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The Gillette Ad - No Joke Janice Episode 13

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Gillette’s “The Best Men Can Be” ad was directed by Kim Gehrig, an Australian ad-maker whose feminist work provides a vivid picture of the very different ways women and men are represented in contemporary popular culture. Support us here: PayPal... https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=FJ9B5EYFR78HY Patreon... https://www.patreon.com/StudioBrule
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Ghost Dragon (7 hours ago)
Nothing ever changes so who gives a fucking shit about this or any other feminist video out there.
17HMR (1 day ago)
This is God Tier Insights.
Lickorish Allsorts (1 day ago)
I’m certain that this add will be a great success at selling shaving products, they just won’t be made by Procter & Gamble/Gillette.
Insidious Sid (3 days ago)
Switched to the BIC 5-blade at a fraction of the cost, and "Edge" shave cream. No more GIllette, no more P&G. Don't use Tide products, or Oral-B, or Crest. Use the P&G Products page to boycott them: https://www.pg.ca/en-CA/our-brands
Dominique Charriere (4 days ago)
Gillette "hate all men" add might possibly have a negative impact on their customers base which is in majority made of... men!
Frag Zilla (4 days ago)
kim gehrig is a waste of space.
Andrew Roberts (6 days ago)
Why is this video rated over 19 years of age to view this? Why do I need a VPN to climb over the Great Firewall of South Korea? I guess the government doesn't want us watching this. Bloody paternalistic government. I don't want to dignify their nanny-state cell-phone age-verification system. This is just too controversial!!! ;)
george aldridge (6 days ago)
I don't think you need to worry about it "selling a lot of shaving products."
Igot Woke (7 days ago)
Gillette is blocking any comments on their Youtube channel or Twitter that mentions how their "Made in the USA" advertisements from last year were found to be deceptive. If you google Gillette and "Made in the USA" you will find the complaint made by the Truth in Advertising organization as well as a letter sent to Gillette's law firm from the Federal Trade Commission telling them that they were deceiving the public about where they produce their products. Turns out their Made in the USA claims were just as real as this concept of toxic masculinity.
Conrad Van Rhyn (8 days ago)
Male energy is actually Positive and female energy is negative.
Medic Maniac (8 days ago)
There are stupid Narravance bot comments on the Jillette ad comment section with stuff like, "I don't get the hate for this, can someone please explain?" .. add to that the heavy manipulation of the like/dislike ratio, that paid humans have been asked to try and defend the man hating propaganda, the constant removal of comments, the shadow banning of people for using the freedom of speech that our forefathers fought for and defended.. yet the whole thing can so easily be seen for what it is by anyone who cares to do so as your excellent video shows. I've said it elsewhere before and i'll say it again - all those responsible for such extreme male hating propaganda such as in P&G's Gillette 'short film' should be held accountable for it. All P&G products are banned forever in my and my daughters household, none negotiable. I really hope all those who knowingly and willingly partook in the making of such things as P&G's Gillette 'short film' grow a spine and find their voice soon.
Kasey Eva (8 days ago)
Kim Gehrig must be proud of this 'hit piece', proud enough to not even add it to her website 🤔
Sin Co (9 days ago)
Hard to imagine this add was supported by “research”
Jean~Luc Picard (10 days ago)
It is not true that the author of the Gillette's ad never portrays men in a positive light. See for yourself: http://kimgehrig.com/ Watch "Meet me in the Gap" or even better "Man in the Moon". Janice has cherry picked two examples and used them to complain how Kim's ads show overly focus on women and show them as "not needing men". One ad is about lipstick, the other about female sexuality. Of course those are going to focus on women. Most toiletry ads focus on the intended gender they're supposed to sell the product to. Saying how the ad shows women not needing men is a completely arbitrary statement with nothing to back it up. It's just an add for lipstick. What does lipstick have to do with who needs who and why is it wrong if any ad contains only one gender (whichever) especially if it sells a product primarily meant for that specific gender? Janice then skews the Gillette ad to make it seem like it targets men in general and tries to shame them. This is again not true. The ad is specifically about abusive behavior and not about condemning men in general. It even shows men being positive and happy in the end contrary to what Janice says. There's is no reason why anyone, male or otherwise, should feel shamed by the ad unless they explicitly stand in favor of bullying. This video is dishonest and deliberately skews the message and portrayal of things to make it into something negative. Not to mention the straight up lies about the author's treatment of men which you can check in the link above.
Da Boz (1 day ago)
One fact remains true though, for a shaving ad...there wasn’t actually any shaving or shavers shown. Take that as you will.
Jean~Luc Picard (8 days ago)
A lonely person being show kindness and finding happiness is not a bad thing. It's easy to arbitrarily apply a negative spin on anything you want. -Women treating men badly - it's bad because men are shown being treated badly. -Women treating men kindly - it's bad because men are shown as weak and needy. -Men treating women kindly - it's bad because they're just looking for "female approval". -Men treating women badly - it's bad because men are portrayed in a bad light. If you're dead set on looking at everything through the lens of "gender warfare" then you'll always find something to be upset and offended by. -This movie has too many men, it's misogynist. -This movie has too many women, it's misandrist. It never ends. It's like when someone becomes obsessed with numerology and so they see the "special number" everywhere. And yes, there are feminists who allow their bitterness to compromise their thinking in the same way. And then you have social media with no shortage of people eager to pour gasoline on the fire.
Darth Prolapse (8 days ago)
If you didn't like that break down, here is another one: Off the bat we've got the voice over reading the rap sheet – bullying, sexual harassment, violence, toxic masculinity. While that sinks in we get a procession of mugshots to put a face to it all. They look like ordinary men so it's hard to tell if there might be a non-rapist among them. It's possible but don't let your guard down. Next we get a tribute scene to The Road. The pursued kid is done, or even well done, toxic masculinity is nothing if not ravenous. A brave woman comforts her still pure son, male (surely) cyber bullying, 50s cartoon men wolf whistle, a man cops a feel, men film a dancing girl and throw hand signs at a rape-culture themed pool party (sick stuff), patronizing mansplaining in the boardroom and the audience laughs it all up (I even spotted some female enablers no doubt suffering from internalized misogyny). Men make excuses at bbqs. I'm losing track of all the positivity so far but there is change in the wind! Ana "I'm fucking better than you!" Kasparian reports on allegations regarding sexual assault and sexual harassment along with a dozen news reports of some sort. The audience is no longer laughing because Gillette believes in only the best in (for?) their customers (this is where the shiny rotating razor was supposed to show up but someone in editing rogered it up). Now the positivity starts. Of course we still get a healthy dose of male toxicity and wrong think to contrast it to I guess. A guy tells a girl 'smile sweety' but another steps in before he throws the backhand. We see one of the good ones stop a gateway rapist in his tracks in the street. We get some faint praise about some men already acting the right way tempered with a stern – that's not good enough. Some is not 0 and it's not 100% but somewhere in between. We have words like 'most' or 'majority of' to at least establish over 50% but apparently the creators of the ad aren't even confident of that, or maybe they don't want too much positive messaging to inflate the entitled male ego. After this a man breaks up 2 boys wrestling, another stops a boy getting bullied. A man mediates a truce, a dad bonds with his daughter. Inspirational slogan to wrap it all up. There was another scene of 'toxic masculinity' originally but it was hastily cut (for some reason). On balance the sanctimonious finger wagging far outweighs the positive message they claim this ad is.
Imagine the backlash again at men if we made a viva the man parts video, with bananas, squashes, baseball bats, radio antennas, cranes etc all singing a song. We would be viewed as infantile and obscene. People are not defined by their parts and trivializing that factor is abhorrent. Interesting how on one hand women are rightfully occupying new spaces in our society, but will allow themselves to be objectified as in the lipstick ad. Wheres the outrage their on thee part of feminists. Sex roles are societal constructs and fluid, hopefully with respectful progress, not with childish stereotyping abd name calling. Progress is not made by one degrading another, but with equal elevation, respect and tolerance....
Female resentment of males superior morality and ability for self-reliance which results in competence and mastery has been undermined for decades and has been a political movement for even longer.
Bee Cee (11 days ago)
Hello Goodbye (12 days ago)
Why are men so upset with Kim Gehrig? We should be thanking her as she has unwittingly fast-forwarded any form of a men's movement by decades. Her two-minute (white) men-are-scum propaganda short will likely serve as an "enough is enough" flashpoint that will prompt men to make their voices heard. Again, thank you Kim Gehrig, thank you, thank you, for what you have done....men are roaring in numbers too big to ignore and we can thank you for it.
Michael Browne (12 days ago)
Harry's Razors
Dick Biggles (12 days ago)
Say "Alexa what is one hundred in Welsh" to get the official description of the director.
Gam Er (13 days ago)
Samsung released an ad about 'the future'. I noticed the comments were a bit confused. Many wrote they don't want that future. If you watch that ad, you will notice the lack of a white normal heterosexual man. It only depicts girls, women, children with dark skin tones, black male designers and artists. When I call it out, they call me racist, intolerant, fearful etc. lol
J Johns (13 days ago)
As far as shaving goes, you can save money by not buying the overpriced Gillette crap and go to using a traditional double-edge safety razor along with the razor blades of your choice. The safety razor will last a lifetime and buying razor blades in lots of up to 100 (or more) online is vastly cheaper than Gillette type products. All it takes to get a great shave is a little more preparation and some practice and there is a heap of information online.
J Johns (13 days ago)
"An Australian Ad maker" ... makes perfect sense to me. Australian women have become the most enabled and entitled bunch of leftist feminist bullshit-artists in the World. I have seen it first hand. The likes of Kim Gehrig do not give a crap about the lot of women (or men for that matter) beyond how she might make a good buck by virtue signalling for the cause of women. Kim Gehrig is little more than a mercenary using feminism and women's rights as a cover.
Fionnait Sradag (14 days ago)
I've read that Kim Gehrig was accused of sexually abusing several minors, one of whom committed suicide in 2016, and that some of her victims had made a YouTube video about their story. However, I can't find it. Does anyone know if that was merely a rumour, or if the video was removed by YouTube? (YouTube does have a history of censorship, so that's a possibility.)
Fag Lord (14 days ago)
Leonard Lawrence (15 days ago)
Enlightening video! So, some Aussie bird's behind it, eh? That'd be right.
Mr Kramer (15 days ago)
Australian feminist.....why am I not surprised. The most militant and stupid feminists in the world. They are the extreme neo nazis of the feminist world, and they are stupid. Once again American women applying critical thought make Aussie women look like a bunch of brain dead agenda spewing sub evolved creatures. American/Canadian women are a class above, intellectually and they have a better character more witty and charismatic, more charming, all these things come from having a generally higher IQ. God bless you, it’s nice to know we still have great powerful women out their, living in Australia.....we are starved of witty women. They all swallow agendas and regurgitate them. It’s really hard to find a woman who is not a feminist here.
R W (16 days ago)
Its funny with how Gehrig's ad with the women in the car are seen as strenghtening women.. When having women wearing make up so often otherwise is considered objecifying. Just goes to verify how the perception is one-sidedly decided by what feminist women think. If I produce a commercial with women wearing make up and I'm a feminist its all for the better and a prime example of progressive thought process. However.. If YOU do its for all the wrong reasons and you are part of the tyrannical patriarchy. Simply put, as a feminist you can NEVER go wrong. As a man or an anti-feminist you can never go right. Interesting indeed. I'd rather consider it a neurotic pattern behaviour flavoured with an ounce of compensatory narcissism.
Mat Mac (16 days ago)
Gillette the worst a man can get
Malti Moto (16 days ago)
I am just wondering if she will also do the next Gillette Ads :-D
Random Dude (17 days ago)
What’s funny is there’s no white worldstar. These black guys are depicted as stepping in but they actually cheer on fights and film it. It’s so backwards
william reilly (17 days ago)
come on good women get rid of your bitches
sane man (17 days ago)
Wonder what the reaction to an all male commercial (written and directed by all males )celebrating the penis would be?
ninersix (18 days ago)
Just do not buy Gillette EVER!
Archangel The One True (18 days ago)
" Kim Gehrig's Disease "
Eratin Person (18 days ago)
The businesswoman, in particular, bothered me in this ad. She clearly has a decent amount of power to be where she is, but how did she get it being so passive? And the mother holding her son, who was being bullied. Most mothers I know would go to the school and complain about how they're letting it happen. There's just a weird lack of agency in the women in the commercial. I know the focus is on men, but it feels odd considering how much the director loves women. Also, my comment from the Gillette ad in case: I've never actually heard a man say "Boys will be boys." I've only heard women say it. The bullying bit is a bit odd to me. I was exclusively bullied by women, particularly teachers. Elementary school sure was a time.
Tim DeMond (19 days ago)
Well done.
Gr Radz (19 days ago)
I look forward to the day when CIS white males are once again called on to save and protect the "civilised" first world western society. At that point I will rally for all those young men to stand up, turn around and say fuck you to the society full of SJW and third wave feminists that have made their lives shit since the day they were born. Masculine males will do just fine in the post apocalyptic, dystopian world that will be left. Thank you for your "understanding" :-)
David Taylor (19 days ago)
William Hooper. And that's an argument?
William Hooper (19 days ago)
Boring Canadian Dog Shit
Snapdragon 9600 (21 days ago)
It's doctrine being put throughout universities in U.K and indeed the British Commonwealth and Europe, USA. So Feminists succeeded in being the worst that they can be, by using the same tactics they say they hate about us men, slandering an entire gender as inferior based on the action or inaction, of a few, while placing themselves above reproach for similar behavior.
mikeyjock (21 days ago)
gillette did us a favour. mainstreamed the feminazi position for everyone to see. get woke go broke
Mark Thomas (21 days ago)
There wouldn't be any such ads if there wasn't an audience. The Ellen loving, View watching, Kardashian following female population eat this stuff up like dead babies on the clinic floor.
Rudie Kazudee (21 days ago)
easiest way to put an end to this crap....vote with your wallet
David Taylor (21 days ago)
So the ad is just telling men to behave! Excellent! We'll shortly see ads telling women the same then!? Honey when does that flight leave for Mars?
Rooforyou (21 days ago)
Nobody is destroying a man's spirt. The Gillette ad is just saying stop being an arsehole.
XWolven (21 days ago)
This really is the best criticism yet of this most insulting ad. I wonder what Gillette's next ad will be. Will they try to make up for this one or will they become an all out gay razer brand?
Murilo R (21 days ago)
Amazing analysis.
David (21 days ago)
More great work Janice. We're so grateful to you for your ability to eloquently expose this moronic virtue signalling from weak companies who pander to feminist misandry. GILLETTE - WE'RE NOT BUYING IT ANYMORE!
Jan Scott (22 days ago)
Gillette has been banned from our home. The Gillette ad is a bootheel in the face of a generation of young boys.
Ray B (22 days ago)
Never forget....Boycott Gillette.
Sophia Lopez (22 days ago)
Why is gillette catering and kowtowing to feminazis? Because corrupt women only 'like' weak, feminized males, and BEARDS are like garlic or a crucifix to corrupt vampire feminazis..
zerox187 (22 days ago)
I've tripped over 2 gillette displays in shops damaging the display and the products since that ad came out, it's just so hard to concentrate on where I'm walking when I'm so focused on not raping and bullying people.
Mark Manwaring (22 days ago)
Kim Gehrig is simply a toxic feminist carpet muncher who obviously needs a really good boning
David Taylor (22 days ago)
The only thing being sold here, is gender shaming!! Apparently men, especially white men, are guilty - simply by association!!
ash29k (22 days ago)
As a man I've just used my natural ability to block out the female voice when it comes to these man hating, cat owning lesbians. Their lives must be so empty and void of love. Oh well, let's see who they call next time there's an emergency or an accident.
Johnny Marvéll (22 days ago)
I understand blacks have a very low IQ, but do they seriously not see that they look like the female Gremlin when they wear makeup intended for white women?! --> https://i.pinimg.com/474x/c9/43/4b/c9434bb898cf746cb9ff7dbdfbbf9661.jpg
TruFantom21 (22 days ago)
New wave feminism is very bad for business....if you only make razors for vaginas.
Boy Dylan (22 days ago)
But Kim had a vagina, so, she couldn't have possibly been a predator.
Jeffrey Pozin (22 days ago)
She literally tore into a feminine hygiene commercial as "anti-male" because it didn't have one single man in it. Because, apparently, that means women must not need men? I mean...just stop and think about how insane that is. It's. A. Feminine. Hygiene Commercial! The fact that it's designed specifically to follow the previous commercial (#bloodnormal), to address the fact that almost half of all women are ashamed, or extremely embarrassed, by the look, feel or smell of their vulva(!) seems to have escaped her completely. Somehow what the message needed was...a man? Would an ad for a prostate treatment center require a female to be in it? Would it's absence mean that men don't need women? By her logic...it seems that that's the case. Hard fail on this one.
Jeffrey Pozin (22 days ago)
+David Taylor In what ways is this director an "anti-male" feminist? Being "pro-women" does not automatically make you "anti-men" in the same way that loving coffee means that you automatically despise tea. If you have some quotes from this director about how men are inferior, worthless, or otherwise scummy... please provide.
David Taylor (22 days ago)
And yet. Here we have a known, anti male feminist doing an ad for men's shaving products! 'If it could be described as that?' - Hey! Bang on Gillette!! Just the person i would pick for such an ad!! I mean!! Why on earth would i bother choosing anybody sympathetic to men - what on earth would ever posses me to think that - for goodness sake!!?
senecaiii2009 (22 days ago)
I love prostitutes. They take your money, fuck your brains out and then disappear. Perfect.
Flat Iron (22 days ago)
A jew like her worships female genitalia while mutilating male. This a clue on what kind of people foster feminism and porn alike. Jews
Flat Iron (22 days ago)
The way society treats men is disgusting
Saint Germain (23 days ago)
Very excellent critique of Gillette's BS.... and the women behind the ad who drove this company to bankruptcy.
"boy"cott "girl"ette
sektion333 (23 days ago)
You might very well be the smartest person on you tube Thanks I hope everyone sees this review.
Stormi Night (23 days ago)
Toxic femininity is the problem why dont they go to the middle east sick of their crap
J722 (24 days ago)
Can anyone name one important, useful thing women have built or invented? .. without pulling Marie Curie out if their ass?
Reid Peryam (24 days ago)
I loved this video thank you so much for making it. You totally get it and for some reason, that's really refreshing in a world that castigates and inexplicably condemns us stupid, white men.
Björn Westman (24 days ago)
The combo of fashion for beards and this absolute tank blast of a commercial will permanently make a serious dent in Gillette’s brand... And they deserve it!
Henry Holly (24 days ago)
You are utterly boring and I love you for it.
Neithan Hador (24 days ago)
Oh Canada. That was even more brutal than Molyneux. I've seen a lot of these responses, but this by far the best.
Ludwig Beilschmit (24 days ago)
//OK. Besides the characters being shallow. Maybe if they wanted to sell the point of being an asshole, it should have had a smaller cast of men who where talking about whatever and one of them stops another dude from catcalling. 4 men, unique, diverse characters. The narrative the same. Men are great. But don't be a jerk. Then again. Why is that a razors opinion anyways.
Frank painter (24 days ago)
Gehrig will die alone with her cats.
Nathan Woodruff (24 days ago)
I've already switched to Schick. Let these women who want to believe the delusion that they are better than men, enjoy their cats for the rest of their lives.
Bustin Kappus (24 days ago)
I hope Kim gets caught in a house fire, car wreck, sinking ship, etc , etc and when the men show up to help they roast marshmallows, drive on, fish and basically just let her figure it out on her own.
walt7500 (25 days ago)
Losers hate, winners love.
tiananman (25 days ago)
Dr. Steve Brule nails it again
Robbbyg (25 days ago)
Here's Gilletes second ad should be airing soon https://youtu.be/ECfhY-qKj-8
Never Ending Purpose (25 days ago)
Ms. Kim Gehrig desperately needs psychological help and to attend a few gender equality seminars. What a narcissistic, crazy lunatic.
Doc Holliday (25 days ago)
Totally agree with you.
Robert Eugene (25 days ago)
This is what I've always liked about The Factual Feminist and the Fiamengo File. Direct, straight, to the point. I got my first delivery from Dollar Shave Club on Friday, Gillette's razors are in the trash bin outside, waiting for collection day with the rest of the garbage. Have a nice day!
jean-marc Bessette (25 days ago)
#Gilletting it's only a copy and paste from he for she while she shit on he. It's the poor victim (?) demanding help from men she does'nt need. I feel dehumanized, reduice only to an utility. Long is gone the time that men must protect his female for the survival of the specie. What they are saying is that mother don’t know how to raise boys. Teachers don’t know how to teach boys. Making most of the women incompetent. And blaming men about what they can’t do right. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjNOpfjIoyA
jean-marc Bessette (25 days ago)
Ashigeru47 (25 days ago)
It's the patriarchy exist, as feminists claim, how is it that the patriarchy allows feminist so much privilege to demean men? And if feminism is all about equality of the sexes, why is it feminist always blame men for all the ills of society while ignoring the ills caused by women, especially by feminists, in society? The truth is that feminism is built on a stack of lies in order to justify feminist desire for power and control over men and women. It's always about their power.
Call Me a Cab (25 days ago)
This add was aimed @ white/caucasian males > the men of color were the antidote *
anottakenusername (25 days ago)
Procter & Gamble/Gillette is acting like it "succeeded" in connecting with young people by wasting money on it's anti-male ad just to have it's sales remain unchanged. Let's send a clear message by actually making sales drop. REPOST THIS: Procter & Gamble products: Gillette, Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Rejoice, Olay, Old Spice, Safeguard, SK-II, Braun, Fusion, Mach3, Prestobarba, Venus, Crest, Oral-B, Metamucil, Vicks, Ariel, Downy, Gain, Tide, Cascade, Dawn, Febreze, Mr. Clean, Swiffer, Luvs, Pampers, Always, Tampax, Bounty, Charmin, Puffs, Max-Factor Vidal-Sassoon Ivory Herbal-Essences
Quantum 1 (25 days ago)
boycott is the only payback
mowgli2071 (25 days ago)
Was the choice of the grill as non-accidental as it seems to me to be? And if so, what is its significance. I feel like almost there's some reference that I haven't heard of, being made with this
BRIMAN711 (22 days ago)
Best analysis I've seen on the BBQ scene.
BRIMAN711 (22 days ago)
Pt2 They had sausages too (veggie sausages?) --- the point was to get phalic symbols sizzling adn smoldering at crotch level to emasculate the men for "not intervening" and using "boys will be boys" as an excuse to let boys..... play & wrestle? Boys will be boys is not an age old excuse, it's age old wisdom. It doesn't mean you excuse abhorrent behavior, it often celebrates their curiosity, playful spirit, and desire to build & manipulate the environment around them.... even if a little healthy mischief is involved at times. They'd rather us have our boys throw tea parties and play with dolls.
BRIMAN711 (22 days ago)
Grilling scene is loaded with purposeful, subliminal imagery. The crotch level grills all have either corn or sausages (phalic shaped foods), sizzling and smoking profusely, a castration by fire while the men allegedly contribute to "toxic masculinity". Desecrating masculine symbols like grills & burning phalic symbols is an attempt to deconstruct traditional masculinity, and socially engineer a new, "acceptable view" of masculinity (feminist theory). For the record, there's nothing wrong with boys wrestling, and few fathers in the world would allow rough and tumble play to get out of hand without intervening. What an insult to our intelligence, and the huge swath of constructive, balanced men that make up the majority of our humanity. Original Comment By SF Drone & Piano Guy
Franz Danzi (25 days ago)
You just invented a new porn category ~ feminist porn :-) Very impressive!
lee Clarke (25 days ago)
The director is a single mother, ( surprise ) a feminist ( surprise ) and obsessed with female genitalia, indicating her a latter-day lesbian. ( surprise ) Gillette's selection of this kind of person, ideologically hostile to men, should earn them years of male boycott. Let's remind the world that male effort and sacrifice built modern society and economy by withholding the money we generate. It's the one utility for which Feminism still allows us to gain respect. So withhold your money.
Robnoxious77 (25 days ago)
Kim Gehrig did nothing wrong. Hear me out here: She is just manifesting her feminist indoctrination. She literally doesn’t know any better. Whoever APPROVED that ad is the real demon here. Either way, yes, the ad is horrific and should never have been aired.
Doc Holliday (25 days ago)
Good point 👍
Martin Heath (25 days ago)
These feminists' ideal of the perfect male is a trans man with no dick -unable to rape, strong and brave. Prove me wrong
Jimbo McFly (25 days ago)
Thank-you. Let me say this again. Thank-you. I'm not done. Thank-you. Really, where are you so I can give you a hug! Thank-you.
Trenton Quarantino (25 days ago)
The white guy pinching the black woman's butt was an honest attack upon white men and accusing them all of the same crime. It absolutely had to be a white man and a black servant. No mention of the thousands of rapes per year of white women by black men, when in comparison almost no white men rape black women. We are seeing a coordinated racist attack upon white men and by extension, on the white middle class.
Trenton Quarantino (25 days ago)
A woman's mater(ial) is a lump of unorganized cells until father's Pater(n) makes it what it is. Feminism ignores that, but quietly gnashes it's teeth in the shadows.
Trenton Quarantino (25 days ago)
1:20 That's just creepy. It's very, Naked Lunch. Yuck, almost made me lose mine.
Wade Kereopa (26 days ago)
This is, beyond doubt, the strong, intelligent, wise, discerning, extremely rare woman proverbs was talking about.
CHAL KIE (26 days ago)
She’s a hateful awful creature and hateful awful creatures are offputting to me
Aleshia Vega (26 days ago)
That vagina commercial made me want to vomit blood! DX
Werd (26 days ago)
Avoid all events at Gillette Stadium the place where The Patriots host football games. And notice Proctor & Gamble is everywhere it’s a big company
Eugene DeGeorge (26 days ago)
This comment is if I could use an Australian term: spot on .amazing how Australia and America are so linked socially and culturally at this point .that being said ,yes it is an obvious criticism of white males. looking at commercials here in the US ,show me a commercial that is narrated by a white male anymore it's usually African American men or white women; every time there's an ad for a professional --doctor lawyer and accountant CEO ,it's always a woman who's being shown. It's always I talk to my doctor dentist accountant financial planner and "she" said...

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