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The Gillette Ad - No Joke Janice Episode 13

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Gillette’s “The Best Men Can Be” ad was directed by Kim Gehrig, an Australian ad-maker whose feminist work provides a vivid picture of the very different ways women and men are represented in contemporary popular culture. Support us here: PayPal... https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=FJ9B5EYFR78HY Patreon... https://www.patreon.com/StudioBrule
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Text Comments (1540)
SAPTiger (9 days ago)
I won't be buying them ever again. Was it worth it Gillette?
Indiana Jones (12 days ago)
Proctor and Gamble lost my money until i see them air a add talking about men's problems. Soaring suicide rates, bias divorce courts, work place death rates, prostate cancer, false rape allegations, lack of fathers rights, male incarceration rates, and apparently we are all supposed to be 6 feet plus... like that would help, then we'd all be expected to be 7 foot tall chads.
So basically, this video claims that the Gillette ad is misandristic by using some extreme interpretations of out-of-context clips with no time spent to justify those interpretations. It claims that the ad is sexist but doesn't properly explain why.
MicroDroneTech (15 days ago)
+IɴSɪmpʟeTermsJordaɴ 1) The hot woman walking down the street is pretty much wearing body paint. She is showing more camel toe than than enough to win a wet tee shirt contest. More like camel foot. But, when a men tries to talk to her he is the problem and must be restrained from wanting to see more of the practical nudity. 2) Fathers do not sit around and let boys beat other boys. Actually, just watch one of the many parody videos. Single women raise 90% of the prison population. But, that is the fathers fault. https://youtu.be/mj8VpuLSkHY
+MicroDroneTech I know men do good things. I know not all men are bad. I'm a man. That's not what I'm talking about though. To repeat: the video claims that the Gillette ad is misandristic but doesn't properly explain why. (also why tf does YouTube keep posting a single comment like ten times at once)
MicroDroneTech (15 days ago)
All men are not bad. The evidence is that men do good things. Is that proper enough evidence for you?
TheNitsua59 (17 days ago)
I haven't purchased a single Gillette product since its propaganda aired. Gillette is owned by Proctor & Gamble which makes Old Spice. So no more P&G products in my home or business either.
MicroDroneTech (15 days ago)
TheApocalypticDreams (21 days ago)
Thank you for your well consider commentary
Paul Logieri (23 days ago)
Google " The Misandry Bubble"
Bernd Su (24 days ago)
All men have to stand together and boycott all products from P & G
rogue109 (25 days ago)
Proctor and Gamble can suck my ass....I won't ever buy another product from them.
antlercrazy123 (26 days ago)
Don't buy anything Procter and Gamble!
Kim Gehrig  is the product of single motherhood!
Kenneth Edwards (26 days ago)
Its funny considering women are the ones who can't get along. If the left told the truth half the time, I may have given their relentless propaganda a glance once in a while .
j n Powell (1 month ago)
I will not buy a Gillette product ever again.
Doc Holliday (1 month ago)
Same Here.
RED PILL Nation (1 month ago)
Google: Men's movement MGTOW !
MAX AM (1 month ago)
Men are the very spark of life. Gillette, shave your own balls off, I'm finished with this dirge.
Tau Noctua (1 month ago)
Ladies, you don't need this ad. There is so much Femdom porn on the internet already. TONS!! It's like 50 shades in reverse out there. So have at it.
Antony Stark (1 month ago)
Brilliant analysis ! But from decades, men have been shown as weak, stupid and inferior in any way to women. Today, men said, no more !
RED PILL Nation (1 month ago)
Antony Stark-Google: Men's movement MGTOW !
Mad Titan (1 month ago)
lol... The west is going crazy. Proud to be an Asian.
Vzdelávacie centrum (1 month ago)
No more Gillette shaving products for me. Bye, Bye Gillette
A T (1 month ago)
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Niall Hogan (1 month ago)
Kim Gehrig is a cunt o
P J (1 month ago)
This add as you can see in Youtubes top video ranking is the most disliked commercial in history with millions of dislikes. Sometimes they say negative publicity is good. But in the case of Gillette which every man used for decades it is an unnecessary loss of a big part of their clients. It is huge stupid damage to what was their very solid brand. What I want is Gillette to offer apologies and punish the woman who made it.
Black Swan (1 month ago)
Switched to $shaveclub. Bye Gillette. Hope you sell a lot of fem- razors to Kim Gehrig What next, Kim? A celebration of the female butt-crack?
ronnie collum (1 month ago)
Kim -- do yours clank when you walk ???
ronnie collum (1 month ago)
Hey Kim , my girl friend and I shaved her legs and higher last night , we had fun !!! how does that make a man hating lesbian feel ?We no longer use Gillette's products
ronnie collum (1 month ago)
Kim Gehrig needs a real man to kiss , not a vulva
Inaire Falen (1 month ago)
brutal and true THANK YOU!
Ryan Hall (1 month ago)
never trust those who constantly preach how progressive they are, more often than not they turn out to simply be narcissists using progressive ideals to further their status. Truly kind people don't walk around talking about how kind they are, they just do it because they know it is right and hope others will follow of their own accord.
Chad Aaron (1 month ago)
Respect wamen
Teddy Machette (1 month ago)
Screw Kim Gehrig . Freaking lesbian . I hate all these new commercials and shows that belittle men and down play us while the men are stupid lost or sissies, the women are now masculine WTF. Kim needs a swift kick in her balls .
Daddy4 (1 month ago)
Not a single penny for Gillette and any of the Procter & Gamble products FU!
Jules G (1 month ago)
Never forgive, never forget.
Thom Waters (2 months ago)
That Viva Vulva thing was so infantile. I wonder what the response would be if a similar kind of piece was made celebrating men and their organs?! My guess is that it would be associated with brutality and celebrating rape culture.
Wyatt Waters (2 months ago)
I watched the ad, and I didn't get why people hated it so much until after watching this. I mean, it's truly terrifying that I didn't pick up on the misandry of the ad, because of how normalized and socially acceptable man-hating is.
movie0007 (2 months ago)
I was actually going to replace some of my used Gillette products until I saw their ad. I'm now using non Gillette products and I will never use another Gillette product as long as I breathe air.
An Dagda (2 months ago)
Samuel Hayden (2 months ago)
Congrats Kim. I will not buy Gillette again
Earth Man (2 months ago)
Fuck Gillette, Fuck youtube, and fuck proctor and gamble.
Emiliano Caprili (2 months ago)
In my opinion Gillette will learn an hard lesson from this: every company that started to educate its customers, instead to care its own business, it lost his customers because no one want be brainwashed and reprogrammed.
Patrick R (2 months ago)
Thanks to the Gillette ad I've got a great beard and now have the urge to howl with unholy laughter.
Logical Musicman (2 months ago)
I would like to hear your thoughts on the new Avenger Ms. Marvel and Brie's comments about the reviews for this poor movie.
Quirt Manly (2 months ago)
Gehrig is an asshole, regardless of gender!
Twilight Roach (2 months ago)
Don’t worry, Kim Gehrig will be hitting the wall soon, & will become irrelevant, invisible & then pushed aside & forgotten by the very system she worships.
kevin gallagher (2 months ago)
*** Men: Your Patriarchy Membership Card is approaching its renewal date *** Don't forget to complete your renewal form at www.godblessthepatriarchy.com , or you will no longer be able to take full advantage of your male privilege. These privileges (according to feminists) include: very rarely being the victim of female violence, misconduct or sexual assault, automatically being handed success on a plate, enjoying the convenience of pockets in your trousers, the ability and right to oppress all women (including the ones you love - your mother, wife, sisters, girlfriends, work colleagues etc) for the purpose of preventing them from reaching their full potential, always being treated preferentially and with respect by other men, ownership of a penis and therefore an effortlessly happy, successful and trouble-free life. God bless the Patriarchy!
Paul Blanchard (2 months ago)
Everyone should be aware that Gilette is a Proctor & Gamble product. Don't just boycott Gilette. Read the labels and boycott all P&G product. Hurt them with your wallet for ther misandry feminist lashing at men.
Paul Blanchard (2 months ago)
I know about this add so I was looking to buy Schick blades as I did last time at our super store not long after the first airing here in Calgary . Not one Shick blade to be found in bulk pakages. The shelf were fully stock with Gillette blades of every kind. Was this because more men are switching to Schick because of this misandry feminist comercial or was it that Gilette is forcing superstore to host ther product with threats of exposing them as misaginist and women haters if they don't? We will never know.
Wendell E Edwards (2 months ago)
What a great video!
Jules G (2 months ago)
You still around dude? Haven't seen you on the Gillette ad?
Baldwin II (2 months ago)
I threw my Gillette shaving cream in the trash with their razors. I'll by this stuff elsewhere. They can kiss my hairy male ass!
rob morris (2 months ago)
You should try Bulldogs razor it's a lot better shave comes in a fully recyclable cardboard box and has a lovely bamboo handle, also for me it's replaceable blades are cheap 4 for £8 yes thank you.
RustyLH (2 months ago)
I do not buy Proctor & Gamble products anymore.
Peter Peterson (2 months ago)
Gerhig is sick. Gilette is sick. I will teach my two boys as they grow up to fight toxic feminism at every level.
Dave Shields (2 months ago)
It would be interested to see Gillette’s quarterly profit statement next month. I no longer use Gillette,
thomas rhodes (2 months ago)
Barbasol makes a good 4 blade razor and shaving soap. The product retails at CVS Pharmacy for less than the Gillette products.
J M (2 months ago)
WOW, WOW, WOW, in total awe of you!
Voltbreak (2 months ago)
As a man, I really, really like this ad by Gillette. Why? Because it is everything Janice says it is, an unjust man bash for the pleasure of women. Far from wanting women to not bash men, I want women to escalate and do more and do much, much worse. Now, why would I say such things? I'm no masochist and I don't enjoy suffering as a rule. I want these things because, when women get put down, I want it to be without restraint, mercy, or compassion. Father's have their very hearts ripped to shreds by a legal system designed for the vengeance of women, not equality. I personally have seen the lengths the legal system will go to make sure that men have everything they love and treasure stripped away, not because it is right, not because it helps, not because of goodness or basic humanity. Once upon a time, women lorded it over mens head, their maturity, their emotional insight, their superiority. However, that was only after a lifetime and generations of the expectation that women get the hell to work in their home, behave with respect, and appreciate their men. Now, without that, what are women? Selfish, unforgiving, out of control, prideful, arrogant, ego maniacs. Does that remind us of anyone? Men have had their time taking women for granted, using women thoughtlessly, selfishly. However, never in all of history have men stripped away womens children on such a massive scale, nor have men ever, as an almost national policy, reduced men to financial devastation in the way women do. Perhaps there was a time when men married women, got them to have kids for them, divorced and kicked the women out, and then went about their business as men. However, the only man I know who ever did such a thing was King Henry the 8th. It simply wouldn't occur to most men, no matter how poorly they viewed women, to think that women have no value to children. Of course there are exceptions but never as a "way that men think" in general. Yet, women do and have convinced everyone reaching to the highest levels of power that men are of no vital importance in the lives of their children. Men are strictly optional. And they have convinced those same people that, while a mans heart is being ripped to shreds, lets reduce him to financial means below poverty, expect him to keep working, and give everything but a token to his kids whom he will now never see. For this crime, and for the universality of its nature, I can think of no greater punishment than to give back to them what they have given to us. The only way that will happen is if, and only if, womens hubris is allowed to have its head, reach its pinacle, and achieve the heights to which it clearly aspires. When that time comes, as we all know, women will finally reap the harvest of what generations of women have sown. No compassion. No mercy. No quarter. Stripped down of everything they love most and everything they have and with no man to turn to for anything. Men have already earned this. The bill is already due. All men need do is wait for the right time to demand payment and that is not now. However, if women don't change their ways, that time will inevitably come and the bill of our actions will be paid. So, by all means, keep it coming, harder, faster, and with ever increasing brutality. I wish the bill to be paid as soon as possible. I won't enjoy it but, since that is what it takes, bring it on. Women's rage is hot but I have observed the truth. Revenge is a dish best served cold, relentless, and deaf to crys for mercy when none have been heard by those upon whom it is visited. On a final note, I'm reminded of the parable of Jesus Christ which tells the story of a man who owed a great debt to a King. When the man begged for mercy, the King granted it and more. The King forgave the entire debt. However, when the man left, debt free, he spotted someone who owed him money and went to claim it. When the poorer man couldn't pay and asked the man who had been forgiven an even greater debt for mercy, it was not given and the poorer man was cast into prison. When the King heard of this, he summoned the man whose great debt he had forgiven back and asked him why, if the man had been forgiven such a great debt, did he not also forgive others of their debts? To which the man had no answer. So, the King released the poorer man and threw the man who had not learned in prison, sold all he had, and threw away the key. We also do not learn, do we? I also do not seek this revenge. I only know that it will come and I seek its end sooner rather than later. Women have been forgiven much, without doing much forgiving, and afterwards believed that things were as they should be. Just because someone gives you a "free-pass" or lets you "walk on easy street", that doesn't mean you shouldn't return that same gift to others. Spoiled, arrogant, selfish people, no matter who they are, always get what is truly owed them in the end. Unfortunately. I would rather women have turned things around on their own however, no one ever has so, punishment and a bitter harvest comes. Hopefully sooner rather than later. There's no use not getting it over with.
Jet Jaguar (2 months ago)
Don't worry JF, it's not selling ANY products. In fact it's repelling consumers!
George Seefoo (2 months ago)
Thank goodness for strip clubs and sex bots. Men will keep their money and dignity. I will love seeing women self destruct.
Eloquently stated and perfectly accurate.
Ghost Dragon (3 months ago)
Nothing ever changes so who gives a fucking shit about this or any other feminist video out there.
17HMR (3 months ago)
This is God Tier Insights.
Lickorish Allsorts (3 months ago)
I’m certain that this add will be a great success at selling shaving products, they just won’t be made by Procter & Gamble/Gillette.
Insidious Sid (3 months ago)
Switched to the BIC 5-blade at a fraction of the cost, and "Edge" shave cream. No more GIllette, no more P&G. Don't use Tide products, or Oral-B, or Crest. Use the P&G Products page to boycott them: https://www.pg.ca/en-CA/our-brands
Dominique Charriere (3 months ago)
Gillette "hate all men" add might possibly have a negative impact on their customers base which is in majority made of... men!
Frag Zilla (3 months ago)
kim gehrig is a waste of space.
Andrew Roberts (3 months ago)
Why is this video rated over 19 years of age to view this? Why do I need a VPN to climb over the Great Firewall of South Korea? I guess the government doesn't want us watching this. Bloody paternalistic government. I don't want to dignify their nanny-state cell-phone age-verification system. This is just too controversial!!! ;)
george aldridge (3 months ago)
I don't think you need to worry about it "selling a lot of shaving products."
Igot Woke (3 months ago)
Gillette is blocking any comments on their Youtube channel or Twitter that mentions how their "Made in the USA" advertisements from last year were found to be deceptive. If you google Gillette and "Made in the USA" you will find the complaint made by the Truth in Advertising organization as well as a letter sent to Gillette's law firm from the Federal Trade Commission telling them that they were deceiving the public about where they produce their products. Turns out their Made in the USA claims were just as real as this concept of toxic masculinity.
Eahan Scala (3 months ago)
Male energy is actually Positive and female energy is negative.
Medic Maniac (3 months ago)
There are stupid Narravance bot comments on the Jillette ad comment section with stuff like, "I don't get the hate for this, can someone please explain?" .. add to that the heavy manipulation of the like/dislike ratio, that paid humans have been asked to try and defend the man hating propaganda, the constant removal of comments, the shadow banning of people for using the freedom of speech that our forefathers fought for and defended.. yet the whole thing can so easily be seen for what it is by anyone who cares to do so as your excellent video shows. I've said it elsewhere before and i'll say it again - all those responsible for such extreme male hating propaganda such as in P&G's Gillette 'short film' should be held accountable for it. All P&G products are banned forever in my and my daughters household, none negotiable. I really hope all those who knowingly and willingly partook in the making of such things as P&G's Gillette 'short film' grow a spine and find their voice soon.
Kasey Eva (3 months ago)
Kim Gehrig must be proud of this 'hit piece', proud enough to not even add it to her website 🤔
Sin Co (3 months ago)
Hard to imagine this add was supported by “research”
Jean~Luc Picard (3 months ago)
It is not true that the author of the Gillette's ad never portrays men in a positive light. See for yourself: http://kimgehrig.com/ Watch "Meet me in the Gap" or even better "Man in the Moon". Janice has cherry picked two examples and used them to complain how Kim's ads show overly focus on women and show them as "not needing men". One ad is about lipstick, the other about female sexuality. Of course those are going to focus on women. Most toiletry ads focus on the intended gender they're supposed to sell the product to. Saying how the ad shows women not needing men is a completely arbitrary statement with nothing to back it up. It's just an add for lipstick. What does lipstick have to do with who needs who and why is it wrong if any ad contains only one gender (whichever) especially if it sells a product primarily meant for that specific gender? Janice then skews the Gillette ad to make it seem like it targets men in general and tries to shame them. This is again not true. The ad is specifically about abusive behavior and not about condemning men in general. It even shows men being positive and happy in the end contrary to what Janice says. There's is no reason why anyone, male or otherwise, should feel shamed by the ad unless they explicitly stand in favor of bullying. This video is dishonest and deliberately skews the message and portrayal of things to make it into something negative. Not to mention the straight up lies about the author's treatment of men which you can check in the link above.
Da Boz (3 months ago)
One fact remains true though, for a shaving ad...there wasn’t actually any shaving or shavers shown. Take that as you will.
Jean~Luc Picard (3 months ago)
A lonely person being show kindness and finding happiness is not a bad thing. It's easy to arbitrarily apply a negative spin on anything you want. -Women treating men badly - it's bad because men are shown being treated badly. -Women treating men kindly - it's bad because men are shown as weak and needy. -Men treating women kindly - it's bad because they're just looking for "female approval". -Men treating women badly - it's bad because men are portrayed in a bad light. If you're dead set on looking at everything through the lens of "gender warfare" then you'll always find something to be upset and offended by. -This movie has too many men, it's misogynist. -This movie has too many women, it's misandrist. It never ends. It's like when someone becomes obsessed with numerology and so they see the "special number" everywhere. And yes, there are feminists who allow their bitterness to compromise their thinking in the same way. And then you have social media with no shortage of people eager to pour gasoline on the fire.
Imagine the backlash again at men if we made a viva the man parts video, with bananas, squashes, baseball bats, radio antennas, cranes etc all singing a song. We would be viewed as infantile and obscene. People are not defined by their parts and trivializing that factor is abhorrent. Interesting how on one hand women are rightfully occupying new spaces in our society, but will allow themselves to be objectified as in the lipstick ad. Wheres the outrage their on thee part of feminists. Sex roles are societal constructs and fluid, hopefully with respectful progress, not with childish stereotyping abd name calling. Progress is not made by one degrading another, but with equal elevation, respect and tolerance....
Bee Cee (3 months ago)
Michael Browne (3 months ago)
Harry's Razors
Dick Biggles (3 months ago)
Say "Alexa what is one hundred in Welsh" to get the official description of the director.
Gam Er (3 months ago)
Samsung released an ad about 'the future'. I noticed the comments were a bit confused. Many wrote they don't want that future. If you watch that ad, you will notice the lack of a white normal heterosexual man. It only depicts girls, women, children with dark skin tones, black male designers and artists. When I call it out, they call me racist, intolerant, fearful etc. lol
J Johns (3 months ago)
As far as shaving goes, you can save money by not buying the overpriced Gillette crap and go to using a traditional double-edge safety razor along with the razor blades of your choice. The safety razor will last a lifetime and buying razor blades in lots of up to 100 (or more) online is vastly cheaper than Gillette type products. All it takes to get a great shave is a little more preparation and some practice and there is a heap of information online.
J Johns (3 months ago)
"An Australian Ad maker" ... makes perfect sense to me. Australian women have become the most enabled and entitled bunch of leftist feminist bullshit-artists in the World. I have seen it first hand. The likes of Kim Gehrig do not give a crap about the lot of women (or men for that matter) beyond how she might make a good buck by virtue signalling for the cause of women. Kim Gehrig is little more than a mercenary using feminism and women's rights as a cover.
Fionnait Sradag (3 months ago)
I've read that Kim Gehrig was accused of sexually abusing several minors, one of whom committed suicide in 2016, and that some of her victims had made a YouTube video about their story. However, I can't find it. Does anyone know if that was merely a rumour, or if the video was removed by YouTube? (YouTube does have a history of censorship, so that's a possibility.)
Fag Lord (3 months ago)
Leonard Lawrence (3 months ago)
Enlightening video! So, some Aussie bird's behind it, eh? That'd be right.
Mr Harris (3 months ago)
Australian feminist.....why am I not surprised. The most militant and stupid feminists in the world. They are the extreme neo nazis of the feminist world, and they are stupid. Once again American women applying critical thought make Aussie women look like a bunch of brain dead agenda spewing sub evolved creatures. American/Canadian women are a class above, intellectually and they have a better character more witty and charismatic, more charming, all these things come from having a generally higher IQ. God bless you, it’s nice to know we still have great powerful women out their, living in Australia.....we are starved of witty women. They all swallow agendas and regurgitate them. It’s really hard to find a woman who is not a feminist here.
Rikard Widhede (3 months ago)
Its funny with how Gehrig's ad with the women in the car are seen as strenghtening women.. When having women wearing make up so often otherwise is considered objecifying. Just goes to verify how the perception is one-sidedly decided by what feminist women think. If I produce a commercial with women wearing make up and I'm a feminist its all for the better and a prime example of progressive thought process. However.. If YOU do its for all the wrong reasons and you are part of the tyrannical patriarchy. Simply put, as a feminist you can NEVER go wrong. As a man or an anti-feminist you can never go right. Interesting indeed. I'd rather consider it a neurotic pattern behaviour flavoured with an ounce of compensatory narcissism.
Mat Mac (3 months ago)
Gillette the worst a man can get
Malti Moto (3 months ago)
I am just wondering if she will also do the next Gillette Ads :-D
Random Dude (3 months ago)
What’s funny is there’s no white worldstar. These black guys are depicted as stepping in but they actually cheer on fights and film it. It’s so backwards
william reilly (3 months ago)
come on good women get rid of your bitches
sane man (3 months ago)
Wonder what the reaction to an all male commercial (written and directed by all males )celebrating the penis would be?
ninersix (3 months ago)
Just do not buy Gillette EVER!
Archangel The One True (3 months ago)
" Kim Gehrig's Disease "
Eratin Person (3 months ago)
The businesswoman, in particular, bothered me in this ad. She clearly has a decent amount of power to be where she is, but how did she get it being so passive? And the mother holding her son, who was being bullied. Most mothers I know would go to the school and complain about how they're letting it happen. There's just a weird lack of agency in the women in the commercial. I know the focus is on men, but it feels odd considering how much the director loves women. Also, my comment from the Gillette ad in case: I've never actually heard a man say "Boys will be boys." I've only heard women say it. The bullying bit is a bit odd to me. I was exclusively bullied by women, particularly teachers. Elementary school sure was a time.
Tim DeMond (3 months ago)
Well done.
Gr Radz (3 months ago)
I look forward to the day when CIS white males are once again called on to save and protect the "civilised" first world western society. At that point I will rally for all those young men to stand up, turn around and say fuck you to the society full of SJW and third wave feminists that have made their lives shit since the day they were born. Masculine males will do just fine in the post apocalyptic, dystopian world that will be left. Thank you for your "understanding" :-)
David Taylor (3 months ago)
William Hooper. And that's an argument?
William Hooper (3 months ago)
Boring Canadian Dog Shit
Snapdragon 9600 (3 months ago)
It's doctrine being put throughout universities in U.K and indeed the British Commonwealth and Europe, USA. So Feminists succeeded in being the worst that they can be, by using the same tactics they say they hate about us men, slandering an entire gender as inferior based on the action or inaction, of a few, while placing themselves above reproach for similar behavior.
mikeyjock (3 months ago)
gillette did us a favour. mainstreamed the feminazi position for everyone to see. get woke go broke
Mark Thomas (3 months ago)
There wouldn't be any such ads if there wasn't an audience. The Ellen loving, View watching, Kardashian following female population eat this stuff up like dead babies on the clinic floor.
Rudie Kazudee (3 months ago)
easiest way to put an end to this crap....vote with your wallet
David Taylor (3 months ago)
So the ad is just telling men to behave! Excellent! We'll shortly see ads telling women the same then!? Honey when does that flight leave for Mars?
Rooforyou (3 months ago)
Nobody is destroying a man's spirt. The Gillette ad is just saying stop being an arsehole.
XWolven (3 months ago)
This really is the best criticism yet of this most insulting ad. I wonder what Gillette's next ad will be. Will they try to make up for this one or will they become an all out gay razer brand?

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