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Fl Studio - Alan Walker Style (+ Flp Download)

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Free Flp: http://bit.ly/alnwalkrflp Alan Walker Style Template In Fl Studio Alan Walker Fl Studio Tutorial Alan Walker Faded Alan Walker Flp
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Text Comments (58)
M5H - N64 lol
Call of jeff (5 months ago)
Do you care if i uploud my new song with using your project?!
Benedic Momin (5 months ago)
U need to add kshmr short fill 19 fron vol 1
Henrik Myhre (5 months ago)
Could you reupload the flp again mate :)
DjYefro (7 months ago)
Reupload Flp
LVB (7 months ago)
ded link bro
abudogana elamin (8 months ago)
u r crazy man
NAITEEVE EDM (9 months ago)
Ahrix - Nova with slower version Epic remake bro
President jaguar (9 months ago)
This is already a song belonging to someone else
NitroClimax (5 months ago)
Kenzy search Ahrix - Nova.
Kenzy (7 months ago)
LVB (9 months ago)
who m8
The Lost Orbit (10 months ago)
Song: Arhix. Sounds/Presets: Alan Walker. Except for the drop, that sounds like Arhix full on
dj nextbeat offical (11 months ago)
hello i am jeffrey and i have used your project for my new production are i am alowd to use it
ZOMBIΞ (11 months ago)
Where did you get your sylenth1? Link?
YHS Rebelz (1 year ago)
you uploaded this on my surgery day!
HUBIX (1 year ago)
Beggining - Alan Walker Drop - Ahrix
NitroClimax (5 months ago)
HUBIX Beggining sounds exactly like ahrix and the drop sounds like ahrix as well.
Tejas Sohoni (8 months ago)
Nova by Ahrix
filip milanovic (1 year ago)
Ahrix Nova chords ❤
armoo dolfijn (1 year ago)
Good flp man
King MSC (1 year ago)
Can I finish the song?
Kin W (1 year ago)
The same as Ahrix-Nova
Woofisss (1 year ago)
Good for my school project I can cheat on it lol
Woofisss (1 year ago)
TrippyPepper Wut my teacher called me a music professional
TrippyPepper (1 year ago)
Angus Scattergood :/
Woofisss (1 year ago)
Lol I got a A and the music teacher told me to play it in front of the whole school lel I'm sorry well..... You can charge me for copyright...
Felix Schorn (1 year ago)
Cooster (1 year ago)
Can i end this flp?
Woofisss (1 year ago)
The best hing about this song is Everything
eduardo arriola (1 year ago)
I like the sound
þröstur ákason (1 year ago)
can i use this bro :)
Lovis (1 year ago)
sounds great :)
StiggiZ (1 year ago)
Can I Remake the song on my music Channel
Nofus (1 year ago)
Felix Schorn <3
FoundButton (1 year ago)
I think this is my 18th time I listen to this video. =) PLZ finish it and post it to like Spotify I LOVE IT or can I finish it and post it
FoundButton (2 years ago)
wow you should finish it and then post it on Spotify or sound cloud I would listen it was really good. keep up the good work (Subsribed)
wilmer beekman (2 years ago)
More like Ahrix.
Murad official (1 year ago)
+Andrej Dobrić Yea
Andrej (1 year ago)
Cutoff does miracles
wilmer beekman (2 years ago)
Jan Landschof Feels like it indeed :-)
Jan Landschof (2 years ago)
Alan Walker was inspired by Ahrix :D
Jeffrey Lam (2 years ago)
Sounds ridiculously similar to Ahrix's Nova.
Vecopotryx (1 year ago)
I thought exactly the same thing!
Cemus (2 years ago)
Love the intro man! Nice work :-)
Bin wieder hier und hör es mir erneut an, klingt immernoch total hammer, du solltest ne längere Version machen, die würde ich mir sicher kaufen
dat hardstyle guy (2 years ago)
More like Ahrix style^^'
Murad official (1 year ago)
Alan Walker was inspired by Ahrix :D
jesse diaby (2 years ago)
That intro sounds like ahrix...love it <3
2Risk (2 years ago)
Loaded Loner (2 years ago)
voll fääättt
Man hört auf jeden Fall Alan Walker raus und an sich ist das Projekt Hammer, könntest du definitiv als eingenen Song veröffentlichen
Jan Landschof (2 years ago)
Alan Walker hat mal erzählt das er von Ahrix inspieriert ist. :D
Angelika Merkel (2 years ago)
hört sich mehr nach Ahrix an
Vyro (2 years ago)
noise ✌
Verdial (2 years ago)
Yeeeah booiii

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