover they do one based on the 2012 ninja turtles and the batman animated series crossover comic I would loved to see the 2012 ninja turtles again they could do it like the 1987and 2012 turtles cross over episode in season with the diffanct animation styles
Archonares (1 month ago)
IDW for the turtles, which is the current comic book. And The Batman most likely. They've already done 3 different comic book crossovers, and have another on the way.
Chris Brush (1 month ago)
Judging by the basic animation style and batgirl's costume, I'm guessing "the batman" as opposed to the "tas" version or the movies version.
The Batman had a darker style compared to this, it looks more like The Brave and the Bold.
Kevin Danger (1 month ago)
The teenage mutant ninja turtles do not look like teenagers at all they look like they are as Batman age they have Wrinkles WTF
Straight Jacket (1 month ago)
Animation looks better than the new TMNT shit on Nickelodeon.
+Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo oh
ElTortugaAnime ElTortugaAnime Yes, the earlier cartoons, but WB Animation has been making DC cartoons since Batman The Animated Series, and Hanna-Barbera cartoons since Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island. The 2011 Thundercats series was made by Studio 4•C but was still owned by Warner Bros. Cartoon Network had no primary involvement on those shows outside of licensing and extra funding. Please keep that in mind.
+Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo No there made by different studios
ElTortugaAnime ElTortugaAnime Cartoon Network only airs the shows. Any DC, Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera, or Thundercats series are produced by Warner Bros. which shares the same parent company as Cartoon Network: WarnerMedia.
+Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo that was cartoon Network
Izuki 101 (1 month ago)
It was bound to happen one day
VideoGollumer (1 month ago)
Mikey vs Joker! That, I want to see! Who's with me?!
VideoGollumer (7 days ago)
+stalled carton4 Naw... Leo needs to go one-v-one with batman himself. That's the kind of turtle he is. Two high virtue warriors that practice the art of stealth facing off in honorable combat.
stalled carton4 (7 days ago)
Or Leo vs Penguin
stalled carton4 (7 days ago)
Raph vs Bane.. Battle of Muscles
Shea zzstu Warner (24 days ago)
Kingbowserkoopa (1 month ago)
Raphael vs poison ivy
KnightDark000 (1 month ago)
I kind of hope Diedrich Bader voices Batman in this.
Kingbowserkoopa (1 month ago)
I was hoping Rob Paulsen would be in this as Donatello but he's not
Kingbowserkoopa (1 month ago)
+Daniel Randolph yep
Daniel Randolph (1 month ago)
It's gonna be Troy Baker here as both Batman and Joker.
Conrado Javier (1 month ago)
So Injustice 2 hints of a Batman TMNT Crossover.
Batman/TMNT began in 2015, two years before Injustice 2.
Conrado Javier (1 month ago)
+Wild Watcher7 seeing DC Collaborate with a Different Comic Company is odd or neat.
Wild Watcher7 (1 month ago)
@Conrado Javier Maybe Hellboy next?
Venom Animationstudios (1 month ago)
Wonder who they fight 🤔
Shredder and every Gotham rouge, but they became enhanced by the mutagen.
saintlugia (1 month ago)
If this is like the comic then I can gladly say every batman villain
Over Starter (1 month ago)
can I hope for Justice League vs Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?!
Two of my favorites.... I can't take it anymore!
Milto2Wavy (1 month ago)
Transformers, Power Rangers and now Batman awesome
Bruva Galathos (1 month ago)
Will the Deadly Mutant Arkham Inmates get a theme song?
Over Starter (1 month ago)
the funny part is the Turtles were trying to be part of the marvel universe (ooze was supposed to be the stuff that blinded dare devil) but stuff happens
Brad Holland (1 month ago)
Injustice 2 animated?
No, Batman/TMNT had been a thing before Injustice 2.
triple v 101 (1 month ago)
there is a God oh hell yeah this is freaking awesome, thank God I'm alive for this
Sean Needham (1 month ago)
Don't jinx it
Alfredo Sauce (1 month ago)
I still wish we had the voice casts from TMNT 2012, but they're not involve in this as well.
Alfredo Sauce (1 month ago)
Kevin Conroy is not involved in this. Instead we get Troy Baker.
Benjamin Avila (1 month ago)
Oh....my.....gosh that sounds Awesome!😍
BLOODDRAGON 7210 (1 month ago)
DC should buy the TMNT franchise, the TMNT in the Justice League
Yami (20 days ago)
AT&T can arrange that
Grey8421 4 (24 days ago)
I would rather DC own the rights then Nickelodeon
Gun Blade (1 month ago)
BLOODDRAGON 7210 That would be awesome.
BLOODDRAGON 7210 (1 month ago)
+Alfredo Sauce I'm sorry but I think TMNT would be better with them
BLOODDRAGON 7210 (1 month ago)
+Jedy M do you not see what Nickelodeon/Viacom is doing to the franchise, that new cartoon on Nickelodeon is fucking horrible and the Michael Bay movies is just as bad. I think DC would be perfect
ksd12345100 (1 month ago)
We need Adam west for this mash up (Edit) no, I know it just a shame he is gone since their using silver age rouge gallery, which would have work with Adam West
stalled carton4 (7 days ago)
Adam West... is dead..
CountryMetal01 (26 days ago)
Brandon Thomas (1 month ago)
He died
Jammin' Jotaro (1 month ago)
You haven’t heard?
ominous jack (1 month ago)
Will it stick to the story or just shit all over the source and just be some cheap dumbdown goofy plot where grumpy bats has to help and deal with them teenage rascals
HunterBoiX (1 month ago)
I'm very happy to see Gray and Blue come back, but I''m wondering which Robin is the film, it looks like Damien
Chelle Johnson (1 month ago)
Well, in the comic it was Damian. Though, it was also black and gray batman so they may have changed that too
Larson Davidson (1 month ago)
Imagine if this leads to other animated movies based on crossover comics. I’d love to see a JLA/Avengers movie, but that might be pushing it.
Kobe Bonhomme (8 days ago)
You just have to look at who DC is buddy-buddy with. There's IDW (TMNT), Darkhorse (Predator, Hellboy) and pretty much everything else under the WB umbrella.
Bacon egg & Stanley (9 days ago)
It wouldn’t happen because Disney wouldn’t allow it sadly. If another company bought out marvel like nick or some other that would have a close relation to WB, seeing this imagine the same thing happening to live action films. Imagine a Spiderman x Batman crossover film. 🙌
lat ly (23 days ago)
How about crime syndicate vs squadron supreme
Adedayo Busari (25 days ago)
yeah the closet we ever get to that is mcu/jla 😒 blah!
Leeroy Porkins (1 month ago)
Or ThunderCats/Superman
Olle Selin (1 month ago)
I would totally love to see Batman take on Shredder!
Archonares (1 month ago)
Comic books already have this. It also had Bane vs Shredder/Splinter/Batman, and Shredder teaming up with Ras to mutate Arkham's inmates. Including a Polar Bear Mr. Freeze.
Izuki 101 (1 month ago)
SR Striker (1 month ago)
I'm still waiting for the Earth 2 storyline to add into animated movie
The Greatest Ever (1 month ago)
Better be as good as the comic
Fidel Solis (1 month ago)
Oh my god thats freaking Awesome. My favorites of different universe when is this out?
YoshiAngemon (1 month ago)
Spring of this Year.
John Santos (1 month ago)
God, that movie better have an Awesome fighting scene. Like Martial Arts fight scene.
Mitchell Blaut (1 month ago)
I was hoping batman would be in his usual black and gray.
CountryMetal01 (26 days ago)
Reagan Reviews 1939 (27 days ago)
Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo, very true. Though I wasn’t a fan of Batman’s purple/blue gloves on the 1939 suit.
BlitzWolfer No, the blue was from the Silver Age because of the restrictions placed on comics during the Cold War era. Bob Kane created Batman with black and gray.
MrSafior (1 month ago)
The Grey and blue is his usual.
Fandom Cultures (1 month ago)

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